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 3522   Joseph Tanner (-c.1670)
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Joseph Tanner, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Tanner might describe his life as follows.

As early as March 1662 I settled on my plantation “Baldwins” south of the James in Bermuda Hundred,  which is north of Hopewell where Bermuda Hundred Road crosses U.S. I-295. Because that area was then part of Henrico County where most court records before 1677 are missing, I can enlighten you little about myself. I can tell you that in 1688 after a jury made me pay only 10 pounds of tobacco when Thomas Osborne accused me beating some of his horses, he had to pay 3 witnesses 40 pounds each for the time they were in court. 
Because I served as county clerk during at least 1657-65,  I should have done a better job when I made my will 7 December 1668. Although the will no longer remains, subsequent records reveal that I left out the phrase “and his heirs forever” in a few places, causing some problems. 
I died before 26 June 1671 when a land patent issued to Robert Bowman Jr. described land as next to Joseph Tanner’s orphants
Mary and I had 4 “orphants” to be exact. She can describe her second marriage to Gilbert Platt. I will just say that although she did have a temper, she successfully managed the family for 30 years after my death.
Because Mary was “very sick & weak” in February 1688/9 when the will of her brother-in-law Edward Stratton was to be proved, the court had to send Francis Epes to take her deposition. 
Although our son Edward was still living when Mary made her will 10 March 1699/1700, headstrong as ever, she appointed our daughter Mary sole executor.

Joseph Tanner was clerk of Henrico County when he witnessed the 1665 will of Richard Cocke of Henrico. 
Mary Tanner was Joseph Tanner’s wife, yet we do not know her birth name. Mary’s sister, Martha, married 1st Thomas Sheppey and 2nd, Edward Stratton.

Tanner’s indentured servant runs off
Among Joseph Tanner’s indentured servants was John Crossman who ran off several times and was gone 33 days in all. Tanner lost 8 days looking for him and twice the county paid for his capture and return. In consideration of his reputation as a “notorious Runaway,” the court extended Crossman’s indenture 11 months and ordered 20 lashes to his bare back. 

Tanner’s will
Joseph’s now-lost will left the lower part of “Baldwins” to his two daughters. Not until 1694 did they divide the land between Mary (Tanner) Ligon and Martha (Tanner) Jones Haskins. Richard Ligon, the county surveyor, ran the line between their properties. 
Joseph left the upper portion of his plantation to his son Edward Tanner. Because he failed to insert the clause “and his heirs forever,” when Edward died the land reverted to Edward’s brother Joseph Tanner. Joseph acknowledged that his father intended the land to pass to Edward’s children and conveyed the land to Joseph Tanner in Feb. 1684/5.  Because their daughter’s inheritance was similarly tainted, Joseph likewise conveyed Martha Tanner’s land to her and her husband, Edward Haskins, and their eldest son Edward Haskins

The orphan’s land
Joseph’s orphans, Mary, Joseph, Edward, and Martha Tanner, patented to 650 acres in Henrico in Oct. 1673, which they secured with a deed 1 April 1681. 
In June 1718 the surviving Tanner heirs agreed to the division of the 650 acres: 150 acres to William Baugh and Lodowick Tanner, 162½ to Martha Tanner, 216 acres to Edward Tanner, and 162 acres to William Ligon. We do not know why these sum to 690 acres. William Baugh was not an heir but had bought part of “Baldwins.” 

Mary marries Gilbert Platt
Gilbert Platt, Mary’s 2nd husband, became the guardian of the 4 Tanner children 20 Aug. 1677. When she married, Mary had an Indian girl named Moll whom she gave to her son-in-law William Ligon in April 1679. 
Henrico County assured the rights of orphans through its Orphans Court, which met annually. Its 1677 assembly included an accounting of cattle belonging to the orphans of Joseph Tanner. Held by Gilbert Platt: “Starr, Pretty Maid, Moll, Buck and 2 two-year-old heifers alive—in all 6. Long Legge, Duck Legge, Pie, Green, Cole, and 2 calves dead—in all 7.”  The eldest heir, Joseph Tanner, became the guardian of the remaining orphans in 1683, and the court discharged Platt. 
In April 1687 Mary released all interests she might have had in the property belonging to her son Edward in return for 20 shillings per year until she died or until 1694. 

Dispute with Hugh Ligon
In 1689 Hugh Ligon was conversing with Mary Ligon, the wife of his cousin, Maj. William Ligon. Mary accused Hugh of trespassing in her wheat field and he confessed that he had been there. Mary’s mother, Mary Platt, overheard the conversation and accused Hugh of destroying her corn. We do not know what else she said but Hugh sued Gilbert and Mary Platt “for scandalous words spoken by the said Mary.”  Edward Tanner came to court as a witness. A jury ordered Mary Platt to pay 400 pounds of tobacco to Hugh.

Mary’s will
Although she had at least one son still living, she named her daughter, Mary Ligon, the executor of her will which was recorded 1 Feb. 1700/1. 

Will of Mary Platt
10 March 1699/1700
In the name of God Amen. I Mary Platt of Henrico County Virg’a Spinster being weak in body but of Sound perfect sense & memory, praised be God Doe well Make and Ordaine this my last will & testament in manner & forme as followeth.
Imp. I give & bequeath my soul to God that gave it; my body to be buried at the Discretion of my Ex.x in True & certain hopes of a joyfull resurrection at ye last day.
Item. I Give and bequeath to my son Edward Tanner the Cattle he hath in his possession which I delivered him.
Item. I give unto my … son Edward Tanner twelve pound.
Item. I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Martha Haskins twelve pound.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Thomas Lygon one black cow & one heifer.
Item. I give and bequeath to my Grandson Thomas Jones twelve pounds to be paid when he comes of Lawfull Age.
Item. I give & bequeath unto ye said Thomas Jones one feather bed bolster & two pillows wch I bought at the store at my Son Ed Tanner’s; one pair of blankets, one Rugg, one pair of Coarse holland sheets, two pairs of new canvis sheets four pillow beens one bedstead one whole cord two new pewter Dishes two new basins Ditto two Iron Pots on Large one Small two pewter Dishes half worn one doz: pewter plates.
Item. I give and bequeath to my Grandson Joseph Ligon to him & his heirs forever two hundred Acres of land to me belonging Lying & being upon Swift Creek in Hen’ro Coty joyning on ye Land of Mr. Eusebius King.
Item. I Give & bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Phebe Liggon forty Shillings to buy her a beaker and twenty shillings to buy her two silver spoons all to be marked wth her name.
Item. I Give & bequeath to my Grand Daughter Lucretia Liggon my sidesaddle.
Item. I give and bequeath unto Charles Roberts thirty shillings.
All ye Rest of my Estate not yet Disposed of I Give and bequeath unto my executrix she paying all my Debts & Legacies and I do hereby will & Ordaine my Daughter Mary Liggon my full whole & sole Exe’x of this my last will and testament in witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th day of March Anno Dom 1699
Mary Platt
Mary Chamberlaine
William Anderson
William Ligon

We do not know why Charles Roberts was a legatee and Mary did not reveal his relationship to her. In Henrico County was Charles Roberts Sr. (c1657 ) and Charles Roberts Jr. (1677), presumably father and son. The elder Charles Roberts witnessed several deeds in Henrico County and saw Henry Lound, Thomas Chamberlaine, and John Willson execute their wills.

Descendants of Joseph Tanner
Information about the children of Joseph Tanner, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Tanner (c.1662-1698),  
Ann Floyd,  James Forrest,  Richard Ward,   
Richard Womack,  John Scott,  
John Crossland,  John Aldrige,  John Harwin,  Giles Webb,  William West,  
Anthony Moore,  John Stewart,  Thomas Buck,  Benjamin Branch,   
Lewis,  Mary Lewis,  
Sarah Hatcher,   Matthew Turpin,   Mary Hatcher,   
Lodowick Tanner,   
Thomas Osborne,   Edward Osborne,   Thomas Jefferson,   John Cole,  
Samuel Oulton,  Thomas Edwards,  Philip Turpin,   Thomas Osborne,   Seth Ward,   Moses Wood,  
Joseph Tanner III,  Peter Field,  
Jane (—) Tanner,  Floyd Tanner,   
Thomas Osborne,   
Thomas Tanner,  James Forrest,  William Baugh,   
William Bass,  Robert Moseley,   James Aiken Jr.,  
Francis Worsham,  William Watkins,  
Judith (—) Tanner,  Joseph Motley,   William Sharpe,  
Alexander Brown,  Susanna (—) Baldwin,  William Baldwin,  
Archelius Tanner,  
Martha Tanner,  Brown,  
Joseph Brown,  
Nathaniel Tanner,  
Mary Huson,  Richard Huson,  
John Burnley Tanner,  
Seth Tanner,  Sarah Kelly,  John Kelly,  Elizabeth Huson,  
Nathan Tanner,  Mary Mitchell,  Thomas Huson,  
Nathaniel Tanner,  
Nathan Tanner,  Nancy C. Tanner,  Branch Tanner,   
Elizabeth Tanner,  Nathaniel Young,  
Joel Tanner,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  Daniel,  
Susannah Tanner,  
Nathaniel Tanner,  
Benjamin Nathaniel Tanner,  Mary (—) Tanner,  
Branch Tanner,  Elizabeth Asher,  John Asher,  
James Tanner,  Keziah —,  
John Tanner,  Leviney Daniel,  Peter Daniel,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  John Asher Jr.,  
Vincent Glass Tanner,  Elizabeth Daniel,  Richard Daniel,  
Benjamin Tanner,  Lucy Martin,  Mary (—) Martin,  
Susannah Tanner,  John McKinney,  
Nathaniel Tanner,  Mary Asher,  
Levicey Tanner,  Morgan Cumby,  
Phoebe Tanner,  George McKinney,  
Mary Tanner,  
Joseph Tanner,  Archelius Tanner,  Sarah (—) Tanner,  Gideon Winfree,  
George Smith,   Gardner Mayes,  William Craddock,   Micajah Maddera,  
Robert Vaughan,   
Judith Tanner,  John Johns,  Richard Johns,   
Elizabeth Johns,  William Booth,   
Judith Johns,  James Mann,  Catlett Mann,  John Mann,  
Joel Johns,  Dionetia Bruce,   
Elizabeth Johns,  John Leigh,   
Sarah Johns,  John Penick,   
Nancy Johns,  Lewellyn Hurt,  
John Alexander Johns,  Elizabeth Ann Morgan,  John Morgan,  
Dorothy Johns,  Stephen Herring,  
Mary Johns,  Stephen Bedford Hamlett,  
Tabitha Johns,  Richard Yarbrough,   
Susannah Johns,  John Brummer,  
Judith T. Johns,  Charles F. Wall,  
Joel Johns,  Elizabeth Catherine Osborne,   
Dionetia Johns,  Munford Stephen Hurt,  
Martha Johns,  Alexander Bruce,   
Mary Johns,  
Sarah Johns,  
Nathaniel Johns,  
Stephen Johns,  
Richard Mitchell,  Nancy Jean Johns,  
William Brummer,  
John Johns,  
Joel Tanner,  
Ambrose Crane,  John Johns,   Joel Johns,   John Gooch,  
Lucy Ellington,   
Floyd Tanner,  Joseph Tanner,   
James Hines,  Joseph Motley,   Elizabeth (—) Tanner,  James Foster,  William Griffin,  
Thomas Jones,  Mary Brooks Jones,  Matthew Bates,   
Sally (—) Tanner,  
Joel Tanner,  Joseph Terry,  
Capt. Thomas Tanner,  Lucy Motley,   David Ellington,  
Kerenhappuch Turner Morehead,  
Joseph Motley Tanner,  Elizabeth (Irby) Motley,  
Joel Tanner,  
Asa Tanner,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  Bird Stamps,  
Floyd Tanner,  Elizabeth F. Terry,  
Thomas Tanner,  
David Tanner,  John Kirby,  Hugh Kelly,  
Joseph Tanner,  Elizabeth Lanier,  
Lemuel Tanner,  
Nancy Tanner,  
Lodowick Tanner,  
Branch Tanner,  
Asa Tanner,  
Martha Tanner,  Grissett,  Jesse Davis Green,   
Lucy Ann Grissett,  
Elizabeth Coleman Green,  
Joshua Tanner,  
Lewis Tanner,  
John Storer,  John Farguson,  John Clarke,  William Perdue,  
Thomas Covington,  
James Cheatham,   Aaron Haskins,   
Lucius Tanner,  
Thomas Tanner,  George Farrar,   James Bilbo,  
Sarah Tanner,  Jonathon Bennett,  
Delina Tanner,  Andrew Samuel,  
Rebecca Tanner,  William Poole Jr.,  
Ludwell Tanner,  Lucy Holmes,   
Betsy Ann Tanner,  Ambrose Daly,  
Richard Tanner,  Nancy Andrews,  
Thomas Tanner,  
Lodowick Tanner,  Alexander Marshall,  Elizabeth (Worsham) Ligon,  Thomas Ligon,   Col. Francis Epes,  
Frances Branch,   Henry Anderson Jr.,   John Kelly,  
Ann (—) Johnson,  Richard Hayes,   
Branch Tanner,  Thomas Branch,   
Mary Page Finney,   
George Robertson,   Thomas Cheatham,   Benjamin Branch,   Edward Bass,   Peterfield Trent,   
Benjamin Branch,   
Branch Tanner,  Alexander Roberts,   Filmer Wills,   William Townes,  Daniel Willson,   William Marshall,   
Thomas Williamson,  Samuel Goode,   Richard Pilkstone,  Matthew Marable,  
William Clayton,  
Thomas Branch Willson,   George Rowlett,   William Gibbs,  George Willson,   
Roger Neal,   Henry Anderson,   
Thomas Rowlett,   Branch Osborne,   Archer Jones,   John Clayton,  Peter Field Archer,   
Mary Page Tanner Bolling,  Dr. William Tazewell,   
Jane Rebecca Robertson Tazewell,  
Catherine Nivision Tazewell,  John P. Edward Ambler,  Matilda Ambler,  
Edward Scott Gay,   
Sarah Bolling Tazewell,  George Fitzgerald,   
Willianna Blair Tazewell,  
Henrietta Watkins Tazewell,  Charles J. Fox,  
Mary Louisa Tazewell,  Dr. James Barrett Southall,  
Martha Jefferson Tazewell,  John B. Southall,  
Anne Rosalie Tazewell,  Andrew Lewis Ellett,  James Beadles Ellett,  
Tazewell Ellett,  
Andrew Lewis Ellett,  
Ida Ellett,  Lawyer Stegar,  
Nannie Ellett,  Fleming,  
Isabella Tazewell,  
Frances Tanner,  Maj. Peter Field Archer,   
William Archer,  Mary Ann Clarke,  Maj. John Clarke,  
Dr. Branch Tanner Archer,  
Eloise Clarke,  John Clarke,  
Mary E. Archer,  
Peter Field Archer,  
Fanny Tanner Archer,  
Martha Field Archer,  Vivion Madison,  
Elizabeth Royall Archer,  Thomas Bolling Gay,   
Mary Page Finney Archer,  John Hyde Saunders,  
Joseph Royall Archer,  
Sarah Tanner,  Peter Jones,   Clement Read,   
Peter Jones,   
William Baldwin,  Maj. Peter Jones,   
Robert Wade Sr.,  Elizabeth —,  James Johnson,  David Abernathy,  Benjamin Cobb,  John White,  
John Cox,  Peter Grigg,   James Grigg,   William Hatcher,   George Bagley,   
James Henderson,   Richard Jones,   William Spain,  Samuel Sherwin,   John Flinn,  
John Gray,  John Duncan,  John Ragsdale,  John McLacklen,  
Peter Branch Jones,   Robert Fitzgerald,   
Batte Jones,  Margaret Ward,   
Robert Jones,  Ann Ward,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Littleberry Royall,   
Branch Jones,  Mary Jones,   
Peter Jones,  Jane Stokes,  David Stokes,  Sarah Montfort,  
Jennings Fowlkes,   Asa Barnes,  Joseph Smith,  
John Billups,   
Francis Jones,  Long,  
Lewellyn Jones,  Prudence (—) Jones,  Theodorick Jones,  
Sarah Montfort Jones,  Richard Kenner Crallé Sr.,  Richard Kenner Crallé Jr.,  Judith Scott Cabell,  John Jordan Cabell,   
Mary C. Jones,  Maj. Francis Robertson,  
Branch Jones,  Dorothy C. Anderson,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Maj. John Taylor,  Sterling Neblett,   
Peter Jones,  Sally Glenn Bacon,   
Susanna Royall Jones,  John Stokes,  
Edward Montfort Jones,  Mary Ann Street,  Gillie Marion Bacon,   
Ann Stokes Jones,  William Garland Overton,   
Mary Jane Overton,  Algernon Sidney Jones,   
William Montfort Overton,  Rebecca McCandlish,  
Ann Eliza Overton,  D.M. Bernard,  
Frances Tanner Overton,  Edmond G. James,  
Frances Tanner Jones,  Haynie Hatchett,   
Col. William Haynie Hatchett,  Virginia A.M. Epes,   Martha Anne Beverley,   
Jane Maria Hatchett,  Benjamin Hite,  Charles Harrison Ogburn,  
Branch Archer Hatchett,  
Mary Frances Hatchett,  
John Richard Hatchett,  
Ann Eliza Hatchett,  Henry Stokes,  
Sarah Jones Hatchett,  
Lewellyn Hatchett,  
Indiana Susan Hatchett,  
Peter Montfort Hatchett,  
Rosabella Overton Hatchett,  
Emma Petronella Hatchett,  
Capt. Archer Jones,  Frances Branch Scott,   
Frances Scott Jones,  William Dandridge Epes,   
Archer Jones,  Eliza Jones,  
Sally Tanner Jones,  Edwin Gilliam Booth,  Gilliam Booth,  Rebecca Hicks,  
Henrietta Chauncey,  
Edward Gilliam Booth,  
Branch Osborne Jones,  
Sarah Jones,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  William Osborne,   Richard Booker,   Richard Clarke,   
Henry Talley,  Peter Irby,  Edward Thweatt,   George Thweatt,   Curtis Cates,  Robert Munford,  Peter Ellington,   
Capt. Abner Osborne,  Joseph Tucker,  Prudence —,  Thomas Clarke,  John Perkinson,   Josiah Duncan,  Godfrey Tucker,  William Foster,   William Greenhill,   Rice Newman,  
Richard Osborne,  
Abner Osborne Watkins,  Elizabeth (—) Osborne,  Conrad Webb,  Lucy Osborne,  
William Osborne,  Frances Finney,   Ann Sterling,  
Isham Clay,   John Gray,  Charles Knight,   
William Finney Osborne,  
Elizabeth Clack Osborne,  
Jane Thornton Osborne,  
Mary Sterling Osborne,  
Branch Osborne,  Mildred Carter,  
Ann Osborne,  
Sarah Tanner Osborne,  
Frances Branch Osborne,  
Branch Osborne,  Lodowick Tanner,   James Watkins,  
Michal Osborne,  Rice Scott,   
Edward Scott,  
Martha Williams Scott,  James Munford,  
Nancy Munford,  
Robert Scott,  
Elizabeth Archer Osborne,  James Scott,   
Frances Branch Scott,  Capt. Archer Jones,   
Capt. Thomas Epes,   Rev. James Chappell,   
Isham Epes,  
Richard F. Epes,  Fannie Dunn,  
Agnes Branch Scott,  Osborne Lockett,   
Thomas Scott,  Jane Haskins,   
William Scott,  
Elizabeth Archer Scott,  Paschal Greenhill Leigh,   
James Scott,  Elizabeth Cunningham,  
Samuel Scott,  Elizabeth H.C. Bigger,   
 John Leigh (-c.1785),  
Zachariah Leigh,  Christiana (—) Leigh,  Elizabeth Greenhill,  David Greenhill,  Catherine Claiborne,  
Ellen Leigh,  Daniel Worsham,   
Benjamin Lawson,  
Elizabeth Leigh,  John Townes,   
Rev. John Leigh Townes,  Polly Segar Eggleston,  Richard Eggleston,  Judith Moulson,  Thomas W. Webster,  
Rev. Paschal Leigh Townes,  Mary Harwood Overton,   
Lucy F. Walker,  
Rev. Zachariah Greenhill Leigh,  Priscilla Allen Townes,   
John Townes Leigh,  Elizabeth F. Townes,  Rebecca Walker Giles,  
Rev. William Leigh,  Ann L. Townes,  Elizabeth Greenhill Ligon,  Susan Watson,  
Martha Allen Leigh,  Thomas Weldon Powell,  
Elizabeth Leigh,  
Richard Henry Leigh,  Lucy Worsham Townes,  Lucy Worsham,   James Townes,   
Elizabeth Greenhill Leigh,  Samuel Dabney Burke,  Betsy Perkinson,   Richard Floyd Burke,  
Catherine Leigh,  
Sarah Leigh,  William Ligon,   
Paschal Greenhill Leigh,  Elizabeth Archer Scott,   
John Leigh,  Elizabeth Johns,   
Emanuel Jones Leigh,  Martha Thomason,  
David Greenhill Leigh,  Mary Booker (Craig) Stevenson,   
Catherine Leigh,  Charles Rice,  
 Edward Tanner (c.1664-1719),  
Francis Carter,  
John Teal,  Mary Lewis,  
Mary Hatcher,   Sarah Hatcher,   Joseph Tanner,   
Thomas Knibb,  William Cheatham,   William Ligon,   
Edward Tanner,  
John Tanner,  
Joseph Tanner,  Richard Randolph,  Martha (—) Tanner,  Peter Randolph,  
Ann Tanner,  
Martha Tanner,  Edward Stewart,  
Henry Hatcher,   
Edward Stewart,  
Obedience Knibb,   John Hamblin,  
Thomas Farmer,  Ann (—) Stewart,  
Archard Bass,   
Thomas Stewart,  
Elizabeth Stewart,  
Josiah Stewart,  
Edward Stewart,  
Judith Stewart,  Thomas Fisher,  
Anne Stewart,  
James Stewart,  
Martha Stewart,  
Charles Stewart,  
John Stewart,  
William Stewart,  Thomas Hamm,  Thomas Sadler,  George Hamm,  
Mary (—) Stewart,  
John Stewart,  
William Stewart,  Milton Ford,   
Edward Stewart,  Reuben Seay,  Mary Ford,  William Ford,  William Ford,   
Sarah Stewart,  Robert Ferguson,  
Charles Stewart,  
Mary Stewart,  William Hutcheson,  
Mary Jane Stewart,  
Martha Stewart,  
Mary Tanner,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  
 Mary (Tanner) Ligon Farrar,  
Maj. William Ligon,   
William Farrar,   Rev. George Robertson,   
 Martha (Tanner) Jones Haskins,  
Thomas Jones II,   Repps Jones,  
Thomas Jefferson,   Edward Skerme,   
Edward Haskins,  Capt. John Stith,  Robert Hancock,   Johan Ligon,   
Robert Hancock,   
Thomas Jones III,  John Bolling,  
Samuel Jones,  John Banister,   William Black,  Mary Fox,   
Repps Jones,  
David Bullock,  
Lucretia (—) Jones,  Edward Walton,  
Repps Jones,  William May,  
Thomas Jones,   
Stephen Jones,  Ann Jones,   
Diana Kemble,  
Repps Jones,  Frances Keatts,  Frances Keatts,  
Paschal Jones,  Lucretia Jeffress,   
Robert Jones,  Christiana Blackwell,  
Thomas Jones,  Mary Burge,  Robert Blackwell Jones,  John Robert Jones,  Dr. Clarence Porter Jones,  
Jane Jones,  Robert Blackwell,  
Molly Jones,  Edgecomb Suggett,  
Hutcheson Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,  
Benjamin Stephen Jones,  Dorothy Mabry,  
Anne Jones,  Beverly B. Burge,  
Robert Jones,  James Wall Jr.,  Elizabeth (—) Jones,  John Jordan,  
Drury Major,  
Armistead Jones,  Drury Major,  Jean Smithson,  
Rebecca Jones,  Drury Major,  
Jane Jones,  William Bishop,  Benjamin Jordan,  
Robert Jones,  Patsey P. Wilson,  
Drury Jones,  John Jordan,  
William Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  Hugh Boston,  Rebecca (—) Jones,  Benjamin Edmundson,   
Sarah (—) Blackstone,  John Blackstone,   
Diana Kemble,  
John Jones,  Sarah —,  Willis Vaughan,   Matthew Robertson,   
Thomas Jones,  
Sally Jones,  
Jenny Jones,  
Ann Jones,  Stephen Jones,   
Stephen Jones,  Richard Cross,   
Lucretia Jones,  Charles Parrish,  
Upton Edmundson,   Thomas Blackwell,  
Lucretia Parrish,  Charles J. Evans,  
Robert Parrish,  
Anna Jones,  Peter Malone,  Charles Thompson,  
Mary Jones,  
Martha Jones,  
Lucretia Jones,  Henry Childers,   
Thomas Childers,  Matthias Ayres,  
Henry Childers,  Mary Farmer,  John Farmer,  
Edward Haskins,  
Robert Hancock,  
Charles Talbott,  Henry Isbell,   James Rutledge,  
Paul Carrington,   
John Childers,  
Thomas Osborne,   Ann Worsham,   
William Childress,  Frances Rice,  Robert Childress,  
William L. White,  
Reps Osborne Childress,  Reps Osborne,   Elizabeth (—) Childress,  
Obedience Childress,  John Drinkard,  
Naomi Childress,  Samuel Butler,  
Reps Osborne Childress,  Mary Hill,  William Hill Jr.,  Hannah Elizabeth Halbert,  
John Childress,  Sarah Booker,   
Ann Cobb Childress,  Joseph Motley,  Absalom Farmer,  
Elizabeth Childress,  Francis Jackson,  
Lucretia Childress,  
Lucretia Childers,  
Phoebe Childers,  
Ann Childers,  
Henry Childers,  
Thomas Childers,  
Millicent Childers,  
Mary Childers,  
Godfrey Childers,  
Sarah Childers,  
David Childers,  
Lucretia Childers,  
Anne Childers,  
Martha Jones Childers,  
Millicent Childers,  
Edward Haskins II,  Jane Lockett,   Harrison,  
Samuel Hudson,  William Ligon,   John Nash,   
Col. Thomas Harrison Haskins,  Richard Moseley,   Gower Dennis,   Jean Haskins,  
Silvanus Witt,  Henry Ligon,   
Anne Nash,   
Anna Haskins,  Thomas Read,   
Lucy Haskins,  Stephen Neal,  
Edward Haskins,  Elizabeth Walthall,   
Owen Haskins,  Catherine Dennis,   
Elizabeth Haskins,  Richard Dennis,   
Francis Haskins,  
Jane Haskins,  
Christopher Haskins,  
John Nash Haskins,  Nancy Walthall,   
Thomas Haskins,  
Ann Nash Haskins,  Francis Watkins Jr.,   
Jane Haskins,  Thomas Scott,   
Mary Haskins,  James Ligon,   
Christopher Haskins,  Cox Whitlow,   
Gower Dennis,   John Ornsby,  
William Grigg,   Robert Hutchins,  Matthew Ornsby,  Upton Edmondson,  
Robert Tucker,  Charles Clay,   Henry Clay,   James Westbrook,  Silvana Vaughan,   
William Jennings,  
Catherine (—) Haskins,  Peter Randolph Bland,   William Jones,  
Martha Haskins,  Richard Dennis,   Charles Haskins,  
Christopher Haskins,  
Benjamin Haskins,  Phoebe Haskins,  
Edward Haskins,  Lucy Carter,   
Creed Haskins,  
Jane Haskins,  John Turner Ligon,   
Martha Haskins,  Samuel Ford,  
Ann Haskins,  Charles Price,   Elizabeth Fowlkes,   
Jane Haskins,  Henry Dennis,   
Charles Haskins,  
Capt. Creed Haskins,  
Robert Haskins,  
Aaron Haskins,  Mary Goode,   Lewis Tanner,   William Pleasants,  
Elam Farmer,   
Joseph Haskins,  Peter Fitzpatrick,   
John Haskins,  
Robert Haskins,  
John Redford,  
Elizabeth Hill,   
John Watkins,   Robert Hancock,   
John James Trabue,   Olympia Dupuy,  
Aaron Haskins,  Elizabeth D. Hundley,  
Ann Haskins,  Henry Hatcher,   
Elizabeth Haskins,  William Trabue,   
Ann Trabue,  
Phoebe Trabue,  
Mary Haskins,  Daniel Trabue,   
Mary E. Trabue,  Matthew Burfoot,  
Judith Trabue,  S. Scott,  
Sally Trabue,  G. Anderson,  
Rev. James Trabue,  Elizabeth Stites,  
John Trabue,  
Daniel Trabue,  Mary Paxton,  
Presley Trabue,  
Col. Robert Trabue,  
Martha Haskins,  Edward Trabue,   Jane E. Clay,   
Mary Trabue,  Anselm Clarkson,  Emily Trabue,  Dr. Opie J. Lindsay,  
Elizabeth Trabue,  Robert Hatcher,  Henry Hatcher,   
Nancy Haskins Trabue,  Asa Pittman,  
George Washington Trabue,  Elizabeth (Buford) Chambers,  
Edward Haskins,  Susannah Brand,  
Sarah Haskins,  William Logan,  
Jane Haskins,  Stephen Trabue,   
Phoebe Haskins,  Joseph Burton,  
Frances Haskins,  Joshua Atkinson,  
Creed Haskins,  Sarah Thurman,  
Robert Haskins,  Mary P. Hill,   
Creed Haskins,  William White,  Step Roberts,  
Edward Haskins,  
Mary Haskins,  Ballow,  Edward Ballow,  
Edward Haskins,  Martha Finney,   
Creed Haskins,  Martha Chastain Ogilby,   
Robert Haskins,  Martha Field Archer,   
John Haskins,  
Mary Page Haskins,  Littleberry Mosby Jr.,  
Dr. Edward Mosby,  Eliza Winston,  
Martha Finney Mosby,  Merritt Booker,  
Sarah Mosby,  Edward Munford,  
Mary Page Mosby,  
Lucy Ann Mosby,  Feerson,  
Robert Mosby,  Sally Lynch,  J. Head Lynch,  
Elbert Mosby,  Mary Mosby,  George Mosby,  Delilah Lipscomb,  
Benjamin Clinton Mosby,  Rachel Cardoza,  
Dewitt Mosby,  
John Wade Mosby,  
Aaron Haskins,  
Rebecca Haskins,  William Bass,  William Bass,   
Thomas Haskins,  
William Haskins,  Susannah Moseley,   Edward Ballow,  
Creed Haskins,  Susanna Watlington,  
Aaron Haskins,  
Thomas Haskins,  Lucy Jones,  Hampton Jones,  
John Haskins,  Edna Jones,  
Fanny Haskins,  Miles Finney,  
Sally Haskins,  Thomas Watlington,  
Rebecca Haskins,  
Creed Haskins,  Phoebe (Cheatham) Rudd,   
Capt. John Haskins,  
Elizabeth (—) Haskins,  Betsy Embra,  
Martha Haskins,  Benjamin Edmunds,  
Pvt. Benjamin Dixon Edmunds,  
Robert Haskins,  Susan Edmunds,   
James Haskins,  Mary Creed Haskins,   
Martha Edmonia Haskins,  Edward Alexander Brodnax,  
Susan Elizabeth Haskins,  Lemuel Heartwell Peebles,  
Mary Ella Haskins,  Capt. William E. Hinton,  
Robert Creed Haskins,  
Judith Laura Haskins,  
Julia Matilda Haskins,  
Aaron Benjamin Haskins,  
James William Haskins,  
Julia Meade Haskins,  
Richard Ogilby Haskins,  
Jefferson Porterfield Haskins,  Anna Lucille Jones,  John Robert Jones,  Ann Elizabeth Blackwell Manson,  
Lucy Gray Haskins,  
Ida Chastine Haskins,  
John Gregory Claiborne Haskins,  
Edward Haskins,  Anne Harrison Turnbull,   
Robert Edward Haskins,  
Susan E. Haskins,  
Charles F. Haskins,  
Jennie Grey Haskins,  Francis Rives Fraser,  
Ann Stith Haskins,  
John Haskins,  Elizabeth Haskins,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Goodrich,  James Arrington Goodrich,  Mary Elizabeth Spencer,  
Susan Edmunds Haskins,  Theophilus Meade,   Richard Kidder Meade,  
Dr. Creed Haskins,  Anna Feild Meade,   
Aaron Haskins,  Catherine Haskins,  John Haskins,  Sally Haskins,  Charles Ballow,  
Sarah S. Haskins,  James Byrne Jr.,  
Aaron Haskins,  Thomas Clarke,  
Jane Haskins,  George Goodrich,  
John Goodrich,  
Thomas Clarke,  
Joseph Ligon,   
Sophia (Bevill) Clarke,  
John Goodrich,  William Pride,  
Lucy (—) Goodrich,  Richard Taylor,  
Mary Goodrich,  John Archer,  
Sarah Haskins,  
Creed Haskins,  Richard Wood,  
Thomas Lockett,   
John Haskins,  Mary (—) Haskins,  
 Edward Tanner (-1685),  
Jane (—) Tanner,  Jane Clarke,  
William Tanner,  Samuel Hargrove,  
Edward Tanner,  
John Tanner,  
Jane Tanner,  
 Edward Tanner (-1770),  
Edward Tanner,   Peter Field,  Joseph Tanner,   
John Tucker,  Blanch —,  Blanch Tanner,  Francis Tucker,  
Judith (—) Tanner,  William Tesdale,  
Joseph Coleman,  John Coleman,  Francis Coleman,  Charles Clay,   Joseph Coleman,  
Joseph Coleman,  Joseph Coleman,  John Coleman,  Francis Coleman,  Sutton Coleman,  Page Coleman,  
Elizabeth Tanner,  Coleman,  
Jane Tanner,  Coleman,  
Robert Tanner,  Martha Hawkins,  David Hawkins,  Elizabeth —,  Joseph Coleman,  Thomas T. Wills,  
William Mann,  
Frances Tanner,  Leonard Claiborne,  Leonard Cliborne,   
Mary Claiborne,  William Elam Tanner,   
Elizabeth Claiborne,  Wiley H. Huddleston,  
Robert Z. Claiborne,  Virginia Dalby,  
William F. Claiborne,  
John Tanner Claiborne,  Sarah Ann Bransford,  
Leonard Claiborne,  Elizabeth Mitchell,  
James B. Claiborne,  Emeline Flowers,  William Flowers,  
Thomas O. Claiborne,  Laura Ann Garnett,  
Field Archer Claiborne,  Bettie Davis,  
Martha H. Claiborne,  Thomas Pleasants,  
Matilda Claiborne,  William Berry,  
Chastain Claiborne,  
Dorothy Tanner,  David Adams,  Rev. Walthall Robertson,   David Adams,   Daniel Perkinson,  
Martha Tanner,  Peter Willson,   
Thomas Huddleston,  Jeremiah Tanner,   
William Elam Tanner,  Mary Claiborne,   
John Tanner,  Ann Crowder,   
William Tanner,  Elizabeth Powell,  Grief B. Powell,  Grief B. Hawkins,  Rev. James Chappell,   
Field Tanner,  Lucy Hastings,  Henry Holman Southall,   Anthony Lumpkin,  
Sarah Tanner,  William Grant,  Rev. Robert Walthall,   
Ann Tanner,  Jesse Clay,   
Field Tanner,  James Roach,  John Boulton,  Blanch Tucker,  
Edward Bevill,   Hezekiah Coleman,  
Edward Tanner,  Martha Powell,  Rev. James Chappell,   
Mary Tanner,  
Nancy Tanner,  Henry Holman Southall,  Holman Southall,  Elizabeth Dancy,  
Jeremiah Tanner,  Elizabeth Elam,  Benjamin Whitehead,   Martin Glaspy,  
Edward Tanner,  
Mildred Tanner,  Thomas Huddleston,  Rebecca Malone,  Mary (—) Huddleston,  
Robert French,  Thomas W. Wills,  
Martha Tanner,  
 John Tanner (1720-1805),  
Thomas Tanner,  Stephen Beasley,   Diana (—) Tanner,  David Mann,  
Diana Berry,  Joanna (—) Berry,  
John Cain,  
John Spier,  Mary —,  
Susanna Burton,   
Darcus (—) Tanner,  
Edward Tanner,  Robert Huddleston,  Martha Tanner,   
John Tanner,  
David Tanner,  
Edward Tanner,  Nancy Ann Christmas,  Thomas Christmas,  Sarah Duke,  
Susanna Burton Tanner,  Dr. Green Berry Williams,  Henry Horatio Colding,  
Jonathon Cobb Tanner,  Lewraney L. Matthews,  Frances Digeon Tyner,  Hopkins Matthews,  Susanna Tanner,  
Martha Ann Tanner,  Harden Williams,  
Jonathon Tanner,  Mary Young,  Allen Young,  Sarah Davis,  Edmund Feild,   
John Allen Tanner,  Ann Kirkpatrick,  Minerva Thrower,  Mary (—) Thrower,  Angelina Choate,  
Samuel Young Tanner,  Martha Phillips,  
Joseph Tanner,  
 Matthew Tanner (-1809),  
Lewis Tanner,   Thomas Hawkins,  William Tate,  Samuel Tate,  
Francis Hester,  Henry Walker,  
Lucy (—) Tanner,  
Creed Tanner,  Elizabeth Caldwell,  
Sally Tanner,  Joseph Motley,  
Joel Haskins Tanner,  
Creed Taylor Tanner,  
Elizabeth Creed Tanner,  William Oliver,  John J. Oliver,  
Allen Caldwell Tanner,  
Matthew Tanner,  
Mary Tanner,  William Whitehurst,  
Nancy Tanner,  Jeremiah Cole,  
Polly Tanner,  Allen Caldwell,  
Elizabeth Creed Tanner,  David Caldwell,  
Josiah Tanner,  Martha Wooten,  Abraham Lancaster,  
Thomas Tanner,  
Martha Tanner,  Matthew Anderson,  
Betsy Rains Tanner,  Thomas Walters,  
Bird Lewis Tanner,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Munford Stephen Hurt - War of 1812 Thomas Tanner - Revolutionary War
Branch Tanner - French and Indian War Branch Tanner - French and Indian War
Branch Tanner Archer - War of 1812 Edward Montfort Jones - War of 1812
William Garland Overton - War of 1812 Haynie Hatchett - War of 1812
Abner Osborne - Revolutionary War William Osborne - Revolutionary War
Samuel Scott - War of 1812 Benjamin Lawson - Revolutionary War
John Townes - Revolutionary War John Leigh Townes - War of 1812
Charles Rice - Revolutionary War Col. Thomas Harrison Haskins - Revolutionary War
Creed Haskins - Revolutionary War Robert Haskins - Revolutionary War
Aaron Haskins - Revolutionary War Daniel Trabue - Revolutionary War
Matthew Burfoot - War of 1812 Col. Robert Trabue - Civil War
Edward Haskins - Revolutionary War Mary Page Haskins - Revolutionary War
Merritt Booker - War of 1812 Edward Munford - Revolutionary War
Edward Munford - War of 1812 Thomas Haskins - Revolutionary War
Creed Haskins - Revolutionary War Benjamin Dixon Edmunds - Civil War
Edward Alexander Brodnax - Civil War Robert Creed Haskins - Civil War
Aaron Benjamin Haskins - Civil War James William Haskins - Civil War
Robert Edward Haskins - Civil War Francis Rives Fraser - Civil War
Leonard Claiborne - Revolutionary War Josiah Tanner - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Tazewell Ellett - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
William Archer - Virginia Dr. Branch Tanner Archer - Texas
Dr. Branch Tanner Archer - Virginia Lewellyn Jones - Virginia
Maj. John Taylor - Virginia Edwin Gilliam Booth - Virginia
Capt. Thomas Epes - Virginia Rev. John Leigh Townes - Virginia
John Leigh Townes - Alabama Creed Haskins - Virginia
Dr. Opie J. Lindsay - Kentucky  

Names on the map
Archer County, Texas, was named for Branch Tanner Archer  

Selected sources
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