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 376   John Moore (-c.1753)
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John Moore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Moore might describe his life as follows.

When he died, my father, Richard Moore, held a certificate to 204 acres on the Great Creek of the Meherrin in present-day Brunswick County, which I deeded to Capt. William Browne 11 November 1721. 
I continued to live on land that had belonged to my father until I received a grant of 243 acres on both sides of the north fork of Miry Creek in Brunswick County 25 July 1749, and added 76 acres in 1750.  My plantation was near William Kimball, the brother or son of my stepfather Charles Kimball. 
A parishioner of St. Andrew’s, I appeared a few times in the vestry book. I was caring for the Widow Williamson in 1744-47 and buried Ann Smith in 1749. 
“Being sick and weak in body,” I prepared my will 9 March 1750/1 leaving my entire estate to my wife, Mary, to support her and our children during her life or widowhood and “no longer.” When Mary died or if she remarried, my plantation would belong to John and Drury and my executors would divide the rest of my personal property among all my children. 
Of course, Mary owned little so the will she had drawn up 30 years later, 27 March 1784, left only livestock and kitchen utensils to our 10 children. 

Before John took on the care of the widow Williamson, his brother William Moore had been looking after her. 
We have yet to identify John’s wife, Mary. Some have placed Mary as a daughter of Edward Smith who remembered “my daughter Mary Moore” in his 1772 in Brunswick County.  Yet by then Mary had been widowed some 20 years and Smith was living in Sussex County until 1764. 
Mary Smith may have been the bride of John Moore of Sussex County who sold some corn and other items to John Freeman of Sussex County and Edward Smith of Brunswick County in 1772.  Estate accounts for Edward Smith named both John and Mary Moore. 

William and Mary make their wills
Hannah Hall, Jesse Tatum, and Edward Freeman witnessed John’s will, which was proved and ordered recorded 24 July 1753. His widow, the executor, made her mark on the appraisal of his estate that was returned 26 March 1754. 
Mary appointed her sons, Drury and William, executors of her estate. Absalom Bennett, William Blailock, and Jesse Braswell witnessed her will. She was dead by 26 April 1784.

Will of Mary Moore
27 March 1784
To my daughter Mourning Moore 2 pewter basins, 6 pewter plate, 1 bed, 8 hogs …
To my Daughter Mary Ledbetter 1 large pewter dish, 6 spoons.
To my son William Moore 1 pot, 1 small dish, 4 “Virginia run” plates.
To my son Drury Moore 1 pot, 1 small dish.
To my grandson Thomas Moore, son of Richard Moore, 5 shillings.
To William Camp, son of William Camp, 3 cattle, a parcel of new feathers.
The rest of my estate to be sold & after my debts are paid, divided among my following children: Winney Johnson, Anne Woolsey, Tabitha Howard, Alse Nanny, Mary Ledbetter, John Moore, Drury Moore & William Moore.

Descendants of John Moore
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Moore,  
Hezekiah Thrower,  
William Thornton,  Sylvia (—) Moore,  Drury Moore,   
 Mary (Moore) Ledbetter,  
Ledbetter,  James Ledbetter,  
 Alice (Moore) Nanny,  
 Mourning (Moore) Camp,  
William Camp,  
William Camp,  
 Winney (Moore) Johnson,  
Nathaniel Johnson,  
Thomas Claiborne,  
Arthur Johnson,  Lucy Harmon,  George Harmon,  
John Johnson,  Mary Claiborne Fox,   
Jane Johnson,  Isaac Ledbetter,  Richard Ledbetter,  Mary Walton,  
George Johnson,  
Ann Johnson,  Richard B. Ledbetter,  
Martha Johnson,  John Pearson,  
George Johnson,  Cannon Jones,  Susannah Brewer,  
John Pearson,  Martha Britt,  Rebecca Wright,  
Morris Pearson,  Nancy Brewer,  
Johnson Pearson,  Sally Brewer,  
Martha Pearson,  Kinchen Brewer,  
Cicely Pearson,  Washington Wesson,  
Rebecca Pearson,  James Webb,  
Littleberry Pearson,  Mary Thomas,  Stephen Smith,  Olive Harrison,  
Drury Pearson,  Mary E. Smith,  
Littleberry Thomas Pearson,  Mary J. Delbridge,  
Harrison W. Pearson,  
William Jones,  
Molly Jones,  
Kennon Jones,  Mildred Thweatt,   
Dr. Henry Kennon Jones,  Seigniora Banister Archer,   
John S. Jones,  
Robert Hardaway Jones,  
Mary Ann Grigg Jones,  Dr. Thomas Burwell Grigg,  
Kennon Jones,  Martha E.E. Boisseau,  
James Jones,  
William Jones,  
Tabitha Johnson,  Thompson Browder,   
Jonathon Browder,  Nancy Ligon,  
Benjamin A. Browder,  
Jesse Browder,  Susan Owen,  
Jane Browder,  William Bostick,  
Tabitha Browder,  Drury Wall,  
Cinis Browder,  
 Anne (Moore) Woolsey,  
Jacob Woolsey,  
John Moore Woolsey,  Nancy P. Smith,  
Sally Woolsey,  Thomas Delbridge,  
Abner Woolsey,  Mary Phipps,  
 Tabitha (Moore) Howard,  
William Howard,  Francis Smith,  Mordecai Howard,  James Ledbetter,  
Elizabeth Howard,  Barham Newsom,  
Tabitha Howard,  
Hannah Howard,  Wiley Wesson,  
Martha Howard,  
Francis Smith,  
Nancy Howard,  George Johnson,  
Polly Johnson,  
Tabitha Michel Johnson,  
 Richard Moore (1748-1814),  
Jane (—) Moore,  
Jesse Gee Jr.,  
Thomas Moore,  
 Drury Moore (-1790),  
Macarina (—) Moore,  Frederick Green,  
Jesse Marion Moore,  Susanna Peace,  Samuel Peace,  Elizabeth Peace,  Rebecca Matthews,  
Elizabeth Moore,  
Elisha Moore,  Elizabeth Jennings Gee,  
Catherine Moore,  
Lucy Moore,  
David Moore,  Polly M. Epperson,  
Sally Moore,  
Samuel Moore,  Eliza A. (—) Moore,  
Mary Moore,  
Joseph Moore,  
Susanna Moore,  
Martha Moore,  James Skinner,  
Ann Moore,  
Jane Moore,  Gholson Skinner,  
John R. Moore,  Martha Inge,  
Drury Moore,  
James Moore,  Jane Dobyns,  
Asa Moore,  Dorothy Laffoon,   
John J. Moore,  
George W. Moore,  
Mary M. Moore,  
Anderson J. Moore,  
Martha J. Moore,  
Dorothy A. Moore,  
Cornelius R. Moore,  
Marion Jackson Moore,  Sarah Jane Wynne,  Freeman J. Wynne,  Anne E. Carrington,  
Lavinia E. Moore,  
Eppa E. Moore,  
Meta A. Moore,  
Millard Jackson Moore,  Ida Elizabeth Gregory Pritchett,   
Carter G. Moore,  
Marian Inez Moore,  David Albert Pritchett,   
Minnie Belle Moore,  Peter Edwin Daniel,   
Sally W. Moore,  
Errett G. Moore,  
Elizabeth Moore,  Jonathan Epperson,  
Mary Moore,  James Epperson,  Ussery,  
Patsy Moore,  David Epperson,  
Sarah Ann Epperson,  William W. Vaughan,  William Vaughan,  Tempy —,  
James Jasper Vaughan,  Mary S. Harris,  Hamblin Harris,  Indiana —,  
Mary Jane Vaughan,  Joseph F. Lewis,  James Lewis,  Susan —,  
James William Lewis,  Ada Wells,  Florence Buckner,  
Leo Lewis,  
Minnie Bell Lewis,  
Fannie Lee Lewis,  Lewis S. Woodruff,  
Thomas Edward Lewis,  Lillian Mae Anderton,  
Bettie May Lewis,  
Florence Virginia Lewis,  
Joseph D. Lewis,  Bessie Lee Callis,  Robert J. Callis,   Agnes V. Pritchett,   
Susan Jane Lewis,  William Smythe Wright,  William Allen Wright,  Nancy B. Nanny,  
Susan Wright,  
Jennie Wright,  
Gladys Wright,  Robert Herman Wright,  
George R. Lewis,  
Odessa Lee Lewis,  Joseph Herbert Daniel,   
Erasmus Lewis,  
Thomas L. Vaughan,  Ella F. Bowen,  
William D. Vaughan,  
John H. Vaughan,  
Albertis Jones Vaughan,  Almeda F. Epperson,   
Sarah V. Vaughan,  Stephen A. Tillman,  
Benjamin Vaughan,  
David J. Epperson,  Susan R. Epperson,   
William W. Epperson,  Mary A.E. Callis,  James Michael Callis,  Mary Matthews,  
Capt. Cornelius Tacitus Allen,   
Martha Jane Epperson,  George Washington Taylor,  Lewis B. Taylor,  Elizabeth —,  
James J. Epperson,  Frances J. Peebles,   
William David Epperson,  Sarah Elizabeth Georgie Williams,  William Paschal Williams,  Sarah Elizabeth Speaks,  
William James Epperson,  Elizabeth B. Bacon,  E.H. Bacon,  Rosa —,  Miss Kirkland,  
Laura J. Epperson,  Edward James Harris,  
James T. Harris,  Sarah Elizabeth Vick,  Tamlin H.M. Vick,  Anna E. Connelly,  
Louise L. Harris,  
Annie M. Harris,  
Joseph E. Epperson,  Frances Lee Lewis,  Leander W. Lewis,   Frances A. Hagood,  
Pattie Sue Epperson,  James Edward Matthews,  
Edward A. Epperson,  
Martha A. Epperson,  William E. Rawlings,   
Henry A. Epperson,  Lillian Vick,  Tamlin H.M. Vick,  Willie Anna E. Connelly,  Herbert Lee Moseley,  
James Osco Epperson,  Mattie S. Matthews,  Charles Matthews,  Elizabeth Jane Hagood,  
Nora Etta Epperson,  John G. Jones,  
James Emmett Epperson,  Maggie Louise Hall,  
Mrs. David A. New,  
Wilson Epperson,  Blanche M. Moore,  
Robert Lee Epperson,  Electra F. Lewis,   
Anderson Jason Moore,  Catherine Garrett,  Mary Bishop,  Lucy Laffoon,   
Thomas Garrett Moore,  Mary C. Laffoon,  
Edward Mason Moore,  Virginia Emmaline Laffoon,   
Benjamin Franklin Moore,  Roy Moore,  
Thomas W. Moore,  
Lottie Leora Moore,  Ashton Sydnor Daniel,   
Rebecca A. Moore,  
Wingfield Moore,  
Elizabeth Moore,  
James Moore,  
Anderson J. Moore,  
Virginia Moore,  
Mary Frances Moore,  John Flood Edmunds,  Laban Edmunds,  Nancy Laffoon,  
Sarah A. Daniel,  William G. Laffoon,   William D. Parrish,  
Judith Moore,  
Marcus Moore,  Elizabeth Roberts,  
Pleasant Grove Lynch,  
Emeline Moore,  Riley Finch,  
Mary A. Finch,  George A. Barrow,  Rev. William O. Bailey,  John A. Barrow,  Susan J. Dunkley,  
Mary Lanier,  
Mary A.J. Barrow,  
George W. Barrow,  Mary C. Donald,  Willie Mitchell,  William Mitchell,  Martha —,  
Anne E. Barrow,  
Albert James Madison Finch,  
Mary Octavia Finch,  William Finch,  Sallie —,  
Margaret L. Finch,  George E. Moore,  
Martha S. Finch,  Benjamin Allen Edmonds,  Benjamin Dixon Edmunds,  Mahala —,  
Emma Elizabeth Edmonds,  
Lonnie Ellis Edmonds,  Ida Elizabeth Smith,   
Lillie Wilkins Edmonds,  William Chester Clary,  
Henry Benjamin Edmonds,  
James Leonard Edmonds,  Mary Lou Smith,   
Gertie Lee Edmonds,  
Riley Edmonds,  
Charles Finch,  
John Wilkinson Finch,  Sallie Moseley,  Benjamin James Moseley,  Susan P. Singleton,  
Cullen B. Finch,  Maggie Lynch,  
Sophie E. Finch,  George Washington Baird,  Thomas Clay Baird,  Martha E. Wesson,  
Grover Cleveland Baird,  Fannie Maude Jones,  Cora Lee Spence,  William Henry Jones,  
Bryant Washington Baird,  Olive Wynn,  
George E. Baird,  Eva Jones,  
Lonnie W. Baird,  Etta Fleming,  
Bertha Baird,  Anderson Moody,  
Blanche Baird,  George Jones,  
Mary Ada Finch,  William Edward Kidd,  
Leon Finch,  
Emmett Finch,  
Bessie Finch,  
Virginia Finch,  Thomas J. Worthem,  
Martha M. Moore,  
Robert Fulton Moore,  
John W. Evans,  Benjamin Dixon Edmonds,  Wilbur F. Kidd,  Dr. William Robert Ezell,  
Ransom Moore,  
Mary Moore,  
 William Moore (-1800),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Littleberry Thomas Pearson - Civil War Marion Jackson Moore - Civil War
James J. Vaughan - Civil War Joseph F. Lewis - Civil War
William Allen Wright - Civil War William W. Epperson - Civil War
James J. Epperson - Civil War William Paschal Williams - Civil War
Tamlin H.M. Vick - Civil War James Emmett Epperson - World War I
Thomas Garrett Moore - Civil War John Flood Edmunds - Civil War
George A. Barrow - Civil War Albert James Madison Finch - Civil War
Benjamin Dixon Edmunds - Civil War Thomas Clay Baird - Civil War
Robert Fulton Moore - Civil War  

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