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 2450   Unknown
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Two Tarpley brothers were born in Rappahannock County in the 17th Century: James Tarpley and John Tarpley. Their mother married 2nd Capt. William Barber as indicated by the will of her son James Tarpley Among his executors were “brothers,” John Tarpley, William Barber, and Charles Barber. The records of North Farnham Parish give the name of William’s wife as Mary, whose birth name we do not know. This topic is devoted to her second family by William Barber.

Descendants of Unknown
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (—) Tarpley Barber,  
James Tarpley,   
Capt. William Barber,  
Elizabeth Dew,   Thomas Dew,   
Capt. William Barber,  Joyce Robinson,  Thomas Robinson,  Christian (—) Robinson,  John Robinson,  William Thornbury,  
Raleigh Travers,  
Joyce Bayley,  Samuel Bayley,  
Thomas Barber,  Samuel Wood,  Mary Wood,  
Thomas Wood,  Richard Hinds,  
Mary Barber,  Charles Lewis,  
Joyce Lewis,  
Edward Lewis,  
Catherine Lewis,  
Charles Lewis,  
Betty Lewis,  
Lucy Barber,  William Baker,  Elizabeth Baker,  
Jane (—) Baker,  Thomas Dew,  Elizabeth Barber,   John Baker,  
Elizabeth Baker,  Samuel Bailey,  
Ann Dobyns,  
John Baker,  
John Baker,  
William Baker,  
Lucy Baker,  
Barbara Baker,  Edward Jones,  William Jones,  
Isaac Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  William Barber,   
Winifred Jones,  
Lucy Jones,  Daniel Brown,   
Margaret Jones,  George Northen,  
Edward Jones Northen,  Sarah Dobyns,  
Lucy Barber Northen,  
George Northen,  
Edmund Northen,  Mary Street,  William Forrester,  
Barbery Baker Northen,  
Samuel Northen,  Sarah Ann Baker,  Samuel Baker,  
Mary Northen,  Leroy Dobyns Jr.,  William Forrester,  
Winifred Northen,  Abner Dobyns Jr.,  
Joyce Barber,  Col. Arjalon Price,  Richard Price,  Mary —,  
Arjalon Price,  Catherine Hill,  John Hill,  Betty Hammond,  
John Hill Price,  
Anne Catherine Price,  Bernard Moore,   
Capt. Reuben Moore,   
Lucy Barbour Moore,  Capt. Reuben Gaines,  
William Price,  Mary Moore,   
Mary Barber Price,  Benjamin Crump,  
Ann Barber,  William Lewis,  
Samuel Barber,  Ann Foster,  John Foster,  Susannah Cammack,  Gilbert Metcalfe,  
Samuel Alger,  
William Jordan,  
William Barber,  
Samuel Barber,  Mary (—) Beale,  Charles Beale,  Sarah (—) Mortimer,  Charles Mortimer,  
John Barber,  
Charles Barber,  John Tarpley,   William Barber,   
Frances Glascock,   
Austin Brockenbrough,  
Capt. Thomas Barber,  Anne Nash,  Thomas Nash,  
Robert Carter,  
Charles Jones,  George Grayden,  
Thomas Barber,  Sarah —,  
Charles Barber,  
Betty Barber,  
Anne Barber,  William Sallard,  
Sabrina Sallard,  Eppa Brown,  Burwell Brown,  
Frances Barber,  George Reynolds,  John Reynolds,  Ann —,  Richard Neal,  
John Reynolds,  
William Reynolds,  
George Reynolds,  
Epaphroditus Reynolds,  
Frances Reynolds,  
Ann Reynolds,  
Elizabeth Reynolds,  
Katherine Barber,  Luke Williams,  Roger Williams,  Ann —,  
Champness Terry,   Luke Williams,  James Ingram,  
Mary Parr,  
Ann Williams,  William Irby,  
Betsy Williams,  George Tredwell,  
Lucy Barber Williams,  John Chapman,  
William Williams,  Dorothy Traynum,  David Traynum,  
Zachariah Williams,  Frances Hagood,  Ursula McGregor,  
Katherine Williams,  
Rebecca Williams,  Edmund Irby,  
Luke Williams,  Anna Hartsfield,  
Lucy Barber,  
Charles Barber,  
Mary Barber,  James Samford,  Samuel Samford,  Elizabeth Keene,  
William Denton,  
Ann Samford,  Joshua Singleton,  
Joshua Singleton,  Ann —,  
Robert Singleton,  Priscilla Webb,   
James Cuthbert Singleton,  Cuthbert Webb,   
Joshua Singleton,  
James Singleton,  
John Singleton,  
Samuel Singleton,  
Frederick Singleton,  
Ann McCarty Singleton,  James Edmondson Jr.,  Epaphroditus Hubert,  
James Samford,  
Betty Samford,  William Miskell,  Henry Miskell,  Winifred Brockenbrough,  Billington McCarty,   
Frances Miskell,  Samuel Peachey Menzies,  
Peggy Miskell,  Thomas Garnett,  
Richard J. Tutt,  
William Miskell,  
Austin Miskell,  Mary Blackwell,  John Blackwell,  Judith (Churchill) Jones,  
Elizabeth Miskell,  David Oliver,  
Catherine Miskell,  Jennings Beckwith,  
Frances Samford,  John Suggett,  
Winifred Samford,  Daniel Dobyns,  Charles Dobyns,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Sydnor,  Elizabeth Sydnor,   
Frances Dobyns,  Joseph Davenport,  
Charles Dobyns,  
Winifred Dobyns,  
Anne Barber,  Billington McCarty,  
Daniel McCarty,  Elizabeth (Pope) Payne,  
Daniel McCarty,  
Billington McCarty,  Elizabeth Downman,  William Downman,  Ann —,  
Daniel McCarty,  Elizabeth Woodbridge Yerby,  Col. Beverley Yerby,  
Billington McCarty,  
Ann McCarty,  
Thaddeus McCarty,  Mary —,  
Sarah McCarty,  
Dennis McCarty,  
Elizabeth Downman McCarty,  
William McCarty,  
Thaddeus McCarty,  Ann Chinn,  Raleigh Chinn,  Ann —,  
Mary Chinn McCarty,  
Elizabeth McCarty,  Capt. James Craine,  
Charles Barber McCarty,  Winifred Tarpley,   
Robert Tomlin,  Susanna Fauntleroy,  
Bartholomew McCarty,  Elizabeth Tomlin,  Robert Tomlin Jr.,  
Eloisa Tomlin McCarty,  Dr. Robert Giberne Tomlin,  Sydnor McCarty,   
Bartholomew McCarty Tomlin,  
Charles Travers McCarty,  Apphia Fauntleroy Tomlin,  
Fanny McCarty,  
Winifred McCarty,  
Betty McCarty,  
Tarpley McCarty,  Catherine Tomlin,  
Presley McCarty,  
John McCarty,  
Sydnor McCarty,  Elizabeth W. Hunton,  
Elizabeth Barber,  George Hunt,  
George Hunt,  
William Hunt,  
Charles Hunt,  
Elizabeth Hunt,  
Frances Hunt,  
William Barber,  Elizabeth (—) Barber,  William Barber Jr.,  Griffin Garland,  
Elizabeth Lawson,   
William Barber,  Elizabeth Jones,   Christopher Lawson,   
John Barber,  
Lucy Barber,  
Frances Barber,  Isaac Webb,  Giles Webb,  Elizabeth Spann,  
John Webb,  
Isaac Webb,  
Isaac Webb,  
Giles Webb,  
James Webb,  
Cuthbert Webb,  
Elizabeth Webb,  Matthew Harrison,  
George Harrison,  
Frances Harrison,  
Winifred Webb,  
Ann Webb,  James Edmondson,  
John Edmondson,  
Priscilla Webb,  Robert Singleton,   
Frances Webb,  
Giles Webb,  
Charles Webb,  
Isaac Webb,  
Elizabeth Barber,  Thomas Dew,  
Jane (—) Baker,  John Baker,  
William Baker,  Elizabeth Baker,  Lucy Barber,   
Elizabeth Dew,  Anthony Sydnor,  Winifred Glascock,   
Molly Dobyns,  Thomas Sydnor,  Sarah Sydnor,  Anne Flint,  Robert Sydnor,  E. Nelms,  Susannah Sydnor,  
John Sydnor,  Elizabeth Heall,  
Ruth Sydnor,  
Winifred Sydnor,  John Routt,  
Ann Routt,  Charles Bennett,  
Sydnor Bennett,  
Lucy Routt,  James Mitchell,  Gabriel Smither,  Charity (—) Mitchell,  Henry Duncan,  
John Mitchell,  
Frances Mitchell,  William Kirk,  Jeremiah Kirk,  Ann —,  
Richard Ashton,  John Price Suttles,  
John Routt,  
Wilmoth Routt,  Gabriel Smither,  
George Smither,  Mary —,  
Winifred Smither,  
Lancelot L. Smither,  Nancy Pritchett,  Rodham Pritchett,  
Margaret Fleming Smither,  
Samuel Smither,  
Richard Smither,  
Mary Smither,  Pritchett,  Rodham Pritchett,  
Gabriel Smither Pritchett,  
Richard Smither,  Sarah Glascock,   Peter Goad,  
Richard Smither,  Elizabeth D. Tune,  George Tune,  
Judith Smither,  Lindsey O. Davenport,  
Elizabeth Smither,  William Deatley,  Charles Clarke,  
Dewanna Smither,  Euel Alexander,  
Priscilla Smither,  
Lucy Smither,  
Ann Smither,  
Gabriel Smither,  
John Smither,  
William Smither,  
Epaphroditus Sydnor,  Mary —,  Betty (—) Webb,  
Richard Taylor,  
John Sydnor,  
Frances —,  Frances Mitchell,  Robert Mitchell,  
Richard Sydnor,  Ezekiel Levy,  James Sydnor,  
John Sydnor,  
Frances Sydnor,  Ezekiel Levy,  
Frances M. Levy,  Moore Fauntleroy Tomlin,  Robert Tomlin,  Susanna Fauntleroy,  
Matilda F. Levy,  John Burke,  Dr. John Y. Chinn,  
Epaphroditus Sydnor,  Mildred Ball,   
Harrison Sydnor,  Judy Clarke,  William Clarke,  
Frances Sydnor,  William Downman,   
Betsy Sydnor,  Smith,  
Susannah Sydnor,  Jeremiah Garland Bailey,  
Mary Sydnor,  Colston Smith,  John Smith,  
William Sydnor,  Judith Armistead Williams,   Joshua Powell,  
Nancy Sydnor,  John Logan,  Peter Barksdale,   
Elizabeth Logan,  Elisha Barksdale,   
John Sydnor Logan,  Polly Barksdale,   
John Sydnor,  
Judith Williams Sydnor,  Armistead Barksdale,   Anthony Sydnor,   Thomas Sydnor,   
Abraham Sydnor,  Frances Thweatt,   
Thomas Sydnor,  Polly Womack,  Charles Womack,  
Anthony Sydnor,  
Alice Sydnor,  Armistead Barksdale,   
Elizabeth Sydnor,  
Epaphroditus Sydnor,  
Epaphroditus Sydnor,  Hugh Williams,  Alice Livingston Milner,  John Milner,  
John Lacy,  
Epaphroditus Sydnor,  
Anthony Sydnor,  
John Sydnor,  
Elizabeth Sydnor,  John C. McCraw,  
Judith Sydnor,  
William Sydnor,  Susanna Coleman Barksdale,   
Molly Sydnor,  
Beverley Sydnor,  Lucy Claiborne Thweatt,   
Anthony Sydnor,  Elizabeth Downman,  Robert Downman,  Elizabeth —,  
Raleigh Downman,  
Anne Sydnor,  
James Downman Sydnor,  
Isaac Sydnor,  
Giles Sydnor,  
Elizabeth Sydnor,  Daniel Dobyns,  Winifred Samford,   
Joseph Davenport,  
Anna Dobyns,  
Betty Dobyns,  
Daniel Dobyns,  
Ailcy Dobyns,  
Isaac Sydnor,  
Winifred Sydnor,  
Betty Sydnor,  Travers Tarpley,   
Dewanna Sydnor,  
Lucy Sydnor,  James Downman,  Raleigh Downman,  
Elizabeth Downman,  
Anne Downman,  
Frances M. Downman,  
Priscilla Downman,  Jesse Davis,  
Raleigh Downman,  
Susannah Downman,  
Travers Downman,  
Anthony Sydnor,  
Elizabeth Sydnor,  Robert Porteus Downman,  Capt. Robert Downman,  Elizabeth Porteus,  
Fanny Porteus Downman,  
Elizabeth Porteus Downman,  Maj. Stokeley Towles,  Stokeley Towles,  Elizabeth Martin,  
Porteus Towles,  
Ruth Sydnor,  Capt. John Belfield,   
Maj. John Belfield,  Mary Beckwith,  Sir Jonathon Beckwith,  Rebecca Barnes,  
Winifred B. Belfield,  Peter Rust Garland,  
Sydnor Belfield,  Ann Young,  Col. William Young,  Elizabeth Smith,  
Elizabeth Belfield,  Robert Chinn,  
John Belfield,  
Elizabeth Belfield,  Robert Chinn,  Thomas Chinn,  Sarah Mitchell,  
Sally Chinn,  William F. Sydnor,  William Sydnor,  Ellen Fauntleroy,  
Mary Belfield,  Col. William Smith,   
Ann Adams Smith,  Thomas Jeffries,  
Francis Smith,  
William Smith,  
Elizabeth Smith,  Thomas Belfield Walker,   
Alice Smith,  
Maria Smith,  
Anne Belfield,  Griffin Murdock Fauntleroy,  
Peggy Fauntleroy,  Thomas Yerby,  
Belfield Fauntleroy,  
Joseph Fauntleroy,  Elizabeth Fauntleroy,  
Ann Fauntleroy,  Charles R. Thompson,  
Elizabeth Fauntleroy,  Joseph ap Jones,  
Polly Fauntleroy,  Judge John Campbell,  Rev. Archibald Campbell,  
Eliza Ferguson Murphy,  
Thomas Belfield,  Ann Harwar Beale,  
John Wright Belfield,  
Maj. Joseph Belfield,  Jane Skelton Jones,  
Thomas Meriwether Belfield,  Frances Sandford,  
Mildred Beale Belfield,  Dr. John Elliott Daingerfield,  
David Currie Belfield,  Elizabeth Meriwether Smith,  
Alice Corbin Belfield,  Peter Rust Garland,  Griffin Garland,  Mary Rust,  Winifred B. Belfield,   
Winifred Belfield,  Chinn,  
Joseph Belfield,  
Frances Belfield,  
Anne Sydnor,  Richard Mitchell,  
Silah Sydnor,  
 Thomas Wright Belfield (1704-1743),  
Dr. Joseph Belfield,  Frances Wright,  Mary (Meriwether) Colston,  William Colston,  Francis Meriwether,  
Capt. John Belfield,  Ruth Sydnor,   
Joseph Belfield,  
Elizabeth Belfield,  Benjamin Cave,   
Joseph Belfield,  
Thomas Belfield,  
Thomas Meriwether Belfield,  
Elizabeth Belfield,  Bolling Starke,   
Bathurst Belfield,  
Frances Belfield,  Freeman Walker,   
Henry Brodnax,   
Alexander Walker,  Isaac Hicks,   
Thomas Belfield Walker,  Isaac Hicks,   Elizabeth Smith,   
Mary Walker,  William Brodnax,   
Albion Adams,  
Elizabeth Walker,  Rev. Henry Merritt,   
Dr. John Freeman Walker Merritt,  
William Henry Embry Merritt,  Elizabeth Willis Goode,   
Dr. Alexander Thomas Belfield Merritt,  Jemima E. Love,  
Rebecca Frances Maria Merritt,  Thomas Greenway Parham,  
Victoria Mason Parham,  Robert Mason Mallory,  Col. James Baugh Mallory,   Elizabeth Mason,   
Frances Walker,  
John Belfield Brodnax,  
Rebecca Brodnax,  
Susan Brodnax,  
Mary Ann Brodnax,  
Frances Brodnax,  Frances Webb,  
Bathurst Belfield,  
Thomas Dew,  
Mary Dew,  John Lawson,  
Christopher Lawson,  Sarah (—) Lawson,  Sarah Williams,  John Williams,  Jane —,  
Betty Lawson,  Robert Degge,  William Degge,  
Joanna Lawson,  Richard Shackleford,  
Epaphroditus Lawson,  
Catherine Lawson,  
Lucy Lawson,  Leroy Dobyns,  
Christopher L. Dobyns,  
William Dobyns,  Catherine L. Neasom,  
Sarah L. Dobyns,  Charles Dobyns,  Thomas P. Smith,  
Rebecca M. Dobyns,  Edmund N. Northen,  Capt. Peter Northen,  Jane Alderson,  Peggy Jesper,  
Alice Dobyns,  Griffen Dudley,  
Elizabeth Lawson,  William Barber,   
Anne Lawson,  
Lucy Lawson,  Thomas Nash,  Agatha (—) Nash,  
Thomas Barber,  
 John Brodnax (c.1665-),  
Mary Skerme,   
 William Brodnax (1675-1727),  
Rebecca (—) Travis,  Edward Travis,  
Michael Harris,  Thomas Swann,  
William Brodnax,  Ann Hall,  Thomas Hall,  
James Loftin,  John Hamilton,  
Stephen Dewey,  
Elizabeth Brodnax,  William Evans,  
John Wall,  
William Brodnax Wall,  
Ann Brodnax,  Henry Jackson,  Ann Mabry,   
Rebecca Ann Jackson,  Edward Brodnax Brooking,   
Mary Brodnax,  Frederick Smith,  
Henry Power,  
William Brodnax Power,  
John Power,  
William Brodnax,  
John Brodnax,  Martha Kennon Clack,   
Martha Rivers,  Thomas Rivers,  
William Edward Brodnax,  Ann —,  Matthew Turner,   
Sarah Jones,   
Thomas Hall Brodnax,  
Edward Brodnax,  William Carroll,  Thomas Moody,  
Theodorick Bland,   
Mary Brown,  Elizabeth Hall,  
Philemon Russell,   
Edward Munford,   
William Brodnax,  Mary Cowles,   
Mary Ward,   
Henry Brodnax,  Ann Holmes,  Col. John Holmes,  
Jehu Peebles Jr.,   
Frances (Belfield) Walker,   
William Brodnax,  Mary Walker,   
Gen. William Henry Brodnax,  Anne Eliza Withers,  Thomas Withers,  
Samuel Pryor,  
David Walker Brodnax,  
Martha Priscilla Brodnax,  
Dr. John Grammer Brodnax,  
Mary Louisa Brodnax,  Rev. John Munro Banister,   
William Meriwether Atkinson Brodnax,  
Robert Withers Brodnax,  
Freeman W. Brodnax,  
Meriwether Bathurst Brodnax,  Anne Eliza Walker,  
Dr. Robert Walker Brodnax,  Cornelia A. Batte,  Alexander Watson Batte,  Elizabeth Spenser,  
Mary Frances Brodnax,  
Ann Brodnax,  Daniel Lyon,  
Elizabeth Starke Brodnax,  Dr. Nathaniel Frederick Rives,  
Elizabeth Power Brodnax,  John George Woolfolk,  Ann (George) Woolfolk,   
Henry Power Brodnax,  
Elizabeth Brodnax,  Col. Vivion Brooking,  
Francis Vivion Brooking,  Ann Hall Smith,  Frederick Smith,   
William H. Brooking,  
Thomas Vivion Brooking,  Elizabeth Sherwin,   
Edward Brodnax Brooking,  Rebecca Ann Jackson,   
Robert Edward Brooking,  Lucy Delony,   
Elizabeth Thacker Brooking,  Isaac Holmes,   
Ann B. Brooking,  William Brodnax,   
Sarah Brooking,  James Claiborne,  Buller Claiborne,   
Frances Brooking,  Edward B. Brodnax,   
Henry Thacker Brooking,  
Stephen Edward Brodnax,  Elizabeth Rebecca Danzie,   
Ann Brodnax,  John Hall,  Robert Munford,   
Rebecca Brodnax,  Alexander Walker,   Mary Munford,   Henry Delony,   Frances Jefferson,   
Robert Walker,   
George Crowder,  Richard Pemberton,  
Edward Brodnax Walker,  Joshua Mabry,   
Edward Delony,  Elizabeth Lucas,  William Lewis,  
Frances Delony,  Daniel Hicks,  
Edward Brodnax Hicks,  Elizabeth Stone,  
Dr. Benjamin Isaac Hicks,  Rebecca B. Hicks,  
Martha Elizabeth Hicks,  Wylie Francis Thomas,  Sabat S. Bridgers,  
Anna Hicks,  
Josephine Hicks,  
Ann Hicks,  Dr. William Brooke Price,  
Elizabeth Hicks,  Burdett Ashton Lewis,   
David Stone Hicks,  Martha Eleanor Lewis,   
Martha Hicks,  Francis Emmett Buford,  
Martha Hicks,  
Daniel Hicks,  
William Hicks,  
Rebecca A. Hicks,  
Fanny E. Hicks,  
Henry Delony Hicks,  
Thomas Hicks,  
Robert Lewis Hicks,  
Lewis F. Hicks,  
Robert S. Hicks,  
Lucy Delony,  Robert Edward Brooking,   
Frances Brooking,  Archer Robertson,   
Robert Edward Brooking,  
Henry Delony,  
William Deloney,  Martha Munford,   
Elizabeth Rebecca Brodnax,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Sydnor - War of 1812 Maj. John Belfield - Revolutionary War
Sydnor Belfield - Revolutionary War John Belfield Brodnax - War of 1812
William Henry Brodnax - War of 1812 Freeman W. Brodnax - War of 1812
Henry Delony - Revolutionary War Wylie Francis Thomas - Civil War
William Brooke Price - Civil War Francis Emmett Buford - Civil War

Legislators - colonial and state
Charles Barber - Virginia Daniel McCarty - Virginia
William McCarty - Virginia Charles Barber McCarty - Virginia
Matthew Harrison - Virginia James Edmondson - Virginia
John Edmondson - Virginia Porteus Towles - Virginia
Col. William Smith - Virginia John Wright Belfield - Virginia
Francis Meriwether - Virginia Robert Mason Mallory - Virginia
William Brodnax - Virginia Gen. William H. Brodnax - Virginia
Meriwether Bathurst Brodnax - Virginia  

Selected sources
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“Brodnax Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(1):455-467. • Family of John Brodnax and William Brodnax.
“Hicks Bible.” The Southside Virginian. 3:169-170, (1984). • Family Bible belonging to Frances Delony and Daniel Hicks.
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Keith, Arthur Leslie. “The McCarthy Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(3):581-607. • Includes information on the family of Anne Barber and Billington McCarty.
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