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 3564   Thomas Chappell III (c.1660-c.1703)
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Thomas Chappell III, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Chappell III might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1660 in that part of Charles City County south of the James that became Prince George County in 1702. I can relate little of my own life because records for both counties are mostly missing.
In 1688 my servant Thomas Hughes ran off costing me 391 pounds of tobacco. After the court made him reimburse me and extended the term of his employment by twice the length of his absence, the sheriff gave him 21 lashes on his bare back. 
Although Elizabeth Jones and I brought up 4 sons in the Anglican Church, Thomas became a Quaker. He, James, and Samuel settled in present-day Sussex County, while Robert stayed in Prince George.
James had some land also in Isle of Wight County next to a reservation for the Nottoway-Iroquois Indians that was a circle 6 miles in diameter containing about 18,000 acres.
To encourage settlement of the Colony, the governor gave 50 acres for each new arrival. In 1694 I got 423 acres for paying the passage of “Negroes” Buck, Doe, Santall, Mungo, Gerald, Moreton, Sarah, Abell, and Sue.  Of course, these were not their given names.
I was living in June 1702 when I deeded land to my brother-in-law, but was dead by 22 June 1704 when Elizabeth agreed to marry Thomas Taylor.  I made a will, but it burned with the others.
I know of 5 members of Congress and about 20 state legislators among my descendants.

We know Thomas had a will because on 13 Feb. 1721/2, his nephew-in-law, Charles Williams sold 200 acres to James Gee for £9. The indenture called the land “part of a patent granted Thomas Chappell and by him devised to his grandson Charles Williams, in fee simple.”

Chappell land grants
In 1690 Thomas Chappell secured a patent for 904 acres in Charles City County in consideration of having transported 19 persons to Virginia.  In 1694 he held 423 acres on the Otterdam Swamp, but because neither Thomas nor his heirs seated this land, the governor issued the tract to John Nickells in 1714.  In 1701 Thomas received 994 acres in Charles City (later Surry) County that he sold the next year to his brother-in-law, James Jones

Land sales
The few remaining records of Prince George County reveal that Thomas Chappell deeded 100 acres each to brothers John Scott and Drew Scott 12 Nov. 1693. John Scott mentioned this land when he gave half to his daughter 20 Jan. 1710/11.  This was evidently the portion that had belonged to Drew Scott, which fell to John Scott after his brother’s death. Chappell’s son of the son of the same name quitclaimed the 100 acres that went to John Scott and the 100 acres now belonging to Scott’s daughter in July 1712. 

Descendants of Thomas Chappell III
Information about the children of Thomas Chappell III, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Samuel Chappell (c.1696-1749),  
Elizabeth Scott,   
James Chappell,   Col. John Scott,   
Thomas Chappell,  James Gee,  Boyce Scott,  
Mary (—) Chappell,  
Samuel Chappell,  Elizabeth (—) Chappell,  
Mary (—) Chappell,  
Robert Chappell,  
Christopher Chappell,  Joshua Chappell,  
Mary Chappell,  
Samuel Chappell,  
James Chappell,  William Mason,  
Charles Chappell,  
Henry Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  
Delia Hazel,  
Henry Chappell,  Mary May,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Drury T. Vaughan,   
Charles Chappell,  Mary Simpson Brooks,  
Frances Chappell,  James Hill,   James Hill,   
Thomas Chappell Hill,  
Frances Hill,  
Dennett Chappell Hill,  
Silas Hill,  
James Hill,  
Elijah Hill,  
John J. Hill,  
Lucinda Chappell,  Zachary Payne,  
John Chappell,  Elizabeth Brooks,  William Chappell,  
John Chappell,  Nancy Harrison,  Joseph Harrison,  Elizabeth Simmons,  Thomas Simmons,  
William Wilcox,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Nathaniel Sledge,  John Sledge,  Amy —,  
Thomas Chappell,  
Joseph Chappell,  Dolly Harris,  
John Chappell,  
Benjamin Chappell,  
Martha Chappell,  John Sledge Jr.,  John Sledge,  Sally —,  
Benjamin Chappell,  Elizabeth —,  John Sledge,  
Drury Chappell,  
Robert Chappell,  Robert Jones Jr.,   Molly (—) Chappell,  
Mary Chappell,  
Ann Chappell,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  
Sarah Chappell,  
Bethiah Chappell,  William Rives,  John Rives,  Frances —,  
Emelia Chappell,  
 Thomas Chappell IV (c.1694-c.1750),  
John Lanier,  William Cooke,   
Hannah Hunnicutt,  
Wyke Hunnicutt,   John Taylor,   
Margaret Chappell,  Aaron Hill,  
Thomas Chappell V,  Margaret Hunnicutt,   
Rebecca Chappell,  Peter Binford,   
John Chappell,  Ann (Fowler) Simons,  Godfrey Fowler,  Thomas Simons,  William Wilcox,  
Absalom Harris Chappell,  
Martha Chappell,  Wyke Hunnicutt,   James Binford,   
James Binford,  
John Binford,  
Ann Chappell,  
Mary Chappell,  John Taylor,   
Benjamin Chappell,  Agnes Binford,   
Robert Hunnicutt,   
Agnes Chappell,  James Stanton,  
Benjamin Chappell Stanton,  
Mary Chappell,  Aquilla Binford,  
Mary (Copeland) Nixon,  Barnaby Nixon,   
Benjamin Binford,  Mary Cook,  Josiah Cook,  
Agnes Binford,  Robert Watkins,  
Jonathon Binford,  
John Chappell,  
Benjamin Chappell,  Lydia (—) Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  Jane Pretlow,  Samuel Pretlow,  Lemuel Ely,  
Maria Chappell,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Stephen Peebles,  Sarah Hollowell,  
Samuel Chappell,  Ann Simmons,  
 James Chappell I (c.1694-1769),  
Henry Chappell,   
Henry Briggs,  Robert Jones,   
Elizabeth Briggs,   Elizabeth Howell,  Thomas Howell,  
James Chappell II,  Elizabeth Briggs,   Judith Rives,  William Rives,  Priscilla —,  
Henry Jarratt,  Frederick Parker,  
Mary (—) Chappell,  
Henry Chappell,  John Howard,  Robert Hicks,  Elizabeth Rives,   
John Joel Chappell,  Hicks Chappell,  
Henry Chappell,  
Elizabeth Mason Chappell,  John Briggs,   
Parmelia Chappell,  Thomas Chappell,   
Susanna Chappell,  Wills,  
James Chappell III,  Sarah Hines,  William Hines,  
Edmund Chappell,  
Littleberry Chappell,  Claramond Dobie,  
Rebecca Barham Chappell,  Stephen Lucas,   
Mary S. Lucas,  John F. Cocke,  
Ann Rebecca Lucas,  Edwin Hobbs,  
John E. Lucas,  
James S. Lucas,  
Sarah E. Lucas,  William M. West,  
Susanna J. Lucas,  William C. Chapman,  
James Chappell,  Polly Sturdivant,  Mary B. Gregory,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Lewis Parham,  William Parham,  Mary —,  
Mary Chappell,  William Dobie,  
Sarah Chappell,  Hartwell Carsley,  
William Chappell,  Sarah Fowler,   
Elizabeth Chappell,  Philip Ricks,  Roger Atkinson,   
Benjamin Ricks,  Lucy Ingram,  
Mary C. Ricks,  Samuel H. Sydnor,  
John Chappell,  
Amy Chappell,  Richard Glasgow,  
Rebecca Chappell,  
Mary Chappell,  Sterling Neblett,  Francis Neblett,  Mary —,  Rev. John Neblett,  
Elizabeth (Chappell) Watkins Coleman,   Ann Daly,  Josiah Daly,  
Dr. Sterling Neblett,  Ann Smith McFarland,   
William James Neblett,  Ann Elizabeth Green,   
Nathaniel Neblett,  Thomas Henry Fowlkes,   
Elizabeth (Fisher) Davis,  Ashley Davis,  
Eliza D. Neblett,  Charles Smith,  Rebecca E. (—) Smith,  Jones,  Thaddenia Jones,  
William Smith,  
Rosamond Smith,  William Purnell Dickinson,   
Orlando Smith,  
Electra Smith,  
Serena Smith,  
Rebecca Neblett,  
Anne Neblett,  Dr. William H. Perry,  
Rebecca M. Neblett,  Joseph Hutcheson,  Charles Hutcheson,  Frances Collier,  Mary Valentine,  
James N. Hutcheson,  
Charles Sterling Hutcheson,  
Joseph Chappell Hutcheson,  
Joseph Collier Hutcheson,  Ann Goode Farrar,  Herbert Farrar Hutcheson,  
James Nathaniel Hutcheson,  
Mary Sterling Neblett,  Henry Hardy,  Covington Hardy,  Catherine Buford,  Permelia Betts,   
Virginia Catherine Hardy,  William Johnson Barrow,   Weldon Kirk,  
Lucy C. Barrow,  Benjamin L. Barrow,   
Lt. William Henry Barrow,  
Sgt. James McAden Barrow,  
George Edwin Barrow,  Nannie R. Hawthorne,  Minnie Hawthorne,  
Emma Jane Hardy,  William R. Buford,  
James S. Hardy,  
William Henry Hardy,  Petronella S. Hardy,  
Sharpe Lamkin Hardy,  
Edwin Covington Hardy,  
Mary E. Hardy,  James Madison Lloyd,  
Dolly Neblett,  William Dobie,  
Elizabeth C. Neblett,  Thomas Eldridge,  
James Neblett,  
Benjamin Chappell,  Sally Porch,  Sarah Redding,  
Martha Chappell,  
Kinchen Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  Mary Briggs,   
Thomas Day,  
Mary Chappell,  Obadiah Clay,   
Thomas Chappell,  Elizabeth Malone,   
Judkins Hunt,  
Mary Chappell,  Thomas Chappell Malone,   
Robert Chappell,  
Martha Chappell,  James Anderson,  
Phoebe Chappell,  John Rainey,  
Lucretia Tucker Chappell,  George Randolph,  
Ann Chappell,  Samuel Owen,  
Sarah B. Chappell,  Balaam Green,  
James Chappell,  
William Chappell,  Margery (Gilliam) Hill,   Mary (—) Chappell,  John Mann,  
John Chappell,  Seymour Powell,  John Malone,  Lucy Oliver,  
William Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  
Sarah Briggs Chappell,  William Ellis,   
Amy Chappell,  Daniel Malone,   
Randall Robertson,  Christopher Robertson,   
William Malone,  
Thomas Chappell Malone,  Mary Chappell,   
Mary Malone,  Thomas Cain,   
Ellison Chappell Cain,  
Rebecca Malone,  
 Isham Cain (-1785),  
James Cain,  Martha Burrow,  John Burrow,  
Rebecca Cain,  
George Cain,  
John Cain,  Selah Mabry,  Evans Mabry,   Jane Mabry,   
Ruffin Cain,  Polly Whitehorn,  
Susanna Cain,  Bird Lanier,   
Jordan Cain,  
Isham Cain,  Mary Grigg Williams,   
Thomas Cain,  Mary Malone,   
Rev. John Chappell,  Julia Gayle,   Mary Ann (Smith) Hayes,  Richard Hayes,   Sarah Shelton,  
Francis deGraffenried,  Asa Davis,  
Samuel Booker,   Thomas Staples,  John Wilkes,  
Lucretia Chappell,  Hugh Reese,  Joseph Reese,  
Sarah Ann Reese,  Henry T. Pendleton,  
Lucy G. Reese,  William Sharpe,  
Sarah B. Chappell,  Thomas Elliott Jeter,   
William Chappell,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  John P. Williamson,  
Frances S. Chappell,  Robert Price,  Rev. Thomas A. Strain,  
Richard T. Chappell,  Robert E. Bouldin,  
Josiah W. Chappell,  Rachel Armistead,  John Armistead,  
Classen E. Chappell,  
John W. Chappell,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  William Anderson,  Richard Blunt,   John Saunders,  John Averiss,  
Joseph Fowler,  
Sarah Fowler,  William Chappell,   
Wilmoth Fowler,  
Mary Briggs Fowler,  Gray Gary,  
John Chappell,  Nathaniel Tatum,   
Mary Hines,  Thomas Hines,  
Howell Chappell,  William Pace,  
Howell Chappell,  
John Chappell,  
John Chappell,  Mary Edmunds,  John Edmunds Gray Edmunds,  Stephen Chappell,  Frances (Chappell) Roberts,   
Elizabeth Chappell,  Robert Bailey,  
William Chappell,  
Mary Chappell,  
Thomas Chappell,  Parmelia Chappell,   
Henry Chappell,  Rebecca Watkins Land,  Nancy Little,  
Peggy Chappell,  Joseph Moore,  
Martha Chappell,  Robert Land,  Elizabeth Hawthorne,  
Martha Land,  Charles Potts,  
Sarah Chappell,  Christopher Mason,  
William Edwards,  
Owen Myrick,  David Mason,  Thomas Claiborne,  
Isaac Mason,  
Sterling Mason,  
Joseph Mason,  Elizabeth Watson,  William Watson,  John Drummond,  
Robert Watson,  John Watson,  
William Mason,  
George Mason,  
Isaac Mason,  
Martha Mason,  
Sarah Mason,  Benjamin Ingram,  Robert Watson,  
Mary Watson Mason,  David Meredith Jr.,  
Elizabeth Mason,  Lewis Speed,  John Speed,  
Lewis Speed,  
John Speed,  
Mary Speed,  
Mathias Speed,  
Christopher Mason,  Martha (—) Mason,  
Martha Smith,   
Jane Chapman Mason,  Anderson Wesson,  Joseph R. Walker,  
John Mason,  
Thomas Mason,  
Sarah Mason,  Randolph Newsom,  
Martha Mason,  Johnson,  
Henry Mason,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  John Mason,  Capt. John Mason,  Elizabeth Duke,  
Rowland Ward,   
Christopher Golightly,  William Allen,  
Capt. John Mason,  Elizabeth Gee,   Henry Gee,   
Jane (Parham) Thweatt,  Rebecca (—) Parham,  William Thweatt,   Ephraim Parham,  
Nathaniel Harrison,   William Presley Claiborne,   Nathaniel Hicks,  
Benjamin Harrison Mason,  
John Raines Mason,  Lucy Massenburg,   Sarah Harrison Cargill,   
George Mason,  
Lucy Massenburg Mason,  Robert P. Downman,   
John Mason,  
Nathaniel Mason,  
Henry Mason,  
Elizabeth Mason,  Benjamin Wyche,  Benjamin Wyche,  
Frances Burwell Mason Wyche,  
Elizabeth Jane Wyche,  
William Wyche,  
John M. Wyche,  
Edmund Wyche,  
Benjamin F. Wyche,  
Jane Mason,  
Rebecca Mason,  
James Mason,  
George Mason,  
Elizabeth Briggs Mason,  Christopher Rives,   
Thomas Dunn,  
William Rives,  
Elizabeth Rives,  Henry Chappell,   
John Rives,  Amy Rivers,  Robert Rivers,  Martha Hunt,  
Nathaniel Rives,  Lucy Robinson,  Elizabeth Rivers,  
Robert Rivers Rives,  
Martha Hunt Rives,  Anderson Michaux Waddill,  
William Mason Rives,  
Thomas Rivers Rives,  
George Rives,  
John Rives,  
Nathaniel Rives,  
Eliza Rives,  Dr. Anthony Johns,  
Mary Williamson Rives,  Abraham Timothy Orville Chastain Rives,  
Ann Maria Rives,  Dr. James Turner Saunders,  
Mary Frances Saunders,  James Chalmers,  David Chalmers,  
Frances Mathilda Rives,  Christopher Columbus Penn,  Justo Sabor Penn,  
Anna Maria Penn,  John Ireland,  
Christopher Rives,  
Christopher Rives,  Mary Rivers,  
Frances Rives,  Fielding Vaughan,  Dorothy (—) Vaughan,  
George Rives,  Nancy Shackleford,  
Frances Mason Rives,  John Bonner,  
John Christopher Rives,  
Robert Shackleford Rives,  
William Henry Rives,  
George Shackleford Rives,  Lula Kilpatrick,  
Elizabeth Ann Chappell Rives,  Dr. Algernon Sydney Brown,  
Capt. James Mason,  Elizabeth Harrison,  John Harrison,  Susanna Edmunds,  Rebecca Thweatt,   
Edmunds Mason,  Frances Young,  Peter Wyche,  William Harrison,  
Elizabeth Mason,  Col. James Baugh Mallory,   
John Young Mason,  Mary Ann Fort,  
John Mason,  Mary Maclin,   
Robert Mason,  
George Mason,  
Jane Mason,  Seth Mason,   
Rebecca Thweatt Mason,  
Henry Mason,  
Rebecca Mason,  Timothy Rives,   
William Mason,  Mary Gilliam,   
David Mason,  
Lucretia Mason,  William Mason,  Joseph Mason,  Phoebe —,  
Joseph Mason,  
Seth Mason,  Jane Mason,   
Mary Mason,  James Wall Jr.,  
Achilles Jeffries,   
Michael Wall,  Elizabeth Mason,  
Mary Wall,  Richard Allen,  
James Mason Wall,  
Benjamin Mason,  
Peyton Mason,  Polly Peebles,  Mary (—) Peebles,  Thomas Peebles,  
Martha Ann Person Turner,  Simon Turner,  
Joseph Mason,  
Mary Chappell,  Charles Gee,   
Peter Tatum,   William Chambliss,  James Hall,  
Sarah Gee,  Timothy Rives,   
Briggs Rives,  Anne Cureton,   
Susanna Jones Rives,  Joseph T. Mason,  
Francis Everod Rives,  Elizabeth Jane (—) Pegram,  
Sarah Gee Rives,  William Shands,   
Elverton Adolphus Shands,  
Gen. William Briggs Shands,  Letitia Tyler,  John Tyler,  
William Shands,  
Aurelius Rives Shands,  
Martha Carter Wood,  
Cordelia Oliver Shands,  Thomas Oliver Blankenship,  
Sarah Jane Cureton Shands,  Elijah Monroe Webb,  
Thomas Cureton Rives,  
Elizabeth Cureton Rives,  Hartwell Peebles Heath,  
John Francis Heath,  
Junius Bonner Heath,  
James Lemuel Heath,  
Virginia Elizabeth Heath,  Dr. Charles J. Cabanis,  
Roscoe Briggs Heath,  John Young Mason,   
Emma Jane Heath,  
Wirt Rives Heath,  
Anna Rives Heath,  Dr. Daniel William Lassiter,  
Francis Rives Lassiter,  
William Lassiter,  
Charles Trotter Lassiter,  
Virginia Heath Lassiter,  
Anna Heath Lassiter,  
Jesse Hartwell Heath,  
Ann Briggs Rives,  
Timothy Rives,  
Jane Hambleton Rives,  Joseph H. Hall,  
Timothy Rives,  
John Rives,  
Judith Rives,  John Gee,  
John Gee,  Boyce Ivy,  Joshua Ivy,  James S. Gee,  
James Gee,  
Rebecca (—) Gee,  
Chappell Gee,  Rebecca Lucas,  William Lucas,  
David Thweatt,  
Martha Gee,  Josiah Parsons,  
Lt. Howell Gee,  
Boyce Gee,  John Powell,  Thomas Powell,  John Harwell,  
Charles Gee,  Susannah Peebles,  Thomas Peebles,  Mary Harrison,  
Henry Gee,  Sally Felts,  
Elizabeth Gee,  John Potts,  
Rebecca Gee,  Lewis Parham,  
Nicholas Parham,  
Charles Lewis Parham,  
Elizabeth Parham,  Ludwell Powell,  
Rebecca Gee Powell,  William E. Harris,  
Elizabeth Frances Powell,  
Sally Ann Powell,  Richard C. Batte,  
William Rains Powell,  
Caroline Valeria Powell,  
John Lewis Powell,  
William Parham,  Lucy Cross,  John Cross,  
Henry Parham,  
Mary Gee,  William Harrison,  
Rebecca Chappell,  Nathaniel Northington,  Thomas Rosser,  
George Rigby,  John Rigby,  Judith (—) Rigby,  
Jabez Northington,  John Brown,  
Ann (—) Northington,  
Judith Northington,  John Bigby,  
Nathan Bigby,  
Elizabeth Northington,  William Thomas Pennington,   
Rebecca Northington,  
Nathaniel Northington,  Ann Stewart,  Richard Stewart,  
Sarah Northington,  
John Northington,  Sally Stewart,  
Anne Northington,  
James Northington,  Martha Chappell,  
Samuel Northington,  
Elijah Northington,  
Amy Chappell,  Joshua Tatum,   John Tatum,   Henry Tatum,   
James Smith,  
Thomas Tatum,  
Maj. Howell Tatum,  Rosannah Wendel,  
Christopher Tatum,  
Joshua Tatum,  
James Tatum,  
Elizabeth Tatum,  
Mary Smith,  
Sarah Smith,  Rodham Rollins,  
Ann Chappell,  
Lucretia Chappell,  Carter,  
Howell Chappell,  
Howell Chappell,  Rebecca Briggs,   Rebecca Smith,  
Howell Chappell,  Sarah Judkins,  
Briggs Chappell,  Sarah Jones,  
Henry Chappell,  
James Chappell,  
William Chappell,  Sally Kenniburgh,  John Kenniburgh,  Jane Pepper,  
Susanna Chappell,  Anthony Evans,  
Frances Chappell,  Roberts,  
Elizabeth Chappell,  Briggs,  
 Robert Chappell I (c.1680-1724),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Chappell - Revolutionary War Benjamin Chappell - Revolutionary War
James Chappell - Revolutionary War Edmund Chappell - War of 1812
Littleberry Chappell - War of 1812 Stephen Lucas - War of 1812
Edwin Hobbs - War of 1812 James Chappell - War of 1812
William Chappell - Revolutionary War Dr. Sterling Neblett - War of 1812
Joseph Chappell Hutcheson - Civil War William Henry Barrow - Civil War
Sgt. James McAden Barrow - Civil War William Chappell - War of 1812
Thomas Chappell - War of 1812 Daniel Malone - Revolutionary War
Robert Rivers Rives - War of 1812 John Rives - Mexican War
James Mason - Revolutionary War James Baugh Mallory - Civil War
Briggs Rives - Revolutionary War Francis Everod Rives - War of 1812
Elverton Adolphus Shands - Civil War Aurelius Rives Shands - Mexican War
John Francis Heath - Civil War Roscoe Briggs Heath - Civil War
Jesse Hartwell Heath - Civil War James Gee - Revolutionary War
Howell Gee - Revolutionary War Howell Tatum - Revolutionary War
Joshua Tatum - Revolutionary War James Tatum - Revolutionary War
Briggs Chappell - War of 1812  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Absalom Harris Chappell - U.S. John Joel Chappell - U.S.
Joseph Chappell Hutcheson - U.S. John Young Mason - U.S.
Francis Everod Rives - U.S. Francis Rives Lassiter - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
John Ireland - Texas  

Legislators - colonial and state
Joshua Chappell - North Carolina Absalom Harris Chappell - Georgia
John Joel Chappell - South Carolina Sterling Neblett Sr. - Virginia
Sterling Neblett Jr. - Virginia Charles Sterling Hutcheson - Virginia
Joseph Chappell Hutcheson - Texas Herbert Farrar Hutcheson - Virginia
James Nathaniel Hutcheson - Virginia John Mason - Virginia
John Raines Mason - Virginia Benjamin Wyche - Virginia
Nathaniel Rives - Virginia William Mason Rives - Virginia
George Rives - Alabama Dr. James Turner Saunders - Virginia
David Chalmers - Virginia Justo Sabor Penn - Texas
Algernon Sydney Brown - Georgia James Mason - Virginia
Edmunds Mason - Virginia James Baugh Mallory - Virginia
John Young Mason - Virginia Joseph Mason - Virginia
Francis Everod Rives - Virginia William Shands - Virginia
William Briggs Shands - Virginia William Shands - Virginia
Roscoe Briggs Heath - Virginia Charles Trotter Lassiter - Virginia

Names on the map
Chappells, South Carolina, was named for Thomas Chappell  

Selected sources
Brayton, John Anderson. The Descendants of Cheney Boyce, “Ancient Planter,” and of Richard Craven, for Seven Generations. Winston-Salem. 1996. • Includes family of Charles Gee and Mary Chappell, and of Elizabeth Scott and Samuel Chappell.
Cain, Stith Malone. “The Malone Family of Southside Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 13:99-105 (1969). • Descendants of Nathaniel Malone and Mary Wynne. Among their descendants was Daniel Malone who married Amy Chappell.
“The Chappell Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(1):777-781. • Family of Thomas Chappell. Superceded by Phil Chappell book.
Chappell, Phil E. A Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and Other Kindred Families of Virginia, 1635-1900. Kansas City, Missouri: Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company, 1900. • A very early work on the family of Thomas Chappell including his son, Thomas Chappell, and grandson Robert Chappell. Although it errs in the early generations, it contains some very useful information on subsequent generations of the Chappell family.
Pleasants, Lucille Gibson. “Chappell and Malone Families.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982: 1: 730-733; 1982(2):253-255. • Family of Thomas Chappell.

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