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48 John Vaughan (1780-1848)
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John Vaughan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Vaughan might describe his life as follows.

According to our family Bible, I was born 13 May 1780, and was 31 when my father, Nicholas Vaughan, gave me 300 acres on Ellis Fork in Nottoway County next to my brothers Thomas and Richard Vaughan.
I married Mary Price Fowlkes, the widow of Austin Fowlkes, 29 July 1812 and we were the parents of 4 children born 1813-20 whom we reared on our plantation about 4 miles north of Burkeville, Nottoway County.
Mary, who was born in 14 March 1781, died 19 January 1832, and I passed on 3 July 1848.

The Census of 1840 for Nottoway County listed John Vaughan, aged 60-70, with a son and two daughters, aged 20-30, undoubtedly James, Mary, and Elizabeth, in his household. We cannot identify the female less than 5. John apparently left no will an administration on his estate was granted in 1848.

Descendants of John Vaughan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
John Vaughan (1813-1845),
Judith Vaughan,
Mary A.E. Vaughan, Caswell Fowlkes Robertson,
John H.C. Vaughan, 
James Nicholas Vaughan (1815-1894),
Mary P. Vaughan (1818-),
Henry Hardaway,
Elizabeth P. Vaughan (1820-1843),

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