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 3434   Thomas Cocke I (c.1639-1697)
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Thomas Cocke I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Cocke I might describe his life as follows.

The son of Richard Cocke and Temperance Baley, I was born about 1639 for I swore 1 August 1685 that I was 46. 
My plantation, “Malvern Hills,” was on the James opposite Turkey Island. Here we had a flour mill, tobacco houses, orchards, two tanneries, and looms to make quality linen. Two centuries later, my property was the site of the bloody Civil War battle of 1 July 1862.
For a 17th Century colonist, I was quite wealthy. My estate, including what I advanced to my children before my death, encompassed some 5,000 acres of land.  Consequently, it was embarrassing when two men testified in court in 1662 that one of our servants ran away because my wife, “a very shrewd woman” as they called her, fed them all corn husks.
I had busy public life, serving as burgess, justice, sherif, and coroner at various times.
After the mother of my four sons and two daughters died, Peter Jones’ widow, Margaret, became my wife. Margaret’s stepfather was one of Virginia’s principal explorers and traders, Abraham Wood.
I was a sixty-year-old grandfather when I died. Among the legacies in my will was 1,000 pounds of tobacco—then our medium of exchange—towards purchasing a bell for the church.

More specifically, Cocke was a burgess representing Henrico County in 1677,  a county justice (1678, 1680),  sheriff (1680, 1688 ), and county coroner (1680).
In 1662 Edmund Davy testified in Charles City County that he had heard, “Mr. Thomas Cocke’s wife was a very shrewd woman to her servants and that she fed them with the husks that were sifted from the corn that was fitter to be given to horses than to Christians and that such her hard usage made one of her servants run away.” Daniel Pryor backed him up. 

Henrico County charged Cocke on 8 tithables in 1679. 

His plantations
He was Thomas Cocke of “Pickthorn Farm” in 1688 when he sold land that he and his brothers had inherited from their father to Thomas East. 
On 4 Oct. 1675 Mr. Thomas Cocke got patents for two tracts of land: 1,983 acres in Charles City County and 3,087 acres in Henrico County, the governor having granted the land in consideration of Thomas transporting 102 individuals to the Colony.  As Thomas Cocke Sr. he added 1,650 aces for 33 headrights 20 Oct. 1688, and 816 acres for 17 persons in 1689. 
The identity of the 1st wife of Thomas Cocke, the mother of his children, is unknown. We do know he married 2nd Margaret, a stepdaughter of Gen. Abraham Wood and the widow of Peter Jones.
The 1678 will of Hugh Mackmyell left to the daughters of Thomas Cocke, “my good friend and neighbor,” a black calf each.  In 1687 Thomas Cocke Sr. and Margaret, his wife, gave a 200-acre portion of “Malvern Hills” to his son of the same name. 

Was Thomas Cocke’s wife a daughter of James Powell?
The presence of the name James Powell Cocke among Thomas’ grandsons suggests his wife may have been a daughter of James Powell who was an old man in 1656 when the Charles City County court exempted him from future taxes.  At a deposition 1 Feb. 1658/9 he swore he was about 62 years of age and he was still living 20 Nov. 1665 when he witnessed a deed. 

Thomas Cocke’s will
Thomas Cocke made his will in Henrico County 10 Dec. 1691 devising 5,000 acres, his dwelling house, mill, tanyards, tobacco houses, orchards, slaves, gardens, and horses. He identified his 6 children including married daughters, Agnes Harwood and Temperance Harwood, and mentioned also several grandchildren. 
Thomas was dead by 1 April 1697 when they recorded his will and granted James Cocke and Margaret Cocke probate. 

Descendants of Thomas Cocke I
Information about the children of Thomas Cocke I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Capt. Thomas Cocke II (c.1664-1707),  
Mary Brasseur,   
Robert Burton,   
Rowland Place,  
Frances (—) Cocke,  
Joshua Wynne,  Mary Jones,   
Thomas Cocke III,  
James Powell Cocke,  Martha Herbert,  John Herbert,  Frances (—) Anderson,  Richard Herbert,  John Anderson,  Frances (—) Anderson Herbert Wynne,  
William Craddock,   Joseph Ward,   
Martha Cocke,   Chastain Cocke,   
James Powell Cocke,  
Mary Magdalene Chastain,  Dr. Stephen Chastain,  Martha Dupuy,  Thomas Porter,  
Peter Farrar,   
Chastain Cocke,  
Martha Cocke,  Henry Anderson,   
James Powell Cocke,  
James Powell Cocke,  Elizabeth Archer,   
Lucy Smith,   
James Powell Cocke,  Martha Ann Lewis,   
Mary Cocke,  
Martha Cocke,  
Chastain Cocke,  
Smith Cocke,  
Chastain Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  Dr. Charles Warner Lewis Carter,  
Martha Cocke,  Valentine Wood Southall,   
Chastain Cocke,  Martha Field Archer,   John Tabb,   
Benjamin Ward,   
James Powell Cocke,  Mary Lewis,  
William Archer Cocke,  Catherine Murray (Winston) Ronald,  William Winston,  William Ronald,  
Capt. William Archer Cocke,  Ann Catherine Murray,  Alexander Murray,  
Chastain Cocke,  
Martha Judith Cocke,  Everard Francis Eggleston,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Rebecca Bentley Cocke,  
Chastain Cocke,  Sarah Meade Eggleston,  Mary Eggleston,  Edward Eggleston,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Mary Magdalene Chastain Cocke,  James Ligon Saunders,  
Chastain Cocke,  
Bowler Cocke,  
Elizabeth Royall Cocke,  John Royall Jr.,  
Capt. John Field Cocke,  Ann W7aller Roland,  William Roland,  
Richard Ivanhoe Cocke,  
Mary Magdalene Chastain Cocke,  
Dr. Richard Herbert Cocke,  Elizabeth Allen Ambler Green,   James Cocke,  
Joseph Archer Cocke,  
Stephen Cannon Cocke,  
Stephen Cocke,  Jane Segar Eggleston,   John Townes Jr.,  
Rev. John Fox,   
Joseph Eggleston Cocke,  Ann Branch Moseley,   
James Powell Cocke,  Caroline Matilda Lewis,   
Charles Cocke,  Sarah Williamson Taylor,  
Judith Eggleston Cocke,  Peter Field Archer,   
John Field Archer,  
Richard Stephen Cocke Archer,  
Fanny Tanner Archer,  
Jane Segar Archer,  Joseph Bass Anderson,   
Mary Magdalene Chastain Cocke,  Richard Archer,   
Thomas Brackett,  
William Eggleston,  
Stephen Chastain Cocke Archer,  
Richard Thompson Archer,  Ann Maria Barnes,  
Martha Cocke,  William Trent Eggleston,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Ann Segar Cocke,  
Jane Segar Cocke,  James Hobson,  
Stephen Chastain Cocke,  
Elizabeth Chastain Cocke,  William Cannon,   
Ann Cocke,  James Mitchell,  
Charles Burks Sr.,  
Richard Ward,   Moses Overton,   
John Mitchell,  Obedience Vaughan,   
James Cocke Mitchell,  Demarie Baldwin,  Patience Robertson,   Polly Craddock,  
Anna Mitchell,  Daniel Dearing,  Moses Mitchell,  
Daniel Mitchell,  
William Mitchell,  Sally Price,  
Thomas Cocke,  John Archer,  
Henry Cocke,  
Brazure Cocke,  Frances (—) Cocke,  Samuel Briggs,   
Martha Cocke,  William Merritt,  
William Cocke,  Rebecca Smith Edwards,  Gronowy Owen,   Isham Trotter,  
Thomas Cocke,  John Gunter Jr.,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Holt,  
Elizabeth Holt,  
Frances Cocke,  John Oliver,  
Mary Cocke,  Parson Anderson,  James Shelton,  
Brazure Cocke Anderson,  
Mary Anderson,  Ransome Dudley,  
Susanna Cocke,  Williamson Coleman,  
Anne Cocke,  Robert Cheek,  
James Cocke,  
Mary Cocke,  Rev. William Finney,  
Charles Johnson,  
James Powell Cocke,   
William Finney,  Mary Punch,   
Mary Finney,  John Williamson Jr.,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  
 Stephen Cocke (c.1664-),  
Sarah (—) Marston,  Martha (Batte) Jones Banister,   
 James Cocke (c.1667-1721) of “Curles”,  
Elizabeth Pleasants,  John Pleasants,  Jane (Larcombe) Tucker,  
James Cocke,  Sarah (—) Cocke,  Sarah Lewis,  Benjamin Woodson,  
James Cocke,  Mary Lewis,  Joseph Lewis,  Elizabeth (—) Lewis,  
Elizabeth Pleasants Cocke,  William Roberts,  
Elizabeth Roberts,  
George Roberts,  
John Cocke,  
James Cocke,  Martha Holland Parrish,  David Parrish,  Judith Holland,  
David Parrish Cocke,  Elizabeth Gilliam,  John Gilliam,  
William Cocke,  Nancy Turner,  Lewis Turner,  
Judith H. Cocke,  William Woodson,  Woodson M. Clough,  
Jack Fleming Cocke,  
Mary Lewis Cocke,  Thomas Robertson,  
Elizabeth Pleasants Cocke,  Arthur Bowles,  
James L. Cocke,  
Martha Ann Cocke,  
Richard P. Cocke,  
Nancy P. Cocke,  John C. Gilliam,  
Lucy L. Cocke,  
Susan R. Cocke,  
William Cocke,  
Susanna Cocke,  William Price,   
Ann Cocke,  David Mosby,  
Sarah Lewis Cocke,  
Pleasant Cocke,  Mary Fleming,  Robert Fleming,  
Thomas Wild,  
William Fleming Cocke,  Theodosia Cowley,  Abraham Cowley,  
Martha Fleming Cocke,  Robert Boyd,  
Pleasant Fleming Cocke,  
William Fleming Cocke,  
Abraham Cowley Cocke,  
Theodosia Cocke,  Foster Webb,  
Thomas Cocke,  Ann Johnson,  
William Cocke,  Sarah Wood,  Drury Wood,  
John Cocke,  Harriet West,  
Thomas W. Cocke,  Sally Williamson,  Allen Williamson,  Sarah Crawford,  
Susanna Cocke,  Cary,  
Tabitha Cocke,  Stephen Branch,   
James Marrett,  
Rebecca Cocke,  Edward Walford,  
Henry Cocke,  Martha Wood,  Thomas Wood,  
Fleming Cocke,  
Drury Wood Cocke,  Susanna (North) Cox,  Thomas North Jr.,  Benjamin Cox,  
Martha Cocke,  
Pleasant Cocke,  Elizabeth Fowler,  
William Cocke,  
Robert Cocke,  Lucy Allen,  Jesse Smith,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  George Pyle,  
Martha Cocke,  John Bellamy,  
Susanna Cocke,  Daniel Ellis,  
Benjamin Cocke,  Mary Johnson,  Joseph Johnson,  Sarah —,  
Ann Cocke,  William Hopkins,  
Samuel Cocke,  Elizabeth Shepherd,  Susanna Woodson,  Benjamin Woodson,  
Jane Cocke,  John Lewis Jr.,  
Mary Cocke,  Turner R. Henley,  
Benjamin Cocke,  Betsy Nuckols,  William Nuckols,  
Sally Cocke,  Champ F. Markham,  
Richard Cocke,  Harriet B. Holland,  
Thomas Cocke,  Frances Ann Royster,  
John Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  William Hodges,  
William Hodges,  Elizabeth Cocke,   
Sarah Cocke,  Charles Clarke,  
James Cocke,  Jane Johnson,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  William Hodges,   
Mary Cocke,  Richard Tourman,  
Thomas Cocke,  
James Cocke,  
Wilson C. Cocke,  
Samuel Cocke,  
John Cocke,  Mary Branch,   
Mary Cocke,  Pleasant Meredith,  
Martha Cocke,  Lewis Powers,  
Nancy Cocke,  
Agnes Cocke,  John Bryan,  
Tabitha Cocke,  John Winston,  
Booth Woodson,  
William Bobby Winston,  Head,  Nancy Meriwether,  
John Geddes Winston,  Sallie Hibdon,  
Sarah Winston,  Thomas Falconer,  
Ann Winston,  Gerard Banks,  
Rebecca Cocke,  Benjamin Woodson,  Frances Napier,  Benjamin Woodson,  Frances Jordan,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Patrick Napier,   
Booth Woodson,  Ann Shelton,   
Frances Woodson,  
Tabitha Woodson,  René Napier,   
Rebecca Woodson,  
Sarah Woodson,  Williams,  
Benjamin Woodson,  
Ann Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  Robert Poythress,  
Susanna Poythress,  William Hall,  Robert Hall,  
Robert Poythress,  
Elizabeth Poythress,  John Gilliam,   
Agnes Poythress,  Samuel Harwood,   
Benjamin Cocke,  Thomas Cocke,  Katherine Holt,  
Peter Poythress,  Elizabeth Bland,   
Elizabeth Bland Poythress,  William Mayo,   
Ann Poythress,  John Randolph,   
William Poythress,  Elizabeth Blair Bland,   Rebecca (Williams) Marable,  
Mary Poythress,  John Batte,   
Susanna Poythress,  Richard Bland,   
Sally Bland Poythress,  Richard Lee,   
Capt. Willoughby Newton,  
Richard Lee,  
Mary Lee,  Thomas Jones,   
Lettice Lee,  Dr. John Augustine Smith,  
Sally Richardia Lee,  Presley Cox,  William D. Robinson,  
Agnes Poythress,  Roger Atkinson,   
Anne Pleasants Atkinson,  Benjamin Munford Harrison,   
John Atkinson,  Mary Ann Pryor,   
Sally Atkinson,  Dr. Joseph Jones,   
Dr. Thomas Poythress Atkinson,  Mary Baird,  
Jane Atkinson,  William Bland Pryor,   
Roger Atkinson,  Margaret Littlejohn,  
Caroline Eliza T. Atkinson,  Philip Mayo,   
Robert Atkinson,  Virginia Suit,  
Lucy Atkinson,  Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,   
Anne Pleasants Atkinson,  Ruffin Baird,  
Jane Poythress,  Joseph Mayo,   
Lucy Bland Poythress,  Capt. John Epes,  
William Poythress,  
Tabitha Poythress,  Capt. Henry Randolph,  
John Randolph,  Ann Poythress,   
Mary Ann Randolph,  
Sally Lee Randolph,  Crabb,  
Richard Bland Randolph,  Jerusha Anderson,  Jerusha (—) Anderson,  Peter Rowlett,   
William Randolph,  Mary Kennon,   
Peter Randolph,  Sarah Greenhill,  
Edward Johnson,  
Isaac Hall,  
Peter Randolph,  Sarah Lorton Cocke,  Acrill Cocke,   
Capt. Thomas Wells,  
Sarah Greenhill Randolph,  William Yates,  
Thomas Randolph,  
Robert Randolph,  Elizabeth Napier,   
Richard Randolph,  Dorothy Napier,   
Mary Randolph,  Henry Archer,   
Elizabeth Branch,   
Dr. John Randolph Archer,  Frances Cooke Tabb,   
John Archer,   Abraham Burton,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Frances Peyton Archer,  William Eggleston,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
John Yelverton Archer,  
Mary Randolph Archer,  
Thomas Baker Archer,  
Marianna Elizabeth Bertrand Archer,  Thomas Yelverton Tabb,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Rev. John Banister Tabb,  
William Barksdale Tabb,  
John Yelverton Tabb,  
Harriet Peyton Tabb,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   W. Robert Catesby Jones,  
Seigniora Banister Archer,  Henry Kennon Jones,   
Robert Pleasants Archer,  Sarah Walthall Archer,   
Dr. Robert Pleasants Archer,  Frances Walthall,   Susan D. Clarke,  
Richard Henry Archer,  
Elizabeth R. Archer,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  Samuel Sherwin,  Edward Thweatt,  
Henry Sherwin,  
Walter Allen Watson,   John Samuels Caskie,  
Peter Jones,   
Martha Sherwin,  Matthew Cheatham,   
Elizabeth Sherwin,  Thomas Vivion Brooking,   Richard Kenner Crallé,  
Mary Ann Massey Sherwin,  
Tabitha Randolph Sherwin,  Edward Cox,  
Amelia Taylor Sherwin,  Joseph Friend,   
Sophia Sherwin,  Samuel Pincham,   
William Cabanis,  
Peter Randolph Cabanis,  
Anne Randolph,  Capt. William Watson,   
Jane Poythress,  John Baird,  
Mary Ann Poythress,  Minge,  
 William Cocke (c.1670-1717),  
Sarah Perrin,   
Theodorick Carter,  John Webb,  
Temperance Cocke,  Abraham Bailey,  
Henry Bailey,  
David Bailey,  Jean (—) Bailey,  
Joseph Bailey,  Branch,  
Joseph Bailey,  
Richard Bailey,  Elizabeth Pearce,  
William Bailey,  Milley (—) Whitlow,  
Mary Bailey,  Hughes,  
Sarah Bailey,  William Bullington,  
Ann Bailey,  Pearce,  
Elizabeth Branch Bailey,  Thomas Hood,  
Corp. Roger Cocke Bailey,  Thomas Mimms,  
Peter Bailey,  Frances Winfree,  John Winfree,  
Thomas Harwood,  
John W. Bailey,  
Peter Bailey,  Lucy Harwood,  
Joseph Bailey,  
Sarah H. Bailey,  Nathaniel Childers,  
Temperance Bailey,  Charles Ballow,   
Abraham Bailey,  
Catherine Cocke,  John Burton,   
Mary Cocke,  John Redford,  John Redford,  Martha Milner,  
Francis Redford,  
William Cocke Redford,  Perrin Redford,  Mary (—) Redford,  
Perrin Redford,  Susanna Woodson,  Joseph Woodson,  Judith Warriner,  
Patience Redford,  William Pearce,  Barnett Redford,  
Ruth Redford,  Joseph Foster,  
Mary Cocke Redford,  John Childress,  
Joseph Redford,  
Martha Redford,  Joseph Goode,   
Ann Redford,  Throgmorton,  
James Redford,  
Sarah Redford,  Lusby Turpin,  Michael Turpin,  Lusby,  William Baugh,   
Priscilla Turpin,  Van Dyke,  
Michael Turpin,  Betty (—) Turpin,  
John Turpin,  Hannah (—) Turpin,  Ann Tallman,  William Tallman,  Elizabeth (—) Tallman,  Elizabeth Tallman Turpin,  
Cpl. Lusby Turpin,  Martha Bullington,  
Thomas Turpin,  
Mary Turpin,  Edward Goode,   
Alexander Turpin,  Elizabeth Woodcock,  
Sarah Turpin,  John DePriest,  
Elizabeth Turpin,  William Royster,  
John Redford,  Martha (—) Redford,  
William Redford,  Rebecca Winston,   
Sarah Redford,  William Munford,   
George Wythe Munford,  Elizabeth H. (—) Munford,  
Gen. Thomas Taylor Munford,  
Anna Rebecca Munford,  John Sherrard,  Robert Sherrard,  
John Durburrow Munford,  Elizabeth M. Northrup,  Commodore Northrup,  Ann Eliza Roper,  George Roper,  
Dr. Robert Munford,  Ann E. Curtis,  Henry Curtis,  Christiana B. Tyler,  
Elizabeth Madison Munford,  William Preston,  
Col. William Preston Munford,  Fannie E. Kent,  Horace L. Kent,  
Elvira Henry Munford,  Powhatan Lewis Ellis,  Joshua Shelton Ellis,  Margaret Newman Eubank,  
Carlton Redford Munford,  
Sarah Redford,  
Martha Redford,  
James Redford,  
Sarah Cocke,  William Cox,   
Thomas Jordan,  
Thomas Jordan,  Mary (—) Jordan,  
Henry Jordan,  
John Jordan,  Sarah Martin,  
Pleasant Jordan,  Mary Breeding,  
Hudlesey Jordan,  
Polly Jordan,  
Edmund Jordan,  
Sally Jordan,  
Sarah Jordan,  
William Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Henry Jordan,  
William Cocke,  Judith Anderson,   
Francis Redford,  William Randolph,  
Judith Cocke,  
 Richard Perrin (-1695),  
Katherine Royall,  Joseph Royall,  Katherine Banks,  Henry Isham,  
Richard Perrin,  
Katherine Perrin,  Thomas Farrar,   
Mary Perrin,  Robert Napier,  Dr. Patrick Napier,  Elizabeth Booth,  
Booth Napier,  Sarah —,  Thomas Randolph,  Phillip Webber,   
Frances Napier,  Benjamin Woodson,  John Woodson,  
Robert Napier,  Mary (—) Napier,  
Katherine Napier,  
Elizabeth Napier,  
Patrick Napier,  Martha Claiborne,   
René Napier,  Winifred Chapman,  Thomas East,  
Sarah Perrin,  William Cocke,   
Anne Perrin,  
 Agnes (Cocke) Harwood,  
Capt. Joseph Harwood,   
 Temperance (Cocke) Harwood (-1756),  
Griffin Evans,  Samuel Harwood I,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Powell Cocke - War of 1812 William Archer Cocke - War of 1812
John Field Cocke - War of 1812 David Parrish Cocke - War of 1812
Arthur Bowles - War of 1812 James L. Cocke - War of 1812
Pleasant Cocke - Revolutionary War William Bobby Winston - Revolutionary War
Peter Randolph - Revolutionary War Henry Archer - Revolutionary War
Rev. John Banister Tabb - Civil War William Barksdale Tabb - Civil War
John Yelverton Tabb - Civil War Robert Pleasants Archer - War of 1812
Richard Henry Archer - War of 1812 Samuel Sherwin - Revolutionary War
Thomas Hood - Revolutionary War Roger Cocke Bailey - Revolutionary War
Roger Cocke Bailey - French and Indian War John Turpin - Revolutionary War
Lusby Turpin - Revolutionary War Edward Goode - Revolutionary War
Alexander Turpin - Revolutionary War Gen. Thomas Taylor - Civil War
William Preston Munford - Civil War Carlton Redford Munford - Mexican War
Pleasant Jordan - War of 1812  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Samuels Caskie - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Cocke I - Virginia Thomas Cocke II - Virginia
Dr. Charles W.L. Carter - Virginia James Powell Cocke - Virginia
William Archer Cocke - Virginia Chastain Cocke - Virginia
Richard Ivanhoe Cocke - Virginia James Powell Cocke - Virginia
Charles Cocke - Virginia James Cocke - Virginia
Gerard Banks - Virginia Robert Hall - Virginia
Peter Poythress - Virginia Richard Bland - Virginia
Richard Lee - Virginia Thomas Poythress Atkinson - Virginia
Peter Randolph - Virginia Peter Randolph - Georgia
Peter Randolph - Virginia William Yates - Virginia
Col. Samuel Sherwin - Virginia William Munford - Virginia
George Wythe Munford - Virginia  

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