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 28160   William Lygon (1512-1567)
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William Lygon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Lygon might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Gloucestershire, England, in 1512, and as a youth of just 17, married Eleanor Dennis. A marriage contract bound our fathers to clothe us according to our degree. Like my father, I lived at Arle until I succeeded to the historic family estate of Madresfield. I was also the sheriff of Worcestershire, 1550-1 and 1560-1. 
England was a land of conspirators and two of my sons got caught up in the intrigue. Farnando teamed with Sir Henry Dudley to try to depose Queen Mary in 1556 and crown Elizabeth. Fortunately for him, Mary’s death 2 years later accomplished what they failed to do. Our son Ralph was implicated in a plot to put Mary, Queen of Scots, on the throne in 1572, and spent most of his life out of the country to avoid prosecution.
Our daughters married well. Margaret was the wife of Sir Thomas Russell and one of their sons was an executor of the estate of William Shakespeare. Her second husband was Sir Henry Berkeley and among their prominent grandsons was Sir William Berkeley, royal governor of Virginia.
Daughter Cicely and Edward Gorges were the parents of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, called “the father of colonization in America.” In 1639 King Charles I granted Gorges “a parte & portion of the countrie of America, nowe commonly called or knowne by the name of New England.”  Fort Gorges, Maine, carries his name today. Elizabeth married William Norwood and it was their grandson Henry Norwood who wrote the historic narrative, A Voyage to Virginia, in 1649.
I died 29 September 1567 and was buried “in the high chancel” 2 October 1567. Eleanor, who survived me, was living at Arle in June 1568, and was still alive in 1579. 

William Lygon was listed among the loyalists of Lord Oliver Cromwell as preferred to serve Henry VIII in 1538 and was in the vanguard with 10 foot soldiers when Henry invaded France and captured Boulogne in 1544. William was also a justice of the Hundreds Court of Cheltenham.

Descendants of William Lygon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Lygon (-1584),  
Mary Russell,  Sir Thomas Russell,  Frances Cholmley,  Margaret Talbot,  Sir John Talbot,  
Sir Arnold Lygon,   
 Thomas Lygon (-1615),  
 Ralph Lygon,  
 Farnando Lygon,  
Henry Berkeley,  
 William Lygon,  
 Hugh Lygon,  
Elizabeth (—) Lygon,  
Barbara (—) Lygon,  
Henry Lygon,  
Hugh Lygon,  
Ralph Lygon,  
Mary Lygon,  Lloyd Saunders,  
William Lygon,  Eliza Holliar,  
Thomas Lygon,  
Anne Lygon,  Standley,  
 Francis (Lygon) Bub,  
Grace Bub,  John Bub,  
 Margaret (Lygon) Russell Berkeley (-1617),  
Sir Thomas Russell,  Frances Cholmley,  Sir Roger Cholmley,  
Sir Henry Berkeley,  Maurice Berkeley,   
Thomas Russell,  Richard Lygon,   Francis Brace-Smith,  
Sir Maurice Berkeley,  Elizabeth Killegrew,  Sir William Killegrew,  
Sir Charles Berkeley,  Penelope Godolphin,  William Godolphin,  
Sir Henry Berkeley,  
Sir Maurice Berkeley,  
Sir John Berkeley,  
Christiana Riccard,  Sir Andrew Riccard,  
Gov. William Berkeley,  
Thomas Ligon,   Nathaniel Bacon,  
Margaret Berkeley,  Sir Popham Southcatt,  
Jane Berkeley,  Davies,  
Sir Henry Berkeley,  Elizabeth Nevill,  Henry Nevill, Esq.,  
Edward Berkeley,  Margaret Holland,  John Holland, Esq.,  
Sir Charles Berkeley,  
Margaret Berkeley,  Sir Richard Pollard,  
 Cicely (Lygon) Gorges Vivian,  
Edward Gorges,  
John Vivian, Esq.,  
Edward Gorges,  
Sir Ferdinando Gorges,  
Sir John Popham,  George Waymouth,  
Thomas Warr,  Sir Thomas Smith,  
John Mason,  
Ann Bell,  
 Katherine (Lygon) Foliot,  
Thomas Foliot,  
Sir John Foliot,  Elizabeth Aylmer,  Rev. Aylmer,  
Aylmer Foliot,  
Thomas Foliot,  
Francis Foliot,  
Edward Foliot,  
Elizabeth Foliot,  Josias Moody,  Capt. Charles Hansford,  
Mary Foliot,  Dr. Henry Power,  
Elizabeth Power,  Cole Digges,   
Maj. Henry Power,  
John Power,  
Sir Henry Foliot,  
William Foliot,  
Eleanor Foliot,  Sir John Bucke,  
Margaret Foliot,  Edmund Estcourt,  
Constance Foliot,  Edmund Baugh, Esq.,  
 Elizabeth (Lygon) Norwood,  
William Norwood,  Henry Norwood,  Catherine Throckmorton,  
Richard Norwood,  Elizabeth Stuard,  Nicholas Stuard, LL.D.,  
Augustine Norwood,  
Francis Norwood,  
John Norwood,  
William Norwood,  Lydia (—) Norwood,  
Edward Norwood,  Naomi Smith,  Richard Smith,  
George Norwood,  
Richard Norwood,  George Jordan,   Benjamin Harrison,  Elizabeth (—) Norwood,  
William Norwood,  Elizabeth Vaughan,  
Mary Norwood,  Henry Harrison,  
William Harrison,  
Sarah Norwood,  Thomas Clark,  
John Clark,  
Elizabeth Norwood,  
Rebecca Norwood,  
Hannah Norwood,  
James Norwood,  
Lydia Norwood,  John Sowerby,  Francis Sowerby,  Katherine —,  
Ann Sowerby,  
Benjamin Sowerby,  Elizabeth —,  
Selah Sowerby,  Thomas Gilliam,   
Allen Sowerby,  
Benjamin Sowerby,  Susan Davis,  
Hartwell Sowerby,  
Henry Sowerby,  
Henry Sowerby,  Sarah (—) Sowerby,  
Sarah Sowerby,  Owen,  
Jane Sowerby,  Capt. John Deberry,  Peter Deberry,  
Elizabeth Sowerby,  
Mary Sowerby,  
Elizabeth Norwood,  Francis Branch,  George Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Cord,  
Francis Branch,  
Benjamin Branch,  
George Branch,  Martha (—) Branch,  
Edmund Branch,  Margaret Drake,  
Bailey Branch,  
Howell Branch,  
Benjamin Branch,  Nancy Niblett,  Edward Niblett,  
Henry Branch,  
Lucy Branch,  
Newsom Branch,  
Lydia Branch,  
Ann Branch,  
Mary Branch,  Brewster,  
Jane Branch,  Williams,  
Martha Branch,  Williamson,  
Sarah Branch,  Williams,  
Hannah Branch,  Joseph Williamson,  
Sarah Norwood,  Richard Lewis,  Benjamin Harrison,   
John Simmons,  Mary Cocke,  Edward Scarbrough,   
William Simmons,  Capt. Thomas Edmunds,   Charles Lucas,  Samuel Sowerby,  George Branch,  
Ann Simmons,  Frances Cocke,  
John Edmunds,   William Simmons,  
Ann Lewis,  John Tyus,   
Mary Norwood,  William Glover,  
William Norwood,  
Richard Norwood,  
Edward Norwood,  
Thomas Eleanor Norwood,  
Dorothy Norwood,  
William Norwood,  
Henry Norwood,  Elizabeth Rodney,  Sir John Rodney,  
Henry Norwood,  
Charles Norwood,  
James Norwood,  
Ralph Norwood,  
Thomas Norwood,  
Maurice Norwood,  
Eleanor Norwood,  George Blount,  
Elizabeth Norwood,  Richard Moore,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
Sir Henry Berkeley Member of Parliament Sir Maurice Berkeley Member of Parliament

Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin Sowerby - Revolutionary War  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Sir William Berkeley - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Charles Norwood - Virginia  

Names on the map
Fort Gorges, Maine, was named for Sir Ferdinando Gorges  

Selected sources
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