Ancestral Family Topic 218

 218   Joseph Johns (c.1735-1818)
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Joseph Johns, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Johns might describe his life as follows.

My father, William Johns, had land in both Cumberland and Buckingham counties. Harriet Frances Tinsley grew up on Harris Creek, about 30 miles west of us in Amherst County, but after we married we settled back in Cumberland County, where I was taxed on five horses and seven slaves in 1800. 
Harriet and I were the parents of 9 children. After my death in Cumberland County in 1818, my personal property appraised for $5,600 of which $4,000 were my slaves. 

Joseph’s will mentioned “my beloved wife Franky” and desired that his estate after her death to be divided “among all my children” naming only minor son Alexander and son Thomas (will dated 25 Nov. 1809  and proved Oct. 1818).

Descendants of Joseph Johns
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Lucy Frances (Johns) Blanton (c.1765-1859),  
David Blanton,   
 Martha (Johns) Roper,  
Charles Roper,  Reuben Johns,  
 Judith (Johns) Woodruff,  
Benjamin Woodruff,  
Wilson Woodruff,  Frances J. Godsey,  
Lucy Woodruff,  
Clifford Woodruff,  
Nancy Woodruff,  
Joseph Woodruff,  
Martha Woodruff,  
Reuben Woodruff,  
William Woodruff,  
 Mildred Johns,  
Banister Tinsley,  
 Reuben Johns (1777-1851),  
Frances Garrett,  Elsie Walker Williams,   
Frances Johns,  
Harriet Johns,  
 Alexander Johns,  
 Thomas Johns,  
 Charlotte (Johns) Tinsley,  
George McDaniel Tinsley,   James Goodwyn,  
Sally Tinsley,  
Alfred Tinsley,  Ann D. Farnsworth,  
Sallie H. Tinsley,  Elisha W. Tinsley,  Celina E. Coffee,  
Frankey D. Tinsley,  James D. Johns,  
Lucy Tinsley,  Calvin F. Bennett,  
Ann Tinsley,  
Elizabeth Mildred Tinsley,  Hazael Wheat,  Zachariah Wheat,  Edith Chastain,  William McDaniel,   
George McDaniel Tinsley,  Elender Bowles,  
Frederick J. Tinsley,  
Charlotte Ann Tinsley,  Charles B. Gwatkins,  
 John T. Johns (c.1788-1858),  
Mary Booker,  Edward Booker,  
Letitia Johns,  
Hubbard Johns,  
John Johns,  

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