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The Muster of the Inhabitants of Virginia 20 Jan. - 7 Feb. 1624/5 included the following. 

William Ferrar aged 31 yeares in the Neptune in August 1618
Sisley Jordan aged 24 yeres in the Swan in August 1610
Mary Jordan her daughter aged 3 yeares … born heare
Margarett Jordan 1 years
Temperance Baley aged 7 yeares
William Dawson aged 25 yeres in the Discovery March 1621
Robert Turner aged 26 yeres in the Tryall June 1619
John Hely aged 24 yeares in the Charles November 1621
Roger Preston aged 21 yeares in the Discoverie March 1621
Robert Manuell aged 25 yeres in the Charles November 1621
Thomas Williams aged 24 yeares in the Dutie May 1618.
Richard Johnson aged 22 yeares in the Southampton 1622
William Hatfield aged in the Southampton 1622
John Pead 35 yeares old in the same Shipp
John Freame aged 16 yeares in the same Shipp
PROVISIONS: Corne, 200 bushells; Fish, 2 hundred. ARMES AND MUNITION: Powder, 14 lb; Lead, 300 lb; Peeces fixt, 11; Coats of Male, 12 CATTLE, SWINE, ETC.: Neat cattell young and old, 16; Swine, 4; Poultrie, 20. HOUSES AND BOATS: Houses, 5; Boats, 2.

As the muster reveals, Cicely Jordan came to Virginia when she was only 10 and by 1624 was twice widowed and the mother of 3 young daughters. She would soon marry William Farrar in whose household she was then living for protection from Indians. We do not know who Cicely’s parents were, nor do we even know her surname. This topic is devoted to the family of my ancestress “Sisley Jordan.”

Descendants of Unknown
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Cicely (—) Baley Jordan Farrar (c.1600-),  
Temperance Baley,   
Samuel Jordan,  
William Farrar,  
John Farrar,  Cicely Kelke,  Lord De La Warr,  
Rev. Greville Pooley,  
Sir Thomas Gates,  John Flood,   
Mary Jordan,  
Margaret Jordan,  
Cicely Farrar,  
Capt. William Farrar II,  
Thomas Ligon,   Henry Randolph,  
Col. Thomas Ligon,   
Mary (—) Farrar,  
Michael Turpin,   
Capt. William Farrar III,  
Priscilla Baugh,   
Mary (Tanner) Ligon,   
John Farrar,  Temperance (Brown) Batte,   Thomas Batte,   
John Sutton Farrar,  Thomas Randolph,  Nowell Burton,   Elizabeth Hancock,   
Martha (—) Farrar,  Richard Levins,  
Mary Farrar,  Michael Turpin,   
Brown Farrar,  Robert Bowman,   John Knibb,   
John Cobbs,  Joseph Ligon,   
Thomas Crawford,  
John Sutton Bowman,  Sarah Cawthorn,  Thomas Crawford,  
William Davison,  John Jackson Sr.,  
Nathaniel Bowman,  
Rebecca Bowman,  
John Sutton Bowman,  Phoebe Owen,   
Mary Owen Bowman,  James B. Medley,  
John Farrar Bowman,  
James Taylor Bowman,  Tabitha —,  
Francis William Bowman,  
Robert Bowman,  Elizabeth M. —,  
George Owen Bowman,  
Sarah Bowman,  
Royall Bowman,  Elizabeth Morton,   William Rowlett,   
Nancy Bowman,  Simon Roberts,  
Robert Bowman,  Sarah Foster,  James Foster,  
Jane Bowman,  William Jones Jr.,  
 Robert Bowman II (c.1630-),  
Gilbert Elam,   Martin Elam,  
Robert Woodson,  Col. Thomas Stegg,  
Richard Kennon,   Sarah (—) Bowman,  Henry Gee,   
Edward Bowman,  
John Bolling,   
Gilbert Bowman,  Robert Hancock,   John Bolling,  Amy —,  Jeffrey Robertson,   John Bolling,  
Henry Bowman,  
Abraham Bowman,  Elizabeth Hatcher,   
Elizabeth Bowman,  Henry Charles Featherstone,   
Frances Bowman,  Rice Jones,  
Mary Bowman,  John Stewart,   
John Bowman,  Sarah Royall,  Joseph Royall,  
John Bowman,  
John Knibb,   Jane Bowman,   Prudence Bowman,   
Robert Bowman,  Brown Farrar,   
Sarah Bowman,  John Knibb,   
John Bowman,  
John Bowman,  
Drury Bowman,  Joseph Newby,  
John Hancock,   Kerenhappuch Hancock,   
Mackness Bowman,  Agnes Cunningham,  
William Bowman,  
Kerenhappuch Bowman,  Chalkley,  David Chalkley,  Archelaus Chalkley,  
Frances Bowman,  
Joseph Bowman,  Mary (—) Bowman,  John Brummall,  
Mary Cooke,   
Prudence Bowman,  
Amy Bowman,  Mark Farmer,  
Daniel Farmer,  
Samuel Farmer,  
Dorothy Farmer,  Abner Farmer,  
Jane Farmer,  John Stewart,   
Cynthia Farmer,  William Stewart,   
Elizabeth Farmer,  Truman,  
Mary Ann Farmer,  
Phoebe Farmer,  
Prudence Farmer,  
Sarah Bowman,  Hill,  
Obedience Bowman,  John Clarke,   
Priscilla Bowman,  
Daniel Bowman,  Ann Farmer,  Joseph Farmer,  
William Bowman,  
Thomas Farrar,  Mary Ligon,   
Katherine Perrin,   
William Farrar,  Martha (—) Farrar,  
Sarah Farrar,  William Farrar,   
Perrin Farrar,  
John Farrar,  
John Farrar,  Elizabeth —,  
Peter Farrar,  Tahpenes Laforce,  Martha Parker,  
William Farrar,  
Thomas Farrar,  Betty Martin,  
Catherine Farrar,  Ralph Jopling,  
Sarah Farrar,  Spencer,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Stephen Watts,  Martha (—) Christian,  
Sarah Watts,  William Jordan,  
Elizabeth Watts,  Samuel Loving,  
Richard Farrar,  Susanna Shelton,   
Perrin Farrar,  
John Farrar,  Mary (—) Morrison,  
Fleming Farrar,  
Perrin Farrar,  
Saraly Farrar,  
William Farrar,  
Jane Farrar,  John Bethel,  
Mary Farrar,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Charles Langford,  
Joseph Farrar,  
Mary (Royall) Woodson,   
Joseph Royall Farrar,  Josiah Woodson,   
Phoebe Harris,   
Mary Gaines,  Jane Ford,  Thomas Ford,  
Lucy Farrar,  Stephen Woodson,   
Mary Farrar,  Joseph Morris,  
Joseph Royall Morris,  Mary Nicholson,  Thomas Eldridge,   
Judith Morris,  
George Morris,  
Lucy Morris,  
Archibald Morris,  
Farrar Morris,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Sallé,  
Catherine Farrar,  John Barnett,  
Richard Barnett,  
John Barnett,  
Joseph Barnett,  Lucy Wade,  Richard Wade,  
Joseph Royall Barnett,  
Micajah Barnett,  
Edward Barnett,  
Catherine Barnett,  John Whitlow,  
Ursula Whitlow,  
Fanny Whitlow,  
Jordan Whitlow,  
Jane Whitlow,  
Sarah Barnett,  
Mary Barnett,  
Frances Barnett,  
Jesse Barnett,  
Martha Farrar,  
Mary Farrar,  Joseph Watkins,  
Mary Watkins,  Henry Willis,  
Martha Farrar,  Walter Shipley,  William Sutton,  
Cicely Farrar,  
John Farrar,  
Thomas Batte,   Mary (—) Worsham,  George Worsham,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Mackness Bowman - Revolutionary War Abner Farmer - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
Samuel Jordan - Virginia William Farrar II - Virginia
William Farrar III - Virginia Peter Farrar - North Carolina
John Farrar - Virginia  

Members of the Virginia Council of State
William Farrar  

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