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 406   Thomas Dickenson (c.1680-c.1734)
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Thomas Dickenson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Dickenson might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1680, in either New Kent or King William counties, and by 1704 owned 100 acres in King William near my father, William. 
I got 390 acres along Hawkins Creek on the north side of the North Anna River in present-day Caroline County in January 1717/8, and added 1,000 acres on the other side of the North Anna by Elk Creek in present-day Louisa County in 1725.  Lake Anna behind the present-day North Anna Dam now inundates most of Elk Creek.
When the governor issued me 400 acres in St. John’s Parish in October 1727, the grant described the land as next to my brother Griffith Dickenson and land I bought from Gabriel Fowlkes Fowlkes’ children and my daughter Agnes who married William Jennings later settled in Amelia County.
One of my descendants said I married Susanna Robinson, but he may have been confused about that. Whoever she was, we were the parents of Henry Dickenson, for sure, and probably James, Thomas, Agnes, and Griffith. My second wife was Sarah Daniel.
On 13 June 1734 Thomas and Griffith Dickenson presented my now-missing will, which James Garland and James Dickenson had witnessed.  Since I had been a surveyor in Caroline County when I died, Jacob Burris formally succeeded me 8 November 1734. 

The conclusion that Thomas married Susanna Robinson may have been reached because James Cosby Dickerson named a daughter Susanna Robinson Dickerson. Some concluded a daughter married James Garland because he witnessed her father’s will, but there is otherwise no evidence.
During 1745 Sarah Dickenson, Thomas’ widow, and William Daniel settled a dispute out of court. 
Both son Henry Dickenson and grandson Thomas Dickenson sold tracts of 466 acres on Elk Creek. Since Henry described his as land he inherited from his father, presumably the land of Thomas Dickenson was also.

Descendants of Thomas Dickenson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Dickenson (c.1715-),  
Philip Cosby,  
Agnes Jennings,   
Griffith Dickenson,   
John Maddox,  
Griffith Dickenson,  
William J. Dickenson,  
Archelaus Dickenson,  Prudence Rowlett,   Philip Sword,  Jacob Castle,  Patrick Lynch,  
Prudence Dickenson,  Thomas Berry,  
Nancy Dickenson,  Thomas Dickenson,  
James Dickenson,  
Beverly Dickenson,  
Garland Dickenson,  
Henryetta Dickenson,  
Archelaus Dickenson,  
Mary Dickenson,  Henry Hamblen,  
Humphrey Dickenson,  Elizabeth —,  Nathaniel Brown,  
Richard Long,  William Long,  Thomas Brown,  
Henry Dickenson,  Mary Powell,  Henry Powell,  Obedience Hamblen,  
Simeon Walton,   
Maj. Patrick Ferguson,  
Fielding Dickenson,  Griffith Dickenson,  John Dickenson,  Lewis Dickenson,  
Elizabeth Dickenson,  John Hawkins,  George Linder,  
Francis Dickenson,  Archibald Scott,  
Thomas Johnson,  
William Jennings Dickenson,  
James Dickenson,  Rosamond Carter,  
Thomas Carter,  
 James Dickenson,  
Elizabeth —,  Charles Mason,  
 Thomas Dickenson,  
Moses Hurt,  Ann —,  William Brunskill,   
Thomas Dickenson,  Ann Woolfolk,  
William W. Dickinson,  Hiram Bushrod Dickinson,  
David Dickenson,  Anne Coleman,  Francis Coleman,  Hannah Johnston,  
Benjamin Dickenson,  Sally Jennings,  
William Dickenson,  Lucy Coleman,  
James Dickenson,  Mary Roscow Cole,   
Susanna Robinson Dickenson,  James Dickinson Jr.,   
Nancy Roscow Dickenson,  
James Cole Dickenson,  Mary Sandridge,  Joseph Sandridge,  Mary Shelton,  
Charles Dickenson,  
 Agnes (Dickenson) Jennings,  
William Jennings,   
 Griffith Dickerson (-1785),  
Benjamin Brown,  
Ann Cosby,  John Cosby,  Martha Garland,  
Anne Dickerson,  Robert Reade Tompkins,  Christopher Tompkins,  Joyce Reade,  Christopher Tompkins,  
Rachel —,  
Robert Dickerson,  Elizabeth Higgens,  
Ann Dickerson,  William Bagby,  
William Dickerson,  
Jonathon Dickerson,  
Mary Dickerson,  John Yarbrough,  
Charles Dickerson,  
James Dickerson,  Susanna Robinson Dickenson,   
Frances Dickerson,  David Smith,  
Joel Dickerson,  Nancy Chewning,  
Cosby Dickerson,  Hannah A. —,  
Hezekiah Dickerson,  
Ann Dickerson,  Reuben Chewning,  
Catherine Dickerson,  Stephen Gooch,  
James Cosby Dickerson,  
Charles Dickerson,  Nancy Sandridge,  
Higgason Cosby Dickerson,  Ann Graven,  Thomas Graven,  
Mary Dickerson,  Benjamin Anderson,  
Frances Dickerson,  Bartlett Anderson Jr.,  Bartlett Anderson Sr.,  Mary Cosby,  
Susanna Dickerson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Dickenson - Revolutionary War Thomas Dickenson - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Griffith Dickenson - Virginia William J. Dickenson - Virginia
Henry Dickenson - Virginia James Dickenson - Virginia
Thomas Carter - Virginia William W. Dickinson - Virginia
Hiram Bushrod Dickinson - Virginia Christopher Tompkins - Virginia

Names on the map
Dickenson County, Virginia, named for William J. Dickenson Dickensonville, Russell County, named for Henry Dickenson
Johnson County, Tennessee, named for Thomas Johnson  

Selected sources
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