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 50   Capt. Henry I. Robertson (1798-1842)
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Capt. Henry I. Robertson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Henry I. Robertson might describe his life as follows.

I was in my early 20s when I married Elizabeth Fowlkes 6 March 1821. We were cousins because my grandfather William Jennings was the brother of her grandmother Mary Jane Jennings who married Joseph Fowlkes. When Mary Jane Fowlkes made a will in the fall of 1821, she left “my glass cupboard and what’s in it” to her granddaughter Eliza Robertson.
“Eliza” and I lived at “Forest Grove” about 2 miles north of Burkeville and ½ mile from the Richmond Highway, where we reared 8 children. 
I evidently served in the county militia because my great-grandson Judge Walter Watson, who was a congressman, knew me as Captain Henry Robertson. Notes on Southside Virginia that Walter complied has been a tremendous contribution to Southside history and genealogy.
I was head of a household of ten whites and owned 16 slaves in 1840,  and died two years later. Elizabeth lived to age 91 and died 6 March 1896.  Three of our children went to Dyer County, Tennessee, while the others stayed in Virginia.

Henry made a will 20 Oct. 1842 and appended a codicil 29 Oct. 1842 simply providing for Eliza, as he called her, to have a third of his property for life, and then all to be divided equally among their children, whom he did not name, as they came of age. It was recorded 7 Dec. 1842. 
The Census of 1850 enumerated Elizabeth Robertson, aged 47, a farmer, with Patrick H. 12, Eliza H. 19, Caswell 17, Rebecca 15, Martha 12, and Laura 9.  Mary Ann was married and Joseph was farming on his own.
In 1860 Joseph’s daughter Indiana 16, Mary Ann’s son James A. 14, and Eliza Helen’s daughter Eliza 8, were living with Eliza, as was Susan M. Robertson, aged 17.  By 1870 Eliza’s big household included granddaughter Helen Eliza Vaughan and daughter Pattie Dyson and her 6 children. 
Seventy-four-year-old Eliza Robertson was living with her son Caswell in 1880. 

Descendants of Capt. Henry I. Robertson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph C. Robertson (c.1821-1855),  
Ingram,  Newman,  
Indiana Robertson,  
 Mary Ann (Robertson) Robertson Horner (1822-1910),  
Joseph Samuel Robertson,   
George D. Horner,  
Rev. Conrad,  
Henrietta H. Robertson,  Rev. James S. Crostick,  
James A. Robertson,  
Josephine Leonora Robertson,  S. Meredith Watson,   James C. Robertson,  
Walter Allen Watson,  
Constance R. Tinsley,  
Henry Hunter Watson,  Pattie Elizabeth Epes,  Branch Jones Epes,   Lula May Doyle,  
Fannie Archer Watson,  Dr. J.H.C. Winston,  Dr. Peter Winston,  
Betty Winston,  Thomas Edward Gilmer,  
Lois Willson Watson,  Hilary H. Royall,  
Rebecca Shore Watson,  Judge Frank Taylor Sutton Jr.,  
Calva Hamlett Watson,  Percy H. Wooten,  
Meredith Leon Watson,  
Mary Campbell Watson,  
Josephine Nelson Watson,  
Robert Daniel Watson,  
Helen Christian Watson,  
Robert Archibald Alexander Watson,  
Theodorick Pryor Watson,  
Marion L.W. Horner,  
Henry T. Horner,  
 Patrick Henry Robertson (c.1829-),  
Virginia Dyson,  
 Caswell Fowlkes Robertson (1832-1914),  
Quesenbury,  Shearer,  
John Vaughan,   Mary A.E. Vaughan,   
Elizabeth A. Tucker,  Owen H. Tucker,  Elizabeth C. Neal,  
Ella Shearer,  
Liscia Robertson,  
John Shearer Robertson,  
Wiley Hogue Robertson,  
James B. Robertson,  
 Martha (Robertson) Dyson (c.1838-1870),  
Oscar F. Dyson,  
Florence A. Dyson,  
Willie Dyson,  
Rosaly Dyson,  
Caswell Dyson,  
Holmes Ellis Dyson,  
 Rebecca Jane (Robertson) Vaughan (1835-1920),  
James Nicholas Vaughan,   
 Eliza Helen (Robertson) Vaughan (c.1831-1853),  
Asa Vaughan,   
Helen Eliza Vaughan,  Matthew Patton Enochs,  Alfred Enochs,  Mary Frances Walker,  
 Laura Mildred (Robertson) Justis (1840-1898),  
Capt. Luther Kincaid Justis,  William W. Justis,  
Roberta Hudson,  
Gertrude Alfredia Justis,  Doc Terrell Farley,  Dr. J.J. Terrell,  
Lula Irene Justis,  Robert Henry Roberts,  Charles A. Cash,  
Annie Laura Justis,  William Henry Williams,  
Estelle J. Justis,  
Luther Henry Justis,  Emma Florence Phelps,  
M.M. Justis,  
Walter E. Justis,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James A. Robertson - Civil War Meredith Watson - Civil War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Walter Allen Watson - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Walter Allen Watson - Virginia Henry Hunter Watson - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Walter Allen Watson Thomas Edward Gilmer

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