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2706 Thomas O達rissell (-1698)
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Thomas O達rissell, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas O達rissell might describe his life as follows.

My name O達rissell marks me as Irish. I was likely the father of Mary O達rissell who married John Stone at Christ Church, Middlesex County, in 1687.
According to a Middlesex deed, the governor granted me 300 acres 1 August 1669. Yet no record of such a patent remains. I was definitely in Middlesex by 1686 when John Burke received 191 acres.
Eusebius O達rissell was buried at Christ Church 7 March 1689/90. Whether he was my father, brother, or son, shall remain a mystery, although my descendants perpetuated this peculiar name for generations. Of course, as most people know, Eusebius was a bishop who lived in Constantinople in the 4th Century.
I made my will 11 December 1698 naming wife, Ann, and grandsons, Thomas Lewis, Eusebius Lewis, and John Stone, and appointing John Burke and Henry Tugwell executors. John Burke, Thomas Haynes, and Valentine Mayo watched me make my mark the sheet with a large T. I was dead within a few weeks.

Thomas will
Middlesex County ordered the will recorded 2 Jan. 1698/9.

Will of Thomas O達rissell
11 December 1698
In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Obrissell of the County of Middlesex, planter, being weak and sickley in body, but of perfect sense and memory at the present blessed be God for it and calling to minde the uncertainty of my life I think fitt to make certificate and ordinance this to be my last will and testament.
First I leave and bequeath my precious soul to God Almighty who gave it to me hoping through the … of my blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ to enjoy everlasting happiness and I give and bequeath my body to the Earth from whence it came to be buryed in such … as my wife and executors hereafter mentioned shall think fitt and as foreclosing the Worldly Affairs that God hath blessed me herewith in this Life I now dispose of it in manner as followeth.
First I give and bequeath one third part of my land with halfe of my cattle and halfe of my household stuffe and one halfe of my horses and mares and the third part of my land to my living wife Ann Obrissell during her natural life.
Item: I give and bequeath unto Thomas Lewis and Usebious Lewis my loving grand children one hundred Acres of land now and one hundred Acres after my wifes decease and the other half of my Cattle and horses and mares only one colt be it horse or mare to my loving daughter Mary Stone
Item: I leave one half of my household stuffe to be equally divided between Elizabeth Lewis and Usebious Lewis.
Item: I leave and bequeath one hundred Acres of land to John Stone my loving grand childe; and I here make constitute and ordain my Loving friends John Burke and Henry Tugwell to be my lawful executors to Act and … in this case as it shall … good to them to all the above said Articles I have sett my hand this 11th day of December 1698.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
John Burke
Thomas Haynes
Valentine Mayo.

On 25 April 1702 John and Mary Stone sold 107 acres熔ne-third of the land that had belonged to Thomas O達rissell葉o Valentine Mayo. That same day Valentine Mayo got 39 acres next to 典homas O達rissell, dec壇.箱 John Burke was then dead. This was likely her mother痴 dower land that fell to her after her mother痴 death.
No O達rissell paid quit rents in Middlesex nor any reported county in the Colony in 1704.

Descendants of Thomas O達rissell
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Names found in this topic include the following.
Mary (O達rissell) Stone (c.1670-),
John Stone,
Elizabeth (O達rissell) Lewis,
John Lewis,
Thomas Lewis, 
Eusebius Lewis, Mary Lyall,Matthew Hunt,
William Lewis, 
John Lewis, 
Anne Lewis, 
Eusebius Lewis, Martha () Lewis,
Richard Lewis,
Richard Lewis, 
Mary Lewis, 
Gabriel Lewis, 
Mary Lewis, 
William Lewis, 
Matthew Lewis, 
Sarah Lewis, 

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