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 54   Reuben Blanton (1808-1853)
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Reuben Blanton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Reuben Blanton might describe his life as follows.

I was 19 when I married Ann Jane Elizabeth Ligon in Amelia County 27 October 1827. Because Father had died a year earlier, my older brother and guardian Lindsay Blanton consented.
Ann and I lived in Amelia County at “Dolittle,” a 1,400-acre estate between Cox’s and Dolittle creeks. The northern boundary was the Appomattox River and the southern boundary, the Genito Road. It had been part of the large John Tabb estate and descended to Thomas Bolling Tabb, who deeded the property to Mary Ross of Mississippi, who sold it to me in 1839. 
I was an Amelia County justice of the peace from 1840 to 1853.  The Census of 1850 counted me and Ann J. Blanton, ages 42 and 40, with children Robert 17, James A. 13, Lucy J. 10, Mary 8, William E. 5, and Lavinia, age 1. Martha and Rebecca had already married and Joseph was living elsewhere. 
The will I made 10 August 1846 provided that my estate be kept together for the life of my wife and used to support and educate my children, and then “divided by law.” I requested that my slaves “be treated humanely and well provided for.” 
I died in Amelia County 22 September 1853 of typhoid and the court ordered my will recorded 28 October 1853. Because I had served as a county justice for so long, Amelia published a tribute of respect to me in the Richmond Examiner

Old Homes and Buildings of Amelia County, Virginia, devotes a topic to historic “Sexton House at Dolittle,”  which had been owned by Joseph Eggleston who deeded it to John Tabb in 1786. 
The Blanton’s family doctor was Dr. Sterling Ford of Amelia County. 
The Census of 1860 for Amelia counted Ann J. Blanton, aged 45, with James 21, Mary 17, William 13, Lavinia 10, and Joseph aged 7. James was farming and the younger 4 were all shown as having attended school.  Ann was living in the household of her son-in-law John A. Hillsman in 1870. 

Descendants of Reuben Blanton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Lucy Jane (Blanton) Hillsman (1841-1917),  
James Moses Overton Hillsman,   
 Joseph Warren Blanton (1852-),  
Laura Alice Pilkinton,  
Claude Eugene Blanton,  
M. Edna Blanton,  
Crawley P. Blanton,  
Warren J. Blanton,  
Howard E. Blanton,  
Stanley Blanton,  
Bernard Blanton,  
Laura A. Blanton,  
Grayson Blanton,  
Nathaniel Blanton,  
 Martha Ann (Blanton) Green (c.1830-),  
Edward Green,  William Henry Hillsman,   Henry W. Green,  Edward Green,   Nancy Marshall Jeter,   
Nancy J. Green,  Rev. Roper Smithers,  
Sarah R. Green,  
Sophie Green,  Seay,  
William E. Green,  Hargrove,  
 William Edward Blanton (1845-1885),  
Mary Thomas Webster,  
 Sgt. Robert Willis Blanton (1833-),  
Mary Ann R.F. Crowder,  Levi Burton Crowder,  Nancy D. Davis,  Peter Burton,  Peter B. Crowder,  
John W. Cousins,  
Ella Lee Blanton,  George Olin Hardy,  
Robert Walter Blanton,  Rebecca Orgain,  Capt. George Craig Orgain,   
M. Linwood Blanton,  Frances Terry,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  L. Ashton Coleman,  
Lucy M. Blanton,  
John Ellyson Blanton,  
Rebecca A. Blanton,  Edward Waddell,  
Reuben Levi Blanton,  Mary Boisseau,  
Peter Burton Blanton,  Mary Grigg,  
Mary Estelle Blanton,  W.R. Wills,  
Alice Verlinda Blanton,  Llewellyn Haskins Hite Sr.,  
 James Anderson Blanton (1837-1925),  
Annie Virginia Bowles,  
Lillian Blanton,  Adelius Blanton,  
Reuben Blanton,  
Mary Blanton,  Newton Pierce,  
Anna Blanton,  
Beulah Blanton,  
James Blanton,  
Frank Blanton,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  
Virginia Blanton,  
T.C. Blanton,  
Mattie Blanton,  
 Lavinia Edmonia (Blanton) Baldwin (1850-1931),  
Robert A. Baldwin,  
Blanche V. Blanton,  
Annie Laura Blanton,  
Reuben S. Blanton,  
Bernard C. Blanton,  
Mary C. Blanton,  
Frank Blanton,  Carrie —,  
Kathleen Blanton,  
Lucille E. Blanton,  
 Mary Judith Frances (Blanton) Hillsman (1843-1926),  
John Albert Hillsman,   James Moses Overton Hillsman,   
 Rebecca K. (Blanton) Johnson (1830-1890),  
Edward R. Johnson,  Leonidas E. Johnson,  
Roberta A. Johnson,  
John Edward Johnson,  
Lilliatta Johnson,  
Kate S. Johnson,  William F. Flannagan,  
William R. Johnson,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Willis Blanton - Civil War James Anderson Blanton - Civil War

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