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 3450   George Hooper
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George Hooper, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, George Hooper might describe his life as follows.

I was probably a descendant of John Hooper, the Protestant Bishop of Gloucester, who was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1495. Like me, he had a daughter named Rachel. When Mary, the Catholic daughter of Catherine of Aragon, became queen in 1553, she reestablished Catholicism as the state religion. Because John clung tenaciously to his beliefs, she burned him at the stake.
I was living in or near Somersetshire in 1693, which was during the reign of William and Mary who agreed to a Bill of Rights that made it illegal to be a Roman Catholic. I was likely the father of the following children: Susannah, Elizabeth, Hugh, Rachel, and Joan Hooper.
England was always home for me but three grandsons were later in Goochland County, Virginia: Joseph Hooper, William Mayo the famous surveyor and map maker of Barbados and Virginia, and Dr. William Cabell who was the ancestor of the very influential Cabell family of Virginia.
Mr. Alexander Brown wrote a book called The Cabells and Their Kin, which describes my grandson’s remarkable family in a very fine manner. William Cabell’s family includes a vice president, a couple dozen congressmen, and more than 50 state legislators. Four served in the legislature of the Confederate States of America.

Descendants of George Hooper
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susannah (Hooper) Allen,  
John Allen,  
 Elizabeth (Hooper) Mayo Styles,  
Joseph Mayo,   
 Hugh Hooper,  
Joseph Hooper,  Joseph Mayo,   James Nevill,  
Elizabeth (—) Hooper,  
Henry Trent,   
George Carrington,   
Hugh Hooper,  
Col. George Hooper,  John Cook,  Elizabeth Cook,  
John Hooper,  
Joseph Hooper,  
George Hooper,  
James Hooper,  
Thomas Hooper,  
Capt. Stephen Hooper,  Hannah Scott,  
Harriet Scott Hooper,  William Holman,  
Lionel Elcan Hooper,  
Elizabeth S. Hooper,  James Monroe Johns,  
John Morrow Hooper,  Keziah Chambers Cox,  Catherine (—) Hooper,  
Anne Hooper,  Melville M. Johns,  
William Hooper,  
Benjamin Hooper,  Permelia Moseley,  Spotswood Lewis Moseley,   
Elizabeth Hooper,  
John A. Hooper,  
Powell Hooper,  Willie Ann Holman,  
George Lewis Hooper,  
William Marshall Hooper,  
Henrietta Moseley Hooper,  
 Rachel (Hooper) Cabell,  
Nicholas Cabell,  William Cabell,  Mary —,  
William Cabell,  
Dr. William Cabell,  Capt. John Redford,  
Elizabeth Burks,  Samuel Burks,  Mary Davis,  
William Mayo,   Noel Burton,  
William Mayo,   George Carrington,   Joseph Scott,   
Margaret (—) Meredith,  Samuel Meredith Sr.,  
Mary Cabell,  William Horsley,  Robert Horsley,  
William Horsley,  Martha Megginson,   
William Horsley,  Sarah Christian,  James Christain,  Martha —,  
Mary Cabell Horsley,  Micajah Pendleton,  Philip Pendleton,  
Joseph Horsley,  
Judith Horsley,  
Robert Horsley,  Ann Sparks Hopkins,  John Hopkins,  
Martha Horsley,  Richard Phillips,  
Samuel Cabell Horsley,  Mary Ann Banning-Denny,  
Elizabeth Horsley,  
John Horsley,  Philadelphia Hamilton Dunscomb,  Philadelphia DuVal,   Andrew Dunscomb,  
Mary Mildred Cabell,   
William Andrew Horsley,  Eliza G. Perkins,  George Perkins,  Eliza Richardson,  
Frederick Cabell Horsley,  Dora Pleasants,  James Pleasants,   
Edmund Winston Horsley,  Lucie Gwatkins,  
Nicholas Cabell Horsley,  Elizabeth Wilkes,  Nannie Deane,  
Alice Winston Horsley,  Rev. Samuel W. Watkins,  Henry Edward Watkins,   Agnes Woodson Venable,   
Paulina Horsley,  John Baker,  
Mary Elizabeth Horsley,  
Frances Mildred Horsley,  Robert P. Anderson Jr.,  Mary Scott (Carrington) Venable,   
John Horsley,  Rose Evelyn Shelton,  Dr. John Marshall Shelton,  
Nicholas Horsley,  Martha Scott,   
Robert Horsley,  Judith Scott,  Capt. Nicholas Cabell,   
Elizabeth Horsley,  Roderick McCulloch,  Rev. David McCullock,  
Mary McCulloch,  Peter Presley Thornton,   
Elizabeth McCulloch,  Samuel Boyle Davies,  Henry Landon Davies,  Ann Clayton,  
Anne Clayton E. Davies,  Gen. Odin Green Clay,   
Roderick McCulloch Davies,  
Dr. William Brown Davies,  Editha Davies,  Nicholas Clayton Davies,  Elizabeth Crawford,  
Elizabeth McCulloch Davies,  Lodovick A. Moorman,  John Hope Moorman,  Elizabeth Johnson,  
Belinda McCulloch,  James Waugh,  
Roderick McCulloch,  
Frances McCulloch,  Benjamin Shackleford,  Elizabeth Taliaferro,  Col. Lyne Shackleford,  
Isabella McCulloch,  Edward Waugh,  Rev. Charles Crawford,  Thomas Waugh,  
Robert Horsley McCulloch,  
Nancy Ellis McCulloch,  Joseph Glasgow,  Rev. Charles Crawford,  Arthur Glasgow,  Rebecca McNutt,  
William H. McCulloch,  Mary Douglass,  James Douglass,  Sallie Evans,  Mary Champe Carter,  Edward Carter Jr.,  Lucy Wood,  
John Horsley,  Rev. Robert Rose,  Fanny Starke,  
Jane Horsley,  John Roberts,  
John Horsley,  Mary Chambers Yancey,  Maj. Charles Yancey,  Anne Spencer,  
Dr. Hector Horsley,  
Elizabeth Horsley,  
William Cabell,  Margaret Jordan,   Col. Samuel Jordan,   
Clement Read,   
Col. Samuel Jordan Cabell,  
Sarah Syme,  Col. John Syme Jr.,  Mildred Meriwether,  
William Syme Cabell,  Elizabeth Dorthea Spotswood Payne,  Col. Philip Payne,  Eliza Dandridge,  
Mildred Meriwether Cabell,  Joseph Kirkland Green,  Thomas Green,   Martha Wills,  
Dr. Samuel Jordan Cabell,  Elizabeth S. Avery,  
Edward Avery Cabell,  
Sally Syme Cabell,  John W. Morris,  
Samuel Jordan Cabell III,  
William Washington Cabell,  
Patrick Henry Cabell,  Lela Saunders,  
Margaret E. Cabell,  George M. Waddill,  
Emma E. Cabell,  Davis Ayers,  
Elvira Ann Cabell,  
Paulina R. Cabell,  George Whitlock,  
Margaret Washington Cabell,  John Higginbotham,  Dr. Nathaniel West Payne,  
Patrick Henry Cabell,  Elizabeth S. Lee,  Daniel Lee,  
Nicholas Meriwether Cabell,  
George Washington Cabell,  Mary Anne Anthony,  
Emeline S. Cabell,  Benjamin E. Scruggs,  Rev. Andrew Hart,  
Col. William Cabell,  Ann Carrington,   
Paul Carrington Cabell,  
Elvira A. Cabell,  Patrick Henry Jr.,  Dorthea Dandridge,  James Bruce,  Sally Coles,  Col. Walter Coles,  
James Cole Bruce,  
Elvira Ann Henry,  William H. Clarke,  John Clarke,   
Ellen Carter Bruce,  James Marion Morson,  
Sarah Bruce,  James Alexander Seddon,  
John Cabell Breckinridge,   
Thomas Seddon,  Susan Pearson Alexander,  
William Cabell Bruce,  
Charles Bruce,  Sarah Alexander Seddon,  
Margaret Cabell,  Thomas Stanhope McClelland,  Thomas McClelland,  Mary —,  Stanhope,  
William Wirt Henry,  Elivra Henry McClelland,  John Henry,  Patrick Henry,  
Anne Carrington Cabell,  John James Flournoy,  Thomas Flournoy,  Ann Martin,  
Ann Eliza Flournoy,  Henry Wood,   
William Cabell Flournoy,  Martha Watkins Venable,  William Lewis Venable,   
Thomas Stanhope Flournoy,  
Susan Ann Love,  Allen Love,  Mildred H. Coles,   
Dr. Patrick Henry Flournoy,  Susan Edmunds,   
William Jordan Cabell,  
Mary Elizabeth Cabell,  Dr. George Callaway,  
Clementina Cabell,  Jesse Irvine,  William Irvine,  Martha Burton,   Landonia (—) Irvine,  
William Cabell Irvine,  Mary Ann Lewis,  Meriwether Lewis,  
Martha Irvine,  
Ann Cabell Irvine,  David Flournoy,  Dr. David Flournoy,  J. Overby,  
Elvira Bruce Irvine,  
Edward Cabell Irvine,  Jane Lewis,  Meriwether Lewis,  
Sarah Cabell Irvine,  Asa Dupuy Dickinson,   
Patrick Cabell Irvine,  
Margaret Frances Irvine,  
Mary Eliza Irvine,  Philip D. Christian,  
Capt. Jesse Irvine,  Margaret Agnes Venable,  Dr. Paul Carrington Venable,   
Juliet M. Irvine,  Rev. David W. Shanks,  
Margaret Frances Irvine,  Thomas Rosser,  
Alexander Irvine,  Lockie T. Brown,  
Sarah Carrington Cabell,  Dr. Thomas Massie,   
Edward A. Cabell,  Mary Rice Garland,  
William Meredith Cabell,  Mildred K. Eldridge,  Rolfe Eldridge,  
David Shepherd Garland Cabell,  
Patrick Henry Cabell,  
Pattie W. Aylett,  Col. Philip Aylett,  
Edward Paul Cabell,  
Jane Meredith Cabell,  Lt. Nicholas H. Van Zandt,  Nicholas Biddle Van Zandt,  Maria Wood Southall,   
Mayo Cabell,  
Paul Carrington Cabell,  
Dr. Paul Carrington Cabell,  Mary B. Irvine,  William Irvine,  
William Irvine Cabell,  
Ann Carrington Cabell,  Robert J. Davis,  
Martha Elizabeth Cabell,  
Sallie Massie Cabell,  Edgar Whitehead,  
Martha Burton Cabell,  
Paul Carrington Cabell,  Nannie E. Rose,  Lou Mundy,  
Mayo Cabell,  Mary Cornelia Briscoe Daniel,  Caroline Anthony,  
Mildred Coles Cabell,  
Mildred Howells Cabell,  
Patrick Henry Cabell,  
Paulina Cabell,  Maj. Edmund Read,   
Louisa Elizabeth Cabell,   
Rev. Nash LeGrand,   
Landon Cabell,  Judith Scott Rose,   
Elvira Cabell,  
Alfred Cabell,  
Landon Rose Cabell,  Marian Fontaine Cabell,   
Dr. Robert Henry Cabell,  Julia Ann E. Mayo,   Catherine Pelham,  
Julia Cabell,  
Landon Cabell,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  William Radford Preston,  
Hector Cabell,  Paulina Jordan Cabell,   John Cabell,   
Margaret Jordan Cabell,  Robert Rives,  William Rives,  Lucy Shands,  
Landon Cabell Rives,  Anna Marie Towles,  
Margaret Rives,  Rufus King,  
Ann Maria Rives,  Joseph Longworth,  
Nicholas Longworth,  Susan Walker,  
Nicholas Longworth,  
Alice Lee Roosevelt,  Theodore Roosevelt,  
Annie Rives Longworth,  Buckner Wallingford,  
Clara Eleanor Longworth,  
Landon Rives Longworth,  
Maria Longworth,  Col. George Ward Nichols,  Bellamy Storer,  
Landon Cabell Rives,  Letitia Gamble Watts,  Gen. Edward Watts,  Elizabeth Breckinridge,  
Dr. Edward Rives,  Marie T. Thompson,  Judge James Henry Johnson,  Eliza J. Trimble,  Allen Trimble,  
Margaret Jordan Rives,  
William Cabell Rives,  Judith Page Walker,   
Henry Clay,   
Francis Robert Rives,  
William Cabell Rives,  
Grace Rives,  
Alfred Landon Rives,  Sadie MacMurdo,  
Amelie Louise Rives,  
Ella Rives,  
Lucy Shands Rives,  Alexander Brown,  Alexander Brown,  Rev. William Cabell Brown,  
Paulina C. Rives,  Maj. Richard Pollard,  
Edward Alfred Pollard,  
Henry Rives Pollard,  
Robert Rives,  Elizabeth Pannill,  Samuel Pannill,  
Henry Rives,  
James B. Rives,  
George Rives,  Mary Eliza Carter,  Maria Farley Tucker,  
Prof. George Tucker,  
Elizabeth Rives,  
Alexander Rives,  Isabella Bachem Wydown,  Salley Hearsley Watson,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  William H. Cabell,   
Col. Joseph Cabell,  Mary Hopkins,  Dr. Arthur Hopkins,  Elizabeth Pettus,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  Capt. William Megginson,  William Horsley,   
Joseph Cabell Megginson,  Sarah Bolling,   
Joseph Cabell,  Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling,   
Anne Everard (Bolling) DuVal,   
Gov. William H. Cabell,   
Sophonisba E. Cabell,  Robert Harrison Grayson,  William Grayson,  Eleanor Smallwood,  
Sarah Bolling Cabell,  Elisha Meredith,  John Meredith,  Ann Taylor,  Elisha Edward Meredith,  
Dr. Robert Bolling Cabell,  Elizabeth Walthall,   
Joseph Megginson Cabell,  Charles Joseph Cabell,  Gen. Benjamin Jones,  
Archibald Cabell,  
Edward Blair Cabell,  Harriet Forbes Monroe,  
Benjamin William Sheridan Cabell,  Sarah Epes Doswell,   
Pocahontas Rebecca Cabell,  Col. John Tyler Hairston,  George Hairston,  Louisa Hardiman,  
Dr. John Roy Cabell,  Martha C. Wilson,  Col. Nathaniel Wilson,  Winifred Tunstall,  
Frances Katherine (Witcher) Clement,  James M. Clement,   
Virginia J. Cabell,  
William Lewis Cabell,  
Harriet A. Rector,  Maj. Elias Rector,  Catherine Duval,  
Benjamin Earl Cabell,  
Dr. Powhatan Bolling Cabell,  Jane B. Lanier,  
Ann E. Cabell,  
Maj. Algernon Sidney Cabell,  Mary Angela Carroll,  Col. De Rosa Carroll,  
George Craighead Cabell,  Mary Harrison Baird,  Ellen Virginia Ashton,  
Sarah Epes Cabell,  Richard Junius Epes,   Ashley L. Davis,  
Joseph Robert Cabell,  Mary Elizabeth Irby,  Col. Isaac Carrington,  
Benjamin Edward Cabell,  
Archibald B. Cabell,  
Nicholas Cabell,  
Mary Pocahontas Rebecca Cabell,  Peyton Doswell,  
Jane Randolph Cabell,  Philip T. Allin,  
John Breckinridge Cabell,  Mary Coalter Wardlow,  Martha Posey,  
Elizabeth Robertson Cabell,  James B. Pollitt,  Archibald Dixon,  
Wynn Dixon,  
Rebecca Hart Dixon,  John Young Brown,  
Susan Belle Dixon,  
Archibald Dixon,  Margaret Herndon,  
Henry Cabell Dixon,  
Joseph Cabell Dixon,  Lucy Alves,  
Wynn Dixon,  
Robert Bolling Cabell,  
George Washington Cabell,  Mary R. Williams,  
Joseph H. Cabell,  
William Nicholas Cabell,  
Richard R. Cabell,  
Mary Ann Hopkins Cabell,  Dr. E.L. Willard,  
George C. Cabell,  
Mary Hopkins Cabell,  John Breckinridge,  
Letitia Preston Breckinridge,  Alfred William Grayson,  William Grayson,  Eleanor Smallwood,  Sophonisba E. Cabell,   
Gen. Peter Buell Porter,  
Peter Augustus Porter,  
Joseph Cabell Breckinridge,  Mary Clay Smith,  
Frances Ann Breckinridge,  Rev. John Clark Young,  
Caroline Laurens Breckinridge,  Rev. Joseph J. Bullock, D.D.,  
Mary Cabell Breckinridge,  Dr. Thomas P. Satterwhite,  
Gen. John Cabell Breckinridge,  Mary Cirene Birch,  
Gen. Winfield Scott,   
Clifton Rodes Breckinridge,  
Letitia Porter Breckinridge,  Charles Copeland Parkhill,  
Mary Ann Cabell Breckinridge,  
Mary Hopkins Breckinridge,  
Robert H. Breckinridge,  
Mary Anne Breckinridge,  David Castleman,  
Rev. John Breckinridge,  
Rev. Robert Jefferson Breckinridge,  Sophonisba Ann Preston,  Gen. Francis Preston,  
William Campbell Preston Breckinridge,  
Levin Irving Handy,  
William Lewis Breckinridge,  
James Monroe Breckinridge,  
Ann Cabell,  Robert Carter Harrison,   Shadrach Vaughan,  
Susanna Randolph Harrison,  
Mary Hopkins Harrison,  Samuel Q. Richardson,  
John U. Waring,  
Anna Cabell Richardson,  Dr. William B. Todd,  
Sarah Bainbridge Richardson,  Rev. John Leighton,  
Mary Hopkins Breckinridge Richardson,  Col. Richard Fell,  
John Crowley Richardson,  
Robert Carter Richardson,  Maria Louisa Harris,  Henry Clay Harris,  
Samuel Q. Richardson,  Mary Jane Williamson,  
Rev. Joseph Cabell Harrison,  Sophia Rice,  Rev. James H. Rice,  Melinda Ward,  
Carter Henry Harrison,  Caroline E. Russell,  
Carter Henry Harrison,  Sophonisba G. Preston,  Sophonisba E. Cabell,   
Margaret Stearns,  Marcus Stearns,  
Ann Cabell Harrison,  Samuel E. Brown,  
Robert Carter Harrison,  
Theodosia Tompkins,  
Elizabeth Lewis Harrison,  James Devore,  
Sarah Randolph Harrison,  
Virginia Harrison,  David Castleman,  
Pocahontas Rebecca Peyton Harrison,  Dr. Samuel Sloane,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  Col. William J. Lewis,  Col. William Lewis,  
Col. John Cabell,  Paulina Jordan,   Elizabeth Brierton Jones,  
Hector Cabell,   
John Cabell,  
George Cabell,  
Dr. George Cabell,  Sarah Winston,  Judge Edmund Winston,  Alice Winston,  
Paulina J. Cabell,  Alexander Spotswood Henry,  Patrick Henry,  
Edmund Winston Cabell,  
George Kuhn Cabell,  Eliza Virginia Garland,  Hon. David Shepherd Garland,  
Alice Cabell,  Walter Coles Carrington,   
John Breckinridge Cabell,  Martha Bickerton Bouldin,   
Sarah Winston Cabell,  Andrew Stuart,  Lewis Stuart,  Sarah Lewis,  
Anne Bouldin Cabell,  Albert Rust,  
Paulina Henry Cabell,  Thomas Tyler Bouldin Carrington,  Robert Carrington,   
Joanna Tyler Cabell,  David Holmes Morton,  John Morton,   Elizabeth A. LeGrand,  
Marion Fontaine Cabell,  
Alice Winston Cabell,  William A. Withers,  Dr. Robert Walker Withers,  Susan D. Alexander,  
John Jordan Cabell,  
John Breckinridge Cabell,  Emma Scott,  
Elizabeth Crallé Cabell,  Charles L. Davis,  
Catherine Douglas Cabell,  
William J. Lewis Cabell,  Eliza Daniel,  Judge William Daniel,  
Marian Fontaine Cabell,  Landon Rose Cabell,   
Sarah Cabell,  
Frederick Cabell,  Alice Winston,  
Mary Mildred Cabell,  John Horsley,   
Frederick Mortimer Cabell,  Clara Hawes Coleman,  John J. Coleman,  Catherine Hawes,  
Sarah Syme Cabell,  
Alice Winston Cabell,  
Edmund Winston Cabell,  
Clifford Cabell,  Margaret Couch Anthony,  
Paulina Virginia Cabell,  John Ware Mosby,  John H. Mosby,  Jane Ware,  
Lewis Warrington Cabell,  Anna Maria Perkins,  George Perkins,  Eliza Richardson,  
William Cabell,  
John Jordan Cabell,  Henry Ann Davies,  Henry Landon Davies,  Ann Clayton,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  Dr. Tiernan,  
Samuel Jordan Cabell,  Susanna Ewing,  
Judith Scott Cabell,  Shields,  
Paulina Jordan Cabell,  Hector Cabell,   Judge William Daniel,  
George Cabell,  
Nicholas Cabell,  Hannah Carrington,   
Joanna Cabell,  
Mary Cabell,  Christopher Carter,  
Joseph Cabell,  Prudence Colton,  Isabella Harris,  Anne —,  
William Cabell,  
Joseph Cabell,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  
Mary Cabell,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  
Sarah Cabell,  
Elizabeth Cabell,  Davis,  
Sarah Cabell,  
 Joan (Hooper) Rundell Grant,  
Rundell,  Grant,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Col. George Hooper - Revolutionary War Stephen Hooper - War of 1812
John A. Hooper - Civil War William Horsley - Revolutionary War
John Horsley Jr. - Civil War Robert Horsley - Revolutionary War
Robert Horsley McCulloch - War of 1812 William H. McCulloch - War of 1812
Samuel Jordan Cabell - Revolutionary War Samuel Jordan Cabell III - Civil War
Patrick Henry Cabell - Civil War George M. Waddill - Civil War
Col. William Cabell - Revolutionary War John James Flournoy - War of 1812
Thomas Stanhope Flournoy - Civil War Edward Cabell Irvine - Civil War
Capt. Jesse Irvine - Civil War Dr. Thomas Massie Jr. - War of 1812
William Meredith Cabell - Civil War David S.G. Cabell - Civil War
Patrick Henry Cabell - Civil War Lt. Nicholas H. Vanzandt - Mexican War
Lt. Nicholas H. Vanzandt - Civil War Paul Carrington Cabell - Civil War
Paul Carrington Cabell - Civil War Maj. Edmund Read - Revolutionary War
Dr. Edward Rives - Civil War Alexander Brown - Civil War
Richard Pollard - War of 1812 Col. Joseph Cabell - Revolutionary War
Capt. William Megginson - Revolutionary War Benjamin W.S. Cabell - War of 1812
William Lewis Cabell - Civil War Algernon Sidney Cabell - Civil War
George Craighead Cabell - Civil War Joseph Robert Cabell - Civil War
Benjamin Edward Cabell - Civil War Joseph Cabell Breckinridge - War of 1812
John Cabell Breckinridge - Mexican War Robert Carter Richardson - Mexican War

U.S. presidents and vice presidents
Theodore Roosevelt John Cabell Breckinridge

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Samuel Jordan Cabell - U.S. James Alexander Seddon - U.S.
James Alexander Seddon - Confederate Thomas Stanhope Flournoy - U.S.
Nicholas Longworth - U.S. Bellamy Storer Sr. - U.S.
Bellamy Storer Jr. - U.S. William Cabell Rives - U.S.
William Cabell Rives - Confederate Prof. George Tucker - U.S.
William Grayson - U.S. Elisha Edward Meredith - U.S.
George Craighead Cabell - U.S. Archibald Dixon - U.S.
John Young Brown - U.S. John Breckinridge - U.S.
Gen. Peter Buell Porter - U.S. Peter Augustus Porter - U.S.
John Cabell Breckinridge - U.S. John Cabell Breckinridge - Confederate
Clifton Rodes Breckinridge - U.S. William C.P. Breckinridge - U.S.
Levin Irving Handy - U.S. Carter Henry Harrison - U.S.
Col. William J. Lewis - U.S. David Shepherd Garland - U.S.
Albert Rust - U.S. Albert Rust - Confederate

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Theodore Roosevelt - New York Allen Trimble - Ohio
John Young Brown - Kentucky  

Legislators - colonial and state
Dr. John Marshall Shelton - Virginia Benjamin Shackleford - Virginia
Col. Lyne Shackleford - Virginia John Horsley Jr. - Virginia
Maj. Charles Yancey - Virginia William Cabell II - Virginia
Samuel Jordan Cabell - Virginia George M. Waddill - Virginia
Col. William Cabell - Virginia William H. Clarke - Virginia
Charles Bruce - Virginia Thomas S. McClelland - Virginia
William Wirt Henry - Virginia John James Flournoy - Virginia
Thomas Flournoy - Virginia Henry Wood - Virginia
William Cabell Flournoy - Virginia Thomas Stanhope Flournoy - Virginia
Edward Cabell Irvine - Virginia Dr. Thomas Massie Jr. - Virginia
Edward A. Cabell - Virginia William Meredith Cabell - Virginia
David S.G. Cabell - Virginia Robert J. Davis - Virginia
Paul Carrington Cabell - Virginia Nicholas Longworth - Ohio
Theodore Roosevelt - North York Gen. Edward Watts - Virginia
William Cabell Rives - Virginia Alexander Brown - Virginia
Robert Rives - Virginia Prof. George Tucker - Virginia
Alexander Rives - Virginia Col. Joseph Cabell Sr. - Virginia
Joseph Cabell Megginson - Virginia William Grayson - Virginia
Elisha Edward Meredith - Virginia Benjamin W.S. Cabell - Virginia
Archibald Dixon - Kentucky Henry Cabell Dixon - Kentucky
John Breckinridge - Virginia John Breckinridge - Kentucky
Peter Augustus Porter - North York Joseph Cabell Breckinridge - Kentucky
John Cabell Breckinridge - Kentucky Clifton Rodes Breckinridge - Arkansas
Robert J. Breckinridge - Kentucky Robert Carter Richardson - Kentucky
Samuel E. Brown - Kentucky Robert Carter Harrison - Kentucky
Robert Carter Harrison - Missouri Col. William J. Lewis - Virginia
Col. John Cabell - Virginia Edmund Winston - Virginia
David Shepherd Garland - Virginia Albert Rust - Arkansas
Frederick Mortimer Cabell - Virginia  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
William Cabell II William Wirt Henry

Names on the map
Warminster, Nelson County, Virginia, was named for ancestral home of William Cabell Cabell Mountain, Nelson County, Virginia, was named for William Cabell II
Grayson County, Virginia, was named for William Grayson Breckinridge County, Kentucky, named for John Breckinridge
Breckenridge County, Kansas, named for John Cabell Breckinridge Breckenridge County, now Clay County, Minnesota, named for John Cabell Breckinridge
Breckenridge, Colorado, named for John Cabell Breckinridge  

Selected sources
Brown, Alexander. The Cabells and Their Kin. Boyce, Va.: Randolph W. Cabell, 1994. • Family of Nicholas Cabell who married Rachel Hooper.
“Cabell Bible Records.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 13:66-69 (1975). • Bible belonging to Col. William Cabell and Ann Carrington.
Cabell, Randolph Wall. Cabell Sightings 1688-1751 Featuring Re-discovered Letters of William Cabbell and Elizabeth Burke Cabbell. 1996. • Letters of Dr. William Cabell.
King, George Harrison Sanford. “Will of Joseph Cabell, Buckingham County, Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 15:298-302 (1971). • Will of Col. Joseph Cabell.

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