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 3546   James Baugh (c.1655-1723)
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James Baugh, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Baugh might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1655, the son of William Baugh’s third wife. Neither her name, nor that of my wife, is known. Like my father, I was literate and was called on to witness wills for neighbors and inventory their estates after they died. Long before counties had public works departments, individual landowners were required to lend a hand to keep roads passable. As one of our county’s “Surveyor of Highways,” my job was to be sure that happened.  I was also called to jury duty, now and then. Once when Michael Garthwait accused John Huddlesy of killing his cow, our verdict was give the plaintiff, that is Garthwait, a cow and her calf.  We also decided in favor of the plaintiff when Capt. William Soane sued John Brodnax for 1,500 pounds of tobacco won in a horse race. 
I lived on 577 acres on the Appomattox River and Piercey’s Toile Creek that Father patented in 1668,  and 119 acres that the governor granted nearby September 1683.  I evidently sold some land because I paid quit rents, a form of tax, on only 458 acres in 1704.  Speaking of taxes, the crown also imposed a head tax on men and slaves who were old enough to work in the fields. When one old women got too old to work, the county exempted her. 
A parishioner of Bristol Parish, I was assigned to walk some boundaries in my neighborhood to head off disputes between neighbors called “processioning.” But the vestry that met 12 January 1723/4 had to appoint another individual because I was dead, leaving no will. 

James testified 1 Aug. 1678 that he was 23, and 10 Oct. 1680 that he was 25 years of age. 

James inventoried the estates of Richard Womack in 1684,  Thomas Burton in 1686,  Ann Morris in 1701,  Sarah Akin in 1714,  Peter Ashbrook in 1714,  Richard Walthall in 1715,  and William Puckett in 1719.  He witnessed the wills of Thomas Lockett in 1686,  and Thomas Womack in 1679. 

Who were his children?
James gave 100 acres to son William 28 Feb. 1712/3,  and deeded some form of property to Thomas, William, and Peter Baugh July 1722.  The 1753 will of his son William, which Peter Baugh witnessed, identified dead brother Thomas Baugh and sister Sarah Stewart, and both James and Peter processioned land along Puckett’s Run in Bristol Parish. Thus James’ children were certainly William, Thomas, and Sarah, very likely Peter and James, and possibly “Goddaughter Catherine Baugh” named in the 1697 will of Thomas Womack that James Baugh witnessed. 

Descendants of James Baugh
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Baugh (c.1690-1763),  
Mary Farley,  John Farley Sr.,  Sarah Ashbrook,  Peter Ashbrook II,  
John Baugh,  
Mary (—) Baugh,  
John Baugh,  Frances Robertson,   
Jeremiah Puckett Baugh,  
Robertson Baugh,  
Mary Flournoy,  Frances Robertson Baugh,  Isham Puckett,  Margaret Clarke,  
James Baugh,  John Hatchett Jr.,   
Tabitha Baugh,  William Hatchett,  
Frances Baugh,  Jesse Gill,  
John Baugh,  Mary Farguson,  Daniel Farguson,  
Daniel Baugh,  Ann Graves,  John Graves,  Armistead Graves,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Sarah Baugh,  Bartholomew Syre,  
Tabitha Baugh,  Gabriel Vest,  
Frances Baugh,  Akin,  
John Akin,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  Fargus,  
Currell Keen,  
Richard Cliff,  
Elizabeth Davis,  
Tabitha Keen,  William Frith,  John Frith,  Martha —,  
Jeremiah Keen,  
Rhoda Keen,  
Elisha Keen,  
Henry Keen,  
Rebecca Baugh,  
Mary Baugh,  John Dance,   
William Dance,  
Mary Dance,  
Martha Dance,  William Berry,  
Elizabeth Baugh Dance,  William Berry,  
Croutcher Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  
Abraham Baugh,  Judith Coleman,  
Joseph Baugh,  Nancy Gentry,  
William Baugh,  Elizabeth Ashbrook,   
Abraham Baugh,  Martha Johnson,  William Johnson,  
Thomas Baugh,  Elizabeth Johnson,  William Johnson,  
Amasa Baugh,  Patience Pleasant Cheatham,   
Elsa Baugh,  
Alexander Baugh,  Agnes Johnson,  Charles Jonson Sr.,  
Jesse Baugh,  
Mary Baugh,  James Routon,  
Judith Baugh,  Daniel Johnson,  
Rhoda Baugh,  James Blackburn,  
Joseph Baugh,  Rachel Hatcher,   
Thomas Baugh,  
James Baugh,  Elizabeth (—) Baugh,  Peter Ashbrook I,  
Mary Baugh,  Farmer,  
Sarah Baugh,  Moreland,  
Frances Baugh,  John Walthall,   
Elizabeth Baugh,  
Ann Baugh,  Philip Ratliffe,  
Martha Baugh,  
Rachel Baugh,  Jeremiah Ashbrook,   
Winifred Baugh,  
Thomas Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  John Russell,  William Baugh,   Thomas Russell,  
Jesse Russell,  
John Russell,  
Sarah Russell,  
Phoebe Russell,  
Amy Russell,  Lockett,  
Stephen Russell,  Frances (—) Russell,  
Ellyson Russell,  
Archibald Russell,  
Branch Russell,  
Martha Russell,  William Lockett,   
Elizabeth Russell,  Ryman,  
Judith Baugh,  Farguson,  
Jane Baugh,  
Sarah Baugh,  Ashbrook,  
 William Baugh (c.1695-1753),  
Bartholomew Cox,   Mary Cox,  Jennett (—) Ashbrook,  
John Bolling,  
John Baugh,  
Sarah Baugh,  Richard Walthall,   
Frederick Baugh,  Mary (—) Baugh,  Mary Farguson,  James Farguson,  
Frederick Baugh,  
William Baugh,  Lusby Turpin,   Archibald Cary,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  
Bartholomew Baugh,  
Agnes Baugh,  
 Sarah (Baugh) Stewart,  
Daniel Stewart,   
 James Baugh,  
Henry Mayes,  Daniel Sturdivant,   Henry Thweatt,   Robert Bolling,   
Thomas Lewis,  Elizabeth Moore,  Richard Moore,  
Isham Baugh,  Daniel Sturdivant,   Martha Carter,  Richard Carter,  
James Baugh,  Margaret —,  Martha —,  
William Baugh,  
James Baugh,  Agnes Batte,   
Adam Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  William Cureton,  John Cureton,  Robert Dixon,  
Benjamin Clark,  
Daniel Baugh,  Elizabeth Clark,  Bolling Clark,  Lucy Brooks,  Robert Brooks,  James Beanshaw,  John Cox Jr.,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  John Eppes,  
Thomas Baugh,  Martha —,  
Mary Baugh,  
Phoebe Baugh,  
William Baugh,  Ann —,  
James Baugh,  Sarah (—) Baugh,  
Sarah Baugh,  James Blick,  Catherine Lanier,   
Tabitha Baugh,  Roger Mallory Jr.,  
James Baugh Mallory,  Clara Maclin,   Elizabeth Mason,   
William Yates Mallory,  Elizabeth P. Edwards,  James Mallory,  
Alexander Mallory,  Elizabeth Short,  William Short,  
Mary Jane Mallory,  George A. Short,  William Mallory Short,  
Lucy Ann Mallory,  Samuel Hardy Robinson,  
Elizabeth B. Mallory,  
George Richard Mallory,  
Alexander Mallory,  
Elizabeth W. Mallory,  Frederick Temple,  
John Baugh,  Ann —,  
Mary Baugh,  
 Peter Baugh,  
Elizabeth Walthall,   
Benjamin Lockett,   Henry Batte,   
Peter Baugh,  Thomas Robertson,   
Sarah Baugh,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  Stone,  
Susanna Baugh,  Rev. Needler Robertson,  William McDowell,  
Andrew Baugh,  Ann Britton,   
Robert Baugh,  William Pride,   James Pride,   
Peter Baugh,  Mary Ann Elam,   
Alexander Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  John Gibbs,  
Capt. Alexander Gibbs,  
Priscilla Baugh,  John Pride,   
Jane Baugh,  Stratton,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  Hill,  
Frances Baugh,  James DeSear,  
John DeSear,  Edward Folkes Jr.,  
Samuel DeSear,  Edward Folkes,  
Burwell DeSear,  Elizabeth Baugh,   
Edward DeSear,  
Elizabeth DeSear,  
Ann DeSear,  
Sarah Baugh,  Smith,  
Anne Baugh,  Folkes,  
Richard Baugh,  Margaret Jones,   
James Baugh,  
Burwell Baugh,  Ann (Williamson) Netherland,  Betsy Neaves,  Wade Netherland,  Frances Netherland,  Archibald Walthall,   
Elizabeth Baugh,  Julius King,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Dance Jr. - War of 1812 William Berry - War of 1812
William Mallory Short - Civil War George Richard Mallory - Civil War
Alexander Mallory - Civil War Alexander Gibbs - War of 1812

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