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 3560   John Burton (c.1630-1690)
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John Burton of “Longfield” was presumably the brother of Thomas Burton with whom he purchased “Cobbs” in 1656.

John Burton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Burton might describe his life as follows.

Because I lived in Henrico County where most records before 1677 are missing, I can acquaint you with little of my life. I married about 1650 a woman whose name has fallen from the pages of history and who was dead by February 1683/4 when I alone sold some land.
If she was living in 1682, my wife would have been very busy planning weddings for 2 daughters. The marriage of “William Hatcher to John Burton’s daughter” was that year,  and “Account of Licenses returned to this town (Henrico) this 25th of October 1682, viz: William Holden for marriage with the daughter of John Burton.” As you can see, a woman’s identity in Colonial Virginia was often represented only by her connection to her father or husband.
I had 700 acres including the 300-acre plantation “Longfield,” just north of the James, near present-day Cornelius Creek. The Richmond National Battlefield Park may now encompass my land.
On 27 February 1683/4 I gave sons William and Benjamin 100 acres, called “The Level,” lying between “Longfield” and “Roundabout.”  John Ironmonger and their older brother, Robert Burton, witnessed me make my mark upon the deed.
Perhaps in my 60s, I made my will 12 February 1689/90 dividing my land between Robert and William, since I had outlived both John and Benjamin. I remembered to give a few items to my three Davis grandchildren and left daughter Rachel 30 yards of fabrics, 1 felt hat, and 2 coats.  I was dead by 1 April 1690, just 2 months later.

John’s wife may have been a daughter of John Cox who conveyed “Longfield” to Burton. Yet no evidence confirms this. We include more about the Cox family below in a Digression: John Cox of “Arrowhattocks”.

History of “Longfield”
John Davis and Robert Craddock patented 600 acres called “Longfield” in Henrico County 15 Aug. 1637.  William Cooke and Richard Carpenter had previously assigned 300 acres to Craddock and Davis whom they described as “of Harihatoxs [Arrowhattocks], planters.”
Robert Craddock sold his 300-acre portion of “Longfield” to John Cox who assigned it to John Burton. On 22 March 1665/6 John Burton secured a patent to 700 acres in Henrico County, a 300-acre portion of which was on a great swamp toward the land of Alice Edloe, widow of John Edloe, called by the name of “Old Field” and 300 acres was the “Longfield” patent. Burton had transported Ann Coleman and Mark Williams to the Colony for which he received another 100 acres. 
Although “Cobbs” was south of the James, “Longfield” was north of the James and east of present-day Richmond. Other patents place “Longfield” near Cornelius Creek and Lily Valley and close to neighbors John Davis, Abraham Bailey, and Richard Perrin
“Longfield” would remain in the Burton family until his grandson John Burton sold it in 1728. The 300 acres belonging to Craddock’s partner, John Davis, descended to his son, John Davis Jr. who renewed the patent in 1672,  and who married Mary Burton, eldest child of John Burton.

Guardianship of John Jameston
John Burton was guardian to John Jameston by 1677.  Although this may suggest a family connection, we can find none. Jameston was the grandson of Robert Porter who left a will in Henrico County in 1651, apparently leaving his estate to his wife for life and then to his children. His widow married 2nd Richard Pierce who died in Henrico County by June 1688 when his executors presented his will.  The court then distributed his estate among Alice Porter, then the wife of James Forrest, Ann Porter who married Thomas Perrin, and Porter’s grandson, John Jameston. No Burton appeared among the heirs. 

John’s will
William Glover, James Morris, and Richard Perrin watched Burton execute the document.

Will of John Burton
12 February 1689/90
Unto my son Robert Burton, my land and plantation whereon I live.
Unto my son William Burton, the plantation whereon he liveth called the Levell.
Unto my daughter Rachel my bed as it standeth and also… which I have in my new chest (to witt) 20 Ells Dowlas, 7 yards penstone, 3 yards blew linnen, one felt hat, 2 coats.
Unto my grandchild Mary Davis, Pide [pied] heifer and her calf.
Unto my grandson William Davis, a calf.
Unto my grandchild Eliza. Davis 300 pounds tobacco which John Davis promised to pay me for six hogs and if in case he doe not pay ye tobacco in a store this year, the hogs to be my daughter Glovers and she is to pay her daughter Elizabeth 300 pounds of tobacco.
Unto Mr. Glover, all my corn.
Unto grandchild Eliza. Davis, a pewter basin, small copper drinking pott and a chest.
My son Robert Extr.
John (x) Burton

Ells was a measure of fabric — the length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, now about 45 inches. Dowlas, penstone, like linen, were fabrics.

Descendants of John Burton
Information about the children of John Burton, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Burton (c.1656-1679),  
Mary Hatcher,   
 Robert Burton (c.1660-c.1724),  
 Benjamin Burton (-c.1686),  
 William Burton (c.1666-1751) of “The Level”,  
Mary Risby,  Thomas Risby,  Mary Parker,  
Elizabeth (—) Harwood,  Thomas Harwood,  Mary Harwood,  Alexander Robinson,   
Thomas Harwood,   
Daniel Price,  
Capt. William Burton,  Betsy Povall,  
Betsy Burton,  Obadiah Smith Jr.,  
Mary Smith,  John Bacon Royall,  James Royall,  
Lucy Smith,  John Hawkins,  
Martin Smith,  
Jacob Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Lydall Bacon Bowles,  
Sally Smith,  
Nancy Smith,  W. Taylor,  
Obadiah Smith,  
John Burton,  Sarah (—) Burton,  
John Burton,  
Martha Burton,  Wood,  
Peter Burton,  Nicholas Meador,  John Burton,   Stewart Farley,   
Robert Burton,  John Booth,  
William Burton,  Stewart Farley,   
Mary Burton,  Stewart Farley,   John Booker,   
Mary Farley,  William Thorp,  
Hezekiah Farley,  
Daniel Stewart Farley,  Catherine Logan,  
John Burton,  
Keziah Farley,  Henry Burton,  
James Franklin,  
Francis Franklin,  
Martin Burton,  Mary (—) Burton,  
Reuben Burton,  
 Mary (Burton) Davis Glover,  
John Davis,  Edward Hatcher,   Thomas Sheppey,   
William Glover,  Bartholomew Burrows,  
Philip Purcell,  
Capt. John Davis,  Nicholas Perkins,  Michael Turpin,  Francis Epes,  Michael Turpin,  
Elizabeth King,  Francis Redford,  John Redford,  Michael Turpin,  
Charles Russell,  
William Pettipool,  John Bolling,  
John Davis,  
William Davis,  
Elizabeth Davis,  
Mary Davis,  Sarah Woodson,  Jacob Colson,  
Rev. John Banister,  Martha Batte,   
 Rachel Burton,  
William Hatcher,   
 Anne (Burton) Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,   
 daughter (Burton) Holden,  
William Holden,  
 John Cox (-c.1696),  
John Burton,   
Robert Craddock,  Mary Kennon,  
Thomas Taylor,  
John Ironmonger,  John Davis,  
William Cox,  Sarah (—) Cox,  Sarah Taylor,  
Robert Burton,   William Cox,   
Stephen Cox,  Judith Woodson,   
Josiah Cox,  Thomas Tabb,  
Stephen Cox,  
William Cox,  Jonathon Woodson,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Francis Clement,   
Sarah Cox,  John Pleasants,   
Mary Cox,  Thomas Walling,  
Tabitha Cox,  Stark Smith,  
Martha Cox,  William Powell,  Philip Flippen,   
Betsy Powell,  
Judith Cox,  Bowker Smith,  
Martha Cox,  Henry Wood,  Valentine Wood,  Rachel —,  Christopher Robinson,  
Valentine Wood,  Lucy Henry,  Col. John Henry,  
Henry Wood,  
Martha Wood,  Maj. Stephen Southall,   
George Frederick Stras,  
Mary Wood,  Judge Peter Johnston,  
Joseph Eggleston Johnston,  Charles Clement Johnston,  
John Warfield Johnston,  
Rees Tate Bowen,  
Henry Bowen,  
Valentine Wood,  
John Henry Wood,  Gertrude Spencer,  Charles Spencer,  
Lucy Wood,  Edward Carter,  Edward Carter,  
Sarah Wood,  
Jane Wood,  
Sarah Wood,  William Pryor,  Samuel Pryor,  
Sarah Pryor,  Matthew Payne,  
Capt. Samuel Pryor,  Sally Drumwright,  George Drumwright,  
William Pryor,  Elizabeth Hughes,  
Martha Pryor,  Robert Meriwether,  
William Pryor,  
Ann Pryor,  Booth Woodson,  John Woodson,  Mary Mims,  
Sarah Pryor,  Jonathon S. Payne,  
Judith N. Pryor,  Fontaine Duke,  
Elizabeth Pryor,  
John Pryor,  
Martha Pryor,  William Jordan Morton,  
Sarah Morton,  
Rebecca Morton,  
Frances Morton,  
Mary Pryor,  Nelson Harris,  
Matthew Pryor,  
Ann Pryor,  
Valentine Wood Pryor,  
Luke Pryor,  
Martha Wood,  
Patty Wood,  William Meriwether,  Col. Nicholas Meriwether,  
Judy Wood,  
Henry Wood,  
Mary Cox,  
Prudence Cox,  John Williamson,  
Judith Cox,  Giles Allegre,  George Eastham,  Abraham Baker,  
Joshua Fry,  
Judith Allegre,  William Howard,  
William Allegre,  Jane Battersby,  Elizabeth (—) Battersby,  
Jane Battersby Allegre,  Lewis Abraham Pauly,  
Sophia Allegre,  Albert Gallatin,  
William Allegre,  
Matthew Allegre,  
Giles Allegre,  
Martha Allegre,  
Daniel Allegre,  
Edith Cox,  William Harding,  
Sarah Harding,  Thomas Pollard,  
Elizabeth Cox,  John Jameston,  
Richard Jameston,  
Edward Hatcher,   
Stephen Cox,   Elizabeth Burton Sr.,  
Arthur Moseley,   
Elizabeth Jameston,  Samuel Hancock,   
Benjamin Burton,   
Bartholomew Cox,  Rebecca (—) Cox,  
George Cox,  Martha (—) Cox,  
Isaac Hughes,  
George Cox,  Daniel Coleman,  
Henry Cox,  
George Cox,  
Richard Cox,  
John Cox,  
Martha Cox,  
Sally Cox,  Josiah Thompson Jr.,  
Robert Cox,  
Bartlett Cox,  Polly Harper,  
Judith Cox,  Henry Daniel,   
Abraham Cox,  
Henry Cox,  Isham Clements,   Judith Hughes,  Stephen Hughes,  Elizabeth Tarleton,  
Judith Cox,  Langhorne Tabb,  Thomas Tabb,  Lockey Langhorne,  
Tarleton Cox,  Ann Harris,   
Richard Cox,  
Henry Cox,  Ann Harris,   
Ann Cox,  
Daniel,  William Daniel,  Tapley Merritt,  William Clement,   
Henry Daniel,  Judith Cox,   
Judith Daniel,  Vincent Tabb,  
Elizabeth Daniel,  William Clement,  
William Daniel,  Mary Clement,  William McCraw,  
Martha Cox,  Thomas Walton,  Edward Walton,  Elizabeth Mason,  
George Walton,  Margaret Tabb,  Thomas Tabb,  
Lockey Walton,  
Langhorne Tabb Walton,  Elizabeth George,  
Thomas Walton,  
Edward Walton,  
Josiah Walton,  Jane Flippen,   
Robert Walton,  Mary Ann Hobson,  
Elizabeth Walton,  Jesse Miller,  
Martha Walton,  Edward Mosby,  John Peter Bondurant,  Sarah (—) Anderson,  Jeffrey Anderson,  
Frederick Cox,  Elizabeth (—) Cox,  
William Cox,  Francinia Cannon,  Benjamin Cannon,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Obadiah Maxey,  
Jane Cox,  Thomas Ewell,  
Edward Cox,  Diana (—) Cox,  
Edward Cox,  
Diana H. Cox,  Banister White,  
Edward Cox,  Elizabeth Adeline Harris,   
Elizabeth P. Cox,  Milton P. Atkinson,  
Polly Cox,  Beverley Elam,  
William Cox,  Keziah Lee,  Joseph Lee,  
John Holloway Cox,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Charles Atkinson,  
Ann Cox,  John Bailey,  
Mary Cox,  
John Cox,  Tabitha Price,   
Mary Cox,  
Elizabeth Cox,  
Phoebe Cox,  
Jane Cox,  Francis Hopkins,  William Ware,  Joel Meador,  
Martha Hopkins,  John Walden,  
William Hopkins,  Betsy Clarke,  
Price Hopkins,  Elizabeth Turner,  Frances G. Claytor,  
John Hopkins,  Mary Turner,  John Turner,  
Frances Cox,  
John Cox,  
William Baugh,   
Mary Cox,  Moses Wood,  
Edward Wilson,  
Henry Cox,  
John Cox,  Mary Baugh,   
George Cox,  Martha Stratton,   
Richard Cox,  Mary Trent,   
 John Cox (-1794),  
John Cox,   
Lucretia Wynne,  Thomas Wynne,  Anne Bolling,  James Petillo,  Thomas Williams,  John Evans,  Daniel Baugh,   
John Cox,  John Marshall,  
John Cox,  Martha B. Hall,   Faith Coleman,  
Frances Cox,  Asher Stone,   
Lucretia Cox,  William Mayes,  Miles Hall,   
Susanna Cox,  Bushrod Winstead,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Archer Thompson,  
Nancy Cox,  Miles Hall,   
Eli Cox,  Jane Winstead,  
Samuel Cox,  Temperance (—) Cox,  
Thomas Cox,  Obedience (—) Cox,  
Jack Cox,  
Jonathon Cox,  
Temperance Cox,  Thomas Vaughan,  
Thomas Cox,  Margery Hudson,  
Martha Cox,  John Allen,  
Samuel Cox,  Sally Hutt,  
John Cox,  Margaret (—) Cox,  
Banister Cox,  Rebecca Burrus,  
Martha Jane Cox,  
George Washington Cox,  Mrs. Catherine (—) Hardy,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Rash,  
William J. Cox,  
Banister Cox,  
Thomas B. Cox,  
Archer Cox,  Mary Lewis Hatsel,  
Mary Cox,  William H. Hall,  Edward Hogan,  
Lucretia Cox,  Thomas Gregory,  
Sarah Cox,  Joseph Pulliam,   
Martha Cox,  Sterling Hood,  
Bolling Cox,  
Henry Speed,  
George Cox,  
 John Cox (-1785),  
Edward Cox,  Cicely Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Jesse Mullins,  
Sarah Cox,  
Mary Cox,  
Ann Cox,  Tarleton Bagby,  
Jesse Cox,  
Glassre Cox,  
John Cox,  
Henry Cox,  Susanna Jarratt,  Ann (—) Jarratt,  
Cpl. Redford Cox,  
Claiborne Cox,  
Trent Cox,  
Obedience Cox,  
Obedience Cox,  John Hilton,  
George Hilton,  
Glassre Cox,  Joseph Davis,  
Betty Davis,  
John Davis,  
Jesse Davis,  
Obedience Davis,  
Glassre Davis,  
Edward Cox Davis,  
Mary Davis,  
Charity Davis,  
Sarah Davis,  
Henry Cox,  
John Cox,  Elizabeth Fore,  
Mary Cox,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Bacon Royall - War of 1812 Martin Smith - War of 1812
Joseph Eggleston Johnston - Civil War Capt. Samuel Pryor - Revolutionary War
William Allegre - Revolutionary War Bartlett Cox - Revolutionary War
Robert Walton - Revolutionary War Cpl. Redford Cox - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Joseph Eggleston Johnston - U.S. Charles Clement Johnston - U.S.
John Warfield Johnston - U.S. Rees Tate Bowen - U.S.
Henry Bowen - U.S. Albert Gallatin - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Reuben Burton - Virginia Peter Johnston - Virginia
Rees Tate Bowen - Virginia Henry Bowen - Virginia
William Hopkins - Virginia  

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