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 3698   John Willson I (c.1625-1685)
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John Willson I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Willson I might describe his life as follows.

I lived on 100 acres on Swift Creek that the governor formally granted me 6 June 1666.  My plantation was just north of the present-day city of Colonial Heights, in what is now Chesterfield County.
The earliest mention of my land was January 1663/4 when Mr. Henry Randolph got a neighboring 800 acres.  The surveyor described his land as, “beginning at a white oak marked 4 ways, running east and by south 320 poles to the Swift Creek on the south side of the Appomattox River, south by west along John Wilson to a pohickery marked 4 ways hard by a great rock upon an elbow of the Old Town Creek, west by north, north by east to Swift Creek continuing on the same course 180 poles to the beginning.” Got that?
This “metes and bounds” form of surveying used in Virginia was fine until one of those marked trees came down. When that happened on my boundary with George Worsham in 1678, we got into such a heated dispute that a jury of 12 good men appointed Col. Richard Ligon, the county surveyor, to run a new boundary line. 
Records reveal neither the name of my wife and only 3 children. The Henrico County “tythables” of 1679 listed me and my son of the same name.  A daughter married Thomas Lowe and Hannah married Charles Clay who, after my death, acquitted John Willson “administrator, my wife’s brother” of all claims in the estate of John Willson Sr. 1 April 1686. 
Henrico County had granted my son, John Willson, administration of my estate 1 February 1685/6, because I did not leave a will.  Peter Field was his security and my neighbors, John Piggot, George Worsham, Nicholas Dyson, and Henry Kent, inventoried my personal property, appraising it at 7,709 pounds of tobacco 18 February 1685/6. 

John’s patent was evidenced by transportation rights to two persons “dated 6 May 1638 & the other 25 Sept. 1663.”

Both “Willson” and “Wilson” appear in court records. Although the former seems to predominate in Colonial times the latter is the more popular form today. This Family Topic uses “Willson” despite how the name appeared in the records.

Who was William’s father?
We know nothing certain of John’s ancestry. A Henry Wilson was in Accomack in 1636,  and a John Wilson was in Charles River County in 1639 and 1648.  A Col. William Wilson and his sole son, Willis Wilson, were prominent residents of Elizabeth City County in the late 17th Century, but Willis died without heirs.

Descendants of John Willson I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Willson II (c.1647-1716),  
James Eakin,  
Thomas Chamberlain,   
Henry Randolph,  
Capt. Peter Field,  Thomas Webster,  
Peter Rowlett,   John Farley,  Francis Yuille,  John Hobby,  
Thomas Bott,  
Henry Randolph,  Nicholas Dyson,  Judith (—) Willson,  Richard Griffin,  Godfrey Fowler,  
John Peter Bondurant,  
Rebecca (—) Willson,  John Bryery,  
Henry Willson,  
Mary (—) Willson,  
Thomas Frost,  
William Willson,  William Stiles,  John Mayes,  
William Worsham,  George Worsham,  Mary (—) Willson,  
Lydia Clements,  Francis Clements,  Benjamin Clements,  
William Worsham,  
John Willson,  Patsey Blankenship,  Drury Blankenship,  
Henry Willson,  Martha Mann,  Thomas Mann,  Martha (—) Mann,  
Dicey (Wilkinson) Moore,  Millington Moore,  
Thomas Osborne Willson,  Rebecca H. Martin,  
James B. Willson,  Rebecca P. Blankenship,   
Mary F. Willson,  
Martha T. Willson,  Asa C. Wilson,  
Thomas Willson,  Amy Franklin,   
Michal Willson,  Farmer,  
William Willson,  Edward Goode,   
Priscilla (—) Willson,  
Priscilla Mann,  Thomas Mann,  Obediah Howerton,  Martha Howerton,  
Martha Mann,  Littleton Hardaway Mann,  
Littleton Willson,  
William Willson,  
Lodowick Willson,  Dorothy Dunnavant,  Betsy Jackson Moore,  Mark Moore,  
Ann Willson,  
Ephraim Willson,  
Dyce Willson,  
Samuel Willson,  
Creed Willson,  
Ann Willson,  Joel Blankenship,  James Blankenship,  
Pleasant Blankenship,  Elizabeth Vaden,   
William Pleasant Blankenship,  Elizabeth Anderson,  
Joel Blankenship,  
Rebecca P. Blankenship,  James B. Wilson,   
Edwen Blankenship,  
Bland Blankenship,  Lucy Moore,   
Patience Blankenship,  Joshua Fowler,  
George Blankenship,  Frances Moore,   
Daniel Blankenship,  Thomas Cheatham,  
Josiah Blankenship,  Lucy Mann,  
Drury Blankenship,  
John Blankenship,  Patsy Fowler,  
Drury Willson,  John Perkinson,  Elizabeth (Perkinson) Wilson,  Edward Wilson,  
Martha Willson,  Gill,  
Henry Willson,  Joshua Pritchett Sr.,   George Williams,  
William Hall,   
Martha (—) Willson,  
Sarah Willson,  
Mary Willson,  
Elizabeth Willson,  
Martha Willson,  
Judith Willson,  
James Willson,  
Anne Willson,  
Richard Willson,  James Hall,   
Capt. Daniel Willson,   
James Hall,   
Ann (—) Willson,  Richard Jones,   
Moses Willson,  William Gooch,  
Richard Willson,  Joshua Hudson,  Richard Hudson,  Obadiah Hudson,  Nathaniel Robertson,   
John Willson,  
Martha Willson,  Benjamin Harris,  
Ann Willson,  
Thomas Willson,  
George Willson,  
Stephen Willson,  
Mary Willson,  Farlow,  
Anne Willson,  Whitehall,  
Martha Willson,  
John Willson III,  John Dyer,  
Elizabeth (Ferris) Chambers,  William Chambers,  John Gill,  
Henry Cary,  Thomas Osborne,   Thomas Akin,  Thomas Russell,  
Humphrey Dunnavant,  
George Willson,  Webster Gill,  Stephen Gill,  William Worsham,  George Worsham,  
Richard Dickinson,  Cornelius Short,  Peter Ragsdale,  
Abraham Green,   
Elizabeth (—) Willson,  Elizabeth Gardner,  
Capt. Daniel Willson,  Godfrey Ragsdale,  Richard Willson,   
Anthony Irby,  
Thomas Roberts,   Francis Roberts,   Richard Pringle,  George Christopher White,  
Martha Branch,   
Gabriel Gray,  
Abraham Bedford Venable,   
Thomas Branch Willson,  Elizabeth Finney,   
Alexander Roberts,   Henry Anderson,   Christopher Walthall Jr.,   
Judith Friend,   Purefoy Barrett,   Sarah Walthall,   
Joseph Royall,  Daniel Worsham,   Edward Booker,   
Lucy Willson,  William Gray,  
Rebecca Willson,  Gabriel Gray,  
Daniel Willson,  Elizabeth Anderson,   
Dr. Francis Albert Willson,  Susan Bolling Gilliam,   
George C. Willson,  
Daniel Willson,  
Thomas Branch Willson,  Harriet Gregory,   
Ann Page Willson,  Rev. Joseph Bragg,   
Thomas Friend Willson,  Ann Anderson,   Henry Walthall,   
Judith Friend Willson,  William Gregory,  William Gregory,   
Thomas Branch Willson,  
Thomas Claiborne Willson,  Maria Randolph Gilliam,   
Francis Anderson Willson,  Mary Webster,  Claiborne Anderson,   Thomas Claiborne Willson,   
Nathaniel Friend Willson,  
John Osborne Willson,  
Ann Osborne Willson,  
Henry Chamberlain Willson,  Elizabeth Gregory,  
John Osborne Willson,  
Lucy Willson,  Henry Cox,  
Susan Adeline Willson,  John Booker Chaffin,  John Chaffin,  Elizabeth —,  
Henry A. Willson,  
Elizabeth Willson,  Hiram T. Scott,  Henry Cox,  
Robert D. Willson,  
Joseph Bragg Willson,  Sarah Thomas Howlett,   
Mary Ann Howlett,  James Chappell Howlett,  J. Elizabeth Cox,  
Purefoy Barrett Booker Willson,  Charles Broadfoot,  
Daniel Willson,  William Anderson,  Branch Tanner,   
Ann Finney,   Thomas Walthall,   Daniel Worsham,   Branch Tanner,   John Moseley Jr.,   
Daniel Willson,  
Archer Willson,  Elizabeth Archer,   
Elizabeth Willson,  Nathaniel Wilkinson,  George Wilkinson,  Margaret —,  Thomas Dyer,  Thomas Branch Willson,   
Margaret Wilkinson,  William Chamberlaine,  
Elizabeth Wilkinson,  Richard Gregory,   Mary Ward,   
Judith Willson,  Patram,  Francis Patram,   
Rowlett Patram,  
George Patram,  William Gibbs,  Edith (—) Patram,  Jacob Lester,   
Mary Patram,  Miles Worsham,  
Martha Patram,  Andrew Costley,  
Prudence Patram,  Martin Costley,  
Elizabeth Patram,  Francis Patram,   
Rowlett Patram,  
Judith Patram,  
Nancy Patram,  
Francis Patram III,  Mary (—) Patram,  Benjamin Clardy,  Hill Patram,  
Lucy Patram,  John Rowlett,  
Rebecca Patram,  Daniel Rowlett,   
Ann Patram,  William Gibbs,  
Phoebe Patram,  Peter Winfree,  Susan Patram,  
Peter Patram,  
Elizabeth Patram,  William Talbott,   
Sarah Patram,  John Fowler,  
Frances Patram,  Stephen Archer,   
Narcissa Patram,  Frith,  
Francis Patram IV,  
Winifred Patram,  Moody,  
Benjamin A. Patram,  Sarah Taylor,  
Benjamin A. Patram,  
William Patram,  
Daniel Patram,  Phoebe Rowlett,   
Matthew Gibbs,  
Francis Patram,  Elizabeth Patram,   
John Patram,  Elizabeth Perdue,  Martha (—) Perdue,  Levi Puckett,  
Daniel Patram,  Mary Rowlett,   
William Thomas Patram,  Susannah Brewer,  William Brewer,  Mary Shoemaker,  
Peter Patram,  Mary Worsham,   
Mary Patram,  
Phoebe Patram,  
Frances Patram,  
Judith Patram,  
Elizabeth Patram,  
George Willson,  Charles Cooper,  
John Willson,  
George Willson,  William Harrison,  Milly (—) Willson,  Branch Tanner,   
Daniel Willson,  
Elizabeth Willson,  
Drusilla Willson,  
Phoebe Willson,  John Rowlett,   John Rowlett,   
George Archer,   William Moore,  Henry Worsham,   James Gates,  Edward Gates,  
Elizabeth Sadler,  John Hill,   
John Cousins,  
George Rowlett,  Henry Worsham,   
Daniel Patram,   Branch Tanner,   Thomas Branch Willson,   
Martha Ligon,   Mary Ligon,   
John Rowlett,  Lockey Brown,  Rev. John Cameron,   
Robert Partin,  
William Rowlett,  Nancy (—) Rowlett,  
William Rowlett,  Elizabeth Anderson,  
Mary H. Rowlett,  Beverly Smith,  
Thomas Augustus Rowlett,  
George H. Rowlett,  
John Rowlett,  
Alexander Rowlett,  
Susan Rowlett,  
Elizabeth H. Rowlett,  Charles T. Catlett,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Ellery Rison,  
Thomas Webster,  James Webster,  Anne Rison,  John Webster,  Elizabeth Rison,  
George Rison,  
Pamela Hardy Rison,  
Mary Rison,  
Richard Rison,  Mary Ponton,  William Ponton,  
William Rison,  
Sarah Rison,  
John Willson Rison,  Jane Booker Foster,  
Col. William Rison,  Sarah Ann Townes,   
Ellery Rison,  Frances Vasser,  Daniel Vasser,  Frances Anderson,  
Peter Rison,  Sarah Bibb Booker,   
Ann Rison,  Matthew Colley,  
Thomas Rowlett,  Elizabeth Farmer,  
Mary E. Rowlett,  
John Rowlett,  Lucy H. Coleman,  Matthew W. Coleman,  
Phoebe Rowlett,  William W. Hall,  
William M. Rowlett,  Mary (—) Rowlett,  
Obedience Rowlett,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  
Thomas W. Rowlett,  Rebecca L. Mann,  
Mary T. (—) Rowlett,  
Daniel T. Rowlett,  
George A. Rowlett,  
Elizabeth S. Rowlett,  
Mary P. Rowlett,  
Henry Rowlett,  Ann Elizabeth Townes Vaughan,   Ann Eliza Borum,   
Rebecca Rowlett,  
James E. Rowlett,  
Louisa E. Rowlett,  
Thomas M. Rowlett,  
Indiana T. Rowlett,  
William H. Rowlett,  
Virginia A. Rowlett,  
Ella C. Rowlett,  
Mary Rowlett,  Benjamin W. Warriner,  
William Thomas Warriner,  
Elizabeth A. Warriner,  
James A. Warriner,  
Richard B. Warriner,  
Henry C. Warriner,  
George Edwin Rowlett,  
George Rowlett,  Martha O. Mann,  
William T. Green,   
Patty Rowlett,  John Clark,  
Joseph Clark,  
Benjamin Clark,  
Timothy Clark,  
Zachariah Clark,  
Thomas Clark,  
John Rowlett,  
Mary (—) Dance,  Thomas Dance,   
John Rowlett,  Rebecca Dance,  
Frances Rowlett,  Josiah Stringer,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  William Rowlett Jr.,  
Daniel Rowlett,  Lucy Worsham,  Mary (—) Worsham Patram,  
Thomas Rowlett,  Martha (—) Rowlett,  
Mary Rowlett,  Daniel Patram,   
Phoebe Rowlett,  Andrew Costley,  Mary Totty,  
William Rowlett,  James Gill,  
John Rowlett,  Epsie Louisa Gill,  
Daniel Rowlett,  Rebecca Patram,   
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Robert Gill,  
Thomas Rowlett,  
William Rowlett,  Mary Ann Stringer,  
Phoebe Rowlett,  Dickerson Richard Wells,  
Frances Rowlett,  John Mann,  
Sarah Rowlett,  Laban Blankenship,  
Ann Rowlett,  
Frances Rowlett,  James Gill,  
Rowlett Gill,  
Virginia Gill,  Daniel Dyson,  Lockey Rowlett,  
Frances Dyson,  
William Dyson,  
Elizabeth Gill,  William Rowlett,   
James Gill,  
Mary Gill,  
Ann Gill,  
Frances Gill,  Abel Jackson,  
Lucy Jackson,  Anderson Britton,   
Rowlett Jackson,  Nancy Gill,  Robert Gill,  Rev. Joseph Gill Jr.,  
John Wilson Gill,  
Phoebe Rowlett,  Daniel Patram,   
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Jackson,  
Lucy Jackson,  Hezekiah Bowman,  
Judith Jackson,  Eleazer Bennett,  
Rowlett Jackson,  Nancy Gill,  
Mary Rowlett,  John Deaton,  
Willson Deaton,  
Rowlett Deaton,  Thomas Worsham,  
Mary Deaton,  John Bragg,   
James Deaton,  
John Deaton,  Mary Worsham,   
William Deaton,  
Levi Deaton,  
Frances Willson,  William Vaden,  Henry Vaden,  
Cornelius Short,  William Willson,  John Britton,  
Gardner Vaden,  William Vaden,  Thomas Wells,  
George Vaden,  
Sarah (—) Vaden,  Sarah Traylor,   
George Vaden,  
Thomas Vaden,  Judith Salle,  Isaac Sallé,  
Frances Willson Vaden,  Nelson Winfree,   
Michael Vaden,  Prudence Worsham,   
Elizabeth Vaden,  Caderick Pettipool,  
Littleberry Vaden,  Littleberry Traylor,   Mary W. Graves,  
Dickason Vaden,  
Lucy Vaden,  
Sarah Vaden,  
Frances Vaden,  King Ferguson,  John Gill,  Mary Gill,  Joseph Gill,  
Nancy Ferguson,  
John Ferguson,  
Daniel Vaden,  
Valentia Moore,   George Hunt Moore,   
Braddock Vaden,  
Herod Vaden,  
Apellona Vaden,  Marshall Vaden,   
Daniel Vaden,  
Elizabeth Vaden,  Pleasant Blankenship,   
Mase Vaden,  
John Vaden,  
Ann (—) Vaden,  
Ann Amonett,  John Amonett,  Marshall,  
John Willson,   
Wilson Vaden,  Rebecca Giles,  Dicey Moore,  
Henry Vaden,  
Marshall Vaden,  Apellona Vaden,   
John Vaden,  Hannah Nunnally,  
Solomon Vaden,  Phoebe Cole,  Prudence (—) Cole Mann,  
Amonett Vaden,  
Aggy Vaden,  Ephraim Eanes,   
Phoebe Vaden,  James Eanes,  
Frances Vaden,  Thomas Eanes,  
Elizabeth Vaden,  Buckner Eanes,  
Mary Vaden,  William Crane,  
William Vaden,  Stacy Blankenship,  Beverley Blankenship,  
Phoebe Vaden,  Mann,  Robert Mann,  
Theophilus Lacy,   
Moza Hurt,  
Lucy Mann,  Nichols,  
Sally Mann,  Easley,  
Agnes Mann,  Peterson Harrison,   James Hurt,  
Frances Thweatt Harrison,  Joseph Poindexter,  
Elizabeth Mann,  
William Mann,  
Frances Mann,  
Phoebe Mann,  
Patience Mann,  John Marshall,  Philemon Hurt,  
Robert Mann,  Philemon Hurt,  Rebecca Bass,  Henry Bass,  
John Mann,  Letty Sims,  
Joel Mann,  Patsy Walker,  
Mary Mann,  Matthew Sims,  
Elizabeth Vaden,  Eleazer Moore,   George Hunt Moore,   
Daniel Moore,   Drury Moore,   
Chastain Moore,  
Abel Moore,  
Vaden Moore,  
Frances Moore,  George Blankenship,   
Susanna Moore,  
Elizabeth Moore,  
Phoebe Moore,  
Sarah Moore,  
Mary Moore,  
Frances Vaden,  Loftis,  
George Vaden,  
 George Hunt Moore (-1784),  
Mark Moore,  
Frances (—) Moore,  
Lucy Moore,  Daniel Nunnally,   
Elizabeth Moore,  John Cousins,   
Susanna Moore,  Daniel Mann,  Olive Branch,   
Valentia Moore,  Daniel Vaden,   
Mary Moore,  Lodowick Vaden,  Henry Vaden,  
Martha Vaden,  
Matthew Moore,  
Daniel Moore,  Daniel Gill,  
Martha (—) Moore,  
George Hunt Moore,  
Edward Moore,  Lucy Hatcher Dance,   
Drury Moore,  Lucy Gates,  
Mary Moore,  William Britton,   
Mica Moore,  Jesse Blankenship,  
Lucy Moore,  Bland Blankenship,   
Frances Moore,  Peter Varnier,  
Daniel Moore Varnier,  
Martha Mayes Moore,  
Eleazer Moore,  Elizabeth Vaden,   
Drury Moore,  
John Willson,  Abraham Green,   
Seth Moore,  John Talley,  
John Willson,  
William Dunnavant,  
Gardner Willson,  
Richard Willson,  George Haskins,  Judith (—) Willson,  
William Kennon,  
Richard Willson,  
Francis Willson,  Hugh Bragg,  
Martha Willson,  
George Willson,  
William Willson,  
Sarah Willson,  
John Willson,  Charles Cousins,   Mary (—) Willson,  Mary Cousins,   
Henry Talley,  Charles Cousins,   James Munford,   
John Jones,   
Archer Willson,  
Phoebe Willson,  Daniel Ragsdale,  Benjamin Ragsdale,  Martha —,  William Willson,  
George Washington Thompson,   
James Allen,  
Frederick Ragsdale,  Mary Ann (—) Ragsdale,  Edward Robertson,  
Thomas Paschal Ragsdale,  Elizabeth Robertson,  Lucy Lanier,  David Lanier,  Lucy Barksdale Carter,  Daniel Coleman Ragsdale,  
Obediah Ragsdale,  Elizabeth Anderson,   
Gabriel Ragsdale,  
Mary Ragsdale,  
John Willson,  Mary (—) Willson,  Thomas Newel,  Jesse Hamblett,  Richard Cardwell,  
Benjamin Watson,  
James Willson,  Mary Cardwell,  Richard Cardwell,  
Peter Willson,  Martha Tanner,   
Judith B. Willson,  Lawrence Wills,  
Matthew Willson,  
Amy Willson,  Francis Epes,  Charles Clay,   
Phoebe Willson,  Joshua Hawks,  
Mary Willson,  Cain Coleman,  Daniel Coleman,  
Nancy W. Coleman,  Paschal Perdue,  
Judith Willson,  Richard Weeks,  
William Willson,  Thomas Whitworth,  Frances Cousins,   
Robert Munford,   William Munford,   John Chappell,   
William Bott,   
Frances Willson,  Joel Mann,  Rev. John Chappell,   
Elizabeth H. Mann,  James Scott,  
Frances R. Mann,  John Rudd Jr.,  
Robert Willson,  
Nancy Willson,  Fielding Wingo,  
Elizabeth Willson,  
Polly C. Willson,  
Charles Willson,  
Rachel Clarke,  Lewellyn Clarke,   
Drury Jones,  
Mary Willson,  Thomas Jordan,  
Elizabeth Willson,  Freeman Jordan,  
John Willson,  
William B. Willson,  
Elizabeth B. Willson,  
Rachel C. Willson,  
Frances J. Willson,  
Martha Willson,  John Webster,  
Nancy Willson,  
Lucy Willson,  William Walthall Jr.,   
Mary Willson,  John Old,  
Edward Morgan,  
Gideon Moon,  Thomas Hall,  
William Crawley,  Thomas Green,   
Daniel Gill,  
William Old,  Sarah Tucker,   
John Tucker,   Winifred Moore,  Isaac Easley,   
William Old,  Martha Harvie,  
Mary Old,  
James Old,  
Edward Old,  
John Old,  
Charles Old,  Martha Walthall,   
Thomas Old,  
Lucy Old,  
Ann Old,  William Clay,   
Sarah Old,  Martin Chandler,  
John Tucker,  William Tucker,  
Robert Tucker Sr.,  
Joseph Tucker,  
John Tucker,  
William Tucker,  
Lewis Tucker,  
Mary Old,  John Thompson,  
Martha Old,  Daniel Tucker,   
Judith Old,  George Hawks,  
Henry Vaden,  
Lucy Hawks,  David Mann,  
Martha Hawks,  George Browder,  
Phoebe Hawks,  Daniel Mann,  
Phoebe Old,  William Covington,  
Joshua Old,  
Amy Willson,  John Morgan,   
 William Tucker (-1785),  
John Mayton,  Thomas Morris,  Ann (—) Tucker,  
William Gallemore,  Allen Hinton,  Robert Hinton,  
Daniel Tucker,  Martha Old,   
William Tucker,  
John Tucker,  
Robert Tucker,  Mary Hawks,  Joshua Hawks,  
David Tucker,  Fanny Old,  
Joel Tucker,  Elizabeth Clemmons,   
Mary Tucker,  Robert Chappell,   
Sarah Tucker,  William Old,   
Anne Tucker,  
James Willson,  
Thomas Willson,  Amy Irvin,   Richard Ligon,   William Smith,  Richard Dickenson,  Aaron Wood,  
Thomas Dance,   William Willson,   
James Loftin,  William Brodnax,   Richard Brown,  David Wallace,  
Thomas Willson,  
Mary Willson,  Instant Hall,  
John Kemp,  
John West,   Drury Bolling,  
John Lewis,   
John Jones,  Henry Wilson,   
James Hall,  Ruth Evans,   
Richard Willson,   
John Ellett,  Frederick Jones,   
Frances Hall,  
James Hall,  Andrew Redford,   Martha Bott,   
Miles Hall,  Miles Bott,   Susanna Marshall,   William Marshall,  
Banister Hall,  
Martha B. Hall,  John Cox Jr.,   
Miles Hall,  Nancy Cox,   
Halcarna Davis Hall,  George Uel Stone,  
Sarah Hall,  Richard Winn,  
Amy Hall,  John Wall,  
Ann Hall,  George Holloway,  
John Hall,  Priscilla Stanley,  William Stanley,  
Samuel Sherwin,   
Matthew Hall,  
James Hall,  
Mary Hall,  Richard Hend,  
Priscilla Hall,  
Ruth Hall,  George Cabanis,   
William Cabanis,  
Matthew Cabanis,  
Sarah Cabanis,  Beasley,  
William Hall,  Frances (—) Hall,  David Cowley,  John Smith,  William Comer,  Zachariah Bevill,  Henry Whitlow,   Cox Whitlow,   
Thomas Noell,  
Mary Ann (Faris) Mattox,  William Faris,  Martha Truman,  William Mattox,  
William Hall,  
Theodorick Hall,  Frances Jones,  
Miles Hall,  Catherine Haynes,  Ann Haynes,  
Nathaniel Farris Hall,  Rachel Coleman Terry,   
Robert Hall,  
Elizabeth Hall,  Julius A. Watlington,  
James Hall,  Elizabeth Dunlap Wyllie,  Hugh Wyllie,  Mary Venable Holcombe,  
Ann Hall,  Jeremiah Hughes,  
Joseph Truman Hall,  Martha W. Throckmorton,  Richard Throckmorton,  
Mitchell Hall,  Ann L. Harris,  
Elijah C. Hall,  Susan J. Johnson,  Howson M. Hall,  Prudence Ellen (—) Hall,  
Sarah B. Hall,  Meriwether L. Bolton,  
Neal Hall,  
Benjamin Hall,  
Theodorick Hall,  
Judith Hall,  
Instant Hall,  
James Hall,   
John Hall,  William Sturdivant,   Martha (—) Hall,  John Hall,  Ann Hall,  
Thomas Hall,  Fanny —,  
William Hall,   
William Hudson,  Elisha Estes,  Henry Robertson,   William Watson,   Samuel Jones,  
Anne Bolling,   
Nathaniel Robertson,   Elizabeth (—) Hall,  Henry Ferguson,  
Elizabeth (—) Hall,  Ann Hall,  
Ann Hall,  William Purnell,  
Millicent Hall,  John Thomas DeJarnett,   
Dicey Hall,  John Fowlkes,   
Bowler Hall,  Jane (—) Hall,  Jane Bottom,   
Jeremiah Bradshaw,  Daniel Verser,  
Branch Osborne,   John Blankenship,  
Joel Farris,  
Dicey Hall,  John Brizendine,  
Stephen Hall,  Nancy DeJarnett,   
Matthew Hall,  
John Hall,  
Thomas Hall,  Anne Simmons,  Thomas Simmons,  
Richard Hall,  
Elizabeth Hall,  Langford Brizendine,  
Ann Hall,  Cheadle Law,  
Millicent Hall,  John Purnell,  Thomas Portwood,  
Frances Hall,  
George Hall,  Charles Burks,  
William Hall,  Henry Willson,   Stephen Dewey,  Theodorick Bland,   
Ann Bott,   
John Blanchett,  
Miles Bott,   
Mary Israel Hall,  John Willson,  T. Gilliam,  Thomas Bottom,   William Wall,  Charles Clay,   
Mary Israel Willson,  Barkley Elam,   
Ann Willson,  
Elizabeth Willson,  John Pulliam,   
Ann Hall,  John Archer,  John Archer,   
Michael Clardy,  Hezekiah Bevill,  Thomas Tabb,  Alexander McNabb,  Hezekiah Coleman,  
Mary Archer,  Instant Hall,   
Nancy Archer,  Andrew Waugh,  
Thomas Hall,  William Booth,  Frances Williams,  William Williams,  
Instant Hall,  Mary Archer,   
Martha Hall,  Armistead Farris,  
William Williams Hall,  Obedience Turpin Branch,   Betsy Daniel,  John Daniel,  Sally (—) Daniel,  
John Hall,  Dolly Burton,  Sarah (—) Burton,  
Bolling B. Hall,  Frances Blankenship,  Olive Blankenship,  
James Hall,  Polly Brintle,   
Mary W. Hall,  Thomas Bottom,  
John Willson,   
 William Willson,  
William Russell,  Thomas Walthall,   Judith (—) Willson,  
Isham Malone,  James Henderson,  Samuel Sherwin,   
 Robert Willson,  
Samuel Cobbs,   Robert Johnson,  
 Hannah (Willson) Clay Stanley (c.1645-c.1705),  
Charles Clay,   
Edward Stanley,  Richard Bland,  
Martha (—) Blankenship,  Ralph Blankenship,  
Henry Clay,   
Hannah Stanley,  Henry Thweatt,  James Thweatt,  
Edward Mitchell,  
William Osborne,   
Edward Mitchell,  
Frances Thweatt,  
Mary Thweatt,  
Hannah Thweatt,  
Edward Thweatt,  Catherine St. John,  Richard St. John,  
Thomas Gunn,   Jordan Anderson,   Robert Willis,  George Davenport,  Edmund Brewer,  David Ellington,   
Daniel Thweatt,  
Mary Thweatt,  
Elizabeth Thweatt,  
Martha Thweatt,  
Anne Thweatt,  
Hannah Thweatt,  
Henry Thweatt,  John Giles,  Obedience (—) Giles,  
Obedience Thweatt,  Thomas Cardwell,  
John Shaw,  
William Cardwell,  Elizabeth Hankley,   
Martha Cardwell,  John Wilkes,   
Frances Cardwell,  William Buntin,  
Henry Cardwell,  Mary Hankley,   John Shaw,  
Elizabeth Cardwell,  Banister Wilkes,   
Henry Cardwell,  Catherine Crews,  Elisha Cardwell,  
Nancy R. Cardwell,  William Glidwell,  
Jane Cardwell,  
Thomas Cardwell,  Mary Palmer,   
Susanna P. Cardwell,  Thomas Conner,  
Obedience Cardwell,  William Stow,  
Elizabeth Cardwell,  James Jones,  
Elizabeth Cardwell,  
William Thweatt,  Dyce Farmer,   Sarah Gilliam,   John Clarke,  
Thomas Thweatt,  James Eastham,  Elizabeth Coleman,  
Thomas Thweatt,  
Susannah Barksdale,   Jane Coleman,  Williamson Coleman,  Million Hardaway,  
Elisha Barksdale Thweatt,  Susan —,  
Henry Coleman Thweatt,  
Giles Thweatt,  Sarah Barksdale,   
Henry Thweatt,  Jane Hardaway,  James Hardaway,  Million Stanfield,  
Hardaway Thweatt,  
James Thweatt,  
Lucy Thweatt,  Bradford Burge,  
Elizabeth Thweatt,  Abraham Green,  Matthew Green,   Sarah Browder,  
Thomas Thweatt,  Mary Ann Coleman,  Richard Coleman,  
Mildred Thweatt,  Kennon Jones,   
Peter Thweatt,  Lucretia Parrish,  
George Thweatt,  Grace (—) Thweatt,  Grace Thompson,  
John Thweatt,  
Obedience Thweatt,  
Elizabeth Thweatt,  
 daughter (Willson) Lowe,  
Thomas Lowe,  John Gilliam,   Henry Randolph,  
William Lowe,  James Cocke,   John Butler,   
Raize Newhouse,  Murtis (—) Newhouse,  John Lowe,  Christian Lowe,  Thomas Newhouse,  Thomas Chappell,   
Ann (—) Newhouse,  Frances Newhouse,  Thomas Newhouse,  William Butler,   
George Pace,  
George Pace,  William Short,  
John Lowe,  Sarah (—) Lowe,  
Robert Dixon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Willson - War of 1812 Littleton Willson - War of 1812
Lodowick Willson - War of 1812 Creed Willson - War of 1812
Josiah Blankenship - Revolutionary War Thomas Branch Willson - Revolutionary War
Miles Worsham - Revolutionary War Andrew Costley - War of 1812
Martin Costley - War of 1812 Francis Patram - War of 1812
Rowlett Patram - War of 1812 Peter Winfree - War of 1812
Francis Patram - War of 1812 Benjamin A. Patram - War of 1812
Benjamin A. Patram - Civil War Daniel Patram - War of 1812
Peter Rison - War of 1812 Thomas Rowlett - War of 1812
Josiah Stringer - War of 1812 John Rowlett - War of 1812
Daniel Rowlett - War of 1812 Robert Gill - War of 1812
Thomas Rowlett - War of 1812 William Rowlett - War of 1812
Dickerson Richard Wells - War of 1812 John Mann - War of 1812
Laban Blankenship - War of 1812 John Wilson Gill - War of 1812
Eleazer Bennett - War of 1812 Rowlett Deaton - War of 1812
John Deaton - War of 1812 Thomas Vaden - War of 1812
Daniel Vaden - War of 1812 Marshall Vaden - War of 1812
Solomon Vaden - War of 1812 Thomas Eanes - War of 1812
Buckner Eanes - War of 1812 William Vaden - War of 1812
Vaden Moore - War of 1812 John Willson - French and Indian War
Thomas Paschal Ragsdale - War of 1812 Charles Willson - Revolutionary War
Bowler Hall - Revolutionary War John Pulliam - Revolutionary War
Thomas Cardwell - Revolutionary War Thomas Thweatt - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Nathaniel Wilkinson - Virginia Peter Rison - Virginia
Isaac Sallé - Virginia Daniel Coleman Ragsdale - Virginia
Gabriel Ragsdale - North Carolina  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
George Willson Instant Hall

Names on the map
Wilsons, Dinwiddie County, was named for family of John Willson Wylliesburg, Charlotte County, named for Hugh Wyllie

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995:228-230, 402-403. •  Family of Thomas Friend Willson and that of Richard Gregory and Elizabeth Wilkinson.
Hall, William B., M.A., M.D. “Two Unrelated John Halls of Amelia County, Virginia.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(2):834-840. • Covers families of John Hall and John Hall.
Smith, Claiborne T. Jr. M.D. “The Thweatt Family.” The Southside Virginian. 7:19-34, 70-81, 135-142, 166-173 (1989). • Includes the families of Ann Peterson and Thomas Thweatt, Hannah Stanley and Henry Thweatt, Lucy Osborne Peterson and James Thweatt, and Prudence Branch and William Thweatt.
“Willson Bible.” McConnaughey, Gibson Jefferson. Miscellaneous Records: Amelia County, Virginia 1735-1865. Amelia, Va.: Mid-South Publishing Company, 1995:96-99. • Family Bible of Joseph Bragg Willson.

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