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 2346   Unknown
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My ancestor Mary Briggs, wife of Henry Briggs, was married 3 times before they became husband and wife and was by then a mother to Thomas Blunt and Richard Washington. Yet we do not know who Mary’s parents were. Consequently this Family Topic 2346 is devoted to my Blunt and Washington relations.

Descendants of Unknown
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (—) Blunt Ford Washington Briggs (-c.1677),  
Richard Blunt,  
Tobias Swann,  
George Jordan,   
Charles Ford,  
John Washington,  Robert Stanton,  
Henry Briggs,   James Mills,  
Thomas Blunt,  Priscilla Browne,   
Henry Briggs,   
Elizabeth Adcock,  
George Blow,  
Elizabeth Blunt,  Howell Edmunds,  
Henry Edmunds,  
Capt. Thomas Edmunds,  Ann Simmons,   
Edmund Ruffin,   
John Edmunds,  Rebecca Brown,  Elizabeth (—) Bolling,  
Edmund Ruffin,   
Capt. Thomas Edmunds,  Martha Short,  
John Edmunds,  Eliza Kennon Randolph,  Thomas Ruffin,  
Elizabeth Edmunds,  
Charlotte Edmunds,  Stith Bolling,   
Susanna Edmunds,  William Edwards,  Micajah Edwards,  
Ann Edwards,  William Ruffin,   William Jones,  
William Edwards,  Mary Nelson,  Fannie Green Seawell,  John Seawell,  Fannie Hobday,  
Walter Armistead Edwards,  William Wesley Baugh,  
Thomas Edwards,  Martha Ruffin,   
Richard Henry Edwards,  Judith Blunt,  Mary Hamlin (Cocke) Edmunds,   
Henry Edwards,  
Rebecca Browne Edwards,  Irby Jones,  
Charlotte Bolling Edwards,  David Davies,  Mark Davies,  
Alexander Edmunds,  
Jane Edmunds,  William Irby,   
James Edmunds,  
Sarah Edmunds,  William Edwards,  
Nathaniel Edwards,  
Rebecca Edwards,  John Webb,  
Sarah Edwards,  James Williamson,  
Ann Edmunds Edwards,  
Benjamin Edwards,  Priscilla Williamson,  John Sims,  
Nathaniel Edwards,  Mary Tatum,   
Isaac Edwards,  Martha Williamson,  
Howell Edmunds,  
Mary (—) Edmunds,  Mary Briggs,   
Maj. Howell Edmunds,  
Lucy Nicholson,   
Thomas Edmunds,  
William Edmunds,  Martha Briggs,  
John Edmunds,  Susanna Marget,  
Samuel Edmunds,  
Elizabeth Edmunds,  Stephen Williamson,  
Sarah Edmunds,  William Collins,  
Mary Edmunds,  Harris Nicholson,  
Ann Edmunds,  
Martha Edmunds,  John Myrick,  
Lucy Edmunds,  John Nicholson,  
Col. Nicholas Edmunds,  Elizabeth Flood,   Mary (Seward) Nicholson,  John Nicholson,  
River Barker,   Archibald Campbell,  
Lucy (Nicholson) Stith,  
Col. Thomas Edmunds,  Sarah Eldridge,   
John Flood Edmunds,  Lucy Gray,   
John Flood Edmunds,  
James Edmunds,  
William Fanning Edmunds,  
Elizabeth Gray Edmunds,  Benjamin Lewis,  
Nicholas Edmunds Lewis,  Martha Ann Claiborne,   
Edwin Gray Lewis,  
Dr. Henry Lewis,  Frances Gibbons Stuart,  
Charles Stuart Lewis,  Elizabeth Skinker Fitzhugh,  
Louisa Gray Lewis,  William Webb Wilkins,  
Henry Lewis,  
Burdett Ashton Lewis,  Elizabeth Hicks,   
Richard Edwin Lewis,  
Benjamin Lewis,  Ellen Elizabeth Wilkins,  
Joseph Warner Lewis,  
James Edmunds Lewis,  Elizabeth Estill,  
Zebulon Lewis,  
Lucy Gary Lewis,  Thomas Hicks,  
Elizabeth Sandal Lewis,  Reuben B. Hicks,  
John Flood Edmunds Lewis,  Maria Davis,   
Benjamin Lewis,  Harriet S. Booth,  
Amanda Melvina Lewis,  Nicholas Edmunds Davis,   
Sally Edmunds Lewis,  Thomas Hicks,  
Lt. Reuben Booth Hicks,  
Joseph Warner Lewis,  
James Williams Lewis,  
Dr. Norborne Wesley Lewis,  
Sarah Edmunds,  Dr. Richard Feild,   
Lucy Gray Feild,  Burwell Bassett Wilkes,   
Susan E. Feild,  Abner W. Lanier,  Burwell Bassett Wilkes,   
Julia Edmunds,  Thomas S. Maclin,   
Susan Edmunds,  Robert Haskins,   
Sterling Edmunds,  Ermine (Embry) Simmons,   Thomas Simmons,   
Mary Edmunds,  Allen Love,  
Sterling Edmunds Love,  
Benjamin Edmunds Love,  
Ermine Embry Love,  
Benjamin Edmunds,  
Sarah Edmunds,  Benjamin Ruffin,   John Edmunds,  
Joseph Ruffin,  
Sarah Fenn Ruffin,  
Elizabeth Edmunds,  Samuel Garland,   
Sarah Garland,  Robert Chappell,   
Lucy Edmunds Garland,  Robert Bagley,   
Mary Garland,  Copeland Davis,   John Taylor,  
Nicholas Edmunds Davis,  Amanda Melvina Lewis,   
Elizabeth Lewis P. Lampkin,   
Maria Davis,  John Flood Edmunds Lewis,   
Eliza Davis,  Gray F. Dunn,  
Jane Davis,  
Edward Garland,  
Elizabeth Garland,  David Dunn,  Obedience Weatherford,  
Elizabeth Dunn,  John Poindexter Neal,   
Sarah Edmunds,  James Jones,   
Elizabeth Edmunds,  
Ann Edmunds,  
Mary Blunt,  John Flood,   
William Knott,  Jane Flood,   
Ann Blunt,  
Edmund Irby,  
Charles Irby,  
Douglas Irby,  
Edmund Irby,  
Elizabeth Irby,  
James Irby,  
John Irby,  
William Irby,  
Thomas Blunt,  
Howell Edmunds,   Jane Flood,   
Richard Blunt,  
Samuel Cornwell,  Bartholomew Figures,  
Ann (—) Blunt,  
Andrew Lester,  
Abraham Green,   
Richard Blunt,  Jane Nicholson,   James Jones,   
Thomas Blunt,  
Collins Blunt,  
Richard Blunt,  
Dolly Blunt,  Richard Graves,  
Thomas Graves,  
Robert Graves,  
George Graves,  
Robert Blunt,  
John Blunt,  
Benjamin Blunt,  Frances Briggs,   
Mary Blunt,  John Irby,  
William Irby,  
John Irby,  Rebecca Briggs,   
Mary Irby,  Robert Eldridge,   
William Irby,  Jane Edmunds,   
Elizabeth Williams,   
Edmund Irby,  Frances Briggs Lucas,  John Lucas,  
Richard Irby,  
William Blunt Irby,  Sarah Washington Stith,   
Elizabeth Williams Irby,  Freeman Fitzgerald,   
Catherine Greenhill Irby,  
Edmund Irby,  
Ann Irby,  Lemuel Cocke,   
Ann Irby Cocke,  
William Irby Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  Jane Bland Ruffin,  Isabella Ballentine,  
Elizabeth Edmunds Cocke,  John Royall Robertson,   
Ann Irby Cocke,  Sterling H. Edmunds,  
Jane Cocke,  Richard Blunt,  
Mary Hamlin Cocke,  William Edmunds,  Richard Henry Edwards,   
Elizabeth Irby,  
Elizabeth Blunt,  
Lucy Blunt,  
William Blunt,  Benjamin Ellis,  
Elizabeth (—) Blunt,  James Rookings,  
Capt. William Blunt,  Richard Blunt,   
Ann Nicholson,   
Martha Peete,  Dr. Samuel Peete,  
James Hicks,  
Thomas Washington,   
Samuel Blunt,  
William Blunt,  
Mary Blunt,  
Elizabeth Blunt,  
Henry Blunt,  Henry Cooke,   
Sarah (—) Blunt,  
Sarah Blow,  
Mary Blunt,  Richard Parker III,  
Frederick Parker,  
Henry Parker,  
Edmund Parker,  
Jane Parker,  Charles Briggs Jr.,   
Mary Blunt Parker,  Daniel Butts,  
Thomas Blunt,  Anne Gray,   
Henry Blunt,  
Joseph Gray Blunt,  Mary Rebecca Lewis,  
Edward Blunt,  
William Blunt,  
James Blunt,  
Ann Blunt,  
Elizabeth Blunt,  Samuel Edmunds,  Elizabeth Saunders,  Thomas Saunders,  
Sarah Blunt,  Mills Goodwyn,  
Benjamin Blunt,  Priscilla Person,  John Person,  
William Blunt,  Mary (—) Person,  Mary (Edwards) Ridley,  James Day Ridley,  Nathaniel Edwards,  William Massenburg,   
John Blunt,  Mary Ridley,  Richard Augustine Blunt,  
Benjamin Blunt,  
Mary Blunt,  Jacob Turner,  
Priscilla Blunt,  John Turner,  
Mary Turner,  John Wall,   
John Wall,  Sarah Branch,  
James Augustus Wall,  Rebecca Mason Jeffries,   
Albert Wall,  
Mary Wall,  Allen Jones Davie,  Sarah Jones,   William Richardson Davie,  
Joseph Gray Wall,  Anne Marie (Turner) Wilkinson,  
Alexander G. Wall,  Mary Cooper,  
John Blunt Turner,  Mildred (—) Turner,  Isham Harwell,  
Sugars Turner,  Rebecca Delony,  
Simon Turner,  Nancy Bynum,  
William Turner,  
Ann Turner,  Person Turner,  
Thomas Turner,  
James Turner,  
Richard Washington,  Elizabeth Jordan,   
John Williams,  John Gollage,  Charles Briggs,   Samuel Briggs,   Charles Dunn,  
Arthur Allen,  Richard Parker,  
John Simmons,   Howell Edmunds,   
George Washington,  George Jordan,   Mary Wright,  
George Washington,  Sarah —,  
Joseph Washington,  Joseph Washington,  Mary Cheatham,   
Richard Washington,  
Elizabeth Washington,  Sampson Lanier,  Robert Nicholson,   
John Lanier,  Thomas Hunt Jr.,  
Caleb Ellis,  
Thomas Lanier,  Ann Maclin,   
Jacob Lanier,  
Drury Lanier,  Tabitha Eves,  
Benjamin Lanier,  Lucy (Claiborne) Hunt,  William Hunt,  Thomas Hunt,  Robert Hunt,  
Frederick Maclin,   
Herbert Lanier,  
Augustine Lanier,  
Benjamin Lanier,  
Sterling Lanier,  
Littleton Lanier,  
Martha Lanier,  
William Lanier,  Elizabeth Burch,  Richard Burch,  
Benjamin Lanier,  
Catherine Lanier,  James Blick,  
Thomas Lanier,  
Sampson Lanier,  Elizabeth Chamberlain,  Samuel Chamberlain,  
Cuthbert Smith,  
Rebecca Lanier,  Walton Harris,  
Burwell Lanier,  Elizabeth Hill,  William Hill,  Katherine —,  William Lanier,  Clement Lanier,  Isaac Lanier,  William Marshall,  Frances Pickett Boddie,  Dr. John Benjamin Rumph,  
Buckner Lanier,  Rebecca (—) Williamson,  Arthur Williamson,  
Frederick Lanier,  Rebecca Williamson,  Jesse Williamson,  Elizabeth Williamson,  Temperance (Bass) Warren,  Benjamin Warren,  
Robert Lanier,  
James Lanier,  
Ann Lanier,  Aristotle Eldridge,   
Polly Lanier,  Matthew Williamson,  Jesse Williamson,  
John Lanier,  
Winifred Lanier,  Col. Drury Ledbetter,  William Vaughan,  
Ann Lanier,  
Martha Lanier,  
Agnes Lanier,  William Davis,  
Lewis Lanier,  Ann Butler,   Benjamin Hunnicutt,  
Esther (Butts) Thorn,  
Richard Lanier,  Lucy Briggs,   
Ann (Pettway) Mason,   Isaac Mason,  
Susanna Lanier,  William Adkins,  
William Lanier,  
James Lanier,  Nancy (—) Lanier,  
Elizabeth Lanier,  John Burch,  Thomas Croft,  
Lemuel Lanier,  
Elizabeth Peebles,   
Molly Lanier,  King,  
Sally Lanier,  Williams,  
David Lanier,  
Washington Lanier,  Elizabeth Hicks,  
Benjamin Lanier,  
Nancy Lanier,  Armstrong,  
James Lanier,  Mary Cook,   
Henry Lanier,  
Nathan Lanier,  
Lydia Lanier,  
Abbie Lanier,  
Isom Lanier,  
James Lanier,  
Cynthia Lanier,  
Mary Lanier,  
Lucretia Lanier,  
Sampson Lanier,  Elizabeth Massey,  Thomas Massey,  
Sidney Clopton Lanier,   
Arthur Lanier,  
John Washington,  
Eliza (—) Washington,  
Arthur Washington,  
Eliza Washington,  
Thomas Washington,  
Faith Washington,  
John Washington,  Tamer Rickman,  William Rickman,  
Jesse Washington,  Rebecca Wrenn,  Thomas Wrenn,  
Mary Washington,  
Thomas Washington I,  Agnes (—) Washington,  Thomas Briggs,   
Thomas Washington II,  
Sarah Gray,  Gilbert Gray,  William Gray,  
Thomas Washington III,  Janet Love,  Allen Love,  
William Blunt,   Benjamin Ellis,  
Gray Washington,  Nancy Harrison,  James Harrison,  
Mary Washington,  Thomas Jenkins,  
Ann Washington,  Edmund Collier,  
Elizabeth Washington,  David Tucker Jr.,  David Tucker,  Athalia Kessie (Wright) Hunt,  
Lucy Washington,  George Clements,  Benjamin Clements,  Lucy Parker,  
Thomas Washington Clements,  Martha Edwards,  Martha Edmunds,  
Moses Clements,  Elizabeth Daugherty,  
James Clements,  Lucretia Cotton,  
Rebecca Clements,  Richard Moore,  
Elizabeth Moore,  
Francis Moore,  
John Moore,  
Sarah Clements,  Lodowick Lee,  
Susanna Lee,  
Alfred Stith Lee,  
Elizabeth Clements,  
Lucy Clements,  
George Clements,  
Richard Clements,  
William Washington,  Sarah Tynes,  
James Washington,  Joyce Nicholson,   Nathaniel Harrison,  William Cripps,  Robert Nicholson,   
Robert Washington,  Agnes Terrell,  
Nicholas Washington,  
Benjamin Washington,  
John Washington,  
Ethel Washington,  
Joanna Washington,  
Elizabeth Washington,  
Joyce Washington,  John Long,  Susanna Long,  Archer Cheatham,   
Arthur Washington,  Richard Hamlin,  
Sarah (—) Washington,  
George Washington,  Easter (—) Washington,  
William Washington,  
David Washington,  
Sarah Washington,  
Mary Washington,  
Eliza Washington,  John Abraham,  
Priscilla Washington,  Robert Lanier,  John Lanier,  Elizabeth Bird,  Thomas Clary,  Benjamin Lanier,  
John Lanier,  Priscilla (—) Lanier,  Samuel Russell,  
Robert Lanier,  
John Lanier,  Catherine Fallett,  
Rebecca Dressony Lanier,  
Lucy Lanier,  Edward Newel,  
Thomas Lanier,  Mary (—) Lanier,  Mary Collins,  
William Lanier,  Rebecca Robinson,   
Tabitha Lanier,  
Collins Lanier,  Lucy Berryman,  
Edmund Lanier,  Martha Walton,  George Walton,  Angelina —,  Amy Washington Goodrich,   
Miles Cooksey,  
Rebecca Lanier,  Joel Thacker,  
Susanna Lanier,  Miles Cooksey,  
Sarah Lanier,  Edmund Lawrence,  
Bird Lanier,  Susanna Cain,   
Martha Lanier,  
Abner Lanier,  Sarah Chambliss,   Mary Ann Grigg,   
Robert Lanier,  Elizabeth Jackson,  John Jackson,  
Priscilla Lanier,  
Ann Washington,  John Stevens,  
John Stevens,  
Mary Stevens,  
Thomas Stevens,  Anne (—) Stevens,  
John Washington Stevens,  
Elizabeth Stevens,  James Coleman,  
John Coleman,  
Ann Washington Coleman,  
Faith Washington,  Josiah Barker,   
David Jones,  Richard Parker Jr.,  John Allen,  Caleb Ellis,  
Richard Barker,  
John Barker,  
Arthur Barker,  Rebecca (—) Barker,  
River Barker,  Elizabeth (—) Barker,  Nicholas Edmunds,   
Howell Barker,  Unity —,  
William Barker,  
Samuel Barker,  
Faith Barker,  
Mary Washington,  Robert Hart,  
 John Barker (-1714),  
Ann (—) Marshall,  George Marshall,  Benjamin Harrison,   
Grace (—) Barker,  Grace Cotton,  Thomas Busby,  Capt. Francis Gray,  Grace —,  
Elizabeth Barker,  Christopher Foster,   
Andrews,  Thomas Andrews,  
Sarah Barker,  Robert Lanier,  Priscilla Washington,   
Hannah Barker,  Walter Lashley,  
Grace Barker,  
John Barker,  Mary —,  
Christopher Barker,  
Mary Barker,  
Josiah Barker,  Faith Washington,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Edmunds - Revolutionary War Irby Jones - War of 1812
Howell Edmunds - Revolutionary War Burdett Ashton Lewis - Civil War
Joseph Warner Lewis - Civil War Lt. Reuben Booth Hicks - Civil War
Sterling Edmunds - Revolutionary War Edmund Irby - War of 1812
William Blunt - Revolutionary War Littleton Lanier - War of 1812
Lewis Lanier - Revolutionary War Thomas W. Clements - Revolutionary War
Thomas W. Clements - War of 1812 Robert Lanier - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Edmunds - Virginia John Edmunds - Virginia
Thomas Edmunds - Virginia Walter Armistead Edwards - Virginia
William Wesley Baugh - Virginia Howell Edmunds - North Carolina
James Edmunds - Virginia Burdett Ashton Lewis - Virginia
Sterling Edmunds - Virginia Samuel Garland - Virginia
Richard Blunt - Virginia Richard Irby - Virginia
Lemuel Cocke - Virginia Richard Augustine Blunt - Georgia
Dr. John Benjamin Rumph - Arkansas William Lanier - North Carolina
Clement Lanier - North Carolina Isaac Lanier - North Carolina
William Marshall - North Carolina Lewis Lanier - North Carolina
James Lanier - North Carolina Sampson Lanier - North Carolina
Thomas Washington - Virginia James Harrison - Virginia
James Washington - North Carolina  

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