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 504   Jeffrey Russell (c.1720-1800)
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Jeffrey Russell, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Jeffrey Russell might describe his life as follows.

Lunenburg County taxed me from 1748 until my land fell into the newly-created Mecklenburg County in 1765.  Many Russell families were in the Colony and my parents have not been identified.
By August 1756 I was living on 354 acres along Piney Creek, which begins about 5 miles up Highway 47 from South Hill and flows north into the Meherrin River. 
Colonial families took their grain to mills for grinding. Because mills were water-powered, they required a dam that, of course, raised the level of the creek. Before a county would issue a mill license, a jury assessed the loss to upstream neighbors from flooding. I and my son John were two “good and lawful men” on such a jury in 1776 that awarded 20 shillings to Samuel Simmons for the loss of an acre. 
Virginia reimbursed me for 275 pounds of beef and one head of cattle appropriated by the army during the Revolution. Since elections were not by secret ballot then, the court records show I voted for Samuel Goode and Lewis Burwell for burgesses in 1783. 
Although I made my mark with an R, my sons could read and write. In 1800 Lunenburg County taxed me on 4 horses and 2 slaves. 
My wife must have died soon after our 8 children were born because her name appears in no records. My 1800 will disposed of my “Negro fellow Will” and the rest of my Piney Creek land that I had not already given to my sons.

In 1761 Jeffrey Russell sold 50 acres on Piney Creek to Joseph Talley, the same day that John Talley sold 90 acres to Joseph Talley.  William Russell, who may be another son, witnessed both deeds. Joseph Talley sold the 50 acres back to Russell 12 Oct. 1763.  He was William Russell of Amelia County when he purchased 220 acres on both sides of the Little Roanoke River 1 Sept. 1759 and 990 acres on the head branches of the Little Roanoke 2 May 1761. 
William Russell witnessed the 1783 will of Abraham Talley,  and Samuel Russell, perhaps another son, witnessed a deed for John Talley Sr. in 1761. 
Jeffrey gave 90 acres on Piney Creek to his son John in 1768 and sold him another 90 acres after John deeded the first tract to Isaac Russell in 1784.  By 1782 Jeffrey was head of a household of 7 whites and two blacks. 

Will of Jeffrey Russell
Jeffrey made his will in Mecklenburg County, an abstract of which follows.  He was dead by 9 June 1800 when it was proved.

Will of Jeffrey Russell Sr.
28 February 1800
To daughter Jane Talley land upon which she lives for the remainder of her life.
To sons John, Jeffrey, and Isaac property not disclosed in the will and previously conveyed to them.
To son Mark, land where he is living and Negro fellow Will until his son, my grandson, John Wesley Russell, comes of age, then to him and his heirs.
To daughters Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth, $1 each.
I appoint my son Mark Russell executor.
Jeffrey Russell
Charles Ogburn
John Ogburn
Tabitha Puckett

Descendants of Jeffrey Russell
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Jane (Russell) Talley,  
Grief Talley,  
 John Russell (c.1750-),  
 Jeffrey Russell (c.1750-),  
Martha Russell,  Wilson,  
Thomas Russell,  
Lewis Russell,  Jane Davidson,  
Daniel Russell,  
Ann Russell,  Samuel Parker,  
Henry Russell,  
Mark Russell,  Esther Dean,  
Elizabeth Russell,  
John Russell,  Rebecca Buffington,  Sarah Maxon,  
Francis Russell,  
Thomas A. Russell,  M.L. Lenoir,  
Sarah A. Russell,  Capt. Joseph W. Morris,  
Helen M. Russell,  Lt. James R. Morris,  
Marian Russell,  Dr. J.P. Harriman,  
Eliza Russell,  Ferd Overstall,  
William Russell,  
Romaine Russell,  
John Russell,  
 Isaac Russell,  
 Mark Russell,  
Mary Puckett,  John Ogburn,  
John Wesley Russell,  
 Sarah Russell,  
 Hannah Russell,  
 Elizabeth Russell,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Jeffrey Russell - Revolutionary War Capt. Joseph W. Morris - Civil War
Lt. James R. Morris - Civil War  

Selected sources
Russell, Yancey L. The Jeffrey Russell Family Genealogy. Privately published, 1969. • Family of Jeffrey Russell.

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