Ancestral Family Topic 3324

 3324   Christopher Branch II (c.1627-1665)
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Christopher Branch II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Christopher Branch II might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1627, a son of another Christopher Branch and Mary Addy. Although I grew up in Henrico County where I continued to own some land, I lived in Charles City County where I was a justice of the peace.  Since few Charles City records remain, little is known of my life there.
I lived through some extraordinary times in English history. In 1649, when I was about 20, Parliament condemned King Charles to death. For 4 years Virginia was a colony of the Commonwealth of England until Oliver Cromwell anointed himself lord protector. Dissatisfied with how government affairs were being handled, England overthrew the Puritans and returned to a monarchy, restoring Charles II to the throne of his father in 1660.
My wife, whose name is not known, was the mother of Christopher, Samuel, Benjamin, Mary, and Sarah Branch whom my father helped rear after I died in my 30s. One of my grandsons was Thomas Jefferson, grandfather of the president of that name. I had a few congressmen and governors among my descendants, too, not to mention more than 35 state legislators, that I know of.

Christopher was Mr. Branch in records showing he stood among the prominent citizens of Charles City County.

Inventory of his estate
John Farrar inventoried the estate of Christopher Branch in Henrico County 24 Nov. 1665.  On 13 April 1682 Henrico recorded a new inventory of Branch’s estate and ordered the division of his property among the heirs.  They valued his possessions for £38.7.10.

Descendants of Christopher Branch II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Christopher Branch III (c.1658-1727),  
 Samuel Branch (c.1663-1700),  
Ursula (—) Branch,  Ursula Goode,   
Walter Scott,  
Samuel Branch,  
Ursula Branch,  
Martha Branch,  
 Benjamin Branch I (c.1665-1705),  
Tabitha Osborne,   
Thomas Osborne,   Philip Turpin,   Henry Hatcher,   Thomas Cheatham,   
Benjamin Branch II,  Mary Osborne,   
Obedience Turpin,   
Evan Owen,  
Edward Booker,  Abraham Hurt,  
Mary Branch,  
Martha Branch,  
Benjamin Branch III,  West Anderson,   
Ann Bass,   
Mary (Epes) Worsham Branch,   
Bernard Markham,   
Benjamin Branch IV,  Elizabeth Epes Osborne,   
Edward Osborne Branch,  Elizabeth Giles Moseley,   
Benjamin Branch,  
William Bass Branch,  Ann M. Louisa Magruder,  
Elizabeth Eppes Branch,  
Sarah Ann Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  Francis Anderson,  Mary Patteson,  Col. David Patteson,  
Thomas Branch,  John Patteson Branch,  
Edward Branch,  Edward Branch,   Ann Eppes,   
Anne Branch,  William Jones,   
Obedience Branch,  Joseph Wilkinson,   Edward Moseley,   
Thomas Branch,  John Branch,   Henry Branch,  
Edward Branch,  Benjamin Branch,   Lucy Finney,   
Francis Goode,   
Edward Branch,  Martha Bott,   
Thomas Branch,  Mary Walker,   
Lucy Finney Branch,  William E. Bass,   
William Branch,  Matthew Robertson,  Mary George,  John Mann,  Thomas George,  Charles D. George,  
Lucy Finney Branch,  John C. Brannigan Jr.,  
Mary Branch,  
William Branch,  
Benjamin Branch,  Sarah Bott,   
Mary Page Branch,  William Parham,  Sarah (—) Parham,  John Ford,  
Obedience Turpin Parham,  John King,  
Lucy F.P. King,  Richard Hanserd Seward,  
John Wilson Seward,  
Richard Hanserd Seward,  
Thomas William Benjamin Seward,  Elizabeth Johnson,  
Mary Elizabeth Seward,  
Lucy L. Seward,  
Mary Branch Parham,  Francis Lanier,  
Lewis Edward Branch Parham,  Lewis Parham,  Catherine N. Mason,  
William J. Parham,  
Alexana P. Parham,  William J. Thacker,  
Dr. Marvin Dibrell Parham,  
Martha H. Parham,  Lewis Lunsford Jr.,  
Ann Wilkins Parham,  James Embra Goodrich,  
Thomas B. Parham,  Josie Goodrich,  
Ella L. Parham,  John W. Edmunds,  
Lucy Branch,  James Bott,   
Obedience Turpin Branch,  William Williams Hall,   
Judith Finney Branch,  George Walker,  William Branch Giles,   
Elizabeth Branch,  William Mann,  
Prudence Branch,  
Page Branch,  
Sarah Branch,  
Obedience Branch,  Edward Bass,  
Prudence Branch,  William Thweatt,  
Benjamin Thweatt,  Elizabeth Selden (Watkins) Leigh,   
Benjamin Watkins Leigh,   
Benjamin Thweatt,  
Prudence Thweatt,  John Baker,  
William Thweatt,  Judith Forsee,  John Brush Foesé,  Jane (—) Foesé,  
Lucretia (—) Thweatt,  
Judith F. Thweatt,  
Dr. Philip B. Thweatt,  Eliza Gary,  Anne Sterling Gary,  
Benjamin Thweatt,  
Mary Thweatt,  John N. Hubbard,  
William Allen Thweatt,  
Thomas Branch Thweatt,  Nancy Jones Wooldridge,   
Mary Branch,  Robert Goode,   
Edward Branch,  
 Mary (Branch) Jefferson Maddox,  
Thomas Jefferson I,  Christopher Branch,   
Joseph Maddox,  
Thomas Jefferson II,  Mary Field,  Maj. Peter Field,  Judith Soane,  Henry Soane,  Henry Randolph,  
Abraham Burton,   
Alice Ward,  Thomas Turpin,   
Field Jefferson,  Lawrence Brown,  Roger Moore,  
Mary Frances Robertson,   William Cheatham,   William Cheatham Jr.,   
John Nash,   Peter Fitzpatrick,  
Mary (Hunt) Minge Allen,  William Allen,   
John Stewart,   John Farguson,  John Booker,  
Thomas Jefferson,  
Peter Field Jefferson,  Elizabeth Allen,   
Richard Swepson,   
Field Jefferson,  
Samuel Allen Jefferson,  Elizabeth Ann Jefferson,   
Alexander Jefferson,  Elizabeth Smith,  
Archer Jefferson,  
Thomas Jefferson,  Elizabeth Ball,  John Ball,  Mary —,  
Martha Field Jefferson,  Brewer,  
Judith Jefferson,  
John Jefferson,  
William Allen Jefferson,  
Frances Jefferson,  George Murphy,  
Elizabeth Jefferson,  
George Jefferson,  Elizabeth Garland,   John Davis,  
William Hoy,  
George Jefferson,  
John Garland Jefferson,  Anne Booker,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
George Jefferson,  Judith Elizabeth Eggleston,  Edward Eggleston,  Judith Booker,   Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Thomas Jefferson,  
Thomas Jefferson,  
John Garland Jefferson,  Otelia M. Howlett,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
Dr. William Daniel Jefferson,  Anne Colgin,  Col. John Colgin,  
Ann Eliza Jefferson,  
Martha Giles Jefferson,  William C. White,  
Mary Frances Jefferson,  Joseph N. Carrington,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Cornelia Jefferson,  Josiah Hundley,  George Jefferson Hundley,  
Peter Jefferson,  Martha Russell,   
Elizabeth (Russell) Peebles,  
Samuel Jefferson,  
John Robertson Jefferson,  Elizabeth Broome,  Dr. Thomas Broome,  
Elizabeth Ann Jefferson,  Samuel Allen Jefferson,   
Thomas Broome Jefferson,  Jane Graves,  
John Pinckard Jefferson,  Sarah Frances Steptoe Brown,  
William Jefferson,  
Sarah Jefferson,  
George H. Jefferson,  
Peter Field Jefferson,  Elizabeth Harrison,  George Harrison,  
Mary Jefferson,  Nichols,  
Susanna Nichols,  
William Nichols,  
Judith Jefferson,  Arthur Hopkins,  
Phoebe Jefferson,  Alexander Clark,  William Clark,  Winifred —,  
Mial Scurlock,  
Frances Jefferson,  Henry Delony,  Isham East,  
Rebecca (Brodnax) Walker,   
Mary Delony,  Thomas Pearson Jr.,  
Thomas Person,  Polly —,  
Henry Person,  Mary —,  
Rebecca Person,  Simmons Thorp,  
Elizabeth Person,  Frances E. Williamson,  
Mary Person,  Henry B. Turner,  
John Anthony Person,  Mary A.M. Peebles,  Sarah M. Newsum,  Sarah H. Harris,  Mary E. Matthews,  
Henry Person,  Rebecca Person,  
William Person,  
Dorothy A. Person,  Joseph M.S. Rogers,  
Martha Person,  Francis E. Williamson,  
William Delony Person,  
Benjamin Person,  Rebecca Parke,  
Frances Jefferson Person,  William Bynum,  Littleton Mason,  
Ann Person,  James Hayley,  Elizabeth Epps,  
Benjamin Hayley,  
 David Garland (-1781),  
Mary (—) Garland,  
Elizabeth Garland,  George Jefferson,   
Edward G. Walpole,  
Martha Garland,  Peter Garland,  
Mary Garland,  John Ballard,   
Samuel Garland,  Elizabeth Edmunds,   
Edward Garland,  
John Garland,  
William Terrell Garland,  Martha Brodnax,   
Peter Garland,  Martha (—) Garland,  
Mary Garland,  Matthew Jordan,  
Susanna T. Garland,  
Martha Elizabeth Garland,  Elijah Jordan,  
Nancy Garland,  Rev. Joshua Worley,  
John Garland,  Susanna B. Richardson,  John Richardson,  
David Garland,  Martha Sublett,   
David Garland,  Lucy Sturdivant,   
Robert Garland,  
Thomas Garland,  Mary Lowry,  
Thomas Lowry,  
Thomas Lowry Garland,  Reuben Vaughan,   
David S. Garland,  Christian B. —,  
Dr. Samuel Garland,  
Fanny Garland,  Boswell B. deGraffenried,  
Dr. John Tabb Garland,  
Peter Jefferson,  
Richard Grills,   Lawrence Brown,  
Nicholas Meriwether,   
Jane Randolph,   
Col. Joshua Fry,   
Jane Jefferson,  
Mary Jefferson,  Col. John Bolling,   
Martha Bolling,  Field Archer,   
John Bolling,  Mary Kennon,  
Evelina Bolling,  Alexander Garrett,  
Susan Bathurst Bolling,  John Scott,  Edward Scott,   
Kennon Bolling,  
Mary Bolling,  
Edward Bolling,  Dorothea Dandridge Payne,   
Powhatan Bolling,  
Archibald Bolling,  Catherine Payne,   
Archibald Bolling,  Anne E. Wigginton,  
Edward Bolling,  Anne Crallé,  
Alexander Bolling,  Susan Gray,  
Jefferson Bolling,  
Catherine Bolling,  
Pocahontas R. Bolling,  William G. White,  Peter J. Hill,  
Mary Jefferson Bolling,  Edward Archer,   
Robert Bolling,  Jane Smith Payne,   
Thomas Bolling,  
Jane Bolling,  
Ann Bolling,  Howell Lewis,  
 Archibald Payne (1748-1831),  
Martha Dandridge,  Nathaniel West Dandridge,  Dorothea Spotswood,  Betsey Brooks,  Thomas Brooks,  Judith (—) Brooks,  Lucy Brooks,  
John Dandridge Payne,  
Anne Spotswood Payne,  Thomas Mann Fleming,   
Martha Payne,  Jeremiah Strother,  
Archer Payne,  
Dorothea Dandridge Payne,  Edward Bolling,   
Jane Smith Payne,  Robert Bolling,   
James Boswell Ferguson,  James Ferguson,  Judith Eldridge,   
Jane C. Elvira Ferguson,  Peachy R. Grattan,  
Alexander Spotswood Payne,  Charlotte Bryce,  Archibald Bryce,  
Eliza Payne,  
Catherine Payne,  Archibald Bolling,   
America Payne,  
John Robert Dandridge Payne,  Susanna Bryce,  Archibald Bryce,  
Americus V. Payne,  
Leeboo Payne,  
Arminda Read Payne,  
James Madison Payne,  
Thomas Jefferson,  Martha Wayles,  John Wayles,  Martha Eppes,  Bathurst Skelton,  
Sally Hemings,  Elizabeth Hemings,  John Wayles,  Robert Hemings,  
Martha Jefferson,  Thomas Mann Randolph,   Matthew Maury,  
Anne Cary Randolph,  George Bankhead,  
Col. Thomas Jefferson Randolph,  
Jane Hollins Nicholas,  
Wilson Cary Nicholas,  
Maria Jefferson Carr Randolph,  Charles Mason,  John E. Mason,  
Ellen Randolph,  
Ellen Wayles Randolph,  Joseph Coolidge,  
James Madison Randolph,  
Cornelia Jefferson Randolph,  
Virginia Randolph,  N.P. Trist,  
Benjamin Franklin Randolph,  Sarah Carter,  Robert Carter,  
Meriwether Lewis Randolph,  Elizabeth Wharton,  
George Wythe Randolph,  Mary Adams,  Richard Adams,  
Mary Randolph,  
Septima Ann Randolph,  Scott Meikleham,  
Maria Jefferson,  John Wayles Eppes,   Martha Burke Jones,   
Francis Wayles Eppes,  Elizabeth Randolph,  Thomas Eston Randolph,   Susan Margaret (Ware) Couch,  
Jane Randolph Jefferson,  
Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson,  
Harriet Hemings,  
Beverly Hemings,  
Harriet Hemings,  
Madison Hemings,  Mary McCoy,  Frederick Madison Roberts,  
Eston Hemings,  Julia Ann Isaacs,  
Elizabeth Jefferson,  
Martha Jefferson,  Dabney Carr,  
Jane Barbara Carr,  Wilson Cary,  Wilson Cary,  Sarah Blair,  
Mary Carr,  
Lucy Carr,  Richard Terrell,  
Peter Carr,  Hester Smith Stevenson,  
Samuel Carr,  Barbara Carr,  Maria (Dabney) Watson,  William Dabney,  
Dabney Carr,  Elizabeth Carr,  
Ellen Carr,  Dr. Newsome,  
Lucy Jefferson,  Charles Lilburne Lewis,   
Mary R. Lewis,  Thomas Jefferson,   
Lucy Lewis,  
Martha Lewis,  
Ann Lewis,  
Jane Lewis,  
Randolph Lewis,  Mary Howell Lewis,  
Isham Lewis,  
Lilburn Lewis,  Betsy Lewis,  Robert Lewis,  
Anna Scott Jefferson,  Daniel Scott,   Hastings Marks,  
Randolph Jefferson,  
Ann Jefferson Lewis,   
Thomas Jefferson,  Mary R. Lewis,   Elizabeth (Siegfried) Barker,  Henry Siegfried,  
Peterfield Jefferson,  Elizabeth Wood,  Thomas Wood,  Elizabeth Clark,  
Robert L. Jefferson,  Elizabeth Moorman,  Robert Moorman,  
Isham Jefferson,  
Field Jefferson,  
Robert Jefferson,  
James Jefferson,  
Anna Jefferson,  
Peter Field Jefferson,  
Judith Jefferson,  George Farrar,   Matthew Ligon,   
Mary Farrar,  Thomas Moore,  Matthew Marable,  Jesse Westmoreland,  
Thomas Moore,  
Seth Moore,  Philip Johnson,  William Allen,  
Tephanus Moore,  William Hudson,  
Elizabeth Moore,  John Dawes,  
Priscilla Moore,  Carleton Nunn,  Richard Milner,  
George Moore,  Elizabeth Moody,   
Field Moore,  Sarah Lidderdal,  Caleb Johnston,  James Hall,   
Henry Speed,  
Judith Moore,  Boyd,  
Nancy Moore,  Godfrey Crowder,  
Mary Moore,  Hugh Franklin,  James Harrison,  Zachariah Bevill,  John Burt,  
Lucy Moore,  William Willis,  
Field Farrar,  Martha —,  Henry Talley,  
Field Farrar,  
Thomas Farrar,  Elizabeth Howard,  Job Hammond,  Amos Hix,  
George Farrar,  Diana (Hilsman) Howard,   Francis Howard,  Robert Cunningham,  John Chiles,  John Lynch,  
George Farrar,  John Lynch,  Elizabeth Boyd,  Richard Swepson Jr.,   
Sarah Farrar,  Woody Vaughan,  Baugh,  
Thomas Farrar,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  John Whittemore,  
Hilmond Farrar,  Mary Hawkins,  
Ann Farrar,  
Judith Farrar,  Redmond Rudd Smith,  
Rebecca Farrar,  Redmond Rudd Smith,  
Alexander Farrar,  Martha W. Goode,  
Arthur Farrar,  
Martha Farrar,  Philip R. Johnson,  
Capt. Field Farrar,  
Howard Farrar,  
Thomas Farrar,  Margaret Prince,  
Peter Farrar,  Mary Magdalene (Chastain) Cocke,  Stephen Chastain,  James Powell Cocke,   Stephen Collins,  Samuel Terry,  
John Farrar,  Rebecca Warthen,  
Mary Magdalene Chastain Farrar,  John Swann,  
Peter Field Farrar,  Susanna Tompkins,  Christopher Tompkins,  
John W. Farrar,  Susanna Farrar,  
Rebecca Hudson Farrar,  Christopher Tompkins Jr.,  
Judith Farrar,  Richard Ogilby,   John Royall,  Stephen Cocke,   
Joel Jackson,  John Ogilby,   William Gay,   Benjamin Lockett,   William Lockett,   
Robert Vaughan,   
Mary Ogilby,  James Henderson,  
Nancy Henderson,  
Richard Ogilby Henderson,  
Martha Chastain Ogilby,  Creed Haskins,   
Judith Farrar Haskins,  Daniel Booker,  William Winfree,  
Edward Haskins,  
Richard Ogilby Haskins,  
Martha Finney Haskins,  
Robert Haskins,  
Eliza Creed Haskins,  
Peter Jefferson Haskins,  
Mary Creed Haskins,  James Haskins,   
Richard C. Ogilby,  
John Ogilby,  
Patrick Ogilby,  
Elizabeth Archer Ogilby,  Josiah Hundley,   
Dr. John Ogilby Hundley,  
Judith Farrar Hundley,  Henry W. Watkins,  
Elizabeth Motley Hundley,  Justis Watkins,  
Josiah Hundley III,  
Richard Ogilby Hundley,  
Martha Louisa Hundley,  John B. Chaffin,  
Jefferson Hundley,  
Mary Chastain Hundley,  Josiah Brummall,  John Brummall Sr.,  
Frances Archer Hundley,  Edwin W. Poindexter,  
Patrick Ogilby Hundley,  
Rev. Peter Farrar Ogilby,  
Mary Farrar,  
Mary Farrar,  
Samuel Farrar,  Elizabeth Eggleston,  Richard Eggleston,  Rebecca Clough,  
Dr. Stephen Cocke Farrar,  
Eliza Dillah Harding,  
Dr. Richard Eggleston Farrar,  Sarah V. Love,  Fernando Farrar,  
Mary Chastain Farrar,  Richard Beverley Eggleston,  Edmund Eggleston,  Jane Segar Langhorne,  
Elvira Dupuy,   
Jane E. Farrar,  
Edmund Farrar,  
Rebecca Farrar,  Gen. Robert Porterfield,  Rebecca Porterfield,  William Kinney,  Jacob Kinney,  
George Farrar,  
John Farrar,  Rebecca Puryear,  Bartholomew Medley,  
Abel Farrar,  
William Farrar,  Winifred —,  Lucy Medley,  William Rowlett,   
George Farrar,  
Lucy Jefferson Farrar,  
John Farrar,  
Abel Farrar,  Sarah Clark,  
Richardson Farrar,  Susanna (Holmes) Baskerville,   
Chesly Farrar,  
Peterfield Farrar,  Temperance Hays,  
Jency Tolar Farrar,  
Susanna Farrar,  
Sarah Farrar,  
Judith Farrar,  John Bowdoin,  
William Farrar,  
Priscilla Farrar,  Henry Howard,  Adam Sanders,  
Mary Jefferson,  Thomas Turpin,   William Byrd,  
Joshua Fry,  
Peter Jefferson,   William Megginson,   
Obedience Turpin,  John Harris,   
Martha Turpin,  
Thomas Turpin,  
Thomas Turpin III,  Martha Ward Gaines,  Bernard Gaines,  Elizabeth Ward,   Rev. William Douglas,  
Thomas Turpin IV,  
Lucy Gaines Turpin,  Benjamin Harris,  William Bentley,  Samuel Bentley,  Judith Archer,   
Martha Eveline Harris,  William Ligon,   
Judith Archer Bentley,  James Ligon,   
Henry Bentley,  Cynthia Kent,  
Sarah Gaines Turpin,  Dr. Francis Harris,   
Obedience Jefferson Turpin,  James Harris,   
Archer Turpin,  
Mary Turpin,  Col. Richard James,   
Catherine James,  
Thomas James,  
Frederick William James,  
William James,  
Martha James,  William Jurney,  
Patty James,  
Francis J. James,  Nancy (—) James,  
Dr. Richard P. James,  Elizabeth Turpin,   
Mary Fields James,  
Mary Jefferson James,  John Gilliam,  
Ens. William M. Turpin,  Sarah Harris,   
Philip Turpin,  
Edwin Turpin,  
William Archer Turpin,  Rebecca B. Smith,  
Mary Jefferson Turpin,  Peter F.T. Smith,  
Alfred Turpin,  
Elizabeth Turpin,  Dr. Richard P. James,   
Thomas I. Turpin,  Martha Gwin,  
Lucy Turpin,  Dr. William George Nice,  Reuben Ragland,  
Maria Nice,  
William Nice,  
Selina Turpin,  Capt. Booker,  
Philip Turpin,  
Lucy Turpin,  
Dr. Philip Turpin,  Thomas Mann Randolph,   
Caroline Matilda Rose,   Martha (Osborne) McCallum,   
Peterfield Turpin,  
Horatio Turpin,  
Mary A. Bancroft,  Mary Elizabeth James Turpin,  Jesse David Bright,  
Thomas Jefferson III,  
Martha Jefferson,  Bennett Goode,   
Mary Jefferson,  Thomas Harris,  Matthew Branch,   
Mary Harris,  John Goode II,   
Francis James,  
Robert Goode,   
John Goode III,  Margery Branch,   
Thomas Goode,  
Mary Goode,  William Megginson,  Dr. William Cabell,   James Daniel,  
Martha Megginson,  William Horsley,   
Capt. William Megginson,  
Bennett Goode,  Martha Jefferson,   James Robinson,   Benjamin Harris,  
John Goode,  Martha (Embry) Simmons,   Benjamin Simmons,   
William Embry Goode,  
John Goode,  
Lucy Goode,  Dr. Austin Wharton,  Jane Logwood,   Margaret M. Spears,  
Emily Goode,  Thomas Taurman,  
Elizabeth E. Goode,  James Underwood,  
Thomas Goode,  
Bennett Goode,  Susanna (—) Goode,  
Bennett Goode,  Rebecca Baugh,  John Baugh,  
Ann G. Goode,  Francis C. Lowry,  
Martha Goode,  James Crawford,  
Nancy Goode,  John Howlett,  
Thomas Goode,  
William Goode,  Sarah James,  
Dr. Thomas Jefferson Goode,  
William Bennett Goode,  
Elizabeth Caroline Goode,  
Sidney Moore Goode,  
Sarah Ann Goode,  
Rebecca Singleton Goode,  
Martha Jefferson Goode,  
Flaviullas Turpin Goode,  
Mary Goode,  Rev. John Hyde Saunders,  
Martha Goode,  Richard Baskerville,   
Alice Goode Baskerville,  William Pringle,  
Thomas Baskerville,  
Maj. John Barber Baskerville,  
Frances Baskerville,  Seat,  
Polly Baskerville,  Thomas Guthrey,   
 John Baskerville (c.1715-1793),  
William Allen,   
George Baskerville,  
Richard Baskerville,  Martha Goode,   
John Baskerville,  
William Barber Baskerville,  
Mary Baskerville,  William Bass,   
Magdalene Baskerville,  John Trabue,   
Samuel Baskerville,  Statira Booker,   
Alice Goode,  George Royster,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Samuel Watkins,   
Lucy Goode,  Col. William Marshall,   Richard Apperson,  
Phoebe Marshall,  William Bagley,   
Bennett Marshall,  Lucy Wilson,  James Wilson,  Frederick Watkins,  
William Marshall,  Rebecca Evans,  
Martha Goode Marshall,  Francis Lockett,   
Elizabeth Marshall,  Thomas Puryear,  
Alice Marshall,  James Cunningham,  
Nancy Marshall,  James Shelton,  
Sally Goode,  Charles Povall,   
Caroline J. Povall,  Cullen Adams,  
Martha Povall,  William Carrington,  Joseph Carrington,   
William Goode Povall,  
Bennett Povall,  
Francis James,  
Madeline Bedford,  Micajah Mosby,  John Booker Hoy,   Stephen Bedford,  
Elizabeth James,  Robert Smith,  
Phoebe James,  Thomas Merryman,  
Francis Merryman,  Mary Sublett,  Martha Amonett,  
Elizabeth Merryman,  Sterling Gravit,  
Martha Merryman,  
Phoebe Merryman,  Porter,  
Dicey Merryman,  Michael Bradbury,  
Thomas Merryman,  
John Merryman,  Mary Flippen,   
Richard James,  Mary Turpin,   
Martha James,  James Meredith,  
William Clarke,  Benjamin Moseley,  
Christina Meredith,  
William Clarke,  Lucy Ann Ligon,   
John Clarke,  Ann Hobson,  John Hobson,  
Francis James Clarke,  Nancy Bracket Hobson,  
Sarah M. Clarke,  Marshall Booker Mumford,  
Eliza A. Clarke,  John West Locke,  
Martha Clarke,  Thompson,  
Mary Clarke,  
Francis James Clarke,  
Thomas Harris,  
John Harris,  Ursula Jordan,  
Elizabeth Harris,  Samuel Flournoy,  Henry Wood,  Jean Jacques Flournoy,  Elizabeth Williams,  
Gideon Flournoy,  Gracey Tarry,   
Mary E. Flournoy,  Arthur Woodfin,  
Martha A. Flournoy,  William Woodfin,  
John Flournoy,  
Samuel Flournoy,  
Thomas Branch,   
David Flournoy,  Elizabeth Mills Britton,   
Ann Mills Flournoy,  
Parnetta E. Flournoy,  John Roberts,  
Rebecca Flournoy,  Thomas P. Bowles,  
Samuel H. Flournoy,  Maria Turpin Harris,   
Julia Flournoy,  Richard Allen,  
Thomas Jefferson Flournoy,  
Maria Louisa Flournoy,  
Jordan Flournoy,  Judith Farrar,   Sarah Crouch,  
William Crouch,  
John James Flournoy,  Mary Watkins,  Henry W. Watkins,  
Gustavus Flournoy,  
Thomas Flournoy,  
William Flournoy,  
Lucy Flournoy,  
George W. Flournoy,  Judith M. Mosby,  Benjamin Mosby,  
Thomas Flournoy,  
Silas Flournoy,  Martha Cannon,   
Ursula Flournoy,  James Harris,   
Elizabeth Harris,  James Kelton,  
Mary Kelton,  David Morrisett,  
James Harris,  Obedience Jefferson Turpin,   
Alfred Turpin Harris,  Catherine Brander,  
Martha Ellen Harris,  Claiborne Watkins,   
Thomas Marcellus Harris,  
Mary E. Harris,  Hannibal Harris,  
Philip Norborne Harris,  
Lavinia Harris,  
Samuel Harris,  
Mary Harris,  
Martha Harris,  
Patrick H. Harris,  
Robert Harris,  
Thomas Harris,  
Elizabeth Julia Flournoy,  Isham Britton,  
William H. Britton,  
Martha Flournoy,  
Col. John Harris,  Obedience Turpin,   Alexander Trent,   
Francis Harris,  Sallie Gaines,  
Mary Elizabeth Josepha Harris,  Wade Netherland Woodson,  Tucker Woodson,  Mary Netherland,  
Thomas Jefferson Woodson,  
Emily S. Woodson,  Francis Osborne Markham,   
Mary Wade Woodson,  James B. Scott,  Col. James Thornton,  
Caroline Matilda Woodson,  
John Tucker Woodson,  
Benjamin Jordan Woodson,  
Charlotte Cordray Woodson,  John Woodson,  William Woodson,  
Judith Harris,  John Crittenden,  
John Jordan Crittenden,  
Thomas Theodore Crittenden,  
Lucy Harris,  Smith,  
John Harris,  Rebecca Britton,  
Thomas Harris,  
Maj. Jordan Harris,  Elizabeth Mosby Cannon,   
Nancy (Price) Jude,   
William Jordan Harris,  
Maria Turpin Harris,  Samuel H. Flournoy,   
Dr. James Madison Harris,  Obedience Amanda Harris,   
John Harris,  
Horatio Turpin Harris,  
Caroline Matilda Harris,  Thomas Harris,   
Mary Elizabeth Josepha Harris,  Wade Woodson,  
William Harris,  Elizabeth Evans,  
James Harris,  Sarah Bailey,  Stephen Ford,  
Col. Thomas Harris,  Frances Moseley,   
John Harris,  
William Harris,  
Dr. Francis Harris,  Sarah Gaines Turpin,   
James Harris,  Ursula Flournoy,   
Phoebe Harris,  Joseph Royall Farrar,   
Sarah Farrar,  
Sarah Farrar,  John Royster,  
Mary Farrar,  William Harris,  
Lucy Farrar,  John Crouch,  
Thomas Harris Crouch,  
Judith Farrar,  Jordan Flournoy,   
Mary Harris,  
Edith Harris,  Henry Trent II,   
John Osborne,   
Peter Fitzpatrick,  Henry Trent,   Field Jefferson,   
Thomas Osborne,   Joseph Haskins,   Edmund Ellis,  
John Osborne,  Edward Osborne,   
Edward Osborne Jr.,   William Moseley,   
Ann (—) Osborne,  Thomas Friend,   
Ann Friend,   
John Osborne,  
Thomas Osborne,  
Frances Osborne,  Edward Friend,   
Martha Osborne,  Daniel McCallum,  Dr. Philip Turpin,   
Ann Osborne,  Robert Donald,  Thomas Osborne,   
Dr. Thomas Augustus Taylor,  Martha Osborne,   
Martha Osborne,  
Thomas Osborne,  Frances Friend,   
Phoebe Osborne,  Edward Friend,   
Francis Osborne,  
Martha Field (Archer) Walthall,   
Daniel Osborne,  
Jane Osborne,  
Edith Harris Osborne,  Thomas Wooldridge,   
Martha Osborne,  
Lucy Osborne,  
Elizabeth Osborne,  Bernard Markham,   
Francis Osborne,  
Mary Hardaway Osborne,  George Markham,   Sarah Hill,   Thomas Osborne,   
Martha Markham,  Henry W. Robertson,  
Francis Osborne Markham,  Emily S. Woodson,   Susan Somerville,  
Capt. George Markham,  
Vincent Markham,  Obedience Thomas Beasley,  Thomas Beasley,  Ann —,  
Benjamin Osborne,  Mary Walthall,   Martha Moseley,  
William M. Osborne,  Elizabeth Roberts,   
John Osborne,  
Archard Osborne,  Martha R. (—) Osborne,  Wilson Farley,  
Martha Osborne,  John Whiting Jones,  
Elizabeth Osborne,  Thomas A Spears,  
Edward Osborne,  
Daniel Osborne,  Mary M. Bass,   
John Osborne,  
Edward Osborne,  
William Harris,  Martha Osborne,   Elizabeth Ward,   Bernard Gaines,  
Mary Harris,  Col. Bernard Markham,   Francis Goode,   Benjamin Branch,   
Martha Markham,  Efford Bentley,  Elizabeth Gay,   
Bernard Bentley,  
John Markham,  Nicholas Giles,   Lucy Champe Fleming,   
Catherine Markham,  
Bernard Markham,  
Mary Markham,  Lenaeus Bolling,   
Robert Bolling,  Frances —,  
Susan Pocahontas Bolling,  Dr. Robert Thruston Hubard,   
Col. James Lenaeus Hubard,  
William Bolling Hubard,  
Col. Robert Thruston Hubard,  Sallie Edmunds,   
Rev. Edmund Wilcox Hubard,  
Eugene Hubard,  
Louisiana Hubard,  Dr. L.C. Randolph,  
Bolling Hubard,  Felitia Chapman,  Reuben Chapman,  
Philip A. Hubard,  
Philip A. Bolling,  Mary Eppes,   
Mary Bolling,  Dr. John L. Cobbs,  
Dr. Lenaeus Bolling,  
Elizabeth Markham,  
William Harris Markham,  
George Markham,  Elizabeth Evans,  George Evans,  Mary —,  Fanny Taylor Garland,   
Judith Virginia Markham,  Norborne Berkeley Cooke,  
Sarah Markham,  
Sarah Harris,  William M. Turpin,   
Elizabeth Harris,  Vincent Markham,   
Elizabeth Markham,  Francis Lewis,  
Vincent Markham Lewis,  
Rebecca Markham,  Thomas Davenport,  
Alice Harris,  Francis Goode,   
Col. Thomas Harris,  Caroline Matilda Harris,   
Obedience Amanda Harris,  James Madison Harris,   
Elizabeth Adeline Harris,  Edward Cox,   
Caroline M.R. Harris,  David McCaw,  
Marcella Harris,  William Jameson Morris,   
Benjamin Harris,  Frances Platt,  Priscilla Wager,  
Edward Moseley,   
Mary Harris,  Sion Spencer,  Thomas Spencer,  Elizabeth Jane Flournoy,  
Elizabeth Julia Spencer,  John Nash Read,   
Clement Nash Read,  Elizabeth Whittington,  
Jack Harris Read,  
Mary Harris Read,  
Maj. Sion Spencer Read,  Hardenia Jefferson Spencer,   
Martin James Read,  
Harriet James Read,  
Polly Hill Read,  Randolph Barksdale,   
Thomas Hill Read,  Elizabeth Allen,  
Elizabeth Fanny Ann Read,  
Lucia Flournoy Read,  
Harry Ann Read,  
Elizabeth Julia Read,  David Lee Allen,  
Mary Harris Spencer,  Parham Booker,   
Thomas Harris Spencer,  Jemima Overton,  James Overton,  Mildred Clayton,  
Hardenia Jefferson Spencer,  Sion Spencer Read,   
Ann B. Spencer,  William Sowell,  
Sion Spencer,  
Jemima Cecilia Spencer,  Thomas Glenn,  
Thomas Harris Spencer,  
Benjamin Harris,  
William Wager Harris,  
Edith Harris,  
Sarah Harris,  William Yates,  
Phoebe Harris,  Nathaniel Carrington,   
Ann Hinson Harris,  
Hinson Wager Harris,  Edward Moseley,   
Francis Moseley,  
Elizabeth H. Moseley,  Maj. John Clarke,  
Priscilla Wager Moseley,  
Mary H. Moseley,  
Edward Hake Moseley,  Mary Murchie,  John Murchie,  
Sarah H. Moseley,  
Priscilla Wager Harris,  
Sarah Harris,  
Phoebe Harris,  
Martha Harris,  Jean Pasteur,  
William Pasteur,  Elizabeth Stith,   Dr. George Gilmer,   
William Stith Pasteur,  
Martha Pasteur,  
Ann Pasteur,  Thomas Craig,  
Ann Harris,  Booth,  Samuel Yeargain,  
Francis Harris,  Edward Booker Jr.,  Edward Folkes,  David Bell,  
 Lt. John Markham (-1770),  
Catherine Matthews,  
Rebecca Markham,  Col. Nelson Patteson,  
Judith Markham,  Archer Traylor,   
Catherine Markham,  Smith,  David Morrisett,  
William Markham,  
John Markham,  
William Markham,  
Bernard Markham,  Mary Harris,   
Vincent Markham,  Elizabeth Harris,   
George Markham,  Sarah Hill,   
Mary Hardaway Osborne,   
Archibald Markham,  
John Markham,  
Peter Markham,  
Martha Jefferson,  Robert Wynne,  
Gray Briggs,   
Mary (—) Wynne,  
Lucretia Wynne,  Joseph Tucker,  
Joel Tucker,  Judith (—) Tucker,  Peter Cain,  
Martha Tucker,  
Joseph Tucker,  
Elizabeth Tucker,  William Winfield Jr.,  
Lucretia Tucker,  
Martha Tucker,  Benjamin Bell,  John Bell,  Hannah —,  
Martha Jefferson Bell,  
Hannah Bell,  
Jefferson Davis Bell,  
Lucretia Bell,  William Daniel,  
Benjamin Bell,  
Robert Tucker,  first Mary Green,  Mary Ann Parham,  Mary Gilliam,   
Lucretia Tucker,  
Colson Tucker,  
Hannah Tucker,  
Stith Tucker,  Polly Gilliam,   
Richard G. Tucker,  Harriet A. Wilson,  Rev. John Wilson,  
Sally W. Tucker,  
Thomas Gilliam Tucker,  Ann Elizabeth Lewis,  Nicholas Lewis,  
William Edmund Tucker,  
Mary Green Tucker,  
Elizabeth Gray Tucker,  
Mary Tucker,  
Martha Wynne,  Matthew Parham,  Susanna (—) Parham,  Elizabeth Parham,  
Angelica Parham,  
Robert Parham,  Lucretia Sturdivant,   
Matthew Parham,  
William Parham,  
Thomas Parham,  
Martha Parham,  Matthew Sturdivant,   
John Sturdivant,  
William Wynne,  
Anne Wynne,  
Frances Parham,  William Sturdivant,   
Martha Sturdivant,  Frederick Freeman,  Ann Sturdivant,   
Benjamin Freeman,  
Margaret Sturdivant,  
Hannah Sturdivant,  
Robert Sturdivant,  Mary Jones,   
William Sturdivant,  
Mary Sturdivant,  
James Sturdivant,  
Frances Sturdivant,  
Elizabeth Sturdivant,  
Priscilla Sturdivant,  
Peter Sturdivant,  
Matthew Parham Sturdivant,  
Ann Wynne,  Thomas Butler,   
Martha Butler,  
Mary Butler,  Thomas Vines Jr.,  
William Vines,  
Thomas Vines,  
Ann Wynne Vines,  
Isaac Willis Vines,  
John Vines,  
Elizabeth Vines,  
Mary Vines,  
Martha Vines,  
 Thomas Butler (-1784),  
Ann Wynne,   
Amy (—) Butler,  Elizabeth (—) Butler,  
Mary Norris,  
Harris Carter,  
Lucy Butler,  Benjamin Goodrich,   
Elizabeth Butler,  Evans Mabry,   
Thomas Butler,  Elizabeth (—) Butler,  Bolling Starke,   
Amy Butler,  
Ann Butler,  Lewis Lanier,   
Willie Butler,  
Sterling Butler,  
Vines Butler,  
Sally Walter Butler,  Samuel Jones,  
Angelica Wynne,  William Raines,   
 Sarah Branch,  
 Benjamin Harris (-c.1758),  
Benjamin Harris,   Ann Eppes,  Col. Francis Eppes,  Sarah —,  
Richard Eppes,  
Joseph Harris,  Rebecca Howard,  Allen Howard,  
Rebecca Harris,  Matthew Easter,  
Benjamin Harris,  
Mary Harris,  F.W. Spencer Turner,  
Joseph Harris,  Elizabeth R. Fariss,  
Lucy Harris,  
Allen Howard Harris,  Elizabeth E. Scruggs,  
William Eppes Harris,  Martha Ann Harris,  
Elizabeth Harris,  
Ann Harris,  Tarleton Cox,   
Edward Harris,  
Benjamin Harris,  
Francis Eppes Harris,  Ann Macon,  
Ann Eppes Harris,  Dr. Francis Newton Ford,   
Martha Harris,  John Ford,   
Rebecca M. Harris,  John P. Stegar Jr.,  
Richard Harris,  
Sarah Harris,  
Mary Harris,  
Ann Harris,  Henry Cox,   Richard Cox,   
Judith Hughes Cox,  Francis Eppes Harris,   
Ann Elizabeth Cox,  Ludwell Brackett,  Thomas Brackett,  
Ann Harris Brackett,  Thomas Hatcher,  Thomas Hobson Walton,  
Elizabeth P. Brackett,  John S. Harris,  
Judith Ann Brackett,  Benjamin Peterson Howard,  
Thomas Henry Brackett,  Sarah Miller Bransford,  Capt. Jacob Bransford,   
Martha H. Brackett,  Rev. George C. Chesley,  
Frances Brackett,  Robert Bolling,  
Mary L. Brackett,  John W. Nash,  
Louisa Brackett,  Dr. Robert Henderson,  
Phoebe Brackett,  Caleb Hobson,  
Henry Cox,  
Vincent Cox,  
Peyton Cox,  
Tabitha Harris,  John Peyton Powell,  Betty Biscoe,  
John Peyton Powell,  Lucy Q. Grantland,  Walter Grantland,  
Martha Harris,  Thomas Coverly,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Bass Branch - War of 1812 John W. Seward - Civil War
Richard Hanserd Seward - Civil War Thomas W.B. Seward - Civil War
William J. Parham - Civil War Marvin Dibrell Parham - Civil War
James Embra Goodrich - Civil War Thomas Branch Thweatt - War of 1812
Edward Garland - Revolutionary War Peter Garland - Revolutionary War
David Garland - Revolutionary War Boswell B. deGraffenried - War of 1812
Thomas Mann Randolph - War of 1812 Isham Lewis - War of 1812
Field Farrar - Revolutionary War Thomas Farrar - Revolutionary War
Richard Beverley Eggleston - War of 1812 Robert Porterfield - Revolutionary War
Gen. Robert Porterfield - War of 1812 John Farrar - French and Indian War
John Farrar - Revolutionary War Abel Farrar - French and Indian War
Abel Farrar - Revolutionary War William Turpin - Revolutionary War
Peter F.T. Smith - War of 1812 Horatio Turpin - Revolutionary War
William Embry Goode - War of 1812 Thomas Taurman - War of 1812
James Underwood - War of 1812 Sidney Moore Goode - War of 1812
William Pringle - War of 1812 George Baskerville - Revolutionary War
John Baskerville - Revolutionary War William Goode Povall - War of 1812
Bennett Povall - War of 1812 Francis Merryman - Revolutionary War
Gideon Flournoy - Revolutionary War John Flournoy - Revolutionary War
Samuel Flournoy - Revolutionary War Wade Netherland Woodson - Revolutionary War
John Jordan Crittenden - War of 1812 Maj. Jordan Harris - Revolutionary War
William Jordan Harris - War of 1812 Thomas Harris - Revolutionary War
Henry W. Robertson - War of 1812 Francis Osborne Markham - War of 1812
George Markham - War of 1812 John Whiting Jones - War of 1812
Col. Bernard Markham - Revolutionary War Vincent Markham - Revolutionary War
Maj. Sion Spencer Read - War of 1812 Edward Hake Moseley - War of 1812
Dr. William Pasteur - Revolutionary War Francis Eppes Harris - Revolutionary War

U.S. presidents and vice presidents
Thomas Jefferson  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Jefferson - U.S. Thomas Mann Randolph II - U.S.
Wilson Cary Nicholas - U.S. Jesse David Bright - U.S.
John Jordan Crittenden - U.S. Thomas Theodore Crittenden - U.S.
Reuben Chapman - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Thomas Jefferson - Virginia Thomas Mann Randolph II - Virginia
Wilson Cary Nicholas - Virginia John Jordan Crittenden - Kentucky
Thomas Theodore Crittenden - Missouri Reuben Chapman - Alabama

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Branch - Virginia Maj. Peter Field - Virginia
George Jefferson Hundley - Virginia Alexander Clark - North Carolina
Henry Delony - Virginia David Garland - Virginia
Edward Garland - Virginia John Garland - Virginia
Peter Garland - Virginia Peter Jefferson - Virginia
Col. John Bolling - Virginia Peachy R. Grattan - Virginia
Thomas Jefferson - Virginia Thomas Mann Randolph II - Virginia
Thomas Jefferson Randolph - Virginia Wilson Cary Nicholas - Virginia
Charles Mason - Virginia John E. Mason - Virginia
Benjamin Franklin Randolph - Virginia George Wythe Randolph - Virginia
Frederick Madison Roberts - California Dabney Carr - Virginia
Peter Carr - Virginia Samuel Carr - Virginia
Charles Lewis - Virginia Richard Ogilby Haskins - Virginia
Patrick Ogilby Hundley - Nevada Dr. Stephen Cocke Farrar - Virginia
Gen. Robert Porterfield - Virginia William Kinney - Virginia
Jacob Kinney - Virginia Thomas Turpin III - Virginia
Jesse David Bright - Kentucky Jesse David Bright - Indianna
Sidney Moore Goode - Mississippi Thomas Jefferson Flournoy - Kentucky
John Jordan Crittenden - Kentucky Thomas Theodore Crittenden - Missouri
Bernard Markham - Virginia Lenaeus Bolling - Virginia
Robert Thruston Hubard - Virginia Reuben Chapman - Alabama
James Madison Harris - Virginia  

Names on the map
Jefferson County in 23 states named for Thomas Jefferson Turpin Creek, Buckingham County, was named for Thomas Turpin
Crittenden County, Kentucky, was named for John Jordan Crittenden  

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