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 384   Nicholas Vaughan (c.1685-c.1738)
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Nicholas Vaughan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Nicholas Vaughan might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1685 in present-day Prince George County. My father, William Vaughan, died when I was young leaving me 169 acres upon which I paid tax in 1704. 
My wife, Ann Lewis, and I moved to Hatchers Run south of Petersburg, in Dinwiddie County, in 1719. Our 232-acre tobacco plantation was in Bristol Parish and the births of the youngest 4 of our 7 known children are in the parish register that began in 1720. Our children were later in Amelia County.
Every fourth year each parish vestry was responsible for seeing that the dividing line between property owners was clearly marked to head off disputes. Since James Hudson and I were neighbors, the Bristol Parish vestry had us “procession” boundary lines, as they called it, up Hatchers Run in 1727. 
I was dead by 9 December 1738 when the Amelia County Court appointed Richard Hicks the guardian of Abraham Vaughan, “infant son of Nicholas Vaughan.” Since I left such a tiny estate, Hicks had to put up only a £20 guardian bond. 
Ann was married to Henry Fitz by August 1739 when Hicks sued Ann and Henry Fitz, the administrators of my estate.  The word “administrator” meant I left no will.

Nicholas served on a jury in Prince George County in Nov. 1715. 

Who was John’s wife, Ann?
By deeds recorded 14 July 1719, Thomas Hardaway bought Nicholas’ inheritance of 169 acres and John Banister sold Vaughan 232 acres on Hatcher’s Run in Dinwiddie County.  Ann, Vaughan’s his wife, relinquished her dower right. 
Few men named Lewis were in Prince George County, and we have tentatively concluded that Nicholas’ wife was Ann Lewis, a daughter of Thomas Lewis. Although Lewis left no will, his father of the same name left some property to his granddaughter Ann Lewis in his 1714 will. Nicholas and Ann named sons Thomas and Lewis.
A deed for William Mitchell placed Thomas Lewis Sr. on the south side of the Appomattox River, near “Simmons” and estate accounts for Thomas Lewis Jr. included Thomas Simmons.  When Nicholas’ brother James Vaughan sold the 169 acres he inherited from his father in 1719, Joseph Simmons was among the witnesses. 

The children of Nicholas and Ann
From 1722 to 1728 the births of Lewis, Abraham, Elizabeth, and Nicholas Vaughan were recorded in the parish register. We cannot identify with certainty the children Nicholas and Ann born before the beginning of the Bristol Parish Register in 1720.
Evidence that Thomas, Lewis, Isham, and Robert Vaughan were brothers and the sons of Nicholas Vaughan is as follows:
1. Thomas, Robert, and Isham named sons Nicholas Vaughan.
2. Thomas witnessed Robert’s will.
3. Joseph Motley, father-in-law of one of Robert’s sons, was an executor of Thomas’ will.
4. In 1747 Robert leased land to James Turner for the use of John Turner and his wife, Mary.  John Turner witnessed Thomas’ will of 1750.
5. Lewis lived on the head branches of Tomahawk Creek and Franks Creek, Robert lived south of Flat Creek and west of Tomahawk Creek, and Thomas lived on both sides of Franks Creek. Isham Vaughan had land in Amelia County next to Lewis and Robert Vaughan. 
6. In 1740 Isham sued Christopher Robertson but the court dismissed the case.  In 1743 Henry Fitz, on behalf of the orphans of Nicholas Vaughan, sued the same Christopher Robertson in chancery court. 
We are tentatively placing Mary, the wife of John Turner, as a daughter of Nicholas Vaughan.
Thomas may not have lived to an old age because he wrote his will just 12 years after his posited brother Abraham was still under age. Yet perhaps Nicholas had children over a long period and could have been the father of several children.

Descendants of Nicholas Vaughan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Abraham Vaughan (1722-1795),  
John Turner,   Lewis Vaughan,   Martha Vaughan,  Mary —,  
Manoah Sullivant,  
Ann (—) Vaughan,  Joseph Friend,  James Taylor,  
Ann Bouldin,   
William Vaughan,  
Felix Vaughan,  
Bouldin Vaughan,  Susanna Fuqua,  John Fuqua,  
John Vaughan,  
Lewis Vaughan,  Mary Childrey,  Benjamin Childrey,  
Mildred Vaughan,  Benoni Smith,  
Sarah Vaughan,  Perry Mahoney,  
Nancy Vaughan,  Jeremiah Childress,   
Molly Vaughan,  
Archer Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  
Bailey Vaughan,  
 Thomas Vaughan (c.1715-1751),  
 Robert Vaughan (-c.1779),  
Martha (—) Vaughan,  
Thomas Bottom,   William Mayes,  
Edmund Booker,   John Turner,   
Edmund Booker,  Robert Truly Vaughan,  
Gardner Mayes,  John Booker,  
John Roberts,   Peter Farrar,   Benjamin Branch,   Benjamin Hendrick,  James Hill,   Hans Hendrick,  Obadiah Claybrook,  Peter Claiborne,  Simon Clement,  Joseph Tanner,   Joel Tanner,   
Thomas Friend,   
William Mayes,  
John Jones,   William Cross Craddock,   Richard Mayes,  Gardner Mayes,  
Phoebe Vaughan,  William Mayes,  
Martha Mayes,  William Fagg,  Mary (Adams) Ford,   Frederick Ford,  
Robert Mayes,  Agnes Thweatt Locke,   John Jackson,  
Elizabeth Mayes,  Francis Barnes,  
Nicholas Vaughan,  Elizabeth Williams,   
Bartholomew Vaughan,   Joel Motley,   Matthew Robertson,   
John Mitchell,  Elizabeth (—) Mitchell,  
Willis Vaughan,  Betsy Wright,  Thomas Wright Sr.,  Reuben Wright,   Pleasant Wright,  
James Atkinson,  Peter Farley,  
Paschal M. Vaughan,  Julia Harriet Piller,  Willis Piller,  
Peyton R. Vaughan,  
Patrick Vaughan,  
Mary Vaughan,  Jason Meador,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  George W. Baldwin,  
Lettice Vaughan,  Stephen Board,  
Martha Vaughan,  Lewis Yancy Beadle,  
Sally Vaughan,  Morgan Morgan,  
Willis Vaughan,  Edith Gunn,   Alexander Roberts,   
William Thompson,  
Peter Vaughan,  
Willis Vaughan,  
Robert Vaughan,  
Garner Vaughan,  
James Vaughan,  
Polly Mealer Vaughan,  William Wade,  
James Vaughan,  Ann Hill,   
Lucy Jeter,   Nathaniel Newbill,  
Mary Jackson,  Francis Jackson,  Matthew Robertson,  
Francis Jackson,  John H. Jackson,  
Matilda Vaughan,  Sovereign Jeter,   
Lucy Carter Jeter,  
James Milton Jeter,  Emaline Pearl Dooley,  
Fielding Harris Jeter,  Virginia Ann White,  
Mary (Wright) Stewart,  
Julia Ann Jeter,  Joel Walker,  
Allen Presley Jeter,  Martha A.J. Cooper,  
Beverley Ryland Jeter,  Mary A. Cofer,  
Thomas Archer Jeter,  
Samuel Henry Jeter,  Elizabeth Williamson,  
Milton Vaughan,  Rebecca Clough Craddock,   Rev. Zachariah Greenhill Leigh,   
Mary A. Vaughan,  William H. Morton,  Albert Gallatin Vaughan,   
Ann Elizabeth Townes Vaughan,  Henry Rowlett,   
Louisa R. Vaughan,  William Eanes,  
Edwin Adolphus Vaughan,  Mary Ann Haskins,  W.C. Haskins,  
Dr. William H. Vaughan,  
Martha Chappell,   Samuel Overton,  
Mason Jeter Lockett,   
Virginia Ann Vaughan,  Samuel Clarke Roper,  S.F. Burton,  John Roper,  Asenath Hatcher,   
Louisa Jane Vaughan,  Joel Leath,  
Elizabeth F. Vaughan,  Branette S. Waddill,  
John W. Vaughan,  
Francis L. Vaughan,  Mary C. Whitworth,  
Thomas W. Vaughan,  Tallitha Howell,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Ann Vaughan,  Isham Johnson,  Thomas Cardwell,  William Johnson,  Mary —,  
Samuel Farrar,  
Robert Vaughan,  Elsie Motley,   
Thomas Friend,   Judith Motley,   
Isaac Morris Jr.,  John Beadle,  
Richard Jones Munford,   
James Vaughan,  Jane Hatchett Craddock,   Sarah Truly,   Robert Vaughan,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
John H. Jenkins,  
Martha A. Elizabeth Vaughan,  Mills,  
Frances Jane Vaughan,  Francis Dyson,  Francis Dyson,  
Fanny V. Dyson,  Capt. Alexander Baxter Jones,  Richard Jones,   
Lucy A. Jones,  Sydney Parham Epes,   
Fannie Jones,  Col. Meade Haskins,  Walter Allen Watson,   
Richard Edward Haskins,  Mary Amanda Thweatt,  John James Thweatt,   
Richard Jones,  Mamie Wright,  
Frank Jones,  Bessie Compton,  
Patrick Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
Sara Ellen Vaughan,  Benjamin Boisseau Vaughan,  
Joseph Nathaniel Motley Vaughan,  Della Craddock,  
Julia Ann Truly Vaughan,  Dr. William T. Webster,  
Amelia Emma Vaughan,  Edward Beasley,  
Asa Vaughan,  Jane Truly,   
John Truly Jr.,   Joshua Atkinson,  Samuel Jeter,  
William Greenhill,   Grief Truly,   James Vaughan,   
James Parham Vaughan,  
Sally Vaughan,  Martin Vaughan,  
Mary Ann Vaughan,  James Armistead Vaughan,   
Sidney Vaughan,  
Martha Elizabeth Vaughan,  Dr. Albert Gallatin Vaughan,   
Everett Gallatin Vaughan,  
Sarah Jane Vaughan,  William C. Booth,  
Martha Elizabeth Vaughan,  Dr. E.T. Adams,  
Henderson F. Vaughan,  Marianna Barrett Walthall,  Abram B. Walthall,  
Judith Frances Vaughan,  
Amanda Elsie Vaughan,  Benjamin Boisseau Jr.,  
Asa Vaughan,  
John Milton Vaughan,  Mary Rebecca Wimbush,  
Mary Elizabeth Vaughan,  T. Rowlett,  
James Oscar Vaughan,  
Egbert Vaughan,  
Edwin Vaughan,  
Mary Amanda Vaughan,  Thomas Morton,  
Henrietta Jane Vaughan,  John Van Dusen,  
Harriet Augusta Vaughan,  Anderson Miller,  Mary Rebecca Miller,  
Martha Indiana Vaughan,  Dr. Robert Cobbs Mottley,  Joel Mottley,  Elizabeth Ann Cobbs,  
Virginia Wimbush Vaughan,  Benjamin Watkins Bailey,  
Robert Vaughan,  Sarah Truly,   William Cross Craddock,   
James Armistead Vaughan,  Mary Ann Vaughan,   Fannie Bass,  
Mary Vaughan,  David Fitzgerald,  
Sarah Truly Vaughan,  
Floyd Vaughan,  
Ann J. Vaughan,  
Frank Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Bass Vaughan,  Adrian Fowlkes,   
Robert Truly Vaughan,  
Baskerville Vaughan,  Catherine Greenhill Williams,   
Dr. Albert Gallatin Vaughan,  Martha Elizabeth Vaughan,   
Augustus Vaughan,  Mary Spencer Farmer,  Nelson Farmer,  Claiborne Craddock,   
Ann O. Vaughan,  
Mary S. Vaughan,  N.W. deKraft,  
Asa Vaughan,  Julia Ann Walthall,  Abram B. Walthall,  
Benjamin Rich Vaughan,  
Joseph Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  Hundley,  John Hundley,   
Martha Vaughan,  Thomas Cook,   
Ann Vaughan,  Wright,  
Mary Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  Margaret Edrington,  
 Lewis Vaughan (1720-),  
Winifred Mayes,  William Mayes,  
William Foster,  Thomas Childrey,  William Mayes,  John Tabb,   
Richard Allen,  
Lewis Vaughan,  Sarah Davenport,  Rev. Charles Anderson,   George Davenport,  Susannah (Davenport) Featherstone,   
John Vaughan,  
Susanna Vaughan,  
Hezekiah Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
Lewis Vaughan,  Abel Jackson,   
 Isham Vaughan,  
Temperance (—) Vaughan,  
Osborne Keeling,  Thomas Childrey,  John Childrey,  
Richard Jones Jr.,   Abraham Forrest,   
Thomas Atwood,  
William May Porter,   James May Porter,   
Wilmoth Vaughan,  
Nicholas Vaughan,  Ann Sullivan,  James Sullivan,  
William May Porter,   James May Porter,   James Roberts,   John Chandler,  Henry Robertson,   
Elisha Estes,   Micajah Estes,  
William Douglas,  Memucan Hunt Allen,   Nancy (—) Lee,  Andrew Lee,  
Mastin Vaughan,  
Sarah Robertson Vaughan,  Robert Wade,  
Drury T. Vaughan,  Elizabeth Chappell,   
James Vaughan,  
Walter Vaughan,  
Isham Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  Catherine Anderson,   
Daniel Vaughan,  Susanna Anderson,   
Frederick Vaughan,  John Tabb,   Wright Bond,  
Nancy Boulware,  Sark Boulware,  Nancy —,  
Henry Robertson,   
 Elizabeth Vaughan (1727-),  
 Nicholas Vaughan (1728-),  
 Mary (Vaughan) Turner,  
John Turner,  
Richard Booker,  Richard Borum,   John Hill,   Richard Jones,  James Booker,  Benjamin Lockett,   
Edmund Booker,  
Daniel Llewellyn,  Edith Ligon,  William Ligon,   Henry Turner,  
 Henry Vaughan (-1756) of Great Britain,  
Joanna (—) Vaughan,  
Sally Vaughan,  George Smith,  
Step Roberts,  
John Smith,  
William Smith,  
Osborne Smith,  Osborne Jeffress Smith,  Margaret Burchfield,  
Jacob Smith,  
Benjamin Smith,  
Sarah Smith,  
Ann Smith,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  William Land Jr.,  
Henry Land,  
Mary Vaughan,  Isaac Duffo,  Richard Borum,   Samuel Pincham,   
James Holloway,  Judith —,  John Compton Jr.,  Thomas Davis,  
 George Vaughan (-1771) of Hanover County,  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  Edward Robertson,   
Richard Ward,   
Samuel Vaughan,  
George Vaughan,  
Benjamin Vaughan,  
Susanna Vaughan,  John Norris Sr.,  
John Norris,  
William Vaughan,  
David Vaughan,  Edmund Booker,  John Pride Jr.,   James Farley,  Christopher Ford,   Nicholas Hudson,  John Burton,   John Booker,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  John Thacker,  William Thacker,  
Mary Vaughan,  Haines,  
Sarah Vaughan,  Badgett,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Abraham Vaughan - French and Indian War James Vaughan - Revolutionary War
Dr. William H. Vaughan - War of 1812 Robert Vaughan - Revolutionary War
Alexander Baxter Jones - Civil War Floyd Vaughan - Civil War
Frank Vaughan - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Francis Dyson Sr. - Virginia Benjamin Boisseau Vaughan - Virginia

Selected sources
Clark, Greta Jeter. The Jeter Mosaic: Seven Centuries in the History of a Family. Fort Worth, Tx.: Arcadia-Clark, Inc., 1987. • Extraordinarily well-presented account of the Jeters of Virginia. Covers the family of Thomas Jeter including daughter Lucy Jeter who married James Vaughan.
Gregg, Mary. “Three Nicholas Vaughans of Eighteenth Century Southern Virginia.” Unpublished report. • Families of Nicholas Vaughan, Nicholas Vaughan, and Nicholas Vaughan.

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