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 220   Thomas Ligon (c.1745-c.1807)
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Thomas Ligon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Ligon might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Amelia County, the son of William Ligon who gave me “one Negro gal named Millie” in consideration of “natural love and affection” 23 December 1769.  My wife, Tabitha Ward, and I were the parents of 7 children born on our plantation along the boundary between Amelia and Prince Edward counties. 
Although I didn’t do any shooting during the Revolution, I did provide the Army with four horses, a wagon, and some sheep. 
In 1782 and 1785 Amelia County counted me head of a family of eight whites with twelve slaves. I owned three dwellings and six other buildings—one likely my mill. 
I was dying when I made my will in Amelia County 18 December 1806 and was gone within a month, leaving an estate worth £1,512.18.6. 
Tabitha sold her dower land and the grist mill to our son Robert S. Ligon in 1809,  and went to Clarke County, Georgia, where our daughters, Nancy and Lucy, lived. In 1817 Tabitha, her daughter Lucy, and her grandson, William Henry Clarke, moved to Morgan County, Georgia.

Land transactions
Thomas bought 200 acres on both sides of Mayes Branch from Micajah Maddera 6 Feb. 1778, and got 9¾ adjacent acres from Charles Craddock 25 June 1778.  On 23 March 1779 Thomas purchased 100 acres in Amelia County on the branches of Sandy Creek from Nathaniel Verser for £325, which he and Tabitha deeded to Philip Major for 30,000 pounds of tobacco 28 Feb. 1782. 
On 9 Jan. 1796 Robert Ligon and Edith, his wife, of Amelia County sold Thomas Ligon of Amelia County 392 acres on both sides of Franklins Creek in both Amelia and Prince Edward counties.  He was of Prince Edward County 15 Jan. 1805 when he deeded 96 acres of this tract to Richard Ligon for £230.8. 

Will and probate
Here is the will Thomas made 18 Dec. 1806. He evidently died within a few days for they recorded it 22 Jan. 1807. 

Will of Thomas Ligon
18 December 1806
In the name of God Amen. I, Thomas Ligon, of Amelia being in the decline of life and in a low state of health but of sound mind and memory do make, constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following, to-wit:
First. I give unto my son, Robert, after the death of myself and his mother, the land whereon I now live with the mill and all appurtenances thereto belonging, the three Negroes he already has in his possession being named John, Dave, and Fanny.
Second. I give unto all my other children, Nancy Jones, Lucy Clark, Richard, Thomas and William B. Ligon the property, slaves, etc. that they now have in possession. My daughter Polly I give what she has in her possession and nothing more of my estate. I also direct that my son, Thomas, have nothing more of my estate, or estate not disposed of at my death.
Third. I lend to my wife, Tabitha, during her natural life and at her death forthwith I give the balance of estate to be equally divided between my children, to-wit, Nancy Jones, Lucy Clarke, Richard Ligon, William B. Ligon, and Robert S. Ligon, to them and to their heirs forever.
Fifth [sic] and Lastly. I constitute and appoint my sons Richard Ligon and Robert S. Ligon, my executors to this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills heretofore by me made. In witness whereof I hereto set my hand and seal the 18th day of December 1806. In presence of Levi Deaton, Robert Johnson, John Johnson.
Thomas Ligon

Descendants of Thomas Ligon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert S. Ligon (-1814),  
William Walker Ligon,   
 Nancy (Ligon) Jones (1765-1842),  
Harrison Jones,  
John Jones,  Sarah (—) Jones,  
Elijah Jones,  Reuben Jones,  Dabney Miller,  Martha (—) Jones,  Lucy (—) Jones,  
Thomas Ligon Jones,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
John Peyton Jones,  
Catherine Jones,  Jacob Thompson,  
Daniel Jones,  Susanna Anderson,  
Weldon Jones,  
Richard Jones,  Lucy Wilkinson Early,  Peter Early,  Anne Adams Smith,   
Daniella Jones,  Joseph Wheeler,  
Harrison Jones,  
William Strother Jones,  Ann Cary Randolph,   
 Richard Ligon (1773-1844),  
Ann Bevill Webber,   
Richard Webber,   Warren Walker,   John Webber,   
David Burton,  
Thomason Walthall,  
Thomas Wright,  Benjamin Pollard,  Joshua Smithey,  Jesse Miller,  John M. Smithey,  Robert L. Smithey,  William L. Powell,  Polly Wright,  Benjamin Chapman,  Bernard Seay,   Rebecca —,  John Tinsley Jeter,   Thomas Pride,   
Willis Piller,  James Hill Sr.,  Parham Booker,   Jacob Roberts,  Eaton Hudson,  Sally Mason,  Elizabeth W. Brown,  Susannah Topping,  
Samuel Ward,   
Nancy C. Smithey,  Joshua Smithey,  Rev. John Pollard,  
William Baxter Ligon,   Joshua S. Ligon,  Robert L. Smithey,  
Richard Ligon,  
Daniel Ligon,  
Priscilla Head,  Whitfield Browning,  
Archibald Ligon,  Susan Laffoon,  
Tabitha Ward Ligon,  Alfred Wood,   
William Richard Wood,  Lucy Henry Southall,  Dr. Philip Turner Southall,   Elizabeth Webster,  Patrick Henry,  Frances Wilson Lockett,   
Philip Southall Wood,  Stephen Osborne Southall,   
Maj. John Willis Dance,   
Emma M. Pride,   
Lucy Alfred Wood,  William Henry Graham,  
Dr. Daniel Jones Wood,  
Nannie Jane Wood,  Dr. Malcolm Wilkinson,  William Wilkinson,  Elishaba Goode,   
Rochie Ligon,  Benjamin Davis,  
Catherine Ligon,  Archibald Hunter,  
Henry Ligon,  
George Ligon,  Catherine Davis,  
Judith Ligon,  William W. Young,  
 William Wood I (-c.1759),  
Martha Batts,  Thomas Batts,  Henry Batts,  
Mary Willson,  Robert Page,  
Mary Wilson Brown,  Elizabeth Brown,  John Allen,  
William Wood II,  
Martha Ferguson,  Robert Ferguson,  Ann (—) Wood,  Nathan Green,  
William Wood III,  Jane Stern Jeter,   Samuel Cobbs,   
Alfred Wood,  Tabitha Ward Ligon,   
Henry Wood,  Ann Eliza Flournoy,   
Jones Wood,  Sally Anderson,  Francis Anderson,   
William Wood IV,  Mary E. Dalby,  
Jane Stern Wood,  Ichabod Johnson,  
William Thomas Johnson,  Elizabeth Cabell Carrington,  Tucker Carrington,   Mary Carrington Watkins,  
Julia Jane Johnson,  Joseph Dupuy Eggleston II,  
Dr. Henry Robert Johnson,  
Hugh Johnson,  
Elizabeth Wood,  Dr. John J. O’Sullivan,  
Patsy Wood,  Worsham Foster,  
George W. Foster,  
Robert Foster,  
Louisa Foster,  
Edmund Foster,  
Miller F. Foster,  
John D. Foster,  
Marie Wood,  
Dr. Richard Wood,  Jenetta Thornton Sampson,  Richard Sampson,  Molly McGehee,  
Nancy Wood,  William Foster,  Ann (—) Foster,  
Thomas Green,  
Edward Herndon,  William Herndon,  Catherine Digges,  
Polly Foster,  Reuben Wright,  
George H. Wright,  
William Wright,  
Nancy Wright,  William Goode,  
Mehitabel Wright,  John Hutchins,  
Martha M. Wright,  Richard B. Thacker,  
Ann Wright,  Robert S. Hazelwood,  
Paschal F. Wright,  
William Green,  Nancy Bailey,  Elizabeth (—) Green,  
Edward Green,  Nancy Marshall Jeter,   
Herndon Green,  Sarah Ann Johns,  Stephen Johns,  
Thomas Green,  
Paschal Green,  Mary Ann Farley,  Phoebe F. Holt,  John Holt,  
James Green,  Martha Faris,  Littleton Faris,  
Nathan Green,  Mary Feild,   
Mary Wood,  Hopkins Muse,   
Judith Wood,  Saunders,  
 Thomas Ligon,  
George Foster,  Anthony Foster,  
 William Baxter Ligon (-c.1849),  
 Lucy Ann (Ligon) Jones Clarke (c.1767-1860),  
Elijah Evans Jones,  
William Clarke Jr.,   Robert Armistead,  
Norton Goodman,  Thomas A. Goodman,  
Efford L. Jones,  
Catherine Jones,  
Lucy Ann Jones,  
Richard Jones,  
Catherine Ann Jones,  George Andrew Dilworth,  John Dilworth,  Araminthea Woodland,  William Berrie,  
John Hardee Dilworth,  
Araminthea Mississippi Dilworth,  James Holzendorf,  
Martha L. Berrie,  Andrew Miller Ross,  
Andrew Jackson Berrie,  
Dr. Henry C. Berrie,  
Alexander Atkinson Berrie,  
Efford J. Berrie,  
Elijah J. Berrie,  
Dr. Elijah Evans Jones,  Elizabeth Johnston,  Dr. Lancelot Johnston,  
Mary Jane Jones,  George Asper Reid,  Briggs Hobson Moultrie,  
Dr. Elijah C. Jones,  
Virginia Elizabeth Jones,  Charles E. Nisbet,  Eugenius Aristides Nisbet,  
Georgia M. Jones,  James N. Mann,  
Florine C. Jones,  Eugene W. Harris,  
William Henry Clarke,  
Melinda Kirby,  Francis Kirby,  Mary Barry Lawson,  Alice Moore Kirby,  
Julia Anne Kirby,  
 Polly Ligon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert S. Ligon - War of 1812 Harrison Jones - Revolutionary War
Philip Southall Wood Sr. - Civil War William Wood - French and Indian War
William Wood - Revolutionary War William Thomas Johnson - Civil War
Paschal Green - War of 1812 Efford J. Berrie - Civil War
Dr. Elijah C. Jones - Civil War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Jacob Thompson - U.S. Eugenius Aristides Nisbet - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Dr. Elijah Evans Jones - Georgia Eugenius Aristides Nisbet - Georgia
William Henry Clarke - Georgia  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Joseph Dupuy Eggleston II  

Selected sources
Clarke, Donald Stephen. “William Clarke Sr. and Martha James.” Cumberland County Virginia and its People, First Supplement. Cumberland: Cumberland County Historical Society, Inc., 1987:31-40. • Family of Martha James and James Meredith of Cumberland County with a focus on their son William Clarke (c1755-1805) who married Lucy Ann Ligon.
Cullins, Carmack. “The James Green Family of Franklin County (1795-1863).” Franklin County Historical Review. 6(1):11-14 (1974). • Family of Nancy Wood and Thomas Green.
Ligon, William D. Jr. The Ligon Family and Connections 2 vols., 1947. • Volumes devoted to the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Ligon, including William Ligon, William Ligon, William Ligon, Thomas Ligon, and William Baxter Ligon.
Templin, Eleanor, “Tall Men in Law and Justice.” Franklin County Historical Review. 11(2):105-112 (1980). • Article on the family of Thomas Green and Nancy Wood.

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