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 3326   Henry Sherman (c.1630-1695)
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Henry Sherman, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Sherman might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1630 according to some testimony I gave in Henrico and came to Virginia at the expense of Abell Gower.  I was living on the south side of the James at “Warwick” in May 1665, probably on land that had belonged to Isaac Hutchins before I married his widow, Cicely. 
Cicely and I were the parents of 2 daughter and 2 sons. It was perhaps an epidemic that took the lives of both sons and a son-in-law. On 1 April 1687 justices Abell Gower and William Farrar ordered probate for John Crowley, Henry Sherman, and John Sherman in three consecutive motions. 
Virginia had a clever way of collecting all its taxes. During April 1687 neighbors advised the court that I failed to list an Indian servant on the tax rolls.  After I made “noe considerable objection to ye Same but pretended Innocence,” the court not only fined me, but also granted the tattletales a judgement against me for half the fine. 
I was 65 years old and dying when I made my will in the fall of 1695 leaving my property to Cicely for the rest of her life and then to our daughters, Elizabeth and Ann, both of whom would marry twice. Ann married Christopher Branch, and Elizabeth was the ancestress of the Trent family of Virginia.
Cicely lived to 1703, the last Sherman alive.

Who was Henry’s wife, Cicely?
Some have supposed that Henry’s wife was Cicely Farrar who was born in 1625 and was the daughter of immigrant William Farrar. Yet Cicely Farrar’s brothers died long before Henry Sherman’s wife, Cicely, and they did not mention her in their extensive wills. More specifically, John Farrar mentioned children of his brother William though none that would belong to a sister Cicely. Others have said she could be the 2nd wife of Peter Montague.
We think it is more likely that was Cicely Knowles, sister of Capt. John Knowles. Cicely had married 1st Isaac Hutchins who made a will leaving land to his son, Robert Hutchins, when he came of age “provided my wife Sicily Hutchins have for her maintenance ½ the land for life, but if my son dies under age, then to my wife forever.” Because Robert Hutchins died before coming of age, all 378 acres fell into the hands of Henry Sherman after he married the widow Hutchins.

Henry’s land transactions
Sherman claimed 228 acres with a patent 7 Nov. 1673, which the Land Office confirmed was south of the James River next to Peter Lee and was part of “Warwick” that had once belonged to Capt. Matthew Gough.  Robert Huson secured a patent for 126 acres next to Henry Sherman in Oct. 1676 and William Byrd had neighboring land in 1687.  In June 1679 Henrico County listed Henry Sherman Sr. among the heads of households. 
Presumably because they wanted to provide land to their children, Henry and Cicely split the old 378-acre Hutchins property into 3 parcels, all of which, after a series of controversial deeds and wills, later belonged to Sherman’s son-in-law, Christopher Branch.
When Henry Sherman sold 125 acres to Capt. John Knowles 5 April 1671, Cicely did not then relinquish her dower right, and William Giles, who married Bethania Knowles, John’s daughter and heir, sued Sherman for the oversight.  Sherman paid the costs of the suit and, on 1 Oct. 1683, Cicely, through her attorney, son-in-law John Crowley, relinquished her dower right.  Sherman countersued the same day. We do not know his complaint and he allowed the suit to be deferred several times until the court simply dismissed it. 
Giles and his wife deeded the 125-acre tract to Sherman’s son-in-law, John Crowley, in Feb. 1685/6.  Although there may have been bad blood between Sherman and Giles, Bethania appointed “loving friend Henry Sherman her attorney to release dower right in above land.” It was not until 1 Oct. 1686 that the court admitted to record Bethania’s dower relinquishment. 
Henry and Cicely gave their daughter, Ann Crowley, 125 acres, part of a tract called “Gardners,” in Dec. 1685,  and they evidently lived on his 228-acre plantation for most of their lives.

Henry in court
Henry inventoried the estate of his neighbor, Robert Huson, in 1678 and served on juries several times—sometimes as foreman.  He was a witness in a trial and sued others for minor issues. With William Byrd, Henry was security for an administration bond for the estate of Thomas Howlett. 

His last will and testament
Henry Sherman wrote his will in Henrico County 2 Sept. 1695, perhaps anticipating that he would die soon for they recorded his will 1 Oct. 1695. He left Cicely all his slaves and half his personal property. The rest of his personal estate he left to be divided between his daughters and grandson Alexander Trent. His sons were already dead. After the death of Cicely, his land would descend to the two Trent grandsons.  Peter Field, Francis Epes, William Farrar, and William Soane inventoried Henry’s estate and the court recorded the division of his estate in Dec. 1695. 

Cicely, the widow
In Oct. 1698 Cicely “for love and affection to my grandson Christopher Branch Jr.…” gave him an 8-year-old slave named Jenny,  and in Nov. 1702 Cicely gave half the 228-acre plantation that her husband got in 1673—29 years earlier—to a grandson.  She could not write but conveyed the following to the attorney who drew up her deed of gift: “for filial obedience and love manifested by my grandson Henry Trent of same, planter, who has very much tendered and earned my motherly love toward him, and in consideration of my great and declining age, grant him ½ of my plantation in the neighborhood called ‘Warwick.’” To Alexander Trent two months later went a similar expression and 114 acres.  According to the will of Henry Sherman, they would have inherited these tracts at her death.

Her will
Cicely Sherman made a will in Henrico County that left property to her daughters, Elizabeth and Ann, and granddaughters, Ann and Cicely Branch and Rebecca and Susannah Trent, and appointed her beloved grandson Henry Trent sole executor (will dated 6 Aug. 1703  and proved 1 Feb. 1703/4 ).

Descendants of Henry Sherman
Information about the children of Henry Sherman, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Sherman) Trent Gee (c.1656-1731),  
Henry Trent I,  
Henry Gee,   
Alexander Trent I,  Obedience Branch,   
Seth Ward,   Walter Scott,   Seth Ward,   Hannah Cogbill,   
Alexander Trent II,  Frances Archer,   
Peterfield Trent,  Angelica Wilkinson,   
Frances Trent,  Dr. Andrew Leiper,  
Peterfield Trent,  
Alexander Trent,  
Dr. Joseph Trent,  Ann Reynolds,  William Reynolds,  
Edward Wilkinson Trent,  Martha —,  Martha Robertson,  John Robertson,  
Alexander Trent III,  Frances Scott,   Elizabeth Woodson,   
Ann Major Tinsley,  
William Russell,  John Tinsley,  
Frances Trent,  
Frances Trent,  Capt. William Gay,   
William Alexander Gay,  Lucy Harrison Coupland,   
Elizabeth Gay,  Peter Efford Bentley,  
Stephen Woodson Trent,  Elizabeth Bassett Coupland,   
William Alexander Trent,  Judith C. Anderson,  Eliza Sumner Dean,  
Edwin Coupland Trent,  Nancy McClung,  
Lucy Ann Trent,  
Ann Harrison Trent,  
Carter Harrison Trent,  Maria A. Wilson,  
Elizabeth Woodson Trent,  John P. Wilson,  
Maria Apsley Trent,  
John Stephen Trent,  
Ann Harrison Trent,  John S. Nicholas,  
Joseph Henry Trent,  
Edward Trent,  
Thomas William Trent,  Catherine Gannaway,  
Elizabeth Trent,  William Black Jr.,  Willis Wilson,  William Black Sr.,  Ann Dent,  
Maria Willis Wilson,  John Park Wilson,  
Alexander Trent IV,  Anne Anderson,   Francis Goode,   
George Markham,   James Anderson,   
Col. John Archer Trent,  Elizabeth Montgomery Lewis,  
Ann Montgomery Trent,  John Robertson,   
William Peterfield Trent,  
Ann Berry Tinsley,  Arthur Farley,   
Elizabeth Trent,  John T. Archer,   Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
Dr. Peter Field Archer,  
Elizabeth Walthall,   Ann Jones,   
Dr. John Alexander Archer,  Mary Demoville,  Samuel Demoville,  Elizabeth Taylor Eppes,  
Martha Field Archer,  Robert Haskins,   
Mary Ann Archer,  
Elizabeth Trent Archer,  Wood Jones,   
Sarah Randolph Archer,  John Jones,  
William Walthall Archer,  Rebecca Goode,   
Peter Field Archer,  Caroline E. Verser,  
Harriet Frances Archer,  
Louisa Caroline Archer,  David Henry Ferguson,  
Elizabeth Archer,  Donald Ferguson,  
Martha Field Archer,  James Robertson,   
Ann Archer,  Edward Archer,   Robert Robinson,  
Mary Archer,  Charles Rocke,  
John Archer,  Elizabeth Chamberlain Batte,   
Henry Trent II,  Edith Harris,   
Henry Trent III,  Esther (—) Trent,  Joseph Hooper,   
Edith Trent,  
Mary Trent,  
John Trent,  Elizabeth (—) Trent,  Gilbert Gee,   Seth Ward,   
George Lewis,  
John Trent,  
Sarah Trent,  
William Trent,  
Alexander Trent,  
William Trent,  
Benjamin Trent,  
Henry Trent,  
Lucy Trent,  Perrin Giles,   George Smith,  
Judith Watkins,  
George Fitzgerald,  
William Giles,  Margaret —,  
James Giles,  Jemimah T. Coffey,  
Elizabeth Giles,  William Coffey,  
Nancy Giles,  Reuben G. Coffey,  
Polly Giles,  James Martin,  
William Giles,  Elizabeth Bowman,  
Josiah Giles,  
John Giles,  
Perrin J. Giles,  
Rebecca Giles,  Josiah Davidson,  
Mary Trent,  Richard Cox,   
John Cox,  Elizabeth —,  
Henry Cox,  Judith Redford,  
Francis Cox,  
John Cox,  Elizabeth Farley,  Arthur Farley,  Forrest Farley,  
William Cox,  
James Cox,  
Nancy Cox,  
Henry Cox,  Archard Bass,   
Elisha Cox,  
Elizabeth (—) Cox,  
Sarah Cox,  
Martha Cox,  
Judith Cox,  Elisha Gunn,   
Elisha Cox,  
Margaret Cox,  
Francis Cox,  
William Cox,  
Valentine Cox,  Ann Dawson,  
Mildred Cox,  Martin Dawson,  
Lucy Cox,  Lemuel Johnson,  
Judith Cox,  Anthony G. Tinsley,   
Elizabeth Cox,  Christopher Calvert,  David Tinsley,   
Sarah Cox,  George Sullivan,  Robert Tinsley,  
Damaras Cox,  Henry Farnsworth,  
Mahalia Cox,  David Tinsley,   
Nancy Cox,  
James Cox,  
Archelaus Cox,  Mary Ann Hughes,  William Pope Muse,   
Milner Cox,  Sally Bolling,  
Patsy Cox,  William Pendleton,   
John Cox,  
Archelaus Cox,  
William Cox,  
Radford Cox,  Mary Bullington,  Sarah (—) Bullington,  
Demaris Cox,  Milner Redford,   
Milner Redford,  
Henry Redford,  
Judith C. Redford,  
Edmund Redford,  Henry C. Redford,  
Harrison Redford,  Henry C. Redford,  
Demaris Redford,  Henry C. Redford,  
William Cox,  
Milner Cox,  
Judith Cox,  Elliott,  Robert Elliott,  Cornelius Elliott,  
Elizabeth Cox,  
Mary Cox,  Fore,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Strangeman Hutchins,  Nicholas Hutchins,  Mary Watkins,  
Leonard Bradshaw,  William Whitlow,  
Nicholas Hutchins,  Sarah Ladd,   Lydia Carter,  
John Hutchins,  Alice Stanley,  John Stanley,  Jane Braswell,  
Mary Hutchins,  Samuel Robert Brooks,  
Edith Hutchins,  John Stanley,  
Elizabeth Hutchins,  John Barnett,  
Obedience Hutchins,  William Harding,   
Thomas Hutchins,  Patty Chiles,  Manoah Chiles,  Ann Cheadle,  Susannah Ladd,  
Jane Hutchins,  Athanasius Barnett,  Thomas Barnett,  
Milly Hutchins,  
Lydia Hutchins,  John Johnson,  Ashley Johnson,  
Jonathon Johnson,  
Strangeman Johnson,  
Benjamin Johnson,  
Agatha Johnson,  
Ashley Johnson,  
Benjamin Hutchins,  Judith McGehee,  Mary Jenkins,  
Richard Cox,  
Obedience Cox,  Philemon Perkins,  
Stephen Nowlin,  
Sarah Nowlin,  
David Nowlin,  Mary Ferguson,  James Ferguson,  Agnes Adams,  
James Nowlin,  Sarah Webster,  
Joseph Nowlin,  
David Nowlin,  Ann Powell,   
Mary Nowlin,  Thomas Martin,  
Abraham Nowlin,  Mildred Watkins,  Thomas Watkins,  
Milly Nowlin,  Thomas Chancellor,  
Elizabeth Nowlin,  
Sarah Perkins,  William Moore,  
William Moore,  
David Moore,  
Joseph Moore,  
Abraham Perkins,  Cicely Turpin,  Thomas Hatcher,  
Abram Perkins,  
Philemon Perkins,  
Molly Perkins,  Grimes,  
Frances Perkins,  William Ware,  
Elizabeth Perkins,  Isaac Middlebrook,  
Martha Perkins,  
Lucy Perkins,  
Jesse Perkins,  
John Perkins,  Rachel Ferguson,  
Edith Cox,  James Whitlow,  
James Whitlow,  Henry Robertson,   
James Whitlow,  
Francis Whitlow,  Elizabeth Bullington,  William Bullington,  
Cox Whitlow,  
Edith Whitlow,  Edward Enroughty,  Samuel Harris,  
William Enroughty,  
Edward Enroughty,  
James Enroughty,  
Mary Enroughty,  Randolph,  
Ann Enroughty,  Bennett,  
Obedience Enroughty,  
Sarah Enroughty,  Richard Butler,  
John Enroughty,  
Henry Whitlow,  
Ann Mealor,  Nicholas Mealor,  
Nicholas Whitlow,  
Cox Whitlow,  William Hall,   
Thomas Whitlow,  Hannah Glidwell,  Nash Glidwell,  
John Whitlow,  
Jane Whitlow,  
Mary Whitlow,  
Henry Whitlow,  Judith Parker,   
Anne Whitlow,  John Glidwell,  
John Whitlow,  
William Whitlow,  
Matthias Whitlow,  
Tabitha Whitlow,  
Martha Cox,  James Ferguson,  Moses Ferguson,  
James Ferguson,  
Hickerson Cox,  Elizabeth Horner,  Benjamin Horner,  Sabrina (—) Horner,  
Mary (—) Cox,  
Simon Hancock,   Peter Minor Cary,   
Obediah Cox,  Sarah Elliott,  Cornelius Elliott,  Hannah —,  
James Cox,  Mary R. Ferguson,  
Wealthy Ann Cox,  Reuben Brummall,  Wealthy Ann Elliott,  
Melinda Cox,  John Bowles Jr.,  
Harrison Cox,  
Cornelius H. Cox,  
Jordan Cox,  Polly Brummall,  Lucinda Burton,  John Burton,  
Hannah Ritter Cox,  
William Cox,  
Thomas Cox,  Phoebe LaPrade,  John LaPrade,  
Abraham Cox,  Rhoda Hancock,   
Hickerson Cox,  Elizabeth Cary,   
Rhoda Cox,  Peter Minor Cary,   
Mary Ann Cox,  William Brummall,  
Sarah Cox,  Arthur Hancock,   
Elizabeth Cox,  Francis Hancock,   
Benjamin Cox,  
Mary Cox,  
Rebecca Trent,  Wacher,  
Susanna Trent,  William Womack,  Daniel Nunnally,  
Charles Featherstone,   
Susanna Womack,  
Phoebe Womack,  
Priscilla Womack,  
Audria Womack,  
Henry Womack,  Essex Worsham,   
Noel Nunnally,  
David Nunnally,  Daniel Nunnally,  
Daniel Nunnally,  Lucy (—) Nunnally,  
Lucy Moore,   George Hunt Moore,   
Daniel Nunnally,  
Martha Nunnally,  Jacob Brintle Jr.,   
Sherman Nunnally,  Martha Hill,   
Alexander Nunnally,  Elizabeth Elam,   
Obedience Nunnally,  
Daniel Nunnally,  
Drucilla Nunnally,  Jacob Brintle,  
Jacob Brintle,  Martha Nunnally,   
Susanna Brintle,  Joel Franklin,   
Polly Brintle,  James Hall,  
Drucilla Obedience Brintle,  Charles Nunnally,  
Thomas Hamblet Brintle,  
 Anne (Sherman) Crowley Branch,  
John Crowley,   William Giles,  
Christopher Branch,   
 John Sherman (1665-1687),  
John Trent,   William Rowlett,  
Christopher Branch,   
 Henry Sherman II (-1687),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edward Wilkinson Trent - War of 1812 Peter Efford Bentley - War of 1812
Willis Wilson - Revolutionary War John Archer - War of 1812
Hickerson Cox - War of 1812 Alexander Nunnally - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Robertson - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Alexander Trent III - Virginia John P. Wilson - Virginia
John Robertson - Virginia  

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