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 234   John Hubbard (-c.1804)
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John Hubbard, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Hubbard might describe his life as follows.

Rev. William Douglas officiated when I married Elizabeth Clarke in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, 31 May 1763,  and our first child came into the world just over 8 months later. We never owned land in Goochland and by 1783 we were a family of 11 living in Prince Edward County where three daughters married 1785-95. We were joined in Prince Edward by the families of John Fielder and Robert Shepherd, both of whom married Goochland County Clarke women, probably Elizabeth’s sisters.
I owned no slaves, perhaps because I was too poor—in fact, the 1800 tax roll of Prince Edward listed me with just one horse.  By 1802 we were living on 111 acres in Halifax County where my son Clark and three other daughters married. Since I apparently left no will, Clark owned my farm in 1805.

The John Hubbards of Goochland, Prince Edward, and Halifax counties are undoubtedly the same man. Judith Hubbard was of an age per her birth in Goochland to require the consent in Prince Edward, and Clark Hubbard, who appeared in the Prince Edward household of John Hubbard, was undoubtedly named for his mother. John and Clark disappear from Prince Edward after 1800 and John is taxed Halifax in 1802.
The county enumerations for Prince Edward County for both 1783 and 1785 list John with 11 whites.  Land tax records reveal that in 1801 he received from Wells 111 acres, which were taxed to Clarke in 1805.
While we cannot be certain that Elizabeth Clarke was mother to all John’s children, they were only 20 years into their marriage when he is shown with a family of 11. If Elizabeth was living in 1783 and 1785, the enumerations would indicate 9 children, which is the number we have identified.
We have been unable to identify Elizabeth Clarke’s parents. Records of Louisa County reveal nothing and what we know about other Clarke families of Goochland County is included at the end of this Family Topic. Since she does not appear to belong to any of them, she may have been born in Hanover County where tax records reveal many Clarke families.

Elizabeth Clarke’s sisters?
Elizabeth may have been the sister of Nanny Clarke whom Rev. Douglas married to John Fielder of Prince Edward County in Goochland County 27 Dec. 1774,  and of Sarah Clarke who likewise married as his third wife Robert Shepherd 23 Feb. 1777.  Both the Fielder and Shepherd families joined Elizabeth and John Hubbard in Prince Edward County.
John Fielder, surety when Elizabeth Hubbard’s daughters Judith married in 1785 and Betty, in 1788, was living near John Clarke, head of a household of 6 whites in Prince Edward County in 1783 and 1785,  and he and Nancy were later in Grayson County, Va.
Fielder was likely the brother of Bartholomew Fielder and Ann Shoemaker whose son Dennis Fielder was born in Goochland County in 1756,  and who were later in Prince Edward County where Ann delivered the inventory of his estate in 1773.  Ann Fielder’s household of two whites was listed near John Fielder’s in 1783. 
Another brother was likely Thomas Fielder who married Ann Woodhall in Goochland County 28 Dec. 1758.  They too were in Prince Edward County where Ann Fielder consented for Patsy Fielder to marry Matthew Hairfield 18 April (bond) 1797,  and for Martha Fielder to marry Jesse Pryor 15 Feb. (bond) 1796.  John, Thomas, and Robert Fielder, who all married in Prince Edward County, were taxed there in 1800. 
Robert Shepherd and Elizabeth Baxter were the parents of Thomas Shepherd (15 Nov. 1766 ), and he and Elizabeth Blackstone were the parents of Elizabeth Shepherd (9 April 1769 ) and Benjamin Shepherd (6 Jan. 1771 ). In Goochland County Elizabeth married John Fielder of Prince Edward County 18 Nov. (bond) 1791,  and in Prince Edward County Thomas Shepherd married Easter Simmons 30 Sept. (bond) 1794,  and Benjamin married Mary Hurt, a daughter of Benjamin Hurt, deceased, 10 May 1798.  Both Shepherd brothers were taxed in Prince Edward County in 1800. 
One Samuel Shepherd, with Thomas Shepherd as surety, married Jenny Guill, sister of Alexander Guill who married Betty Hubbard, 23 Dec. 1790. 

Descendants of John Hubbard
Information about the children of John Hubbard, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Jesse Hubbard (1764-),  
 Judith Hubbard (1766-),  
John Bennett,  John Fielder,  
 Clark Hubbard (c.1777-),  
Lucy Palmer,   Rev. Robert Hurt,  
 Nancy (Hubbard) Bagby,  
William Bagby,  
 Betty (Hubbard) Guill (c.1767-1830),  
Alexander Guill Jr.,  John Fielder,  
 Polly (Hubbard) Guthrie,  
James Guthrie,   
 Peggy (Hubbard) Tucker,  
Crawford Tucker,  Moses Bond,  Randolph Tucker,  Henry Tucker,  
 Sally (Hubbard) Organ,  
Robert Organ,  Cornelius Organ,  Enoch Organ,  
 John Hubbard (c.1770-c.1791),  
 Joseph Clarke (-1743),  
Elizabeth (—) Clarke,  
 Edward Clarke (-1778),  
Daniel Clarke,  Robert Pleasants,   Rebonah (—) Gunn,  Fanny Clarke,  
 William Clarke (-1779),  
Wiliford Clarke,  Micajah Clarke,  
 Turner Clarke,  
John Goode,   Jean Edwards,  Charles Edwards,  
Joseph Clarke,  Thomas Watkins,  
Sarah Clarke,  
Fanny Clarke,  
Charles Clarke,  
Turner Clarke,  Elizabeth Ann Cragwall,  Robert Woodson,  
Isham Clarke,  Mary Ann Fagg,  
 John Clarke,  
Ann —,  William Trigg,  
 John Clarke,  
Susanna Nicks,  
Thomas Watkins,  Thomas Underwood,  Thomas Pleasants,  
Lydia Clarke,  
Patty Clarke,  
Elizabeth Clarke,  
 Jeffrey Clarke,  
Ruth Harris,  John Gunn,  Mary (—) Gunn,  Booth Napier,   William Maddox,  Joseph Clarke,  Stephen Giles Letcher,  
Joseph Clarke,   Joseph Watkins,  
John Clarke,  
Judith Clarke,  
Stephen Clarke,  Sarah Crouch,   
Winifred Clarke,  William Adkins,  
Jeanie Clarke,  Mitchell Martin,  
Mildred Clarke,  
Huldah Clarke,  Charles Rogers,   
 Joseph Clarke (-1813),  
Hannah Hutcherson,  
Micajah Clarke,  
Susanna Clarke,  Stephen Nowling,  
Mally Clarke,  
Eleanor Clarke,  Peter Walker,  
Matthew Clarke,  
Elizabeth Clarke,  Elijah Alvis,  
Elisha Clarke,  Elizabeth White,  
 Daniel Clarke,  
Phoebe Jordan,  
Milly Clarke,  John Wingfield,  
James Clarke,  

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