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 3520   Col. Thomas Ligon (1623-1675)
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Col. Thomas Ligon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Col. Thomas Ligon might describe his life as follows.

I was baptized at Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Warwickshire, England, 11 January 1623/4. The grandson of a second son, I had little chance of inheriting titles, land, or fortune. King Charles I appointed my cousin William Berkeley the royal governor of Virginia and, although I was just 16, I decided to join him in the New World.
On 18 April 1644 Indians attacked our settlements, massacring about 300. I was then at the home of Sarah Woodson, wife of Dr. John Woodson whom the Indians killed. Using my 8-foot gun, I killed 3 Indians with the first shot, then 2 with the second. I fired a third time as they fled, killing 7 in all. This gun with “Ligon” still carved in the stock, is now at the Virginia Historical Society. 
Around 1648-50 I married Mary Harris, the daughter of Capt. Thomas Harris, and we were the parents of 7 children. 
Berkeley appointed me to represent him in many matters. Because colonial records for Henrico and Charles City counties were mostly destroyed, little evidence of my official acts remains.
In 1656 I was a member of the House of Burgesses at Jamestown,  where I was a member of “ye Committee for private Causes.”  Maj. William Harris, my brother-in-law, was the other burgess representing Henrico County. I was a justice for Charles City County 1 August 1657,  a militia colonel, and county surveyor from 1667 to my death in 1675.
Mary survived me 29 years. Able to fend for herself, she never remarried. Like me, she was handy with a gun, earning a bounty for killing 2 wolves in 1678.  She once got into a dispute with our son William, and when she failed to evict him from her land, she left his heirs out of her will.

Connection to Governor Berkeley
Not only had Thomas’ father, Thomas Lygon, worked as an estate manager for the Berkeley family, Margaret Lygon, the daughter of Thomas’ great-grandfather William Lygon, had married Sir Henry Berkeley, William Berkeley’s grandfather. Thomas’ great-grandmother Eleanor Dennis was the granddaughter of Maurice Berkeley and the daughter of Anne Berkeley, and Thomas’ grandmother, Frances Dennis, was a descendant of Maurice Berkeley, Fourth Lord.
The following letter by William Berkeley shows that Thomas was his representative in various matters. 

William Berkeley
I shall desire you to send the account what tobbo you received the last yeare and what is behind, for I have given Mr. Price order to pay you what remains. I will not dispute whether the tobbo Mr. Ligon paid you for the two servants were part of this debt, but leave it to yourselfe who can best Judge of itt, Sir if your boate comes downe I would desire to send the Salt-Sellers with itt. Pray present my service to your Lady.
Your humble servant.
William Berkeley.

Land transactions
Thomas established his home on land near Malvern Hills that he named for Malvern Hills in England near Madresfield Court where his ancestors lived. It would be the site of a prominent Civil War battle. We presume he continued to live here although he obtained a patent for 800 acres on Powell Creek for the transportation of 16 persons to Virginia 5 April 1664. 
Two parcels of land on both sides of the James River in Henrico County amounting to 710 acres were assigned to Capt. William Farrar and Thomas Ligon in 1664.  These men evidently did not occupy this land because the 335-acre portion on the south side of the river was deserted by 22 July 1671 and granted to Henry Randolph, and the 375-acre tract on the north side of the river was later patented by Francis Radford. 
In 1668 Farrar and Ligon secured a patent to 300 acres south of the James River beginning at “Mount-my-Lady” (“Mount Malada,” “Mount Malady”). 
In 1671 Lieut. Col. Tho. Ligon secured a patent to 387 acres in Henrico County on the north side of the Appomattox River, next to that of Abraham Wood, and to the “Appomatock Indian Towne,” near present-day Petersburg. The grant was in consideration of having transported 7 individuals to the Colony.  Thomas deeded this land to George Archer, either George Archer or his son, 27 Aug. 1673.
On 28 Sept. 1672 they Thomas received 1,301 acres south of the James River for the importation of 13 people and, on 18 March 1672/3, he got Thomas 340 acres beside his land at “Mount-my-Lady” north of the Appomattox River for 7 headrights.  Typically the Land Office issued 50 acres of land for each headright. Ligon’s 100 acres per headright in his 1,301-acre patent was in consideration of military service. Because Ligon did not settle the 1,301-acre tract, Charles Evans secured a patent to it May 1706. 

Military service
By 1669 court records of Henrico County were calling Thomas Ligon “Lieutenant Colonel.” On 3 Oct. 1670 “ORDERS OF A GRAND ASSEMBLE, Held at James Cittie” directed “Lt. LIGGON” be paid “tenn pound for his Service in the Westerne discovery,” apparently for helping to quell an Indian uprising. The designation “Lieutenant Colonel,” rather than “Lieutenant,” was probably meant, because other earlier records use the title of “Colonel.” His brother-in-law, Maj. William Harris, was commander of this exploration. The military title was more than honorary as summer generally meant battle with the Indians. 

Appointed surveyor
Governor Berkeley appointed Thomas to the office of surveyor of Henrico County, a lucrative position then, which he would hold until his death. He even arranged for the office to pass to his son Richard Ligon though the boy was under age at the time of his father’s death. In a contract of 1 Nov. 1679 Mary Ligon agreed that her brother William Harris should have the “whole profits of the surveyor’s place” until her eldest son should come of age and half the profits after that.  By then her two oldest sons, Thomas and William, were already dead, making Richard the eldest. Because of the size of Henrico County then, the Ligon’s were responsible for surveying much of colonial Virginia along the James River.

Will and probate
Thomas Ligon made his will 10 Jan. 1675/6 and was dead by 16 March 1675/6 when Governor Berkeley granted his widow Mary administration of the estate.  Although the will is missing, references to it in later court proceedings show some of its aspects. In 1684 Mary produced the will when she sued her oldest son William to dispossess him from the Ligon land. The court decided that the will intended that the son and widow should be joint tenants during her lifetime. Apparently Mary never forgave her son for the dispute.
In 1687 Richard Ligon convinced the court that a particular phrase in the will of his father that Thomas Fitzherbert wrote was wrong, and the court agreed.  Thomas bequeathed other land to his son Richard who left it to his son Matthew. On 1 Sept. 1737 Matthew sold his inheritance to Henry Walthall of Henrico County. 

Mary, the widow
In 1691 Mary Ligon divided her 200-acre portion of “Curles” on which she was living between her two surviving sons, Richard and Hugh Ligon, although she could continue to live on the property until her death, collect rents from the tenants, and fell trees for fencing and firewood. The deed transferring ownership to her sons was long, intricate, and presumably designed to keep her land out of the hands of the heirs of her son William who had died two years earlier. 
Henrico County charged Mrs. Lygon on two tithables in 1769. 
The will Mary made 18 April 1702/3, proved 1 Feb. 1703/4 follows. 

Will of Mary Ligon
18 March 1702/3
In the name of God, Amen:- I, Mary Ligon, Senr. of Henrico County, of Virginia, being weak of body but of perfect memory, praise to God, do Will, make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form, as will follows:
Imprimis:- First I give and bequeath my soul to God, my Creator and Redeemer, my body to be buried at discretion of my daughter, Johanah Hancock, in sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection, at ye last day,
Item I:- I give and bequeath to my son, Hugh Ligon, my household goods, and all my hogs he now hath in his possession.
Item II:- I give and bequeath to my son, Hugh Ligon, to him and his heirs forever, 100 acres of land, lying and being in the county aforesaid, known as the name of Curles, and adjoining the river, and the aforesaid land given to my son, Richard Ligon.
Item III:- I give and bequeath to my grandson, Thomas Farrar, my own bed and furniture belonging to it, two pair of sheets, four pewter dishes, half dozen plates, one chamber pot, one pewter tanker, two pewter porringers, one pewter basin, and my wedding ring, to be delivered to him on the day of his marriage, or at his beginning to keep house, or else when he shall arrive at the age of 21 years. But, if the Thomas Farrar depart this life before he comes to the age of 21 years, then the same is to remain into possession of my daughter, Johanah Hancock, in whose hands they are now.
Item IV:- I give and bequeath to my son-in-law, Thomas Farrar, my Indian boy, Robin, being in lieu of an Indian boy given to his wife, Mary Ligon, by her father, which Indian I desire that Thomas Farrar would be so pleased to give unto my grandson, Thomas Farrar Jr., to enjoy after me.
Item V:- I give and bequeath to my son, Richard Ligon, and my daughter, Johanah Hancock, my mare known by the name of Tiny.
Item VI:- I give and bequeath to my son, Hugh Ligon and to my daughter Johanah Hancock, all my sheep, to be equally divided between them.
Item VII:- My will is that whatever I have given or have bequeathed to any person that they may quickly and may peacefully possess and enjoy same without molestation or trouble.
Item VIII:- I do hereby will and constitute and ordain my son-in-law, Robert Hancock, and my daughter Johanah Hancock, full, whole, and sole executor and Executrix, of this my last Will and Testament.
Witness my hand and seal, this 18th. Day of March 1702/3.
Mary Ligon [Seal]

Abraham Womack, John Hatcher, and John Brown witnessed Mary execute her will.
Mary did not mention Thomas, William, and Matthew in her will because they were dead. Nor did she mention the heirs of William who were living. More specifically, she left an addendum to her will reminding her executors that it was her desire that her land would descend to her living male heirs, Richard and Hugh, and not to William’s heirs. The court ignored her wishes, presumably because she retained only a life estate in the property. On 1 Nov. 1706 Henrico County partitioned the land equally between her grandson Matthew Ligon, son of Richard, and William Ligon as heir of his brother Thomas Ligon, son of William Ligon. 

Descendants of Col. Thomas Ligon
Information about the children of Col. Thomas Ligon, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Maj. William Ligon I (c.1650-1689),  
 Johan (Ligon) Hancock (c.1653-1726),  
Robert Hancock,   
William Byrd,  
Thomas Jefferson,   William Farrar,   Thomas Ligon,   
Charles Evans,  Hugh Ligon,   
Sarah Hancock,  Arthur Moseley II,   Sarah Hancock,   
Edward Stratton,   Abraham Womack,  Gilbert Elam,   William Hudson,  
Samuel Hancock,   
Henry Farmer,  John Worsham,   Francis Patram,   Abraham Bayley,  Richard Grills,   James Akin,  William Cheatham,   
William Worsham Jr.,  
Michael Turpin,   John Allday,  Phoebe Giles,  
Arthur Moseley III,  John Elam,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Martha Cocke,   Samuel Hancock,   Thomas Lockett,   
Robert Beasley,  William Bass,  
Arthur Moseley IV,  William Robertson Jr.,  
Daniel Ford,  
Mary (—) Moseley,  Thomas Lockett,  
Benjamin Moseley,  Amy Giles,   
Maj. William Moseley,  
Ann Irvine,  
Elizabeth Moseley,  William Radford,  
William Irvine Moseley,  
Arthur Moseley V,  Martha Floyd,   
Ann Moseley,  Lewis Howell,  
Mary Moseley,  
George Moseley,  
Martha Moseley,  William Woodfin,  
William Moseley,  
Charles Moseley,  Charlotte Montague,  John Montague,  
Arthur Moseley,  Mary Moseley,  Robert Moseley,   
Susanna Moseley,  Benjamin Watkins,  
Capt. Charles Moseley,  Mary Povall,   
Capt. John Moseley,  Martha Povall,   
Maj. Edward Moseley,  Rebecca Lewis,  Joseph Lewis,  
Obedience (Branch) Wilkinson,   Joseph Wilkinson,   
Emmeline Moseley,  Abner Smith,  William H. Pankey,  
Maria Ann Moseley,  Edmund Eggleston,  
Ann Branch Moseley,  Richard Taliaferro,  
Sarah Obedience Bass Moseley,  
Prudence Moseley,  
Samuel Branch,   
Mary Moseley,  John Ligon,   
Giles Fuqua,  
Elizabeth Fuqua,  William Thornton Smith,   
Sgt. Archibald Fuqua,  Sarah Clarke,   Joseph Ligon,  
William Fuqua,  Sally Morton,   Martha (Perkinson) Chappell,   Samuel Chappell,   
Capt. Peyton Fuqua,  Mary McGehee,   
George Fuqua,  
Elizabeth Moseley,  Charles Royster,  
John Moseley,  
Elizabeth Williamson,  George Williamson,  
John Moseley,  Ann (Finney) Willson,   Daniel Willson,   
Arthur Moseley,  Nancy Trigg,  Pamelia (Thorpe) Crump,  Judge William Trigg,  Mary —,  John Moseley,  
Frances Moseley,  Hillery Moseley,  
Col. Thomas Harris,   
Benjamin Moseley,  Susanna —,  
Mary Moseley,  
Arthur Moseley,  Ann Watkins,   
Richard Moseley,  Frances Watkins,   
Benjamin Moseley,  Sarah —,  Sarah Davis,  William Davis,  Esther Guerrant Moseley,  
Thomas Moseley,  Jane M. Bondurant,  
Robert Moseley,  
Elizabeth Moseley,  John Finney,   
Richard Moseley,  
Thomas Harrison Haskins,   
Mary Bass,   
Richard Moseley,  Mary —,  
Alexander Moseley,  Mary Cheatham,   
Sarah Moseley,  Joseph Taylor,   
Mary Moseley,  Thomas Bass,   
Mary Bass,  Robert Wilkinson,  
Edward Bass,  
Nancy Bass,  
Linnaeus Bass,  Judith Watson Flournoy,  Daniel Flournoy,  
Martha Bass,  
Mary M. Bass,  Daniel Osborne,   
Egbert Thomas Bass,  Martha Osborne Wilkinson,  James Wilkerson,  Mary Wilkerson,  
Elizabeth M. Bass,  
Thomas Bass,  Margaret Wilkinson,  Robert J. Wilkinson,  
Robert Bass,  Ann P. Elliott,  Archer Elliott,  Martha Elizabeth Gates,  
Mary Atkinson,  
Richard Bass,  Kerenhappuch Sallé,  Jacob Sallé,  
Elizabeth Bass,  James Gill,  
Jane Kerenhappuch Bass,  Ducalion Wilkinson,  
Maria Bass,  Richard Booth,  Judith Cox,   
Archer E. Bass,  Elizabeth A. Claiborne,  Caroline D. (Sublett) Forsee,  William Sublett,  William Forsee,  
Martha Moseley,  William Stevens,  
Nancy Moseley,  Valentine Ball,  
Peter Moseley,  Mary Branch,  John Branch,  
William Moseley,  Susanna Jordan,  Robert Jordan,  Elizabeth (—) Jordan,  William Moseley,   William Moseley,   
Mary Moseley,  Frederick Cox,   
Arthur Moseley,  
Robert Moseley,  Ann (—) Moseley,  
Rebecca Ann Moseley,  Edward Bass,   
Josiah Moseley,  Elizabeth (Holcomb) Bibb,   
William Moseley,  
Mary Watkins,   
Lt. Benjamin Moseley,  Mary Branch,   
William Moseley,  Rebecca Clarke Townes,   
John Moseley,  Rhoda Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  Rhoda Thompson,  
Phoebe Moseley,  Hezekiah Morton,   
Elizabeth Moseley,  
Lydia Moseley,  
Capt. Edward Moseley,  Amey Green,   
Thomas Moseley,  Nicholas Giles Jr.,  John Giles,  
Jane Stoner,  Daniel Stoner,  Catherine Brooks,  Peter Brooks,  
Daniel Moseley,  
Catherine Moseley,  Arthur Branch,   
Thomas Moseley,  Mary Watkins,   
Susannah Moseley,  William Haskins,   
Thomas Finch,  Hillery Moseley,   
Peter Moseley,  
Sarah Moseley,  Edwards,  
Charles Floyd,  
Martha Floyd,  Arthur Moseley,   
Mary Floyd,  John Miller,  
Martha Moseley,  
Benjamin Moseley,  
William Moseley,  Frances (—) Moseley,  Frances Mayo,  
Robert Hancock,   Anthony Wilkinson,  Richard Robertson,  
Jonathon Shackleton,  
Matthew Perkinson,   
Sarah Moseley,  Alexander Marshall II,   Capt. William Worsham,   
Alexander Marshall III,  Ann Walthall,   
Ann Walthall,   
William Cross Craddock,   Matthew Perkinson,   Booker Foster,  William Cross Craddock,   
Alexander Marshall IV,  Millicent Burks,  
Elizabeth G. Marshall,  Samuel Marshall,  
Walthall Marshall,  
William Marshall,  Hannah Cobb,  
Thomas Marshall,  
John Marshall,  Elizabeth Walthall,   Henry Walthall,   Daniel Hardaway,   
Forrest Farley,   William Farley,   
John Marshall,   Robert Marshall,   
Alexander Marshall,  
William Marshall,  
Thomas Marshall,  
John Marshall,  
Daniel Marshall,  
Sarah Marshall,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  
Maryann Marshall,  
Nancy Marshall,  
Daniel Marshall,  Elizabeth Marshall,  
Archibald Marshall,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  Henry Featherstone,   
Sarah Marshall,  Robert Marshall,   
Mary Marshall,  
Mary Ann Marshall,  
William Moseley,  Mary Ligon,   John Osborne,   
Francis Goode,   
John Moseley,  
Joseph Moseley,  Mary Worsham,  Thomas Worsham,  Thomas Stratton,  
Matthew Moseley,  
Mary Moseley,  
Thomas Moseley,  
Sarah Moseley,  Rev. James Rucks,  William Rucks,  Elizabeth —,  
Patience Moseley Rucks,  Rev. Edmund Goode,   
Cyrus Goode,  Martha Phaup,  
Mary Goode,  Rev. Joseph G. Woodfin,  Phoebe H. Goode,   
Elishaba Goode,  William Wilkinson,  
Eunice S.F. Goode,  John Phaup,  
Roxanna Goode,  Sterling Smith Hillsman,   
Susanna Goode,  
George Washington Goode,  Martha Obedience Forsee,  
Col. Edmund John Goode,  Sarah D. Stone,  
Margaret Goode,  Alfred G. Horton,  
Hester Damarius Goode,  Beverley Smith,  
Orpah Goode,  Rev. Joseph G. Woodfin,  
Asenath Aurelia Goode,  William S. Smith,  
Jabez Rucks,  Ann Forsee,   
Sally M. Rucks,  William E. Moseley,  
Frances Moseley,  
Matthew Moseley,  Joseph Ligon,   Martha Ligon,   Mary Ligon,   
Martha Moseley,  
Frances Moseley,  Lewis Lambert,  
Blackman Moseley,  Elizabeth Archer,   
William Archer,   
Thomas Moseley,   
Elizabeth Osborne Moseley,  Thomas Jones,   
Martha Field Moseley,  
Matthew Moseley,  Mary Booker,  Martha G. (Whitworth) Ellis,  William Claiborne,  
Blackman Moseley,  Judith Burton,  William Burton,  Mary Ann (—) Ellis,  Thomas Ellis,  Susan Thompson Green,  
William Moseley,  
Ann Wills,  Samuel Wills,  
Martha Moseley,  Joseph Calhoun,  
Joseph Moseley,  
Mary Ann Robertson,   
Mary Moseley,  John Giles,   Thomas Moseley,   
Arthur Giles,  Robert Wathen,  Thomas Partridge,  William Randolph,  
William Giles,  Ann Branch,   
Nicholas Giles,  Phoebe Hancock,   Thomas Moseley,   
Elizabeth (—) Giles,  
Nicholas Giles,  Sarah (—) Giles,  William Giles,  
Knowles Giles,  William Giles,   Lucy Bullington,  Sarah (—) Bullington,  
Thomas Clopton,  
Elizabeth Giles,  Haskins,  
Arthur Giles,  
Phoebe Giles,  Reid,  
William Giles,  
Mourning Bailey,  
Mary Giles,  Allday,  
Sarah Giles,  
Robert Moseley,  Sarah Taylor,  Thomas Taylor,  Mary Taylor,  
Thomas Tanner,   Richard Jones,  
John Bondurant,  
Francis Moseley,  
Arthur Moseley,  Thomas Moseley,  Christopher Bass,   
Martha Camp,  William Camp,  
William Moseley,  Ann Lewis,  
Edward Hack Moseley,  Sarah Marshall,  William Marshall,  
Spotswood Lewis Moseley,  Mary Marshall,  William Marshall,  
Jane (—) Moseley,  
William Marshall Moseley,  
William Moseley,  
Elizabeth Moseley,  Miletus Brown,  
Maria Moseley,  Bagby,  
Robert Moseley,  
Arthur Moseley,  Agnes Bransford,   James Bransford,  
Sarah Moseley,  Thomas Turpin,  Mary Jefferson,   Thomas Turpin,   
Robert M. Moseley,  Martha Ann Bass,   
William R. Moseley,  Rebecca Ann Bass,   
Elizabeth Gills,  
Martha Moseley,  Richard B. Stratton,  
Susannah Moseley,  
Martha Moseley,  William Bransford,   
William H. Bransford,  Susanna Nunnally,  Jeremiah Nunnally,  
Henry Bransford,  Susan Woodruff,  
Arthur P. Bransford,  Mary Morris,  
Mary Bransford,  Benjamin W. Layne,  
Martha Robertson Bransford,  John Agee,  
Robert Moseley Bransford,  Martha Agee,  
John Bransford,  Elizabeth Marshall,  
Elizabeth Anne Bransford,  Thomas Price,  
Sarah Bransford,  John Thomas,  
Phoebe Moseley,  William Bigby,  
Elizabeth Bigby,  Alexander Marshall,  Jeremiah D. Turpin,  
Robert Moseley,  
Magdalene Guerrant,  Peter Guerrant,  Magdalene Trabue,  
Thomas Lacy,  Jacob Trabue,   Nathaniel Lacy,  
William Fleming,  
Judge Thomas Smith Moseley,  Magdalene Guerrant,  
Arthur Richard Moseley,  Sarah Wilson Perkins,  
Esther Guerrant Moseley,  William Davis,  
Sarah Rachel Moseley,  
John Arthur Moseley,  Elizabeth Bondurant Maxey,  Edward Maxey,  Mary Bondurant,  
Frances Smith,  
Robert Moseley,  
Magdalene Verreuil Moseley,  Edward Bondurant,  
Jane Moseley,  
Judith Ann Moseley,  William Thomas Bondurant,  Courtney,  
William Francis Moseley,  Mary Sanders,  Sarah Wilson,  
Langdon Cheve Moseley,  
Peter Guerrant Moseley,  Juliet Sanders,  Thomas Sanders,  Sarah Trigg,  
Daniel M. Moseley,  Mary Perkins,  Col. William Hardin Perkins,  
Martha Ellen Moseley,  
Elizabeth Moseley,  Col. David Jones,  
Capt. Thomas Moseley,  Abraham Womack,  
Hillery Moseley,  
Anne Moseley,  James Clarke,  
Mary Moseley,  
Judith Moseley,  John Parrish,  
Sarah Moseley,  Joel Walker,   
Francis Moseley,  Martha Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  
Daniel Fore,  Abraham Salle,  
Judith Ann Moseley,  William Leake,  
Francis Moseley,  Margaret Wade,  Thomas Wade,  
Capt. Edward Moseley,  Hinson Wager Harris,   
Susanna (—) Moseley,  
William A.B. Moseley,  
Virginia Ann Moseley,  Alban Gilpin,  
Mary Hancock,  John Hatcher,   
William Hancock,  
Johan Hancock,  Samuel Hancock,   
James Batty,  Gilbert Bowman,   Robert Ferguson,  
Arthur Moseley,   
Sarah Moseley,  
Simon Hancock,  Jane Flournoy,  Francis Flournoy,  Jacob Flournoy,  
William Hancock,  Ann Hill,  
Nancy Hancock,  Charles Moorman,  
John Hancock,  Permelia Bramblett,  Anay Bramblett,  
Edward Hancock,  Jane Nichols,  
Simon Hancock,  
Hannah Hancock,  Jackson,  
Col. Samuel Hancock,  Ann (Ammon) Moon,  Christopher Ammon,  Jacob Moon,  
Jane Hancock,  James Echols,  
Elizabeth Hancock,  Christopher Johnson,  Travis George,  Benjamin George,  
Samuel Hancock,  Elizabeth Jameston,   
William Robertson,  
Thomas Jones,   Richard Grills,   John Pride,   William Robertson,  
John Hancock,  Martha (—) Hancock,  
Samuel Hancock,  
John Hancock,  
William Hancock,  
Ann Hancock,  
Samuel Hancock,  John Woodson,  Abraham Venable Jr.,  
William Hancock,  Anne Linton,  John Linton,  Elizabeth Ellzey,  Capt. Lewis Ellzey,  
Capt. Simon Hancock,  Mary Smith,  Martha Bartlett,  
Samuel Hancock,  
Elizabeth Hancock,  
William Mason Hancock,  
Susanna Hancock,  
Ann Hancock,  William Tureman,  
Mary Foster Hancock,  
Martha Hancock,  
Thomas Bartlett Hancock,  
Emily Hancock,  
Jane Hancock,  
William Hancock,  
Johan Hancock,  John Branch,   
Frances Hancock,  Osborne,  Waddell,  
Francis Osborne,  
Martha Waddell,  
Samuel Osborne,  
Sarah Hancock,  Thomas Jones,   
Richard Grills,   John Reade,  
Johanna Jones,  William Reade,  John Reade,  Elizabeth —,  Thomas Rudd,  Thomas Jones,   James Buford,  Jacob Moon,  Robert Irwin,  
John Reade,  
Thomas Reade,  
Wyatt Reade,  
Samuel Reade,  
Jones Reade,  
Elizabeth Reade,  Simon Miller Jr.,  
Mary Reade,  Robert Anderson,  
Nancy Ann Reade,  James Rucker,  
Sally Reade,  Thomas Rucker,  
Joyce Reade,  Gideon Rucker,  
Joanna Reade,  Bennett Rucker,  
Edmund Reade,  
John Thomas Wyatt Reade,  
Daniel Jones,  
Thomas Jones,  
Mary Hancock,  Matthew Cobbs,  Thomas Bridgewater,  
Elizabeth Cobbs,  John Baker,  
Mary Cobbs,  Reuben Winfree,   
Phoebe Hancock,  John Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  Robert Haskins,   
Thomas Watkins,  Samuel Warriner,  Abraham Baugh,   
Mary Watkins,  William Moseley,   
John Cox,  
Benjamin Moseley,   
Mary Cox,  Robert Kincaid,  
Sarah Cox,  James Wilson,  
Martha Cox,  Matthew Branch,   
Sarah Watkins,  John Porter,  
John Porter,  Polly Elam,   
Phoebe W. Porter,  Richard Cheatham,   
Dutoy Porter,  
John Porter,  
Isaac Dutoy Porter,  
Thomas Porter,  Catherine Cox,  Henry Cox,  
Sarah Porter,  Daniel Cheatwood,  
Peter Sublett,  
Elizabeth Porter,  Smith,  James Smith,  
Margaret Porter,  William Maxey,  
Capt. John Watkins,  Mary Hudson,   
Rachel Watkins,  Matthew Cox,  
Edward Watkins,  Mary Walthall,  
Ann Watkins,  Arthur Moseley,   
Henry Walthall Watkins,  Ann Montague,  John Montague,  Rebecca Brown,  
John J. Flournoy,  
Frances Watkins,  Richard Moseley,   
Elizabeth Watkins,  Henry Flournoy,  Jacques Flournoy,  
Benjamin Lane,  
George Flournoy,  
Henry Flournoy,  
Lt. Samuel Watkins,  Elizabeth Goode,   William Jones,  
Robert Bolling,  
Elizabeth Chappell,   
Phoebe Watkins,  Silas Watkins,  Joel Watkins,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  Rev. Edmund Wooldridge,   John Watkins Wooldridge,  
John Moss,  
Capt. Henry Watkins,  
Elizabeth Hudson,   Rev. John Clay,   
Elizabeth Hancock,  John Sutton Farrar,   Richard Leven,  
Temperance Farrar,  John Leprade,  
Joanna Leprade,  William Miller Jr.,  
John Sutton Farrar,  Henry Cary,  
John Sutton Farrar,  Susanna Patman,   William Patman,  
Robert Hancock,  Edward Stratton,  Margaret (—) Hancock,  
Gilbert Elam,   
Gilbert Bowman,   William Moseley,   Edward Haskins Sr.,  
Seth Ward,   Joseph Ligon,  Capt. Thomas Friend,   
William Akin,  
Robert Hancock,  William Compton,  Francis Clement,   
Edward Hancock,  
Dinah Hancock,  John Patterson,  
William Hancock,  
George Hancock,  Richard Kennon,  John Robertson,   
Mary (Jones) Cox,  Henry Cox,   Rachel (—) Hancock,  
Edward Hancock,  John Ogilby,  
George Hancock,  
Augustine Hancock,  
Mary Hancock,  
Judith Hancock,  
Hannah Hancock,  
Elizabeth Hancock,  
Thomas Hancock,  
Joshua Hancock,  
Phoebe Hancock,  Thomas Bailey,  William Giles,   
Nicholas Giles,   William Randolph,   
John Royall,   William Archer,  
Sarah Bailey,  William Gay,   
Thomas Bailey,  
William Bailey,  William Randolph,  
Bethania Giles,  Hickerson Barksdale,  
Henry Scruggs,  Guielmus Coleman,  
Henry Barksdale,  
Hickerson Barksdale,  
William Barksdale,  
 Col. Richard Ligon (c.1657-1724),  
William Byrd,  Dudley Digges,  
Mary Worsham,   
Abraham Womack,  Thomas Cocke,   Joseph Tanner,   Thomas Chamberlain,   Abram Childers,  
Edward Hatcher,   Edward Martin,  
Thomas East,  Col. William Byrd,  John Pleasants,  
Joseph Tanner,   Henry Jordan,  Samuel Oulson,  Edward Mosby,  
John Everitt,  
Edward Hill,  Samuel Newman,   Henry Mayes,  Samuel Tatum,  William Temple,  James Aiken Jr.,  
John Worsham,   Francis Patram,   John Curtis,  
Abraham Womack Sr.,  Robert Elam,  John Knibb,   
Matthew Ligon,  Elizabeth Anderson,   
Henry Walthall,   
Alexander Marshall,   
Richard Grills,   William Pride,   
Theodorick Carter,  
Francis Epes,  
John Ligon,   Seth Ligon,   
Richard Ligon,  Francis Amos,  
Anne Ward,   Leonard Ward,   
William Ligon,  Frances Moseley,  Frances Moseley,   
Benjamin Johnson Jr.,  
William Stratton Jr.,   Matthew Moseley,  
William Mitchell Clay,   Henry Clay,   John Ligon,  
Sarah Ligon,  Edward Stratton,   
William Ligon,  Ann Davenport,  
Littleberry Davis,  
Joseph Ligon,  Frances Netherland,  John Netherland,  
Nancy Ann Ligon,  Nelson Crawford,  Betsy Anderson,  
Richard Ligon,  
John Ward Ligon,  
Seth Ward Ligon,  
Seth Ward Ligon,  
Dr. Littleberry Netherland Ligon,  Elizabeth Kimbrough,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  
John Ligon,  Martha —,  Sally Saunders,  Samuel Hyde Saunders,  Phyllis Dudley,  
Gen. William Ligon,  Martha Eveline Harris,   
James Ligon,  Judith Archer Bentley,   Sarah Ligon,  
Melissa H. Harris,  Dr. Francis Harris,   
Sarah Ligon,  Horatio Gates Saunders,  
Paulina Ligon,  Horatio Gates Saunders,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  Seth Hatcher,   
Richard Ligon,  
Martha Ligon,  
Thomas Ligon,  
Seth Ligon,  Janette Mayo,   
James Ligon,  Judith Stewart,   Joseph Ligon,   
Mary Ligon,  John Hylton,  
Joseph Ligon,   Elizabeth (—) Hylton,  
Charles Carter,  Francis Epes,  John Archer,   Thomas Jefferson,   
Rebecca Phillips Hylton,  
Elizabeth Cooke Hylton,  
James Ligon,  Leonard Ward,   Sarah Holcomb,  Philip Holcomb,  Mary Haskins,   
David Holt,  John Turner Ligon,   
Sarah H. Ligon,  Jeremiah Miller,  
Nancy N. Ligon,  George Cox Friend,   
Thomas D. Ligon,  Martha Hughes Watkins,  Col. Thomas Watkins,   Betsy Ann Venable,   Henry N. Watkins,  
Dr. Jack Vaughan,  
James D. Ligon,  Mary Morton Venable,  Richard Nathaniel Venable,   Mary Morton,  
Margaret Ann Venable,  Samuel Woodson Venable,   Jane Reid,  
Thomas Watkins Ligon,  
Sallie Dorsey,  Col. Charles Dorsey,  Mary Tolly Worthington,  Mary Tolly Dorsey,  
Matthew Ligon,  Susanna Green,  Lewis Green,  
John Hylton,  
John Knibb,   
James Ligon,  
Richard Ligon,  Mary Bagley,   
Olive Jeter,   
William Ligon,  Susanna Humphreys,  George Snelling,  
William Robertson,  
John Ligon,  
Susan Ligon,  Lipscomb,  
James Ligon,  
Polly Ligon,  Dodd,  
Lucy Ligon,  Daniel Walker,  
Benjamin G. Walker,  
Pettus R. Walker,  
Tavner R. Walker,  
George W. Walker,  
Daniel D. Walker,  
Frances Ann Ellett Walker,  Theodorick L. Christopher,  
Elizabeth Walker,  Smith,  
Martha Ligon,  Brightwell Rather,  
Samuel Ligon,  Lucy H. Drake,  William Drake,  
John Webb,  
Jane Webb,  Alexander Marshall,  
Mary Webb,  Thomas B. Vaughan,  
Susan Webb,  James Rucks,  
Richard Ligon,  Fanny McGehee,   
Matthew Ligon,  Jane Hatchett,   
Green Ligon,  
Thomas Ligon,  William Jones,  Robert Jones,  Joseph Perrin,  
Thomas Bedford,   Ann (—) Ligon,  
Thomas Ligon,  Frances Watson (Pearson) Bedford Bumpass,  Charles Pearson,  Rebecca —,  Stephen Bedford,  Diggs Bumpass,  
Paul Carrington,   
Elizabeth Ligon,  Sherwood Pearson,  George Walton,  William Toombs,  
Mary Ligon,  John Bridges,  John Hundley,  
Joseph Ligon,  Mary Church,  Richard Church,  
James Ligon,  
Joseph Ligon,  
Robert Ligon,  Wilhelmina Fulwood,  Maj. Robert Fulwood,  Caroline Matilda Brinton,  
Louise Ligon,  M. Tenney,  
Edward Ligon,  Eugene Wood,  
Martha E. Ligon,  David Clopton,  
Mary F. (—) Chambers,  Virginia (—) Clay,  Clement Claiborne Clay,  Clement Comer Clay,   
Clotilda Ligon,  Joseph Seymour,  
Laura Ligon,  Robert Woodbridge,  
Camilla Ligon,  
Amanda Ligon,  B. Gary,  
Robert Fulwood Ligon,  
Emily Paine,  Edward Courtney Paine,  Sarah Drury,  
Nancy Ligon,  
Eliza Ligon,  Paulett,  
Helena Ligon,  
Judith Ligon,  Wylie Yancey,  
Obedience Ligon,  John Owen,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  
William Ligon,  Elizabeth East,  
Elijah Ligon,  Judith Carter,  John Bagby,  
Susannah Ligon,  Hugh Robertson,  
Sarah Ligon,  Wood,  
John Ligon,  Nancy Daniel,  Robert Campbell Daniel,  Elizabeth Sublett,  
Frances Ligon,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  
Frances Ligon,  
Henry Ligon,  Sarah Ligon,   
Sarah Ligon,  Richard Grills,  Rev. George Robertson,   
Thomas Jefferson,   George Farrar,   Matthew Ligon,   
Richard Grills,  Peter Jefferson,   
John Grills,  John Newby,  Thomas Farmer,  Matthew Ligon,  
John Grill,  
Mary Ligon,  Capt. John Coleman,  Robert Coleman,  Robert Munford,  
Mary Ligon Coleman,  Thomas Bedford,  Stephen Bedford,  Elizabeth Flippen,  
Drucilla Williamson,  
John Spencer,   
Charles Wesley Bedford,  
Mary Bedford,  James Hamlett,  
Narcissa Jane Flippen Hamlett,  Coleman Jeffress,   
Capt. Edward Bedford Jeffress,  
Obedience Hamlett,  William Major,  James Faulkner,  Drury Major,  
Samuel Bedford Major,  
Drury James Major,  
Bedford Hamlett,  Mary G. Wootten,   
George Hamlett,  Nancy C. Wootten,   Lucy Mitchell,  
Mary C. Hamlett,  Thomas Jeffress,   
Elizabeth Hamlett,  William Averett,  Dr. Thomas Hamlett Averett,  
Martha Hamlett,  James Wilson,  
Ann Bedford Hamlett,  Richard James Jeffries,   
Thomas B. Jeffress,  Nancy Vincent,  Polly Hurt,  Rebecca McGowen,  Polly Haney Carter,  
Seluda A. Jeffress,  Drury Y. Stokes,  
Martha C. Jeffress,  Samuel Watson,   
Mary B. Jeffress,  James Jeffress Blackwell,  Prudence Russell Jeffress,   
Richard J. Jeffress,  Martha C. Hurt,  
Emily Frances Jeffress,  William Albert Borum,  
James Hamlett,  Nancy P. White,  William White,  
Amanda Catherine Hamlett,  Andrew Bailey Jr.,  
Eliza C. Hamlett,  Thomas Maddox,  
Mary C. Hamlett,  James E. Lawson,  
Elizabeth Ann Hamlett,  Edwin A. Williams,  
Julia A. Hamlett,  
Stephen Bedford,  Jane Daniel,   
Elizabeth Bedford,  Joseph Fuqua,   
Molly Fuqua,  Thomas Smith,  
Elizabeth Fuqua,  
James Fuqua,  
Martha Fuqua,  Philip Thomas,  
Seth Ward Fuqua,  Eliza Ann Ford,  
Thomas Bedford Fuqua,  
Martha Bedford,  Charles Crenshaw,  Charles Crenshaw,  
Thomas Bedford,  Ann Robertson,   
Benjamin Bedford,  Tabitha Clay,   
Littleberry Bedford,  Mattie Clay,   
Archibald Bedford,  Letitia Clay,   
Susannah Bedford,  Anthony Walke,  
Anne Bedford,  Hillery Moseley,   
John Bedford,  Henry Clay,   Mary Ann Marshall,  
Richard Ligon,  
 Matthew Ligon (c.1659-1689),  
 Hugh Ligon (c.1661-),  
Col. Edward Hill,  Richard Ligon,   Samuel Newman,   Henry Mayes,  Stephen Cocke,   Christopher Branch,   
Elizabeth Walthall,   Richard Morris,  Peter Field,  Richard Kennon,  
Thomas Wells,  Richard Holmes,  
Jane (Pew) Price,   Gilbert Elam,   Charles Evans,  
 Mary (Ligon) Farrar (c.1663-),  
Thomas Farrar,   
Thomas Farrar,  William Henley,  
John Farrar,  Mary Wadlaw,  Thomas Wadlow,  Mary —,  
Jenny Farrar,  
Molly Farrar,  
John Joseph Farrar,  Sarah Henley,  Leonard Henley,  
Temperance Farrar,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  John Ford,  
William Ford,  
Mary Ford,  
Jeanie Ford,  
Keturah Farrar,  Hezekiah Henley,  
Sarah Farrar,  Joseph Farrar,   
Thomas Farrar,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Thomas Farrar,   
Stephen Crouch,  
Ann Crouch,  
Judith Crouch,  
Sarah Crouch,  Stephen Clarke,   
Ann Crouch,  
Stephen Crouch,  
 Thomas Ligon III (1655-1678),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Maj. William Moseley - Revolutionary War Capt. John Moseley - Revolutionary War
Maj. Edward Moseley - Revolutionary War Archibald Fuqua - War of 1812
William Fuqua - War of 1812 John Moseley - Revolutionary War
Linnaeus Bass - War of 1812 Thomas Bass - War of 1812
Robert Bass - War of 1812 Richard Booth - War of 1812
Peter Moseley - Revolutionary War Benjamin Moseley - Revolutionary War
Hezekiah Morton - Revolutionary War Edmund Goode - War of 1812
Col. Edmund John Goode - Civil War Jabez Rucks - War of 1812
Blackman Moseley - Revolutionary War William Moseley - Revolutionary War
Joseph Moseley - Revolutionary War Jeremiah D. Turpin - War of 1812
Thomas Smith Moseley - Revolutionary War Arthur Richard Moseley - Revolutionary War
William Hancock - Revolutionary War Edward Hancock - Revolutionary War
Simon Hancock - Revolutionary War Col. Samuel Hancock - Revolutionary War
John Reade - Revolutionary War Thomas Reade - Revolutionary War
Wyatt Reade - Revolutionary War Robert Anderson - Revolutionary War
Samuel Watkins - Revolutionary War Capt. Henry Watkins - Revolutionary War
William Ligon - Revolutionary War John Ligon - Revolutionary War
William Ligon - War of 1812 William Ligon - Mexican War
Thomas Ligon - Revolutionary War Matthew Ligon - War of 1812
David Clopton - Civil War Robert Fulwood Ligon - Mexican War
Hugh Robertson - Revolutionary War Thomas Jeffress - Revolutionary War
Thomas Hamlett Averett - War of 1812  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Joseph Calhoun - U.S. George Hancock - U.S.
Thomas Watkins Ligon - U.S. David Clopton - U.S.
David Clopton - Confederate Robert Fulwood Ligon - U.S.
Thomas Hamlett Averett - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Thomas Watkins Ligon - Maryland  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Ligon - Virginia John Moseley - Virginia
John Moseley - Virginia William Moseley - Virginia
Joseph Calhoun - South Carolina William Marshall Moseley - Virginia
Thomas Smith Moseley - Virginia Langdon Cheve Moseley - Virginia
Samuel Hancock - Virginia Henry Walthall Watkins - Virginia
George Hancock - Virginia Hickerson Barksdale - Virginia
Littleberry Netherland Ligon - Virginia Thomas Watkins Ligon - Maryland
David Clopton - Alabama Robert Fulwood Ligon - Alabama
John Grill - Virginia Thomas Bedford - Virginia
Samuel Bedford Major - Virginia Thomas Hamlett Averett - Virginia

Names on the map
Malvern Hills, Henrico County, was named for ancestral home of Thomas Ligon Moseley, Chesterfield County, was named for family of Arthur Moseley

Selected sources
Blankenship, Gayle King. Blankenship Ancestors. Privately Published. 1995. 203-208, 297-317. • Family of Simon Hancock including his son Robert Hancock who Johan Ligon. Family of Arthur Moseley and Sarah Hancock.
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Carrington, Wirt Johnson. A History of Halifax County (Virginia), 1924. Reprint edition, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1995:212-215. • Family of Edward Bedford Jeffress.
Childs, J. Rives. “Hancock Family of Lower Norfolk, Henrico and Bedford Counties.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(3):635-658. • Family of Simon Hancock including his son Robert Hancock who Johan Ligon.
D’Aiutolo, Leila Eldridge, Warren L. Forsythe, William S. Hubbard, Mary Carolyn Mitton. The Descendants of William Moseley 1656/1606-1655 of Norfolk, Va. 2 vols. 2000. • A tremendous compilation of the descendants of this early Colonial immigrant. The book is based on other published genealogies in addition to the material John Hale Stutesman gathered on the Moseley family and contributed to the Chesterfield Historical Society. Covers Arthur Moseley who married Sarah Hancock and their son Arthur Moseley who married Sarah Hancock.
Ligon, William D. Jr. The Ligon Family and Connections 2 vols., 1947. • Volumes devoted to the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Ligon, including William Ligon, William Ligon, William Ligon, Thomas Ligon, and William Baxter Ligon.
Stutesman, John Hale. “A Soldier of the Revolution.” The Southside Virginian. 8:41-44 (1990). • Family of Capt. Edward Moseley and Hinson Wager Harris.
Stutesman, John Hale. “Sorting Out Some Moseleys.” The Virginia Genealogist. 33:65-70 (1989). • Family of Arthur Moseley.
Stutesman, John Hale. “Two Virginia Colonial Officers Named Benjamin Moseley.” The Virginia Genealogist. 29:243-251 (1985). • This article distinguishes cousins Benjamin Moseley and Benjamin Moseley, both of whom served in the Virginia Continental Line.
Wood, Michael J. and Gary Boyd Roberts. “Four Thomas Lygons (Ligons): An Abstract of New Findings.” The Virginia Genealogist. 22:253-255 (1978). • Distinguishes the 4 consecutive men of this name: Thomas Lygon, Thomas Lygon, Thomas Ligon, and Thomas Ligon.

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