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 212   Moses Overton I (c.1730-1810)
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Moses Overton I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Moses Overton I might describe his life as follows.

I came to Amelia County from King and Queen County by 23 May 1753 when John Giles and Obedience, his wife, sold me land on Flat Creek where I eventually acquired 365 acres. 
The mother of my son Benjamin is unknown. After 1768 I married Elizabeth Carleton, who was already the mother of Burnell and Sarah Russell from her marriage to Richard Russell. Both single parents, I in Amelia and she in Mecklenburg, we were probably introduced by family because her father, Thomas Carleton, was also from King and Queen County.
Although I held on to my Amelia County plantation, I moved to Mecklenburg County so we could be near Elizabeth’s family. Elizabeth and I also had land across the line in Granville County, North Carolina, 1768-78, where I served as a private in the Hillsboro militia. Elizabeth was dead by 1779 when I sold my Amelia County plantations.
I was about 70 when I married widow Penelope Hudson in Prince Edward County 26 May (bond) 1800.  Her stepson John Hudson was surety on my marriage bond. Not until 2 June 1800 did we complete a premarital agreement, which was appropriate for two individuals with their own estates and families.  In fact she had four horses and five slaves on the tax rolls that year. 
Because I left no will, the identity of Elizabeth’s children is uncertain. Yet they are likely at least the 6 individuals who purchased part of my estate after my death in 1810.

The Giles purchase was undoubtedly 120 acres John Giles of Prince George County bought from Barnaby Wells 19 Dec. 1750 as both tracts were next to Garrett and Beasley. 

Who were Moses’ parents?
Stratton Major Parish served the southern portion of King and Queen County, which is a burned county, and its surviving vestry book covering 1729-83 names no Overtons. Consequently Moses likely came to Amelia County from Drysdale or Saint Stephen’s parishes in the northern part of King and Queen, of which no records remain.
Hanover County, some 20 to 30 miles west of King and Queen, was home to a large Overton family—descendants of William Overton and Mary Waters. Quite a bit is known about this Overton family and no Moses Overton can be found among them.
Although Samuel Overton, who likely belongs to the Hanover branch, came to Amelia County about the same time as Moses, he lived in Raleigh Parish while Moses lived in Nottoway Parish and we can find no connection between them.
Moses paid taxes in Amelia County beginning in 1754, John Overton in 1755, and Aaron Overton in 1762.  Moses and Aaron led the exodus from Egypt, so perhaps Aaron and Moses were brothers. Although we know nothing else about Aaron Overton, John Overton was later living near Moses Overton in Mecklenburg County. 

Amelia County land transactions
On 20 Feb. 1764 John Roberts Sr. and his wife, Sarah, sold Moses Overton and Bartholomew Dupuy of Amelia County 200 acres in Amelia and Prince Edward counties for £100. The deed described this land as next to John Pitts Beasley, Henry Lester, Richard Beasley, John Dupuy, and “land now in possession of Joanna Vaughan.”  We know Nicholas Vaughan and his wife, Joannah Borum, owned land in this area. However, Nicholas was still living and they would have mentioned him in the deed. This was likely Joanna Vaughan who swore 15 March 1744/5 that she came from Great Britain in 1726.  We do not know why Moses Overton and Bartholomew Dupuy purchased land together in Amelia County land in 1764.
On 23 April 1765 Moses bought 40 acres on the east side of Ellis Fork of Flat Creek next to land he already owned from James Mitchell for £18. Witnesses to this deed were John Mitchell, Aaron Overton and John Overton. 
In Oct. 1779 Moses sold his Flat Creek plantation to two Chesterfield men. Benjamin Gipson bought 200 acres for £600, and Seth Perkinson bought 165 acres for £700. Neither deed mentioned Elizabeth who was evidently dead. 

Granville County land
Moses purchased 360 acres on Island Creek 2 Dec. 1768, which he and Elizabeth, residents of Mecklenburg County, sold 31 July 1778. 

Moses moves to Mecklenburg
Moses’ partner, Bartholomew Dupuy, was still living in Virginia when he, Moses Overton, and Susanna Overton witnessed the 1775 will of John Hoskinson in Charlotte County.  Susanna was possibly the wife of John Overton One year later, on 30 Aug. 1776, Bartholomew and Moses witnessed the will of Richard Holt Sr. in Amelia County. 
Moses Overton appeared on a 1776 poll list in Mecklenburg County next to John Overton, John Puryear Sr. and Thomas Carlton and his name was on a similar poll list in 1777.  Moses was a juror in 1779,  1781, and 1782.
Moses Overton was in Mecklenburg County in 1782, head of a household of 8 whites and 3 blacks.  Next to him on the list was his brother-in-law John Hyde and John’s son Robert Hyde. As Moses Overton of Mecklenburg County he purchased about 140 acres in Halifax County 10 Jan. 1788,  and was still residing in Mecklenburg County 20 March 1791 when he sold 40 acres to Benjamin William High in return for a tract in Mecklenburg County. 
With Richard Jeffries, Moses witnessed the will of John Smith in Mecklenburg County in 1792. 
Moses’ third wife, the twice-widowed Penelope (Irby) Parrott Hudson, was the daughter of Joshua Irby (- 11 Dec. 1746) of Chesterfield County,  who married 1st against her father’s will and ran away to New Bern, N.C., where her husband died leaving her poor with several children.  Penelope buried her 2nd husband, Thomas Hudson, by 13 Feb. 1796 when she certified she was satisfied with his will.  Penelope, then perhaps in her 70s, returned to Mecklenburg County with Moses.
At the estate sale for 12 Oct. 1810 purchasers included Thomas, William, James, Moses, Richard, and Rebecca Overton—all thought to be his children. Penelope returned by 1810 to Prince Edward County,  where she died in 1821.
The 1800 tax list in Mecklenburg County enumerated Moses Overton, John Overton Sr., John Overton Jr., and Thomas Overton.  Yet none appeared in the census 10 years later.

Other men named Moses Overton
Living in Virginia at the same time as Moses Overton and his son of the same name were other men named Moses Overton.
Benjamin Overton had a son named Moses Overton who lived in Nottoway County when Moses Overton II was living in Amelia County.
In 1782 and 1785 a Moses Overton was living in Halifax County in a household of 7 whites and 5 blacks.  Although he was likely connected to the Amelia County Overton family, his relationship is unknown. He was Moses Overton “of the Territories of North Carolina and of Green County [Tennessee]” when he deeded about 303 acres to Thomas Puckett 12 Feb. 1796. 
Among his sons was Moses Overton who married Mildred Lipscomb in Halifax County 25 June 1801.  She was the daughter of Luke Lipscomb, who was living in Amelia County in 1782 head of a household of 5 whites and one black.  Mildred and Moses collected their inheritances from both parents and left for Kentucky around 1806, settling in Gallatin County where Moses died 1 April 1815.
Another Moses Overton was the son of William Overton and Judith Brumfield and the grandson of William Brumfield of Charlotte County whose will mentioned Moses and his sisters, Anne Overton, Susannah Overton, and Sarah Overton (will dated 9 Feb. 1797  and proved 2 Dec. 1799). Judith Overton, who was head of a family of 6 whites and one black in Charlotte County in 1782,  married 2nd Reuben Traynum in Charlotte County 2 Jan. (bond) 1783. 

Descendants of Moses Overton I
Information about the children of Moses Overton I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Benjamin Overton (-c.1799),  
Milly Atkinson,  Thomas Atkinson,  
Elizabeth (Motley) Hundley,   Josiah Hundley,   Joel Motley,   James Atkinson,  
William Raynes,  John Raynes,  
Asa Hundley,   
Thomas Overton,  Sally —,  
Moses Overton,  Christiana —,  
Benjamin Overton,  Elizabeth S. Farley,  
Alpheus B. Overton,  
James T. Overton,  
John W. Overton,  
Benjamin C. Overton,  
Mary J. Overton,  
John Overton,  Ann —,  Ariadne I. —,  Rochelle Virginia Todd,  
Thomas Overton,  Mary Bondurant McAshan,  Elizabeth Jane Miller,  Anderson B. Miller,  Maria Foster,  
John Overton,  
Tinsley Overton,  
Virginia Overton,  
Fletcher Anderson Overton,  
Thomas Jasper Overton,  
Alice Roberta Overton,  Richard Moses Harper,  Creed P. Harper,  Nancy M. Overton,  
Mary E. Overton,  
Eliza Jane Overton,  
Elizabeth Overton,  James Walthall,  
Susanna Overton,  
Benjamin Overton,  Rebecca C. Jeter,   Thomas W. Webster,  
Mary C. Overton,  Stith T. Farley,  Samuel Osborne,  Frances A. (—) Farley,  
Elizabeth Overton,  William Meador,  John J. Bondurant,  
Judith Overton,  
Benjamin J. Overton,  
Louisa Overton,  
Missouri Sue Overton,  
John M. Overton,  
Ann Rebecca Overton,  Craddock,  
John Motley Overton,  Louise Walthall,  
Nancy White Overton,   
James Madison Blanton,   W.E. Bradshaw,  Jasper Wells,  
Branch B. Overton,  
Anderson Overton,  
Mamie D. Overton,  Elisha Morrisette,  
William Swepston Overton,  Mary Walker Blanton,   
James Jefferson Overton,  
Sarah Johnson Atkins,  Rev. Samuel J. Atkins,  
Martha Louise Overton,  Dr. Walter Beattie,  John T. Morrisette,  
Joseph Walthall Overton,  Minnie Bondurant,  John Bondurant,  
Christopher Lockett Overton,  Sally Virginia Watson,  
Jane Overton,  
Willie Branch Overton,  
Nannie Motley Overton,  Samuel Isham Boyd,  
Sally Overton,  Richard Jones,  
Mary Overton,  John Jennings,  
Prudence Overton,  Richard S. Marshall,  
Richard O. Marshall,  
Martha W. Marshall,  
Louisa Marshall,  
Lucinda Overton,  William L. Marshall,  
 Capt. Moses Overton II (1772-1847),  
 Thomas Overton (c.1770-1837),  
Martha Toone,  
John Wooten,  
Mary Overton,  Richard Wootton,  
James P. Wootton,  
Richard T. Wootton,  
Martha Ann Wootton,  
Mary F. Wootton,  
Elizabeth H. Wootton,  
John L. Wootton,  
Elizabeth Overton,  John Wootton,  
Joseph L. Wootton,  Sally A. Daws,  
Susanna Overton,  Powell Wootton,  John Wootton,  
Rebecca Overton,  Daniel Stone,  Phoebe Stewart,  
 William S. Overton (-1828),  
Mary Baskerville,  
Martha Overton,  
Lucy Overton,  Nathaniel Pennington,  
Elizabeth Overton,  John M. Cheatham,  
Nancy Overton,  
Mary Overton,  John B. Davis,  
Edward Overton,  
James Overton,  
Rebecca Overton,  
Susanna Overton,  Edward Keeton,  
Sarah Overton,  Thomas G. Crawley,  
 James Overton,  
 Richard Overton (-c.1825),  
Jane Hudson,  John Hudson,  Elizabeth (—) Hudson,  
John E. Overton,  Susan —,  Betty Dillon,  
Frances Jane Overton,  Tilman Royall,  
Sarah T. Overton,  Joel W. Jenkins,  
Mary E. Overton,  
Edward Henry Dillon,  
Lula Dillon,  
Ann E. Overton,  
Richard J. Overton,  
Thomas B. Overton,  
James Overton,  
George W. Overton,  
Robert Overton,  
Ellen Overton,  
William Overton,  
Moses Overton,  Louisiana C. Hankins,  
Thomas H. Overton,  Ann W. —,  
Henry L. Overton,  
Martha J. Overton,  
Amanda Overton,  Arvin,  
William T. Overton,  
Paul M. Overton,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Moses Overton - Revolutionary War Branch B. Overton - Civil War
Anderson Overton - Civil War James Jefferson Overton - Civil War
Walter Beattie - Civil War Richard Overton - Civil War
Thomas Overton - Civil War  

Selected sources
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Overton Only - Descendants of Moses Overton of Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The Southern Overtons of Oklahoma and Texas, 1996. • Family of Moses Overton.

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