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 3538   Henry Hatcher I (-c.1677)
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Henry Hatcher I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Hatcher I might describe his life as follows.

Because I died so very young, I can tell you little about myself. Anne Lound and I were the parents of 2 sons and 3 daughters all of whom were minors 1 September 1677 when Henrico County granted Ann administration of my estate, I having made no will. 
Good women being few and far between then, within a year, Anne was married to a Moody, probably Samuel Moody who was one of my father’s neighbors in 1679.
Although our children undoubtedly lived with Anne, their grandfather Henry Lound became their guardian, taking responsibility for what little property I owned at my death that would belong to them when they reached their 21st birthday. To give them a start in life, Lound gave his wards some livestock in August 1678.  Likewise, my brothers, Edward and Benjamin, gave livestock to their 5 “cousins,” then a term meaning niece or nephew, and guns to our 2 sons, in April 1680. 
All the children reached their 21st birthdays before August 1697 when the court discharged Lound from his guardianship duties. 
Our daughters, who married men named Tanner, Edloe, and Ward, and our sons lived south of the James in present-day Chesterfield County.

Because the court discharged Lound from his guardianship 20 years after Henry’s death, his children were likely all under the age of 10 when he died.
A 1675 patent to Edward Hatcher listed “Hen. Hatcher” as a headright.  Perhaps Henry or his son made a trip to England.

Henry Hatcher, the explorer
Virginian history relates the accounts of Indian trader Henry Hatcher. When William Byrd made his visit to his Eden estate in North Carolina in 1733, he reported finding a tree inscribed “J.H., H.H., B.B., Lay here the 24th of May 1673.” The initials were said to be those of Joseph Hatcher, Henry Hatcher, and Benjamin Bullington. It was Henry Hatcher who gave Maj. Abraham Wood his eyewitness account of the murder of explorer James Needham at the hands of the Occaneechi in Jan. 1674/5.  As there is no known individual named Joseph Hatcher, “J.H.” might refer to John Hasecoll, the Indian escort of the expedition who murdered Needham. 
Possibly the Indian trader Henry Hatcher was identical to this Henry Hatcher because we know Henry’s brother Edward Hatcher traded with the Indians. Further, both Henry’s father William Hatcher and the Bullington family lived at Varina in Henrico County. One Benjamin Bullington, perhaps a kinsman of the explorer of the same name, was living in Henrico County in 1696. 

Descendants of Henry Hatcher I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Hatcher II (c.1670-),  
Martin Elam,  
Dorothy Hardaway,   John Hardaway,   
John Pleasants,  Henry Farmer Sr.,  Charles Evans,  Mary (Tanner) Ligon,   
John Farguson,  Robert Hudson Sr.,  
Richard Martin,  William Bass,  Philip Turpin,   Samuel Hancock,   William Hancock,   
John Burton,   Henry Hudson,  
Henry Hatcher III,  Margaret (—) Hatcher,  
Joseph Tanner,   
William Patterson,  
John Robinson,   Thomas Robinson,   Jonas Meadows,  William Hobson,   Gerard Walthall,   
Henry Hatcher IV,  James Hill,   
Edith (Clarke) Hill,   Godfrey Hill,   Ann Hampton,  
Josiah Hatcher,  Judith Flournoy,  Jacob Flournoy,  
Elizabeth (—) Hatcher,  
Phoebe Hatcher,  
Polly Hatcher,  Moore,  Chichester Brooks,  
Anderson Moore,  
Josiah Brooks,  
Henry Hatcher,  
Ulysses Hatcher,  
Cassandra Hatcher,  
Josiah Hatcher,  
Judith Hatcher,  Staples,  
Minerva Staples,  
Addison Staples,  
Emily Staples,  
Nancy Hatcher,  Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  
Mary Ann Gilliam,  
Hannah Hatcher,  Philemon H. Anderson,  
Frances J. Hatcher,  
Phoebe Hatcher,  Clark,  
Mary Hatcher,  Hancock,  
Edith Hatcher,  Burton,  
Sarah Hatcher,  James Hensley,  
Jeremiah Hatcher,  Elizabeth Rucker,  
Margaret Hatcher,  Enoch Ward Terry,   
Henry Hatcher V,  Sophia Hatcher,   
Rev. Jeremiah Hatcher,  
Edith Logwood,   Edmund Logwood,   
Robert Anthony Hatcher,  
Jeremiah Hatcher,  Elizabeth Jeter,   
Jane Eke Hatcher,  Pleasant Jeter,   Andrew Fuller Jeter, M.D.,  Jeremiah Bell Jeter, D.D.,  
Hardaway Hatcher,  Elizabeth Nelson,  Charles Nelson,  
Thomas Hatcher,  Catherine White,  Jacob White,  Elizabeth N. Baughan,  
Henry Hatcher,  Elizabeth White,  Jacob White,  Mary A. Latham,  Henry Latham,  Hannah Ball,  
Rev. William Eldridge Hatcher,  
Edmund Hatcher,  
Margaret Hatcher,  Jonathon Rucker,  
Archibald Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,  Lucy Rucker,  
Julius Hatcher,  Polly White,  Jacob White,  Hannah Spears,  
Harvey Hatcher,  
 Edmund Logwood (-1775),  
Jane Eke,  
Thomas Logwood,  Ann Aiken,   
Martha (—) Minnis,  
Edmund Logwood,  Mary Dandridge,  Edmund Lockett,   
Martha Stratton,   
Jane Logwood,  Dr. Austin Wharton,  Lucy Goode,   
Thomas S. Logwood,  Mary Patterson,  Capt. Henry Flood,  
Edmund Logwood,  Melinda Poore,  William Poore,  
John Logwood,  
Mary W.D. Logwood,  Richard C. Noell,  
William W. Logwood,  
William Logwood,  Jane Walker,  
Mary Logwood,  Richard Lockett,   
Elizabeth Logwood,  John Chastain,  
John Chastain,  
Lewis Chastain,  
William Chastain,  
Sarah Logwood,  
Mildred Logwood,  William Wooldridge,   
Archibald Logwood,  Ann Friend,   
Edith Logwood,  Jeremiah Hatcher,   
Julius Hatcher,  Joseph Jackson,  Ann Hill,   
Julius F. Hatcher,  Cele Fuqua,  Thomas Fuqua,  
Jesse Hatcher,  Mildred H. Edens,  David Edens,  Mary Ann —,  
Lucy Hatcher,  Jesse Clark,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  Joshua Taylor,  
Uriah Hatcher,  Elizabeth Jones,  Nancy Noell,  Susan Witt,  
Sophia Hatcher,  Henry Hatcher,   Alexander Edens,  
Polly Hatcher,  Thomas W. Taylor,  Alexander Hogan,  
Hilary Hatcher,  Margaret Hensley,  
Lucy Hatcher,  Joseph Terry,  
Frances Hatcher,  Joseph Jackson,  
Mary Jackson,  Charles Hundley,  
Henry Jackson,  
William Jackson,  
Mary Jackson,  
Abel Jackson,  
Jeremiah Jackson,  
Wiley Jackson,  Frances Franklin,  
Mary Hatcher,  Thomas Terry,  
Thomas Terry,  
Lucy Terry,  
Frances Terry,  
Rev. Enoch Ward Terry,  Margaret Hatcher,   
Samuel Hatcher,  John Nash,   
John Robertson,  
Edward Hatcher,  
Lucy (—) Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,  Elizabeth Lafon,  Rev. Thomas Lafon,  
Edward Hatcher,  
Mary Walthall Hatcher,  John Dabney,  Rev. Thomas Lafon,  
Tabitha Hatcher,  David Boisseau,   Patrick Henry Boisseau,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  
Mary Dupuy,  John James Dupuy,  
Agnes Hatcher,  Benjamin Watkins,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  
Mary Hatcher,  George Asbury,  
Susanna Hatcher,  Henry Greer,  
John Hatcher,  
Edward Hatcher,  
Frances Hatcher,  John Smith,  
Tabitha Hatcher,  Coleman Smith,  
Henry Hatcher,  Sally Greer,  
Phoebe Hatcher,  Henry Haynes,  
Charles Hatcher,  
Tabitha Hatcher,  John Bass,   James Wade,  
William Bass,   
Martha Bass,  William Fowlkes,   
Tabitha Bass,  Henry B. Fowlkes,   
Agnes Bass,  Samuel Bruce,  
Elizabeth Bass,  Armistead Bruce,   
Mary Bass,  Milner Bennett,  
Nancy Bennett,  
Frances Bass,  Joseph Jennings Fowlkes,   
John Bass,  
Edward Bass,  
Nancy Bass,  Wade,  
Polly Wade,  
John Bass Wade,  
Lucy Bass,  Bolling,  
Samuel Hatcher,  Cicely Bass,  Francis Cheatham,   Charles Cheatham,   
Obedience Beasley,   
Richardson Cheatham,   Owen Cheatham,   Rowland Hatcher,  
Samuel Hatcher III,  
Branch Hatcher,  Sarah Epes,  Susanna Boisseau Cogbill,   
Obedience A. Hatcher,  
Samuel B. Hatcher,  Sarah (—) Hatcher,  
Francis Epps Hatcher,  Martha S. Howlett,  Elizabeth Smith Weisiger,   
Sarah Hatcher,  
Sarah Epps Hatcher,  Henry Tally,  
Mary E.P. Hatcher,  Henry A. Bridgewater,  
Thursa H. Hatcher,  Richard Blankenship,  
Archibald Hatcher,  Joseph Bass,  Anna Boisseau,   
Benjamin Hatcher,  Susanna Boisseau,   
Mary B. Hatcher,  Alexander Archer,  Eliza A. Mims,  
Calvin Archer,  
Virginia Susan Archer,  
Ann Bett Archer,  Peter B. Wills,  
Sallemaud Archer,  
Virginia Susan Archer,  
Miles Archer,  
Alexander Boisseau Archer,  Ann Elizabeth Franklin,  
Benjamin Hatcher Archer,  
Samuel J. Hatcher,  Elizabeth McGehee,  
Martha A. Hatcher,  Richard Archer,  
Page Patrick Hatcher,  William Archer,   
Pauline B. Hatcher,  Joseph Atwell Lafon,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  Lucy G. Cogbill,  
Mary E. Fore,  
Susan Boisseau Hatcher,  James Bott,   
Anna Obedience Hatcher,  Samuel Washington Weisiger,  
Dr. William Robert Weisiger,  
Martha Hatcher,  Armistead Bruce,   
Elizabeth Bruce,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Matthew Winfree,  
Joseph Winfree,  
Eugenia Winfree,  
Martha Bruce,  Matthew Graves,   
Susan Bruce,  John Turpin,  
James Alexander Bruce,  Elizabeth F. Scott,  Sarah Frances Belcher,  Thomas Belcher,  
Lucy Ann Bruce,  Nelson Gregory,  
Matilda A. Bruce,  Dr. Leroy Branch,  
Samuel B. Bruce,  Mary E. Carter,  Elizabeth Ann Wootton,  
Obedience Hatcher,  Hezekiah Ellington,   
Ann Hatcher,  
Agnes Hatcher,  Uriah Hatcher,   
Tabitha Hatcher,  William Cheatham,   
Josiah Hatcher,  John Burton,   
George Renyer Turner,  Robert Burton,   Henry Baker,  
Joseph Starkey,  Robert Hudson,  
Thomas Cheatham,   Ann Elizabeth (—) Hatcher,  Jane (—) Butler,  John Butler,  
Capt. Thomas Hatcher,  Sarah Porter,  Lucy (Curd) Watkins,  Thomas Porter,  Charles Watkins,  
Phoebe Hatcher,  
Sarah Hatcher,  
Ann Elizabeth Hatcher,  Newton Curd,  John Curd,  Lucy Brent,  
Elizabeth Porter Hatcher,  Josiah Leake,  
Thomas Hatcher,  
Josiah Hatcher,  Nancy Sampson,  Richard Sampson,  
Polly Hatcher,  Stephen Woodson,  
Martha Hatcher,  Dr. Wesley Wright,  
Josiah Hatcher,  
Phoebe Hatcher,  Francis Marshall Jr.,  
Seth Hatcher,  Charles Hatcher,  
Elizabeth Ligon,   
Elizabeth Hardaway Hatcher,  William Montague Watkins,  
William Hardaway Watkins,  
Julius Montague Watkins,  
Walter McDonald Watkins,  
Elizabeth Hardaway Watkins,  
Charles Henry Watkins,  
Mary Augusta Watkins,  
Daniel Hatcher,  
Gideon Hatcher,  Martha Laprade,  John LaPrade,  Hezekiah Henley,  
Mary Ross,  
Josiah Hatcher,  Polly Johnson,  
John LaPrade Hatcher,  Martha Robertson,  N. Robertson,  
Ann Elizabeth Hatcher,  Beverley J. Sandidge,  
Sarah Hatcher,  David Cardin,  Sally Richards,  
Gideon Hatcher,  
Susanna Hatcher,  
Martha Hatcher,  
Daniel Hatcher,  
Juliana Hatcher,  Sandridge,  
Thomas Hatcher,  
Jane L.P. Hatcher,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  
Henry Hatcher,  Ann Haskins,   
Daniel Hatcher,  Mary Walthall,   
Edwin Williams,  Harriet E.W. Poindexter,  
Walthall Hatcher,  
Mary J. Hatcher,  John E. Wadsworth,  
Thomas Hatcher,  Sarah M. Lacey,  Susan Hatcher,  
Ann Elizabeth Jamboon Hatcher,  Owen Williams,  
Thomas Wooldridge,   
Rachel Hatcher,  Joseph Baugh,   
Martha Perkinson,  Mary Robertson,  Mary Wooldridge,   Martha Wooldridge,   
 William Hatcher (-1694),  
Seth Ward,   Edward Hatcher,   John Burton,   
Joseph Tanner,   Hugh Ligon,   
 Mary (Hatcher) Tanner (c.1670-),  
Edward Tanner,   
 Ann (Hatcher) Ward Blackman,  
Capt. Seth Ward,   
William Blackman,   
Henry Anderson,   Thomas Branch,   
 William Blackman (c.1641-1698),  
Maj. William Harris,   Richard Thomas,  
Joshua Stap,  Edward Deely,  Gilbert Jones,   Robert Jones,  
Peter Lee,  Henry Sherman,   
Dorothy (—) Blackman,  
Capt. Giles Webb,  
William Byrd,  Henry Ascough,  Mary (Baugh) Ascough,  
William Blackman,  Ann (Hatcher) Ward,   
John Blackman,  Elizabeth Goode,   John Tullit,  
Dorothy Blackman,  George Cogbill,  
Robert Broadway,  Gilbert Elam,   Edward Deely,  
Hannah Cogbill,  John Stowers,  
George Cogbill,  John Stewart,  Thomas Jackson,  
Thomas Cogbill,  Ann Hill,   
John Cogbill,  
Jesse Cogbill,  
Mary (—) Martin,  John Martin,  
Polly Martin,  Robert Elam,   
Sally Cogbill,  Edward Goode,   Armistead Hill,  
Thomas Nelson Cogbill,  
Sarah Walthall,   
Charles Cogbill,  Frances Bottom,   
Lucy Christian,  Turner Hunt Christian,  
Thomas Cogbill,  
Frances Cogbill,  James Baird,  
Charles Christian Cogbill,  Mary Ann Featherstone,   
Sarah Cogbill,  Jesse Goode,   
Susanna Stith Cogbill,  John Kerr,  John Carr,  Rev. Thomas Hardie,  John Cox,  Buckner Stith,   
Mary Sowns Cogbill,  
Ezekiel Jackson,  Rhoda Dance,   Joseph Jackson,  
John Jackson,  
Mary Jackson,  
Robert Goode,  William Britton,  
Mary Cogbill,  Thomas Franklin,  
Matthew Farley,  Valentine Winfree,   Henry Winfree,  Jesse Cogbill,   
Edward Goode,  
Thomas Cogbill,   
Parker Hare,   
Sarah Cogbill,  
Jesse Goode,  John Walthall,   
Sarah Cogbill,   
Lucy Goode,  Daniel Nunnally,  
Mary B. Goode,  Armistead Scott,  Rev. Jesse Cogbill Jr.,  
John Goode,  John Dewey Hare,   Isham Wells,  
George Cogbill,  
George Cogbill,  Ridley Chalkley,  David Chalkley,  
Jesse Cogbill,  Polly Bass Cogbill,   
John Cogbill,  Elizabeth Featherstone,   
Phoebe Cogbill,  Christopher Bass,   
William Cogbill,  John Ferguson,  
Tabitha (Cheatham) Beasley,   
Rebecca Cogbill,  John Smith,  
Rebecca Smith,  William Fowler,  Humphrey Gates,  
Polly Bass Cogbill,  Jesse Cogbill,   
Philip Cogbill,  
Elizabeth Blackman,  Richard Ward,   
 Martha (Hatcher) Edloe Blanks,  
John Edloe,   
Thomas Blanks,  Richard Blanks Jr.,  Richard Blanks Sr.,  
Henry Lound Edloe,  Jane Browne,   
Edward Cocke,   Samuel Harwood,  Thomas Eppes,  Henry Soane,  Benjamin Dancy,  
Philip Edloe,  Philip Edloe,   
James Southall,  John Southall,  
William Edloe,  Anne (—) Edloe,  David Garland,  John Emery,  William Kennon,  Benjamin Dancy,  
Richard Kennon,  
Hannah Acrill,   
John Edloe,  
Ann Armistead Allen,  Col. William Allen,  
Carter H. Edloe,  
Mary Allen Edloe,  Dr. Nathaniel Montgomery Osborne,  
Martha Armistead Edloe,  Richard Griffin Orgain,  
William Edloe,  
Henry Edloe,  Elizabeth Edmundson,  Benjamin Edmundson,  Margaret (Waddrop) Harwood,  Samuel Harwood,   
William Edloe,  
Jane Edloe,  
Rebecca Edloe,  
Mary Edloe,  William Holt,  
Henry Edloe,  Francis Tyree,  Elizabeth Major,  Martha Harrison,  
John Edloe,  Henry Brown,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Hatcher - Revolutionary War Edmund Logwood - Revolutionary War
Samuel Hatcher - Revolutionary War Branch Hatcher - War of 1812
Archibald Hatcher - War of 1812 Benjamin Hatcher - War of 1812
Leroy Branch - War of 1812 Thomas Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Josiah Hatcher - Revolutionary War Seth Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Gideon Hatcher - Revolutionary War Daniel Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Jesse Cogbill - War of 1812 Philip Cogbill - War of 1812
William Edloe - Revolutionary War Henry Edloe - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Robert Anthony Hatcher - Confederate Robert Anthony Hatcher - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Robert Anthony Hatcher - Missouri Dr. Andrew Fuller Jeter - Missouri
Jesse Cogbill - Virginia  

Selected sources
“Archer Family Bible Record.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 15:48-49 (1977). • Family Bible of Alexander Archer who married Mary B. Hatcher. See also Library of Virginia Accession 25445.

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