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 3316   William Pride I (c.1650-1723)
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William Pride I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Pride I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1650, probably in England, and was in the Colony as early as 1670.  For years I owned no land, apparently farming for others. A hunter too, I paid my bills in deer skins and employed Indians to hunt for me because they can out-stalk an Englishman. The county issued me a hunting license in 1690—not for me, for my Indians, because it was a crime to fraternize with them without one.
In 1693 the governor granted me 1,278 acres in return for a cruise ticket to the Colony for 26 persons, including me and my wife, Jane.  Our plantation was on Ashton Swamp about 2 miles south of the present-day town of Chester, Chesterfield County. I still owned this land in 1704. 
Jane and I were the parents of at least 4. In October 1695 I gave some land to our daughter Winifred, wife of Benjamin Lockett, with the stipulation that if she died without heirs, the land would go to Halcott Pride and if he died childless, son John Pride would get the tract.  Another son was William Pride.
I witnessed the 1707 will of my close friend and neighbor James Hill and, after he died, I got a license 24 November 1708 to marry his widow, the former Ann Clarke
I was dead before 3 March 1723/4 when my son and executor John Pride presented my now-lost will in court.  The next month he brought in an inventory of my estate valuing my personal property at £182.0.9.

We do not know the surname of William’s wife but perhaps it was Halcot.
During his lifetime, William inventoried the estates of William Frasier, Ann Morris, John McKascoe, and Daniel Stuart.
A peculiar item is this: the Henrico June Court 1722 ordered the recording of a deed between William Pride and Richard Walthall. Jane Pride relinquished her dower right.  Maybe the deed was old or they recorded the wrong name?

Pride lawsuits
Pride was found guilty of having ordered oxen belonging to George Marble killed for which he was ordered to pay 2,200 pounds of tobacco 7 Nov. 1677. 
In 1677 Indians threatened the peace of Henrico County. For security, William Pride and his wife went to stay 5 nights of the week at the home of William Bevin. In return, Pride was to help Bevin plant tobacco on his land in and get one-third of the proceeds from the harvest. However, when a dispute arose, Pride took Bevin to court. We do not know the disposition of the suit.
In 1685 the Henrico County court arrested Mr. William Pride because he owed Col. Edward Hill £3.8.10, which was to be paid in deer skins. The sheriff released Pride without taking any security. When Pride failed to show at court, they granted Hill a judgement against the sheriff if he did not induce Pride to show in court. 
In April 1692 William Pride was growing tobacco on a plantation next to Henry Randolph on Swift Creek in Henrico (now Chesterfield) County. On 1 Dec. 1692 he bought two half-acre lots from William Randolph et al After William lost a lawsuit regarding the purchase, which lasted 15 years, he was assessed damage of just £0.5.6.

Town of Bermuda
Pride’s lot was in the Town of Bermuda where his neighbors were Edward Hatcher, and Mary Ligon, Robert Thompson, Edward Stratton, John Stewart Jr., Thomas Cocke Jr., Melchizedek Richardson, and Thomas Jefferson Arthur Moseley and William Worsham bought a lot in 1715. 

William’s Indian hunter
Pride had an Indian who hunted for him and this may explain why he was paying a debt in deer skins. Pride may have been a hunter, too. In this period, Indians were a threat to the Colonists and Virginia passed an act to discourage fraternization with Indians without a license. Anyone violating the act would be jailed for a year or fined 5,000 pounds of tobacco.  The following record in the Henrico County court speaks of this act and William Pride. 

Henrico County Court
October 1690
Whereas by ye 8h Act of Assembly made at James Citty Octob Ao 1665 revived & reinforced by ye 14h Act made the 18h day of June 1680, It is Provided That noe prson shall harbour or entertain any Indian whout a License first obtain’d from the Govern:r wch is by ye sd law to Issue upon a Certificate from the County Court where such party resides that he hath given security for such entertainmt according to law. In Obedience to wch laws Mr Wm Pride did this day enter Mr Jno Worsham & Melchiz: Richardson his securities for his entertainmt of one of our Neighboring Inds to Hunt for him wch sd securitys did enter into bond according to law. Of all wch the Rt Hon:l the Lt Governr is hereby Certifyed by the Court, And humbly desired according to ye sd laws to grant a License to ye sd Mr Wm Pride for such his entertainment of an Indian.

Mr Jno Worsham was John Worsham and Melchiz: Richardson was Melchizedek Richardson who married Elizabeth Branch.

Descendants of William Pride I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Halcot Pride,  
Martha Hill,   
Edward Watkins,  
Mary Pride,  Francis Cheatham,   
Ann Pride,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Jane Pride,  Morris Roberts,  
Alice Butler,  
Robert Kennon,   
Enoch Roberts,  
Ruth (—) Roberts,  
Margery Roberts,  Young Short,  Peter Turpin,  William Morrisett,  
Morris Roberts,  Joshua Roberts,  Elizabeth (—) Roberts,  
Ann Dickens,  
John Roberts,  
Enoch Roberts,  
 William Pride II,  
Henry Randolph,  Henry Clay,   Richard Walthall,   John Peterson,   Philip Jones,  Matthew Ligon,   
David Nunnally,  Thomas Roberts,   Thomas Lockett,   William Cheatham,   
John Mann,  Richard Wells,  John Townes,  William Archer,   Thomas Watkins,  
John Pride,   Henry Randolph,  James Hill,   Thomas Jefferson,   
John Townes,  William Archer Jr.,   Henry Batte,   John Knibb,   John Bolling,  
John Baugh,  Thomas Eggleston,  William Hatcher,   William Archer,   Thomas Knibb,   William Baugh Jr.,   
William Walthall,   
Ann (—) Pride,  Amy (—) Pride,  
William Royall,  Joseph Royall,  Henry Royall,  
William Pride III,  William Bleik,  
Amith (—) Pride,  
William Pride IV,  
Halcot Pride,  Halcot Pride,   
David Holt,   Parker Hare,   
Mary Briggs,   Elizabeth (Briggs) Kerr,   
Dr. John Hay,   Augustine Claiborne,   Herbert Claiborne,   
Lucy Pride,  Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan,  Sarah (—) Strachan,  Sarah Feild,   
Mary Pride,  Maj. Cadwallader Jones,   
Frederick Lafayette Jones,  Amaryllis Sitgreaves,   
Lucy Pride Jones,  Col. Allen Jones,  
Maj. Allen Jones Green,   
Cadwallader Jones,  Rebecca Edwards Long,   
Cadwallader Jones,  John Cabell Breckinridge,   
Annie Isabella Iredell,  James Iredell,  
Halcott Pride Jones,  
Halcott Briggs Pride,  
Elizabeth Pride,  William Timberlake,  
Winifred Pride,  
 John Pride I (c.1680-1743),  
 Winifred (Pride) Lockett (-1729),  
Benjamin Lockett,   
Peter Baugh,   
Thomas Lesser,  
Benjamin Lockett,  
Winifred Lockett,  James Hill,   
Richard Lockett,  Mary Logwood,   
Mabel Lockett,  Burwell Elam,   
David Lockett,  Mary Ashbrook,   
Edmund Lockett,  Sally Bryant,  James Bryant,  Jane —,  
Daniel Lockett,  Elizabeth DeForrest,  
Jeremiah Lockett,  Lydia Bondurant,  
Josiah Lockett,  Jenny Jeter,   
William Lockett,  Laura DeForrest,  
Rhoda Lockett,  Joseph Wilkerson,  
Jesse Lockett,  Mary Palmore,  
Archibald Lockett,  
Benjamin Lockett III,  
Francis Lockett,  Mary Cheatham,   
James Lockett,  Elizabeth Jennings Watkins,   
Francis Lockett,  Thomas Wooldridge,   Rhoda Wooldridge,   
Elam Lockett,  Phoebe Cheatham,   
Elizabeth C. Lockett,  Isham Traylor,   
Mary E. Lockett,  Joshua Condrey,  Edmund Goode,   
Robert Lockett,  
Green Lockett,  
King Lockett,  
William Lockett,  
Nancy Lockett,  
Mary Lockett,  Henry Cheatham,   
Arthur Akin,  Elizabeth R. Pleasants,   
Ann Akin,  
Susanna Akin,  Archibald Bass,  
Elizabeth Akin,  Blackman Cheatham,  
Mary Akin,  
Mickey Lockett,  
Charles Lockett,  Susanna Owen,   
Samuel Lockett,  Creed Haskins,  
Charles Lockett,  Nancy Hix,  
Elizabeth Lockett,  Cornelius D. Elliott,  
Delia Ann Lockett,  James A. Elliott,  
Mary Lockett,  Levi Daniel Horner,  
Susannah Lockett,  
Jemima Lockett,  
Mary Lockett,  John Taylor,  
Mary Lockett,  Akin,  
Archibald Lockett,  
William Lockett,  Jane Pride,   
William Lockett,  Martha Russell,   
John Moore,  John Farmer,  
John Tabb,   John Chumbley,  Richard Ogilby,   Philip Whitehead Jackson,  
John Hill,   Robert Hill,   Robert Haskins Jr.,   
Joseph Akin,  William Akin,  
William Akin,  
Ann Akin,  
Joseph Akin,  
James Akin,  
Mary Lockett,  Josiah Lacy,  
Jane Lockett,  William Hill,   
Elizabeth Lockett,  James Bailey,  Anne Lester,  
Elisha Bailey,  Mary Goode,   
China W. Chalkley,  
Ann Lockett,  John Briggs,  
Thomas Briggs,  
Phoebe Lockett,  John Brooks,  
Edith Lockett,  
Benjamin Lockett,  John Turner,   John Pride,   John Chumbley,  John Tabb,   Thomas Tabb,  Joseph Gooch,  Richard Ogilby,   
John Lockett,  Mary (—) Lockett,  William Mayes,  
John Lockett,  
Benjamin Lockett,  Mary Ann League,   
Thomas Lockett,  Lucy (—) Lockett,  
James Lockett,  
Halcott Lockett,  
Susannah Lockett,  Joseph Ashbrook,  Peter Ashbrook,  
Mary Ashbrook,  David Lockett,   
Susannah Ashbrook,  Lockett,  
Elizabeth Ashbrook,  William Baugh,   
Sarah Ashbrook,  James Gates,  
James Ashbrook,  Nancy Sims,  
Benjamin Bailey,  
Nancy Bailey,  Samuel Bridgewater,  
Henry Bailey,  
John Bailey,  Mary Bridgewater,  
Martha Ashbrook,  Joseph Baugh,   
Jane Lockett,  
Margaret Lockett,  
Winifred Lockett,  
Joseph Lockett,  John Pride,   
Matthew Flournoy,  
Abraham Lockett,  William Ford Jr.,  Paulin Anderson,   William Ford Sr.,  John Pride,   William Claybrook,  Stephen Bates,  
Micajah Maddera,  Jane (—) Lockett,  Francis Anderson Jr.,   
Sarah Hill,   
Martha Lockett,  Francis Walthall,   
Daniel Walthall,  
Benjamin Walthall,  Cicely (Branch) Bass,   
Elizabeth (—) Walthall,  
Benjamin Walthall,  John Walthall,   John Martin,  
Martha Walthall,  
Richard Walthall,  
Winifred Walthall,  Richard Elam,   
Richard Walthall,  Alexander Baugh,   Judith Flournoy,  
Edith Walthall,  Robert Baugh,  Capt. Mark F. Flournoy,  Richard Elam,  
Virginia Ann Flournoy,  John H. Cheatham,  Henningham Elam,  
Louisa E. Flournoy,  Francis G. Snellings,  
Judith C. Flournoy,  Robert H. Elam,  
Richard Walthall,  
William F. Walthall,  Julia C. Cheatham,   
Phoebe Walthall,  William Newby Jr.,  
Francis Walthall,  Phoebe Elam,   
Sarah Walthall,  Cheatham,  
Francis Cheatham,  
Ann Walthall,  Josiah Cheatham,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  
Jenny Walthall,  
Mary Walthall,  Leonard Cheatham,   Nancy Shackleford,  
Francis Walthall,  
Thomas Walthall,  
Elizabeth Bott,   Susanna Peebles,  Jemima Sears,  
Jane Walthall,  Daniel Hunnicutt,  Mary Binford,   
William Bott Walthall,  Martha Bailey,  
Francis Walthall,  Sarah Sears,   
James Walthall,  Elizabeth (—) Walthall,  William Dunn,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  
Jane Walthall,  Henry Dillon,  
Francis Walthall,  Rebecca Andrews,  
Martha Walthall,  
Dinah Walthall,  Varner,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  Dunnavant,  
Jane Dunnavant,  John Ligon,   
William Dunn,  
Jane Walthall,  John Baugh,   
Ann Walthall,  Farmer,  
Winifred Walthall,  Thomas Dunnavant,  
Jane Lockett,  Edward Haskins II,   
Deborah Lockett,  William Tynes,  Deborah Lockett Tynes,  Winifred Tynes,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Cadwallader Jones - Revolutionary War Cadwallader Jones III - Civil War
Edmund Lockett - Revolutionary War Benjamin Lockett - Revolutionary War
Robert Lockett - War of 1812 King Lockett - War of 1812
William Lockett - War of 1812 Samuel Lockett - War of 1812
Charles Lockett - War of 1812 Archibald Lockett - Revolutionary War
James Lockett - French and Indian War Samuel Bridgewater - War of 1812
Henry Bailey - War of 1812 Mark F. Flournoy - War of 1812
Francis Walthall - War of 1812  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
James Iredell - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
James Iredell - North Carolina  

Legislators - colonial and state
Cadwallader Jones III - South Carolina Cadwallader Jones III - North Carolina
James Iredell - North Carolina  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Dr. Alexander Glas Strachan  

Names on the map
Iredell County, North Carolina, named for James Iredell  

Selected sources
Cabell, James Branch. Branchania, Being a Partial Account of the Branch Family of Virginia. Richmond: Whittsett & Shepperson, 1979:162-171. • Early account of the families of William Pride and his son John Pride.

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