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 225282   Sir Richard de Beauchamp (1434-1502/3)
Pedigree Chart 10

Sir Richard de Beauchamp, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Sir Richard de Beauchamp might describe his life as follows.

I was born in 1434, the son of a John de Beauchamp and a descendant of Hugh de Beauchamp, founder of the distinguished Beauchamp line. For my military assistance during his invasion of England, William “The Conqueror” granted me a great deal of land in Hertford, Buckingham, and Bedford shires. Incidentally, my name is pronounced “Be-chum.”
A Member of Parliament, and the Second Lord of Powyck, I was married to Elizabeth Stafford, the daughter of Sir Humphrey Stafford, Knight of the Garter, who was descended from William de Huntingfield, one of 25 sureties of the Magna Carta, the constable of Dover Castle, high sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, and governor of Sauvey Castle.
Elizabeth was the mother of Elizabeth, Anne, and Margaret, but gave me no sons. I died 19 January 1502/3.

The pedigree of John de Beauchamp is depicted on Pedigree Chart 23. Following the chart is information about specific individuals shown there.
Elizabeth Stafford’s lineage is shown on Pedigree Chart 24.

Descendants of Sir Richard de Beauchamp
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (de Beauchamp) Willoughby,  
Sir Robert Willoughby,  Edward Willoughby,  Dorothy Grey,  Thomas Grey,  
 Anne (de Beauchamp) Lygon,  
Richard Lygon,   
 Margaret (de Beauchamp) Rede,  
William Rede, Esq.,  
Walter de Beauchamp,  Urso de Abitot,  Robert de Abitot,  Roger de Abitot,  
William de Beauchamp,  
William de Beauchamp,  Sir Thomas Walerie,  
Walter de Beauchamp,  Walcheline de Beauchamp,  James de Beauchamp,  
Walcheline de Beauchamp,  Roger Mortimer,  
William de Beauchamp,  Robert de Clare,  William Mauduit,  William de Beauchamp,  
Walter de Beauchamp,  Alice Toni,  Henry de Bohun,  
Giles de Beauchamp,  
John de Beauchamp,  Joan Cherleton,  John Cherleton,  Elizabeth Pateshull,  
Sir William de Beauchamp,  Sir Gerard de Ufflete,  Walter Jocosa de Beauchamp,  
John de Beauchamp,  Richard Ferrars,  
Henry de Bohun,  
William Malet,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
William de Huntingfield Magna Carta surety Sir Robert Willoughby Member of Parliament
Henry de Bohun Magna Carta surety William Malet Magna Carta surety

Selected sources
Ligon, William D. Jr. The Ligon Family and Connections, Volume I, 1947: 107-152. • Family of Sir Richard de Beauchamp.

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