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 348   Nicholas Christopher (c.1670-1754)
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Nicholas Christopher, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Nicholas Christopher might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1670, possibly the child of this name born to William Christopher in Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England, 27 September 1666. I cannot reveal when I arrived in the Colony.
On 24 January 1707/8 I, my wife, Ann, and our son, John Christopher, bought a tract of 100 acres lying in Richmond County from Nathaniel Jackson,  half of which we deeded to John Favor for 2,000 pounds of tobacco in June 1714. Our neighbors were Francis Gower and Angelo Jacobus.
By 1725 John and I were both doing business in Spotsylvania County with Ambrose Madison, grandfather of the president, who recorded our names in his account book.  We were living then on the Rapidan River in that part of Spotsylvania County that became Orange County by 1734.
Our family moved to Southside Virginia, settling on 388 acres on both sides of Dry Creek in Lunenburg,  where the county’s first tax ledger of 1746 included me, now in my 70s, and son David living with his brother Jacobus. 
In my 80s and “very sick and weak in body,” I prepared my will in Lunenburg County 11 February 1754 leaving to “well beloved wife Ann Christopher all my ready monies, lands, chattels household goods and moveables as long as she lives.” I mentioned also sons, Jacobus and William, and daughters, Mary Fennel and Susanna Tune. By then John was in North Carolina, and I had already given David 190 acres in 1751.  Present in the community were Nicholas Christopher and Robert Christopher, likely my sons, too.
I lived a couple more weeks, leaving an estate that included 16 cattle, 2 feather beds, and other furniture, valued at £76.6.1. 

The Christopher household appeared in Lunenburg County tithable lists also in 1749-51. 

A Lunenburg County neighbor was John Nance who got 385 acres on both sides of the north fork of Dry Creek 25 July 1749. 

Who was Ann Christopher?
We do not know who Nicholas’ wife, Ann, was. The name of a son, Jacobus, strongly shows a connection to the family of their neighbor Angelo Jacobus of Richmond County who married a daughter of Henry Clarke. Yet Jacobus’ daughter, Ann, was married to Robert Jordan. As we are unable to place Ann Christopher as a Jacobus descendant we can only conclude that they named their son out of admiration for Angelo Jacobus. Two family digressions at the end of this topic describe the Clarke and Jacobus families.

Orange County land patents
Nicholas Christopher, with William Phillips, secured a patent for 345 acres in that area of Spotsylvania (now Orange) County 17 Aug. 1727,  and in 1736 he received a patent for 400 neighboring acres in the fork of the Rapidan River and a branch of Beautiful Run next to William Phillips.  David Phillips held an adjacent 200 acres.  Nicholas named a son David, so we wonder if there is a family connection.
Nicholas appeared in the 1734 tithable list of Orange County, Va., with two tithes close to sons John Christopher with 9 tithes, and William Christopher with two. 

Nicholas’ will
The following is an abstract of his will recorded 5 March 1754. 

Will of Nicholas Christopher
11 February 1754
In the name of God, Amen. I Nicholas Christopher being very sick and weak in body, but of Perfect mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. I do hereby revoke and make void all former will or wills by me heretofore made.
First I bequeath my soul into ye hands of Almighty God that Gave it and my body to ye Earth to be buried in a Christian Like and Decent Manner at ye Discretion of my Executor and the Worldly Estate I have my will is it be disposed in the manner following, Viz:
Imp. That my Just Debts be justly Discharged.
Item: I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Ann Christopher all my ready monies, lands, chattels household goods and moveables as long as she liveth and after her decease for it all and singular to fall to my son Jacobus Christopher and his heirs lawfully begotten of his body, and for want of such heirs my will is it falleth my son William Christopher and his heirs. My Will and desire is that if my wife after my decease should purchase a Negro, after my said wife’s decease that ye Negro be sold and equally divided between my two daughters, Mary Fennel and Susannah Toon, and I do again revoke and make void all other wills by me made and published and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of February in ye year of our Lord 1754. Memo. That the little boy Alexander Howard shall go to his mother after my decease.
Nicholas X Christopher

Descendants of Nicholas Christopher
Information about the children of Nicholas Christopher, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Capt. Jacobus Christopher,  
Susanna Stokes,  Young Stokes,  
Joseph Minor,  John Nance,  
William Tune,  Anthony Puckett,  
Elizabeth Blagrave,  Susanna Christopher Thompson,  Elizabeth Stokes,  Henry Blagrave,  
Frederick Nance,  
Thomas Murray,  Henry Stokes,  John Blankenship,  
 William Christopher (-1772),  
Elizabeth (—) Christopher,  
Elizabeth Haley,  Edward Haley,  Catherine —,  Elizabeth Watts,  John Watts,  
Morton Christopher,  
Frederick Nance,  
Elizabeth Wayland,  Adam Wayland,  Elizabeth Blankenbaker,  
Mary Christopher,  Joseph Snyder,  
Ambrose Christopher,  
Anna Christopher,  Benjamin Clore,  
Frances Christopher,  Samuel Clore,  
Elizabeth Christopher,  
Lewis Christopher,  
Sarah Christopher,  
James Christopher,  
Milly Christopher,  
James Christopher,  Walter Robertson,  
Ambrose Christopher,  
Elisha Griffin,  Elizabeth (—) Christopher,  
Milley Christopher,  
Sarah Christopher,  
 Mary (Christopher) Fennel,  
Jonathon Fennel,  
 Susanna (Christopher) Tune,  
Tune,  William Tune,  William Tune,  Joanna —,  
 Capt. David Christopher (-1784),  
Elizabeth Grigg,   James Scott,  Hampton Wade,  
John Hardy,  
Lewis Burwell,  David Bullock,  John Stembridge,  John Jeffries,   Joseph Royster,  
Susanna Christopher,  John Overton,  
William Christopher,  
John Smith,  Lucy Jones,  Richard Jones,  
Mary C. Erskine,  Jesse Hord,  Thomas Hord,  
Frances Christopher,  
Lina Christopher,  
Elizabeth Christopher,  
Martha Christopher,  
Elizabeth Christopher,  William Finch,  
Frances Christopher,  William Marable,  
Mary Christopher,  John Wootton,  
Nancy Christopher,  William Hamilton,  
Sarah Christopher,  Richard Hughes,  
Jacobus Christopher,  Jacobus Christopher,   Lurita Dennis,  Moses Overton,   
 John Christopher,  
Edward Southall,  
Ann (Taliaferro) James,  John Taliaferro,  Alice James,  Sarah James,  
Frances Christopher,  Francis Bourne,  
 Robert Christopher,  
 Nicholas Christopher,  
 Henry Clarke (-1678),  
Joan (—) Clarke,  Col. John Stone,  
Elizabeth Jacobus,   
John Clarke,  Col. John Stone,  
Ann (—) Clarke,  
Ann Haile,  Michael Rice,  
Ann Clarke,  Francis Gower,  Stanley Gower,  
Stanley Gower,  
Francis Gower,  Rachel (—) Gower,  
John Branham,  
Ann Gower,  John White,  
Francis Gower,  
Elizabeth Clarke,  Angelo Jacobus,   
 Angelo Jacobus (1645-1698),  
William Dudley,  
Angelo Jacobus,  Susan (—) Jacobus,  Joane Jacobus,  Sara Jacobus,  George Jacobus,  
Elizabeth Clarke,   William Yeats,  
Ann (Jenkinson) Vallot,  Dorothy (—) Fisher,  Claude Vallot,  Claude Champagne,  Mary Jenkinson,  John Nash,  
Katherine Vallot,  Samuel Batchelder,  Ann Vallot,  Stokeley Gales,  
Henry Howe,  
Philip Calvert,  
Stanley Gower,   John Clarke,   
Joseph Jacobus,  Jennet (—) Jacobus,  Ann Jacobus,  
Elizabeth Jacobus,  William Yeats,  
Elizabeth Yeats,  
Anne Yeats,  
Ann Jacobus,  Robert Jordan,  Angel Jacobus Jordan,  
Winifred Jacobus,  Francis Yeats,  
Susanna Jacobus,  Robert Davis,  William Davis,  Elizabeth Thrift,  
John Dozier,  
Jane Davis,  Thomas Randall,  
Winifred Davis,  Shervell Jarrett,  
Elizabeth Davis,  John Hammond,  Richard Smith,   
Robert Davis,  
Mary Jacobus,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
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Clarks Run, Richmond County named for Henry Clarke  

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