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 396   John Price III (-1711)
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John Price III, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Price III might describe his life as follows.

The son and grandson of men named John Price, I married Jane Pew and we were residing Martin’s Brandon Parish, Charles City County, in 1694 when I sold 800 acres I received from my grandfather John Wall.  By August of the next year we had settled in Henrico County on 70 acres on the north side of the James between Bailey Run and Four Mile Creek, near Jane’s father, that I bought for the price of 3,000 pounds of tobacco and a steer. 
I evidently acquired a neighboring 50 acres because on 31 August 1710 I gave the whole 120 acres and my “Negro slave Robin” to our son Pugh Price, who would take possession of after Jane and I died.  Consequently the will I made a few months later distributed only livestock and various personal possessions to our two daughters and three sons. I was dead by June 1711. 

Will of John Price

Will of John Price
15 December 1710
To daughter Mary Cannon, born of the body of my beloved wife Jane, 2 ewes.
To son John, born of body of said wife, livestock and items.
To son Daniel, born of body of said wife, items.
To son Pew [Pugh], born of body of said wife, items.
To daughter Elizabeth Price, born of body of said wife, items.
All rest of estate to dear wife Jane, who is sole executrix.

It is notable John’s name does not appear on the 1704 quit rent list.

Descendants of John Price III
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Price) Cannon,  
John Cannon,  John Cannon,  Esther —,  
John Cannon,  
William Cannon,  
Elizabeth Cannon,  
Jane Cannon,  Samuel Pincham,  Isaac Duffo,   Charles Burks,  
Daniel Llewellyn,  
Henry Anderson,   
Henry Dennis,   
Mary Pincham,  Thomas Roberts,   
Peter Pincham,  John Fitzpatrick,  Elizabeth Dennis,   
Mary Cannon,  John Cannon,  Martha Woodson,  
Col. William Cannon,  Sarah Mosby,  Elizabeth Chastain Cocke,   
Martha Cannon,  Silas Flournoy,   
Elizabeth Mosby Cannon,  Jordan Harris,   
Judith Cannon,  
 John Price IV (c.1696-),  
Hannah Williamson,  Thomas Williamson,  Ann (—) Scott,  
Daniel Price,  Mary (—) Price,  Henry Blagrave,  
William Price,  Susanna Burton,   
Elizabeth Price,  Samuel Shepherd,  
John Price,  Sarah (—) Price,  
William Price,  
John Price,  
Elizabeth Price,  Blackwell,  
Mary Price,  Brooks,  
Hannah Price,  Josiah Farley,  
Sarah Price,  
Marcilla Price,  
Sukey Price,  
Agatha Price,  
Ann Price,  
Mary Price,  Robert Willis,  
 Daniel Price,  
 Pugh Price (c.1700-1775),  
 Elizabeth Price,  

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5, Fourth Edition. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 2004. Volume Two, pages 828-848. • Covers 4 Price ancestors: John Price, John Price, John Price, and Pugh Price.

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