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 3618   Edward Mumford (-c.1690)
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Edward Mumford, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Mumford might describe his life as follows.

Although my name appeared as Mumford, I was possibly a brother of Thomas Mountfort of York County. I, too, was a resident of York in 1668 when the court certified I was due 150 acres for paying the ocean fare of Jeremiah Darnell, Matthew Collins, and Mary Walker. 
I was married to Mary Watkins by 25 September 1679 when the governor granted me 80 acres in Gloucester County: a 12-acre Oak Island, the rights for which I got from Mrs. Elizabeth Banister, and a 68-acre parcel near the York River, “due in right of his wife Mary, daughter of Joseph Watkins.” 
I added a neighboring 25-acre island in the York River in 1682 and got 148 acres at the head of Poquoson Dam across the York River in Warwick County in 1685. 
If I left a will, it burned with the others of Gloucester County, so I cannot acquaint you with all our children. Mary and I lived in Abingdon Parish where the baptisms of Edward and Daniel are recorded in its register, and a land patent of 1690 mentioned our eldest son, Joseph.  Because Jean de Jarnat, a Frenchman, who lived in our parish, had a wife named Mary and a son and grandson called Mumford, his bride was likely our daughter, named, of course, for my wife.
I was dead by 1690 when one of Joseph’s land patents called my wife a widow.

Descendants of Edward Mumford
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Mumford,  
Thomas Mumford,  Sarah Booker,   
Nicholas Gillintine,   Richard Anderson,   Hansford Anderson,   Holt Richeson,   Susanna West,   William Rucker,  William Winston Jr.,  Samuel Cobbs,   
James Ferguson Sr.,  James Ferguson Jr.,  Ann (—) Ferguson,  
James Henderson,   John Catlin Cobbs,   
Samuel Booker,  
Ann Mumford,  
Martha Mumford,  Capt. Samuel Booker,   
Thomas Branch Willson,   John Walthall,   Daniel Worsham,  
Samuel Ford,   Burwell Jackson,  Matthew Jackson,  
George Booker,  
Samuel Booker,  
Thomas Mumford,  George Booker,  John Catlin Cobbs,   Richard Eggleston,  
Mary T. Mumford,  Joseph Hobson,  
Sarah Mumford,  John Wiley,  
Sally B. Wiley,  John Haskins,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   Edward Haskins,  
Elizabeth Mumford,  Samuel Cobbs,  John Cobbs,  Samuel Cobbs,   
John Cobbs,  Frances Graves,   
Benjamin Hatcher Jr.,  
Mary King Cobbs,  Samuel Hargrave,  
William C. Cobbs,  
Lucy Frances Cobbs,  Thomas W. Keesee,  
Sally Ann Cobbs,  Charles P. Word,  
Amelia R. Cobbs,  George J. Sumner,  
Elizabeth Mumford Cobbs,  Samuel Hargrave,  
Sarah M. Cobbs,  Caleb Jeter,   
Ann Cobbs,  Edward Walford,  
John Wiley,  
Elizabeth Cobbs,  Randolph Mims,  John Mims,  Sarah Horn,  
Mary Booker Cobbs,  Phillips Michaels,  
Thomas Cobbs,  Elizabeth Hix Phillips,  Dabney Phillips,  Martha Hix,  Martin Phillips,  
Sarah (Boone) Hopkins,  
Edward Mumford,  Angelica Anderson,   
Marshall Booker Mumford,  Mary Brown,  
Thomas Mumford,  Rebecca P. Hill,  
Edith Weldon Mumford,  John H. Brazeal,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Edward Mumford,  
Elizabeth Mumford,  
Nancy Mumford,  John Gordon,  
 Mary (Mumford) deJarnat (1683-1765),  
Jean de Jarnat,   
Mumford DeJarnette,   
 Edward Mumford (1685-),  
 Daniel Mumford (1687-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edward Mumford - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
John Wiley - Virginia  

Selected sources
Tyler, Lyon G. “Mumford and Munford Families.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(2):736-750. • Family of Edward Mumford.

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