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 408   Gabriel Fowlkes (c.1690-c.1775)
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Gabriel Fowlkes, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Gabriel Fowlkes might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1690 in Wales and came to America from Denbigh County. By May 1721 I settled in St. John’s Parish, in that part of King William County that was later added to Caroline County. My plantation was on the north side of the North Anna River close to Hawkins Creek, near Thomas Dickenson and his brothers, William Dickenson and Griffith Dickenson
I shopped at the general store belonging to Thomas Partridge & Co. in Hanover, across the North Anna. My 1756 purchases included 6 plates, a dish, 2 basins, some lace, and a prayer book. 
Since records for neither King William nor Caroline remain, I cannot acquaint you with my wife, the mother of our 4 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom went to live in Amelia County. Because our son Richard, was not quite right, Gabriel, John, and James Fowlkes, and my sons-in-law James Wade and John Clark gave “2 Negroes” to Joseph Fowlkes in return for him finding Richard a place to live in 1776.  Since this “Memorandum of Agreement” mentioned also the “estate of their father, Gabriel Fowlkes,” I had already died back in Caroline County.
Incidentally, my family pronounces the name “Fulks.”

Descendants of Gabriel Fowlkes
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Gabriel Fowlkes (c.1725-1793),  
Samuel Yarbrough,   Hezekiah Yarbrough,   
Peter Dupuy Jr.,  Peter Jones,   Batte Jones,   
Ursula (—) Fowlkes,  Ursula Thompson,  
James Foster Jr.,  Robert Foster,  Benony Leaton,  Susanna Leaton,  
Thompson Fowlkes,  Elizabeth Robertson,   
John Murray,  
Maj. Henry Walker,  Col. Lewis Burwell,  
Richard Russell,  
Nancy Fowlkes,  Jones Osborne,   Rev. William Richards,  William Callis,  
Gabriel Fowlkes,  
Haley Jane Hyde,  Hartwell Hyde,  Mary Lewis,  
Nathaniel Fowlkes,  Anne Osborne Barnes,   Lucy Winn,  Richard Winn,  
Thompson B. Fowlkes,  Priscilla Hyde,  Hartwell Hyde,  Mary Lewis,  Whitman Whitefield William Wilkerson Fowlkes,  
Sarah Fowlkes,  George Malone,  George Malone,  
John G. Fowlkes,  Jean Wood,  
Henry Fowlkes,  Anne Green,  Matthew Green,   
Joseph Fowlkes,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Fowlkes,  Matthew Petty,  
Nathan Fowlkes,  Ada Ann Redman,  
Col. Gabriel Fowlkes,  Elizabeth Jeffress,   
Parks Fowlkes,  
Thompson Fowlkes,  
Nathan Fowlkes,  
John J. Fowlkes,  
Sally G. Fowlkes,  
Mary G. Fowlkes,  
Jane J. Fowlkes,  Anderson Cockerham,  
William E. Fowlkes,  Nancy B. Fowlkes,   
 Thomas Jeffress (c.1729-1794),  
Mary Jane Gunn,   
Martha C. Hardin,  
Susannah Jeffress,  Henry Thomas Walker,  
William Jeffress,  
James Jeffress,  Ann Betts,  Ann Hogan,   
William Betts Jeffress,  Elizabeth Jeffress,  Elizabeth Major,  
Ann Jeffress,  John Robertson,  
Sarah Jeffress,  Snead,  
Rev. Thomas Hogan Jeffress,  Christianna Blackwell,  
Prudence Russell Jeffress,  Chapman Blackwell,  Polly Hatchett,   
Mary Gunn Jeffress,  Achilles J. Norment,  
Narcissa W. Jeffress,  John Archibald Hatchett,   
Jane C. Jeffress,  Alexander E. McCutcheon,  Thomas Hamilton Staples,  
Thomas Jeffress,  Elizabeth Fowlkes,   
Mary C. Hamlett,   
John Jeffress,  Elizabeth Ann Jones,  Mary Jordan,  
Jane Jennings Jeffress,  Stokes,  
John A. Stokes,  
Edward H. Stokes,  
Col. Edward Thomas Jeffress,  Dicey Hall Fowlkes,   
Mary Jane Gravatt,  
Jordan Worsham Jeffress,  
Susanna P. Jeffress,  Armistead Bruce,  
John C. Jeffress,  Sally B. Knight,   
Coleman Jeffress,  Mary E. Fowlkes,   
Mary Gunn Jeffress,  Joseph Jennings,   
Elizabeth Jeffress,  Gabriel Fowlkes,   
Lucretia Jeffress,  William Griffin Smith,  Samuel Smith,  Rachel —,  
Griffin Lafayette Smith,  Sally Gunn Jeffress,   
Mary W. Smith,  
Thomas Filbert Smith,  
Dicey Jeffress,  Jordan,  
Jane Jeffress,  Jesse Wootten,   
Elisha Jeffress,  Ann Lefevre Dupuy,   
Edith Jeffress,  John Field Fowlkes,  
Richard James Jeffress,  Ann Bedford Hamlett,   
Elizabeth Fowlkes,  Forrest,  
Sally Fowlkes,  Bailey,  
Nathan Fowlkes,  Nancy Bagley,   
Dicey Fowlkes,  Royall W. Estes,  Judith Fowlkes,  
Nancy Fowlkes,  Pleasant Gills,  Rev. John Skurrey,  Edward Claybrook,  
Mary Jane Gills,  John Jesse Daniel Parker,   
Elizabeth B. Fowlkes,  Richard Pond,  
Amey Fowlkes,  Reuler Richardson,  
Thomas Richardson,  Martha Hill,   
Jane W. Richardson,  
Anna Richardson,  
Grief Richardson,  
Jane Fowlkes,  William Mayes,  John Crawley,   William Mayes,  
Mourning Fowlkes,  William Penick,   Yancey Bailey,  
Prudence Fowlkes,  Nathaniel Penick,   
Tabitha Fowlkes,  
 John Fowlkes (c.1722-1799),  
Samuel Yarbrough,   Hezekiah Yarbrough,   
Moses Yarbrough,  Paschal Jennings Fowlkes,   Thomas B. Scott,  
William Jennings,   William Jennings,   John Norris,   James Bagley,   
Sarah Jennings,   
Judith Penick,   
Henry B. Fowlkes,  Tabitha Bass,   
William Fowlkes,   Asa Vaughan,   
Theodorick Fowlkes,  
Liberty Bass Fowlkes,  Harriet Bruce,   Sallie Crenshaw,  
Mary M. Fowlkes,  
Henry Bass Fowlkes,  Mary Stokes Ingram,  Stith Ingram,  Mary Jane Hyde,  
Ellen H. Fowlkes,  
Lucy J. Fowlkes,  
Thomas C. Fowlkes,  
Eugenia E. Fowlkes,  
R.L. Truly Fowlkes,  
Edwina Fowlkes,  
Alpheus P. Fowlkes,  
Tabitha Ann Fowlkes,  Edward Taylor Rudd,  William Simeon Rudd,  Amelia Mead Ingram,  Bowler DeJarnett,   
John B. Fowlkes,  Asa Fowlkes,  
Elisha Fowlkes,  
Branch P. Fowlkes,  Elizabeth —,  Elizabeth Fowlkes,  
Lavinia P. Fowlkes,  Vaughan,  
Elizabeth L. Fowlkes,  Paschal Russell,  
Charles H. Fowlkes,  
Branch Fowlkes,  
Henry B. Fowlkes,  
Elizabeth B. Fowlkes,  Crenshaw,  George Foster,  
Nancy Elizabeth Crenshaw,  
Tabitha H. Fowlkes,  Thomas W. Dyson,  
Nancy Fowlkes,  
Martha Fowlkes,  Jeffress,  
Eliza Jane Jeffress,  Jennings Fowlkes,   Horace M. Green,  
Tabitha Ann Jeffress,  David W. Fowlkes,   
Jennings Fowlkes,  Joyce Motley,   George Walton,   James Bagley,   John Knight,   
Edward Robertson,   
Sally Fowlkes,  Beasley,  William Dillon,  
Jennings Fowlkes,  Mary Thompson,  
Edith Minor,  
Sarah Thompson,  
Henry Stokes,  Tarleton Woodson Knight,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
Joseph Motley Fowlkes,  Martha A. (—) Fowlkes,  
Thomas A. Fowlkes,  
Emma Fowlkes,  
James Fowlkes,  
Winston Fowlkes,  
David W. Fowlkes,  Tabitha Ann Jeffress,   
Jennings Fowlkes Jr.,  Eliza Jane Jeffress,   
Robert Fowlkes,  Emily F. Knight,   
Elizabeth A. Fowlkes,  
Narcissa Fowlkes,  Peter Bass,  James Smithey,  
Asa B. Fowlkes,  
Martha Jane Fowlkes,  Thomas C. Byesse,  
Joseph Motley Fowlkes,  Sarah Ann —,  
Asa Fowlkes,  Sarah C. Farmer,   William Fowlkes,   Anderson Bagley,   
Mary E. Fowlkes,  Coleman Jeffress,   
Joseph M. Jeffries,  Sarah Booker Harding,  Thomas Harding,  
Joyce Jeffries,  Carter,  
Charlotte Jeffries,  
Amelia Jeffries,  
Mary Jeffries,  Foster,  
Lucretia Jeffries,  John J. Fowlkes,   James T. Price,   
Sally Gunn Jeffries,  Griffin Lafayette Smith,   
Griffin Smith,  
Coleman Jeffries,  Narcissa Jane Flippen Hamlett,   
Edmund Jeffries,  
Henry Jeffries,  
Elizabeth Fowlkes,  Thomas Jeffress,   
Lucretia Jeffress,  Paschal Jones,   
Elizabeth Jeffress,  Thomas Hamilton Staples,  
Capt. Jennings Motley Jeffress,  Margaret Bedford Moseley,   Susan D. Finch,  Thomas Finch,  
Ann Bedford Jeffress,  John Young Richards,  
Mary R. Jeffress,  
Martha Jane Jeffress,  Charles F. Burnley,  Reps A. Barnes,  
Elizabeth Motley Jeffress,  Malcolm Arthur Moseley,  
Albert Gustavus Jeffress,  Sarah Elizabeth Frances Puryear,  
Edwin Thomas Jeffress,  
James Jeffress,  
Nancy Jeffress,  
Polly Jeffress,  
Lucinda Jeffress,  
Julia F. Jeffress,  Edward A. Poole,  
Jane Jeffress,  
John Fowlkes,  Dicey Hall,   
John Robertson,   Henry Jennings,   Robert Jennings,   David Thompson,  Sarah —,  
John Hall Fowlkes,  Elizabeth Dickinson Jennings,  James Jennings,  Nancy Dickinson,  
James Jennings,   William Jennings,  
Littlebury Fowlkes,  
Dicey Hall Fowlkes,  Col. Edward Thomas Jeffress,   William Horace Jeffress,  
Luther Creath Jeffress,  Elizabeth Hudson Wilson,  Martha Jennings,  Hudson Wilson,  Luther Calvin Jeffress,  
Calvin Rice Jeffress,  
Mary J. Jeffress,  
William Calvin Jeffress,  Ann Elizabeth Clarke,  Littleberry Clarke,  Robert A. Jeffress,  
Margaret B. Moseley,  Hillery Moseley Jr.,   
Sarah F. Thornton,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Jethro Alexander Jeffress,  
Leonidas Manson Jeffress,  
William Jennings Fowlkes,  Mary G. Jordan,  Yelverton M. Fowlkes,  
Paschal Jennings Fowlkes,  Martha Anne Hyde,  John Fowlkes,   
John Brown,  
John J. Fowlkes,  Lucretia Jeffress,   
Egbert Fowlkes,  
Jane Fowlkes,  
Martha E. Fowlkes,  
James Fowlkes,  
Jennings Fowlkes,  Elizabeth Carter,   
Henry Fowlkes,  Mary Crenshaw,  
Thomas Henry Fowlkes,  Emily Susan Hurt,   
Nathaniel Neblett,   
Dr. Eucebius Fowlkes,  
Henry Meriwether Fowlkes,  Jane Augustine Clark,   Martha Frances Fowlkes,  Paschal Jennings Fowlkes,   
Octavia Fowlkes,  
Phineas Fowlkes,  Minerva Anne Hurt,   
Adrian Fowlkes,  Elizabeth Bass Vaughan,   
Emily T. Fowlkes,  
Jethro Fowlkes,  
Eugenia Fowlkes,  
Walter Fowlkes,  
Henry A. Fowlkes,  
Paschal Fowlkes,  
Nancy Fowlkes,  
William Fowlkes,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
George Langston Griffin Bacon,   John Segar Hardaway,   Walter Allen Watson,   William Anthony,  
Martha Bass,   Sarah Crallé,  
Bass Fowlkes,  Mary R. Wootten,   
William Archer Fowlkes,  Eliza Bass Ellis,  Joseph F. Ellis,  
Edward F. Fowlkes,  
Samuel H. Fowlkes,  
Polly R. Fowlkes,  
Nancy B. Fowlkes,  William E. Fowlkes,   
Martha Elizabeth Fowlkes,  John W. Keeton,  
Tabitha Fowlkes,  Edward Archibald Craddock,   
Freeman Pettus,  
Edward Craddock Pettus,  
Mary Pettus,  
Archibald Fowlkes,  
Martha A. Fowlkes,  Harrison,  
Hiram Fowlkes,  Jane B. —,  
William T. Fowlkes,  
Ann E. Fowlkes,  
Lucy F. Fowlkes,  
Martha S. Fowlkes,  
Edward B. Fowlkes,  Elizabeth A. Bruce,   
William C. Fowlkes,  Jemima (—) Fowlkes,  
Housen C. Fowlkes,  Mary E. —,  
Jemima V. Fowlkes,  
Edward J. Fowlkes,  
Opie Fowlkes,  Mary J. Pierce,  Edward F. Fowlkes,  Mary J. Fowlkes,  
Hiram Fowlkes,  
Washington Fowlkes,  
Ransom Fowlkes,  
Kennon Fowlkes,  
Pamelia Fowlkes,  Sterling Fowlkes,   
Nancy C. Fowlkes,  
Sally Fowlkes,  
Thomas Jefferson Fowlkes,  Julia Burton,  
Pamelia Fowlkes,  
Elizabeth Fowlkes,  Charles Price,   Rev. Jeremiah Walker,  
Benjamin Van Amburgh,  
Nancy Fowlkes,  Spencer Betts,  Elisha Betts,  Isaac Oliver,   
Betsy (Perkinson) Burke,   
Henry Betts,  
Sallie Betts,  John Hardy,  
Mary Ann Parrot Betts,  Vincent Hardy,  
Miles Hardy,  Tabitha (Edmundson) Lambert,  William P. Penn,  
Abraham Hardy,  
Elisha Betts,  Frances H. Marable,  George Marable,  
Parthenia C. Johnson,  Elizabeth Everett,  
William Spencer Betts,  Mary Faulkner,  Col. Obediah Faulkner,  Mary McGehee Stanfield,  
George Betts,  
Nannie Fowlkes Betts,  Warren Overby,  
Elisha Betts Overby,  
William Betts,  Ann F. Marable,  
Nancy Betts,  John Woody,  
James Woody,  
Charles B. Woody,  
Lucy Woody,  
Harriet Woody,  
Thomas Woody,  
Lucy Haney Betts,  James Lipscomb Blackwell,  
Charles H. Blackwell,  
William S. Blackwell,  
Elisha Edwards Blackwell,  
James M. Blackwell,  
Lucy Agnes Blackwell,  
Emily Blackwell,  
Permelia Betts,  Henry Hardy,  Mary Sterling Neblett,   
Martha Betts,  Robert E. Palmer,  
James Fowlkes,  Sally Foster,   
Capt. Gabriel Fowlkes,   Ens. Robert Brooks,  William M. Nance,  
Capt. Rowland Ward,   Lt. John Townes,  Ens. Davis Booker,  
Sally Fowlkes,  Miles Holt,  
Elitha Fowlkes,  Joseph Smith,  
Sarah Fowlkes,  David Thompson,  
Mary Fowlkes,  Robert Thompson,  
Elijah Hudson,  
John Jennings,   
John Jennings,   Jennings Fowlkes,   John Fowlkes Sr.,   Henry B. Fowlkes,   
William Thompson,  
Sally Thompson,  Benjamin Borum,   
Nancy Thompson,  
Mary Jennings Thompson,  Abraham Seay,   
Lucy Thompson,  
Elizabeth Fowlkes Thompson,  Daniel Hamblen,  John Wingo,  
Robert Thompson,  
Jerusha Fowlkes,  David Ellington,   
Zachariah Hendrick,  Nathaniel Hendrick,  Joseph Motley,  John Jesse,  Benjamin Overton,  Philip Williams Sr.,  
George Walton,   
John Ellington,  
Nathan Ellington,  
Lucy Ellington,  John Hendrick,  Gustavus Hendrick,  
Gustavus Hendrick,  Patsy Hurt,  
John Hendrick,  Nancy Stainback Abernathy,   
Obediah Hendrick,  
Jerusha Hendrick,  
Sally Hendrick,  
Lucy Hendrick,  
Fanny Hendrick,  
Polly Hendrick,  
Sarah Ellington,  Daniel Dupree,  
Martha Ellington,  Amos Watson,  
David Ellington,  
William Ellington,  Priscilla Duvall,  
Josiah Ellington,  
Nancy Ellington,  Sterling Abernathy,  John Hendrick,  
Nancy Stainback Abernathy,  John Hendrick,   
Elizabeth Hendrick,  
Mastin Duke Hendrick,  
 Capt. Joseph Fowlkes (-c.1789),  
 Richard Fowlkes,  
 Mary (Fowlkes) Wade,  
James Wade,  
Charles Wade,  
Betsy Wade,  John Bass,  
Mary Wade,  Jacob Price,   
James Wade,  
Anderson Wade,  Mildred Wade Carter,   
Mary Wade,  John Bushel,  
James Wade,  
Leonard Wade,  
Mildred Wade,  Waddill Carter,   
Robert Anderson,  Charles Joseph Lewis,  
Anderson Wade,  
 Sarah (Fowlkes) Clark,  
John Clarke,   
Thomas Clarke,  
John Clarke,  Susanna —,  Royall Lockett,   
Sarah Clarke,  John Bennett,  
Milley Clarke,  Thomas Bailey,  
Sally Bailey,  William Penick,   
Mary Clarke,  William Fowlkes,   
Elizabeth Clarke,  Jesse Hamlett,  
 Thomas Gunn (-1777),  
Edward Thweatt,   Samuel Jordan,  
John Pace,  
Sarah (—) Gunn,  
Thomas Gunn,  Enoch Ward Ellington,   Susanna Burnett,  Sarah Davenport,  George Davenport,  Sarah Davenport,  Lemuel Davenport,  
Ann Worsham,   
Eleanor Halverson,  
Elisha Gunn,  
Sterling Gunn,  Mary Elizabeth Hooper,  Zachariah Hooper,  Susanna Walker,  Thomas Walker,  William Pulley,  
Daniel Mark Gunn,  Jerusha Winn,   
Mary Gunn,  Ellis Evans,   
Thomas Gunn,  
James R. Gunn,  Mourning Winn,   
Elizabeth Gunn,  
Griffin Gunn,  Dorothy Mimona Mitchell,  
William Mac. Gunn,  
John Gunn,  Hulda Ware,  
Sarah Gunn,  James Burton,   
Priscilla Gunn,  John Payne,  
Allen Gunn,  
Anderson Gunn,  
Pinckney Gunn,  
Rebecca Gunn,  
William Gunn,  Samuel Jordan,  
Sarah Gunn,  James Huff,  
Milly Gunn,  Burwell Barker,  
William Gunn,  Susanna Clanton,  John White,  
Richard Gunn,  Elizabeth Radford,  
Nancy Gunn,  Stephen Moseley,  
George Gunn,  
Radford Gunn,  
John Gunn,  
Mary Jane Gunn,  Thomas Jeffress,   Archibald Bolling,  
Edith Gunn,  Edward Hogan,  
Edith Hogan,  William Evans,   
Mary Hogan,  Ludwell Evans,   
William Richards,  
Prudence Hogan,  Burnell Russell,   
Richard Jeffries,   
Elizabeth Hogan,  Lewis Toone,  
Thomas Hogan,  
Ann Hogan,  James Jeffress,   
Daniel Gunn,  
Jane Gunn,  Waller,  
Mary Gunn,  Morgan,  
Elizabeth Gunn,  John Richardson,  
Sarah B. Gunn,  Joel Blackwell,  
Nancy Gunn,  Marcus Hurt,  
James Gunn,  Tabitha Edmundson,   Samuel E. Lee,  
Elisha Gunn,  
James Gunn,  John Cocke,   William May Jr.,  
Elizabeth (—) Gunn,  Joyce (—) Gunn,  Peter Lamkin Jr.,   
Copeland Davis,   
William Gunn,  Sally Clack Cross,   
Spencer Gunn,  
Elisha Gunn,  Henrietta Wilkes,   
Judith Cox,   
Edith Gunn,  Willis Vaughan,   
Jemima Gunn,  James Williams,  
James Gunn,  
Sarah Gunn,  Thomas Burwell Wilkes,   
Catherine Gunn,  Crawford Zachary,  
Polly Gunn,  Bradshaw,  
Gabriel Garner Gunn Bradshaw,  
Griffin Gunn,  
Gabriel Gunn,  Martha Lambert,  
Henrietta Gunn,  Ephraim Thweatt,  
Elizabeth Gunn,  Burwell Bassett Wilkes,   
Maj. Philip Claiborne,   
Elizabeth Gunn,  Richard Sharp,  
Sarah Gunn,  Yaxley,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Gabriel Fowlkes III - Revolutionary War Achilles J. Norment - War of 1812
Elisha Jeffress - Revolutionary War Pleasant Gills - War of 1812
Liberty Bass Fowlkes - Civil War William Calvin Jeffress - Civil War
Jennings Fowlkes - War of 1812 Paschal Fowlkes - War of 1812
William C. Fowlkes - War of 1812 James Fowlkes - Revolutionary War
John Clarke - Revolutionary War Thomas Gunn - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Gabriel Fowlkes - Tennessee Gabriel Fowlkes III - Virginia
Gustavus Hendrick - Georgia John Hendrick Jr. - Georgia
James Wade - Virginia John Clarke - Virginia

Selected sources
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“Betts Family Cemetery, Halifax County.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 15:113-4 (1777). • Cemetery of the family of Elisha Betts, located at “Snow Hill,” on county road 718 in Halifax County.
Harrell, Elizabeth J. The Osbornes and Related Families: Jones, Worsham, Fowlkes, Robertson & Gayle. Privately published, 1983:140-148. • Family of Thompson Fowlkes.
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Jeffress Family Bible. • The family Bible of Col. Edward Thomas Jeffress, owned by William Horace Jeffress is the source of much information about this family.
Priest, Lyman W. The Penick Family: Descendants of Edward Penick/Penix/Pinix of St. Peter’s Parish New Kent County, Virginia. Verona, Va.: McClure Printing Company, Inc., 1982:9-45. • Begins with Edward Penick and William Penick and includes the families William Penick who married Judith Walker, and William Penick who married Mourning Fowlkes

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