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 430   Joseph Scott (c.1696-c.1748)
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Joseph Scott, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Scott might describe his life as follows.

I was a son of John and Judith Scott of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, evidently born in the gap around 1696 when no one recorded births in the parish register.
I was Joseph Scott of New Kent County 22 February 1724/5 when the governor granted me 400 acres on Lickinghole Creek in Henrico (now Goochland) County.  My brother Edward Scott got a neighboring tract the same day. 
I married Sarah Mayo in Goochland County 8 December (bond) 1734,  and we settled in Amelia County where her father, William Mayo, gave us 1,600 acres in 1739. 
A respected Amelia County justice 1736,  1738-40, and 1742, I decided to enter the race for burgess from Amelia in 1742. Although I drew more votes, Robert Jones demanded a recount, which would have been expensive for both of us. After I convinced him I would win, he agreed to take £3.19 to drop his challenge. This did not go over well in Williamsburg where they concluded neither of us should serve. Politics being what it is, my reputation was unscathed, and I continued as county justice until my death.
One of the duties of justices was gauging the age of slave children so we could get them on the tax rolls when they turned 12. In 1744 I had to bring in three of my own for this just reason: Tamer, Rosamond, and Munday. 
In only my early 50s but “sick and weak,” I prepared my will 22 November 1748 generously providing for my wife and children. I was dead within 2 months leaving an estate that included 15 slaves and a mill. 
My widow, Sarah, married Robert Jones in Amelia County 16 June (bond) 1750,  and they had 4 daughters and 2 sons.

Although William Mayo called him Dr. Joseph Scott in his will, no other record identifies him as a physician.

Who were Joseph’s children?
Although Joseph’s will spoke of “all my children,” it named only John, William, and Judith Scott, omitting Sarah and Frances. On 24 March 1768 both Sarah’s husband Isham Clements and Frances’ husband Alexander Walker, released to their brother John all right and title to the estate of Joseph Scott for £100 each.  Likewise, Judith Scott quitclaimed all right to her father’s estate to John in Aug. 1764. 
A witness to the releases of Alexander Walker and Judith Scott was Ann Scott who may have been another daughter. Some incorrectly have concluded a son was Joseph Scott because of many references in Amelia County to second cousins, Joseph Scott Jr. and Joseph Scott Sr..

Bridge to Goochland
In 1741 Amelia County called on Joseph Scott, John Tabb, and Richard Booker to confer with Goochland County about building a bridge across the Appomattox River, and although they concluded that a bridge at Genito was appropriate, the Goochland County justices disagreed. 
The Aug. Court 1743 ordered Joseph Scott, William Archer, Thomas Tabb, and Richard Booker to look into building a bridge across the Appomattox River at William Bass’ quarter and they concluded that bridge there would be appropriate and again approached Goochland County about sharing the construction costs.  When Goochland again declined, Amelia justices directed Scott and Tabb to prosecute a suit against Goochland. 

Running for Burgess
After the “freeholders” of Amelia County elected Joseph Scott over Richard Jones to represent them in 1742,  Joseph arrived in Williamsburg where, on 5 June 1742, the House declared the election void. The proceedings of the House describe the unfortunate circumstances that led them to conclude, “That the said Mr. Scott and Mr. Richard Jones, are each of them guilty of an Infringement of the Liberties of the People; a Misdemeanor and Breach of the Privileges of this House: And that therefore the Election of the said Mr. Scott, be made void.”
Evidently after Scott’s election, Jones objected to the qualifications of some people who voted and contested Scott’s victory. When Joseph went to the Amelia County courthouse to look at the list of “freeholders” who voted, Jones came in to do the same. Scott asked why he would make them both pay the expense of a recount when Jones did not have a chance of winning. Later the same day when they were at the courthouse for the militia muster, Scott offered to reimburse Jones the money he had already spent if Jones would drop his challenge to the election. Although Jones declined, he afterwards agreed that whoever won would pay the other’s expenses. When Jones sent a letter to the sheriff, dropping his challenge to the election, Scott paid him £3.19.
When Edward Booker and others in Amelia County became aware of the arrangement, they complained to the House who referred the issue to the Committee of Privileges and Election that examined the matter with the cooperation of both Scott and Jones. After careful consideration, the Committee concluded that neither Scott nor Jones should represent Amelia County. Jones formally acknowledged his mistake, expressed his sorrow for what he did, and they released him from custody. Amelia County chose Samuel Cobbs the burgess in a new election. 

Land transactions
Joseph Scott was living in New Kent County 1 Aug. 1726 when he bought 3 slaves from his brother, Edward Scott, that his wife, Ann, had inherited. 
In July 1737 Joseph Scott obtained a patent to 1,700 acres in Goochland (now Cumberland) County, on the branches of Angola and Great Guinea creeks. Joseph’s father-in-law, the county surveyor, undoubtedly saw that his daughter got some prime real estate.  Joseph added 40 acres on Treasurers Run in Sept. 1739, 250 acres at Angola Creek in June 1740, and another 250 acres at Angola in Aug. 1745. 
Joseph sold 20 acres of the Lickinghole tract to Edmund Hodges 12 Feb. 1738/9,  and deeded the remaining 380 acres on Lickinghole and the 40 acres on Treasurers Run to Henry Wood 20 Dec. 1743 for £90.  Sarah relinquished her dower right in Amelia County 14 Jan. 1743/4.
In 1737 Joseph Scott was listed with 3 tithables in Amelia County including slave Cupid and Walter Clapton, undoubtedly an overseer.  On 17 Oct. 1745, after her father died, Sarah and Joseph deeded this land and the two slaves to Thomas Tabb for £50 and the next day Tabb sold all back for the same price. 
On 17 July 1741 Joseph Scott purchased from Thomas Tabb an acre of land on the lower side of Flat Creek across from and below Joseph’s mill dam for 10 shillings.  A mill owner whose mill dam was flooding a neighbor’s property typically made small purchases such as this.

Joseph’s will
This is an abstract of the will Joseph made in Amelia County.  George Carrington presented it 20 Jan. 1748/9 and Thomas Burton proved it.  Samuel and Jesse Scott proved it further 21 July 1749. 

Will of Joseph Scott
22 November 1748
My loving wife Sarah to have the use and profits of the mill and plantation whereon I now live during her natural life and also the use and benefit of six slaves Tamer, Rosoman, Cupitt, Cuffee, Chester, Quaco. Also the use of all my stocks of cattle, hogs, sheep, horses and household furniture and utensils until such time as my son or sons come to age or my daughter or daughters marry and then my stocks and household furniture be equally divided between my wife and all my children. And at the death of my wife all the Negroes lent to her be divided among all my children equally.
To my daughter Judith one Negro girl Doll.
To my son John one Negro man Harry. Also £200 current money, likewise the plantation whereon I now live with the mill after the death of Sarah, my wife.
To my son William all my land in Goochland County. Also one Negro man Dick. My wife have the use and profit of my plantation in Goochland and all my slaves not before mentioned until my son John come to lawful age to enable her to bring up and educate my children and at the time my son John shall attain to such age then all those Negroes not before mentioned to be equally divided between all my children.
My loving wife Sarah executrix, my friend George Carrington and my two sons John and William executors.
Joseph Scott
William Scott
Samuel Scott
Jesse Scott
Thomas Burton.

Descendants of Joseph Scott
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah (Scott) Clements (c.1743-1821),  
Isham Clements,   
 Frances (Scott) Walker,  
Frances Gould,   Alexander Walker,   Samuel Jones,  
Edmund Walker,  
Joseph Scott Walker,  
John Walker,  Elizabeth Trotter,  
Eaton Walker,  
Ann Scott Walker,  
Mary Walker,  
Frances Walker,  Swinney,  
Sarah Walker,  John Vaughan,  
Frederick Walker,  
 Edmund Walker (-1768),  
Alexander Walker,  Mary —,  Henry Holdcraft,  
Joseph Scott,   Benjamin Clements,   
Judith (—) Walker,  
Judith Townes,  
Alexander Walker,  Frances Scott,   
Mary Walker,  William Covington,  
Ursula Covington,  
Milly Covington,  
Ann Walker,  William Clement Jr.,   
Rebecca Walker,  Macon,  
Edmund Walker,  Mary (—) Walker,  
George Walker,  
Judith Walker,  Zachariah Tatum,   
Mary Walker,  Thomas Branch,   
William Townes Walker,  Frances Williamson,  Jacob Williamson,  Hopkins Muse,   John Wiley,   
Mary W. Walker,  Samuel Allen Jr.,  
William Townes Walker,  Mary Dupuy,   
James Walker,  
Judith Walker,  Richard Foster,  
Hannah Walker,  
Elizabeth Walker,  
Sarah Walker,  
Lucy Clarke Walker,  
 John Scott (-1772),  
Alexander Trent,   Peterfield Trent,   William Archer,   Henry Powell,  
Sarah Scott,  
Ambrose Meadows,  William Ware,  
George Hancock,  Charles Jones,  
Robert Fields,  Frances (—) Fields,  Alexander Trent,   George Carrington,   Jacob Williamson,  Edward Bass,   
Francis Ducy,  John Royall,   William Giles,   William Bass,  
Henry Powell,  John Lynch,  Henry Dickerson,   
Everard Meade,   
Sarah Scott,  Henry Tatum,  
Maj. Joseph Scott,  Joseph Scott,   
Capt. Thomas Nelson,  
Jacob Williamson,  Elizabeth Mary Ann Booker,   
Richard Edward Booker,   
William Scott,  Susanna Hubbard Young,  William Young,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
Judith Scott,  Leonard Wayne,  
Sarah Scott,  
Nancy Scott,  
Edward Booker Scott,  Martha Monroe,  John Monroe,  Rosanna Puckett,  
Paul Scott,  
Frances M. Scott,  
Joseph Henry Scott,  Mary Louise Epperson,  
John Monroe Scott,  Lora R. Faris,  Francis A. Faris,  Sara P. —,  
Charlotte E. Whitlow,  William P. Whitlow,  Louisa B. —,  
Joseph Henry Scott,  Charlotte Monroe,  
Capt. John Scott,  
Sarah Monroe,  
Charles Scott,  Sarah Ann Adams,   
Joseph Alexander Scott,  Margaret Hancock,  Nathan Hancock,  
Elizabeth Scott,  John E. Fore,  
Thomas Scott,  
John Scott,  
Polly Scott,  Brooks,  
Kitty Scott,  Richard Edward Adams,   
Edward Scott,  
Edward Scott,  Mary Jones,   Rev. John Finney,   Samuel Booker,   William Marshall Booker,   Pleasant Roberts,  
Frances Scott,  Robert Fields,  Moses Jackson,  Matthew Jackson,  
John Scott,  Lucy Worsham,   William Marshall Booker,   Allen Burton,   John Tabb,   
Elizabeth Branch Scott,  
Sarah Scott,  
Judith Scott,  Capt. William Gay,   
Thomas Bolling Gay,  Elizabeth Royall Archer,   
Neil Buchanan Gay,  Martha Talley,  Judith Scott Gay,  
Edward Scott Gay,  Catherine Nivision Tazewell,   
Ann H. Gay,  Charles H. Scott,  
Charles Scott Gay,  Margaret Lewis Erskine,  Henry Erskine,  Agatha Estill,  
Sally Gay,  James Boswell Ferguson,  
Mary B. Gay,  Gideon A. Strange,  
James Scott,  
Hannah W. Scott,  William Chamberlain Hudson,   Rev. John Brunskill,  
Sarah Scott Hudson,  William P. Payne,  
Judith Jordan Chamberlaine Hudson,  William Chamberlaine Bass,   
Elizabeth Littlepage Hudson,  John St. Clair,  
 William Scott,  
Lucretia (—) Scott,  James McMacken,  
William Townes,  
 Judith (Scott) Branch,  
Ann Scott,  
William Branch,   
 Dr. James Scott (-1761),  
Thomas Spencer,  
William Craddock,   Thomas Yuille,  
William White,  Grisel (—) Scott,  
Thomas Wrenn,  Peter Farrar,   George Farley,   
John Archer,   
Roger Scott,  John Tabb,   Prudence Farley,  Henry Farley,  
Peter Thompson Hinton,  
Elizabeth Scott,  William Craddock,   
George Scott,  Elizabeth Thompson,  
John Townes Jr.,  James Harris Sr.,  Nancy —,  James Harris Jr.,  Elizabeth —,  
Capt. Thompson Scott,  Nancy Chaffin,   
Samuel Scott,  
John F. Scott,  Oney Wright,  Rev. John Pollard,  
George H. Scott,  
Sydney Scott,  
Martha A.E. Scott,  Hughes Perrin,  
George L. Scott,  Clarkey Ann Webster,  John Willson Rison,   
Henry F. Scott,  
Edward R. Scott,  
Mary Scott,  
Ann Scott,  John Jeter,   
Isabel Scott,  
Mary Scott,  
 Thomas Scott (1718-1772),  
James Scott,  Martha Williams,  Rice Williams,  Frances —,  
John Owen Sr.,   John Davidson,  John Bagby,  
Mrs. Hannah Carter,  
Rice Scott,  Michal Osborne,   
Frances Scott,  James Gatewood,  Dudley Gatewood,  Sarah —,  
John Scott,  Hannah Brunskill,   
Maj. Thomas Scott,  Isabella Brunskill,   
Richard Woodson,  Joseph Ligon,   
James Murphy,  Joseph Morton,   Alexander Joyce,  Sarah (—) Scott,  John Carter,  
John Scott,  
Francis Scott,  
Betsy Ann Scott,  John Turner Ligon,   
James Scott,  Elizabeth Archer Osborne,   
James Southall Scott,  
Samuel Scott,  Ann Roy,  
Lt. William Scott,  Ann Jones,  Capt. Gabriel Jones,  Martha Waller,  
Robert Scott,  
 Rev. John Brunskill (-1762),  
Rev. John Brunskill,  
William Brunskill,  Mary Boulware,  Daniel Turner,  
Isabella Brunskill,  Thomas Scott,   
Hannah Brunskill,  John Scott,   
Martha Brunskill,  Richard Booker,   
James Taylor,  
Elizabeth Brunskill,  Thomas Terry,  Paul Thilman,   James Dismukes,  
Thomas Terry,  George Guy,  
Mary Brunskill,  William Clark,  
Mary Clark,  
Letitia Clark,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Townes Walker - Revolutionary War Joseph Scott - Revolutionary War
Joseph Henry Scott - Civil War John Monroe Scott - Civil War
Capt. John Scott - Mexican War Neil Buchanan Gay - War of 1812
Gideon A. Strange - War of 1812 Thomas Scott - Revolutionary War
William Scott - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Joseph Scott - Virginia Thomas Scott - Virginia

Selected sources
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