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 3704   John Muse I (1633-1723)
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John Muse I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Muse I might describe his life as follows.

I was born in England about 1633 for I testified in Richmond County in 1715 that I was 82 years of age. Illiterate, I made my mark as JM I had brothers in the Colony, Robert Muse, George Muse, and Michael Muse, but they apparently left no male heirs.
I held the right to a patent for 360 acres lying in both Richmond and Westmoreland counties that I deeded to my son John in 1703.  This area north of the Rappahannock River, where I was a planter, called the Northern Neck, was the proprietorship of the Fairfax family.
While the name of the mother of my 6 children is unknown, I married second Mrs. Katherine Moss Talbott, the widow of William Talbott.
My will of 5 April 1723 left a shilling each to a son and 3 married daughters and the remainder of my estate to Ann Muse, widow of my son John, with whom I was probably living. I omitted the name of son Nicholas Muse entirely. I was dead by 8 October 1723 at age 90.

We have been unable to identify the wife of John Muse who was married to Katherine Talbott by 2 Sept. 1719 when a deed by her sons, Samuel Talbott and Benjamin Talbott, mentioned land in the possession of “their mother Katherine Mews.”
Nor have we identified John’s parents. Although one John Mewes, the son of Edward Mewes, was born in Souldrop, Bedfordshire, England, 13 Oct. 1633, he did not appear to have brothers.

His will
The following is the will of John Muse, omitting the preamble.

Will of John Muse
5 April 1723
My last will and testament is that all debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and discharged. My will is to give Thomas Muse my son one shilling my daughter Jane Pritchett one shilling my daughter Ann Willson one shilling my daughter Mary Quisenberry one shilling and all the rest I give to my daughter-in-law Ann Muse, as Witness my hand this 5 day of April 1723.
John Muse

Descendants of John Muse I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Muse (c.1665-1732),  
Elizabeth (Sturman) Stewart Murphy,  Thomas Sturman,  
John Muse,  Mary Sanford,  Richard Sanford,  Susanna —,  Eleanor (—) Muse,  
Richard Muse,  Margaret (Payne) Muse,  John Payne,  Jane Monroe,  
Lt. Richard Muse,  
William A.P. Muse,  
Alexander Alfred Muse,  
Richard H. Muse,  
Carolina Muse,  
James Muse,  
Richard Muse,  
William B. Muse,  
Richard Muse,  
Henry Muse,  
Mary S. Muse,  
William H. Muse,  
Virginia E. Muse,  
Henrietta A. Muse,  
Lt. Meredith Payne Muse,  Eleanor Y.K. Lawson,  
Isabella B. Muse,  
Lucy E.S. Muse,  
Mary E. Muse,  
Ophelia Rebecca Muse,  
Martha Ann Muse,  
Juliet A. Muse,  
Catherine B. Muse,  James Hackney,  
Harriet Muse,  Faucett,  
Fanny Muse,  
Elizabeth S. Muse,  
Lucy B. Muse,  Dix,  
Meredith Muse,  
Margaret Muse,  Francis W. Smith,  
Frances Muse,  John Tankersley,  
John Muse,  Margaret Payne,  Ann Hall,  
Susanna Muse,  
Ann Muse,  Thomas Morton,  
Elizabeth Muse,  Edward Muse Jr.,  
Thomas Muse,  Sarah (—) Chattin,  Cornelius DeForest,  
Richard Muse,  
Thomas Sanford Muse,  Susanna —,  
Daniel Muse,  Mary Templeman,  William Templeman,  Mary —,  
Peggy Muse,  James Hart,  
William Templeman Muse,  Mary Blount,  J.B. Blount,  
John Muse,  
Lucy Muse,  Charles Muse,   
Capt. James Muse,  Susanna (—) Muse,  
Walker Muse,   
Charles Muse,  Lucy Muse,   
Lawrence Muse,  
James Muse,  Polly (—) Muse,  
Lawrence Muse,  
Samuel Muse,  Elizabeth Young Banks,  Richard James Muse,  
Peggy Muse,  William Sisson,  
Molly Muse,  John Underwood,  
Elizabeth Muse,  Capt. John Parker,  
Susanna Muse,  William Mitchell,  
Thomas Muse,  Sarah Sanford,  Richard Sanford,  Susanna —,  Richard Sanford Jr.,  
Thomas Muse,  Ann Piper,  
Samuel Muse,  
Christopher Muse,  Thomas Muse,   
James Muse,  Sophia Pope,  Humphrey Pope,  
Elizabeth Muse,  Newman,  
Ann Muse,  Taylor,  
Mary Muse,  
Mary George,  
Nicholas Muse,  Ann (—) Cullum Finch,  Elizabeth Asbury,  Thomas Asbury,  Anne Walker,  
Betsy Muse,  
Nicholas Muse,  John Finch,  
Mary Muse,  Thomas Randall,  
Elizabeth Muse,  John Washington,  
Ann Muse,  Thomas Washington,  
Jeremiah Muse,  
Jesse Muse,  
Penelope Muse,  
Capt. Walker Muse,  Susanna (—) Muse,  James Muse,   
Sophia Muse,  John Washington Hungerford,  
Daniel Muse,  Hannah Dozier,  Richard Dozier,  Hannah Howson,  
Betty Muse,  Richard Moxley,  Sisson,  
Thomas Muse,  
Peggy Muse,  William Gray,  
Hudson Muse,  Jemima Sturman,  Foxall Sturman,  Agnes Neilson,  Charles Neilson,  
Thomas Muse,  Harriet Murray,  
Hudson Muse,  
Elliott Muse,  
Anna Muse,  
Miranda Muse,  
Cordelia Muse,  
Hudson Muse,  
Elliott Muse,  
Betty Tayloe Corbin,  John Tayloe Corbin,  Mary Waller,  
Betty Tayloe Corbin Muse,  William J. Dallam,  John S. Healy,  
Juliet Muse,  John Tayloe Corbin,  
Juliet T. Corbin,  Walter Healy,  
Letitia Muse,  
Miranda Muse,  Henry Gaines,  
Cordelia Muse,  
Neilson Muse,  Louisa M. Major,  
Daniel Muse,  Jean Robinson,  
 John Muse II (c.1673-c.1722),  
 Jane (Muse) Pritchett,  
Christopher Pritchett,  Thomas Pritchett,  Humphrey Quisenberry,  
 Ann (Muse) Willson,  
 Mary (Muse) Quisenberry,  
 Nicholas Muse,  
Mary Elliott,  John Elliott,  Sarah Foxall,  Daniel Higdon,  
John Muse,  Jane (Brown) Price,  William Price,  William Brown,  
Nicholas Muse,  Ann (—) Thompson,  
William Muse,  
John Muse,  
Thomas Muse,  Elizabeth Sanford,  
Elliott Muse,  Mary (Dishman) Blackburn,  
James Muse,  
Mary Muse,  
Thomas Muse,  Frances —,  Thomas N. Berryman,  
Thomas S. Muse,  Sally —,  Lucinda Harvey,  Eliza Marie (Sisson) Cox,  Downing Cox,  
Elizabeth D. Muse,  Stephen Jett,  
Nancy Muse,  James Jett,  
John Muse,  
Susanna Muse,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Richard Muse - Revolutionary War Meredith P. Muse - Revolutionary War
Meredith P. Muse - War of 1812 Meredith Muse - Revolutionary War
Richard Muse - Revolutionary War James Muse - Revolutionary War
Thomas Washington - Revolutionary War Jesse Muse - Revolutionary War
Capt. Walker Muse - Revolutionary War Thomas Muse - Revolutionary War
Elliott Muse - War of 1812  

Legislators - colonial and state
Lawrence Muse - Virginia Richard James Muse - Virginia
Hudson Muse - Virginia Thomas Muse - Virginia
Elliott Muse - Virginia John Tayloe Corbin - Virginia
Daniel Muse - Virginia  

Selected sources
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West, Mary Hope and Juliet Fauntleroy. “Sturman Family Notes.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(2):654-8. • Includes information on Thomas Muse who married Elizabeth Sturman.

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