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 414   James Hill (1726-1765)
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James Hill, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Hill might describe his life as follows.

I was born 17 July 1726 in Bristol Parish where Rev. George Robertson, one of my grandfather’s real estate partners, baptized me. 
My wife was Ann Cheatham, a daughter of Dale Parish neighbor William Cheatham whose 1751 will gave “one Negro” to his daughter Ann Hill. We were the parents of 7, including Obedience whom we named for Ann’s mother, Obedience Branch.
My father’s will left me land in Chesterfield and on Beaverpond Branch of Flat Creek in Amelia County. I was still a Dale Parish resident 16 March 1748/9 when I bought 250 acres on Flat Creek from Edward Hill for £50, but was James Hill of Amelia County 5 April 1751 when I sold Edward 100 acres in Chesterfield for that same price. 
In 1760 I and “others of the Presbyterian Congregation” paid Robert Vaughan 5 shillings for 1 acre on the lower side of Flat Creek to “fix a house on for the worship of God.” 
Since Ann must have died before 1751, I married Ann Booker in Amelia 27 June (bond) 1763.  We were husband and wife no longer than 2 years when, at only 43 years of age, I made my will 25 February 1765 providing for my wife and mother and dividing my land between my 2 sons. I was dead within a month leaving 2 married daughters and 5 minor children. 
My estate included 22 slaves and one tame deer in Amelia, and 2 slaves and other property in Charlotte County worth £120.12.6.  The second Ann married Sherwood Walton of Charlotte County.

Note also that when William Cheatham’s son of the same name bought land in Henrico County in 1746, James Hill was among the witnesses. 
Others named with James in the deed for the church land were John Roberts, Peter Farrar, Benjamin Branch, Benjamin Hendrick, Hans Hendrick, Obadiah Hendrick, Peter Claiborne, Simon Clement, Joseph Tanner, and Joel Tanner.

Amelia County, Virginia, Buildings Survey devotes a topic to “Hill’s Shop,” that belonged to James Hill. 

Other land transactions
James inherited from his father a 123-acre tract in Henrico County that was half the 1725 patent of his grandfather John Pride James’ uncle William Pride inherited the other half. Together, William Pride Jr. and James Hill Jr. sold the combined parcel to his uncle Edward Hill for £100 in Feb. 1747/8. James’ mother, who was still living, relinquished her dower right. 
In 1759 James secured a patent for 655 acres on both sides of Twittys Creek in Lunenburg (later Charlotte) County,  and sold 68 acres in the fork of Flat Creek and Beaverpond Branch to Edmund Booker On 19 Nov. 1759 James bought from Thomas Spencer 41 acres next to land he already owned for £50. 

Other court records
In April 1753 Edmund Booker petitioned the Amelia County court for permission to build a mill on Flat Creek, which might cause flooding on land belonging to Henry Farley. So Sheriff Abraham Cocke appointed 14 citizens, including James Hill, to evaluate the plan, and they awarded Farley £4. 
James appraised the estate of several of his neighbors including Hector Truly,  William Wilkerson,  and John McCade. 

James’ will

Will of James Hill
25 February 1765
Item. I leave my wife Ann Hill the land and plantation where I now live, being 325 acres purchased of Thomas Spencer, for life, then to son James Hill.
Item. My mother to have possession of plantation where she lives and as much adjacent land as she wants for life.
Item. To son John Hill land lying on the upper side of Beaverpond Branch next to Edmund Booker, Thompson Swann, William Pride, and William Foster, but not to interrupt my mother’s possession for her life.
Item. To son James Hill tract on the lower side of Beaverpond Branch bounded by said branch, Robert’s and Cocke’s lines, land whereon I now live, and 665 acres in Lunenburg County where Drury Yeomay is overseer.
Item. To wife household goods for life.
Item. To son-in-law Richard Craddock, 4 Negroes in his possession: Moll, Tom, Jamey, and Harry.
Item. To daughter Ann Vaughan, 3 Negroes: Frank, Patt, and boy Caesar.
Item. I give the remainder of my estate to be divided equally between my wife and 5 children after they come of age or marry: John Hill, James Hill, Obedience Hill, Sarah Hill, Rebecca Hill.

Witnesses to the will were William Roberts, John Booker, and his wife, Susanna Booker. The executor was Edmund Booker. George Farley, Richard Clough, and Peter Farrar appraised the estate.
On 23 Oct. 1766 Peter Farrar and Henry Anderson assigned to Elizabeth Hill, widow of John Hill, deceased, and mother of James Hill, her dower in land and slaves. 

Ann and the children
Before her second wedding, Ann was in debt to Edmund Booker and anticipating that income from her crop and livestock would be insufficient to repay him, she deeded slaves worth £300 to Edmund to secure the debt. 
In 1782 John, Elizabeth, Sarah and James Hill were listed next to each other on the roster of the heads of families in Amelia County. James Hill, who was listed with 3 whites and 12 blacks,  had just married and perhaps he and his wife had their first child by then. Sarah Hill was listed with two whites and 4 blacks and would marry Abraham Lockett a year later.  John Hill, who was yet to marry, was living alone and owned two slaves,  and Elizabeth Hill was living alone with 9 slaves. 
Sherwood Walton evidently moved to Amelia County to live on Ann’s plantation for nearby, Amelia County listed Sherwood head of a household of 5 whites and 15 blacks. 

Descendants of James Hill
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Hill,  
Frances Booker,   
Adaline Matilda Hill,  David Goodwin,  
Saluda Ann W. Hill,  Thomas James,  
Martha Hill,  Thomas Richardson,   Rev. George Robertson,  
Edward Hill,  
 John Hill (-1805),  
Francis Anderson Jr.,   
Richard Craddock,   Rowlett Pride,   John Pride,   James Hill,   Francis Pride,   William Waters,  James Vaughan,   William Cross Craddock,   
Joseph Jennings Fowlkes,   Mary Craddock,   
 Obedience (Hill) Craddock,  
William Cross Craddock,   
 Sarah (Hill) Lockett,  
William Cross Craddock,   James Hill,   
Abraham Lockett,   Benjamin Lockett,   
Abraham Lockett,   
John Claybrook,  
Elizabeth Hill,  Joel Foster,  Robert Craddock,   
 Rebecca Hill,  
 Ann (Hill) Vaughan,  
James Vaughan,   
Bartholomew Vaughan,   Nicholas Vaughan,   John Tabb,   
Obedience Vaughan,  John Mitchell,   James Cocke Mitchell,   Patience Robertson,   
Elizabeth P. Mitchell,  Levi Deaton,  Levi Deaton,  
James Vaughan Mitchell,  
John Mitchell,  
Fabius L. Mitchell,  
Nancy H. Mitchell,  Robert Foster,  
Martha Mitchell,  Enos Goodwin,  
Sarah Mitchell,  Nathan Deaton,  
Thomas Mitchell,  
Obedience Mitchell,  John N. Bemer,  
Ellen Mitchell,  John Robinson,  
James Vaughan,  Sarah Elizabeth Walker,   Magdalene Walker,   
William Vaughan,  Mary Kincaid,  
Thomas Vaughan,  Leah McCarty,  William McCarty,  Rachael Kyle,  Capt. Robert Kyle,  Leah Brooks,  
Allen Vaughan,  Ellen Steele,  
Nancy Vaughan,  Donnelson,  
James Vaughan,  Matilda Rader,  
Benjamin W. Vaughan,  Martha Simmons,  
Robert Vaughan,  
Milton Vaughan,  
Joseph Vaughan,  Mary Elvira Bassett,  
John Vaughan,  Temperance Seals,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  Harroll,  
Martha Vaughan,  Dauswell Rogers,  
Francis Vaughan,  James Craddock,   Magdalene Walker,   
Nancy Vaughan,  Edward Haskins,  
Willis Vaughan,  
 Elizabeth (Hill) Craddock,  
Richard Craddock,   

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