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†432† Richard Blanton I (-1734)
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Richard Blanton I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Blanton I might describe his life as follows.

Little is known of me. I was born in Essex County but settled up the Rappahannock River in Spotsylvania County near Fredericksburg. My wife, Elizabeth, and I had two sons and three daughters. I wanted my oldest son Richard to be the coexecutor of my will with his mother, but when I died in 1734, he couldnít serve because he was not yet 14 years old.
Parts of my will that remain identify my children and provided that my still eventually belong to my son Richard. My widow went on to rear our 5 young children on her own. Richard moved to Cumberland County and Thomas was a carpenter who built some homes in Fredericksburg where he lived before moving to Caroline County. I never heard what happened to our daughters.

Richard Blantonís wife was Elizabeth, possibly Elizabeth Lindsey.

Will and probate
Richard was alive 4 July 1733 when his name was mentioned in a lawsuit.†
Richardís Spotsylvania County will, which is very mutilated and its date obliterated, appointed his wife, Elizabeth, and his eldest son, Richard, executors, identified two sons, Richard and Thomas, and 3 daughters, Priscilla, Elizabeth, and Mary.†

Will of Richard Blanton
In the name of God Amen. I, Richard Blanton of the County of Spottsylvania in Virginia, being sick in body but of perfect sence and memory thanks and praise be unto Almighty God for the same, and considering the frailty and … inty of human life do make this my last will and testament in manner following:
First and principally, I commit my Soul unto Almighty God and most merciful Father, hoping by the merits of my Lord Jesus Christ to have remission and forgiveness of all my sins and that at the burial and resurrection my body … be reunited to my soul and together with … everlasting life and happiness in heaven … true delight and purification which Almighty God hath … for those that love … and praise … forever my body I commit … be decently …
Elizabeth Blanton to have and to hold … natural life … and bequeath all my aforesaid land … loving son Richard Blanton and to … Sarah, Will and Bristo my negro woman Sue be equally … my 5 children.
To Wit: Richard, … Blanton. It is my will that if either … before they come of age or marry … that the mentioned negroes and the increase … of the wench be equally divided amongst my surviving children: They to be divided as my children come to age or marry.
I will that my loving son Richard Blanton be put to school 2 years at the charge of my estate.
I will that my loving son Thomas Blanton be put to school four years at the charge of my estate.
I will … loving dau. Prissilla Blanton and Elizabeth Blanton and Mary Blanton be put to school two years each at the charge of my estate.
I give to my l. son Thomas Blanton my … of pistols and holsters and my gun.
I give to my loving wife my negro woman Unity and her Increase and my negro woman aforementioned but she not to have any right or title to any of her increase before they are … given to my children, the aforesaid two negroes to her and her heirs forever.
I will that all the profit made by my still be equally divíd equally between my wife and loving son Richard Blanton during my wifeís life and after her decease I give my still and all that belongs to it to my aforsaid son Richard Blanton.

Elizabeth presented Richardís will 3 Sept. 1734 and his inventory 1 Oct. 1734.† Because her son and coexecutor Richard was too young to serve, Elizabeth became sole executor.

Descendants of Richard Blanton I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
Richard Blanton II (c.1725-c.1806),††
Thomas Blanton (c.1730-),††
Roger Dixon,††Ann (ó) Blanton,††Jane (ó) Blanton,††
John Rogers,††Benjamin Craig,††
Jane Moore,††
Priscilla Blanton (c.1730-),††
Elizabeth Blanton (c.1730-),††
Mary Blanton (c.1730-),††

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