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 40   Edward Pritchett I (c.1770-)
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Edward Pritchett I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Pritchett I might describe his life as follows.

I was born between 1760 and 1774. I could be precise if more official records had my name in them. When Brunswick County taxed me in 1800, I did not have a horse or own any slaves more than 12 years old. 
Since I was not in Virginia when census enumerators were counting heads in 1810, I was either dead or “gone West.” Although no one can be certain who my children are, I am probably the father of Edward Pritchett. Here’s why.
Remember that two men named Pritchett came to Brunswick County from Dinwiddie County. John Pritchett settled on the Lunenburg-Brunswick line and William Pritchett, about five miles east near Danieltown.
When William Pritchett’s great-grandson Henry Pritchett went to visit Lula Inez Pritchett before they married in 1912, he rode a buggy toward Lunenburg, where her father, John William Pritchett, lived. We know all about these trips because Lula kept all the letters Henry sent her while they were courting. So Lula was likely a descendant of John Pritchett, and, indeed, that is an established tradition.
Because so much is known about my brothers and sisters, I am likely the missing link between John Pritchett and his grandson, Edward Pritchett, father to John William Pritchett.

Edward Puckett and Rebecca Westmoreland
In Brunswick County is a marriage record for Edward Pritchett and Rebecca Westmoreland, dated 5 Dec. 1799.  Methodist minister Rev. Aaron Brown officiated at their wedding. Rebecca’s father was dead, so her brother Robert Westmoreland was surety and her mother, Martha Westmoreland, consented to Rebecca’s marriage.
Yet elsewhere the groom’s name is depicted at Edward Puckett. Edward and Rebecca are apparently identical to the couple of this name who were later in Maury County, Tenn. Among their sons was John Westmoreland Puckett.

Descendants of Edward Pritchett I
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 Edward Pritchett II (c.1803-1856),  
Edward Pritchett,   

Selected sources
Doris Melissa (Pritchett) Horlacher. Pritchett’s in America - Waller, Pritchard, Prickett, Phelan, Orem, Utah, Horlacher & Sons Publishers, 1987, pp. 203-274. • Includes the family of John Pritchett and Edward Pritchett.

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