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 3432   Mr. Harwood
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Joyce Harwood might describe her life as follows.

Because most early records of Charles City County are gone, I cannot reveal the name of my first husband, the father of our sons Samuel, Joseph, and Robert Harwood.
I married second Andrew Meldrum who had a son with that same name. The elder Mr. Meldrum was one of 12 good citizens who, after viewing the body of Teague Carroll in November 1664, concluded he drowned trying to board the John and Mary in the James. 
My now-lost will named Samuel Harwood and Andrew Meldrum executors. When they did not distribute my estate quickly enough, Robert Harwood sued them in August 1693.  The court divided my estate in December 1693, awarding Robert one-third, confirming that I then had 3 living children. 
My sons were dependable Charles City County citizens. Joseph and Robert Harwood answered the summons for jury duty in December 1693, and Robert and Samuel in April 1695.  The court impaneled all 3 sons on the same jury in August 1695. 
Joseph married Agnes, and Samuel married Temperance, both daughters of the very wealthy Mr. Thomas Cocke.

The court dismissed a suit that Joseph Harwood brought against Robert Harwood Dec. 1693,  and Joseph acknowledged a deed to his “brother Samuel Harwood” 5 Feb. 1693/4. 

Descendants of Mr. Harwood
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert Harwood,  
John Batchelor,  
Sarah (—) Harwood,  Benjamin Evans,  
 Capt. Joseph Harwood (-1737),  
Agnes Cocke,   
 Samuel Harwood (-1737),  
Temperance Cocke,   
Samuel Harwood II,  
Thomas Cocke,  William Cocke,  
John Hunt,  George Hunt,  
Martha Taylor,  Rev. Daniel Taylor,  
Agnes (—) Harwood,  Agnes Poythress,   James Smith,  
Peter Fountain,  Robert Poythress,   Mary Ann Minge,  
Samuel Harwood III,  Margaret Waddrop,  John Waddrop,  John Waddrop,  
John Bell,   Isham Miles,  James Bell,   
Benjamin Edmundson,  
Ann Harwood,  Thomas Lewis,  Col. Warner Lewis,  Eleanor Bowles Gooch,  
Agnes Harwood,  Fielding Lewis,  Col. Warner Lewis,  Eleanor Bowles Gooch,  
Frances Lewis,  Archibald Taylor,  Robert Taylor,  Richard Coke,  
Margaret Waddrop Lewis,  Thomas Marshall,  John Marshall,  Mary Willis Ambler,  
John Marshall,  
Agnes H. Marshall,  Gen. Alexander G. Taliaferro,  
Mary Marshall,  William Archer,  
Fielding Lewis Marshall,  
Annie L. Marshall,  James Fitzgerald Jones,  
Margaret Marshall,  John Thomas Smith,  
Col. Thomas Marshall,  
Eleanor Lewis,  Robert Douthat,  Maj. Thomas Douthat,  Jane Price,  
William Douthat,  
Ann Harwood Lewis,  
Margaret Waddrop Harwood,  Robert Munford,  William Green Munford,  
Samuel Munford,  
Robert Munford,  
Margaret Ann Munford,  John Sinclair,  
Catherine Harwood,  Benjamin Cocke,  
Tabitha Harwood,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin Edmundson - Revolutionary War Gen. Alexander G. Taliaferro - Civil War
Fielding Lewis Marshall - Civil War Col. Thomas Marshall - Civil War
William Green Munford - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Samuel Harwood I - Virginia Samuel Harwood II - Virginia
Samuel Harwood III - Virginia Thomas Marshall - Virginia
John Marshall - Virginia Fielding Lewis Marshall - Virginia
William Green Munford - Virginia  

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