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 198   Pugh Price (c.1700-1775)
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Pugh Price, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Pugh Price might describe his life as follows.

I was Pugh Price, the grandson of Henry Pew, whose name appeared a bit different from mine. I lived first on 120 acres along Four Mile Creek about 5 miles east of present-day Richmond that my parents, John and Jane Price, gave me. Needing more land for my booming family, I was settled by 1745 on the Buffalo River in present-day Prince Edward County where I lived out my days. 
By three wives, of whom the third was Jerusha Penick, I was the father of 22 children the last of whom was on his way when I made my will in 1774 naming 15 of them.
The inventory of my estate included 23 slaves, 48 cattle, 2 pistols, carpenter, cooper, and cobbler tools, a copper still, and some vials with drugs. 

Pugh Price was the son of John Price who 1 Sept. 1710 gave this son 120 acres on Four Mile Creek, he and his wife, Jane, retaining a life estate, which they relinquished 7 Oct. 1717.  William Ladd deeded Pugh 40 acres on the east side of Four Mile Creek 1 Nov. 1731, which he sold to John Bolling 1 Sept. 1733. 
As Pew Price of Henrico Parish and County, he purchased 328 acres on both sides of the Buffalo River in present-day Prince Edward County from Jeremiah Hatcher 7 Nov. 1743.  Price patented 400 acres on the upper side of the Buffalo River 12 Jan. 1747/8,  and purchased 200 acres on the upper side of Buffalo 18 Jan. 1750/1. 
John Harrison deeded about 250 acres in Prince Edward County to Price 24 Nov. 1755.  The first tithable list of Prince Edward County, dated 1755, charged Pugh on 9 tithes including his son Pugh Jr.,  to whom Pugh and his third wife, Jerusha, gave 400 acres on the upper side of the Buffalo River 10 May 1757. 
Pugh Price, who continued to acquire land in Prince Edward County, also got 450 acres on the south side of the south fork of Cub Creek in present-day Charlotte County 7 Aug. 1761. 
Pugh made a will in Prince Edward County 20 Nov. 1774 naming 15 children and wife, Jerusha, who was then pregnant.  He was dead by 17 April 1775, leaving Jerusha head of a household of 6 whites in Prince Edward County in 1785. 

Pugh’s will

Will of Hugh Price
20 November 1774
I Pugh Price of Prince Edward County, sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory…
To my daughter Sarah, £40.
To my son William, £50.
To my son Pugh, £50.
To my daughter Michal, one Negro boy named Gim.
To my daughter Phoebe, £40.
To my daughter Tabitha, one Negro boy named Matt.
To my daughter Elizabeth, 5 shillings.
To my son Charles, one tract of land on Falling Creek, adjoining Samuel Southerland “and others.” Also one Negro man named Lewis, one feather bed and furniture, and one young mare.
To my daughter Fanny, one Negro girl named Fillis and one feather bed and furniture.
To my daughter Judith, one Negro girl named Amy and one feather bed and furniture.
To my daughter Patty, one Negro girl named Milley and one feather bed and furniture.
To my son John, 400 acres adjoining Richard Morton, to be laid off in a regular manner, so as to include Harrison’s old plantation, and one Negro boy named London, and one feather bed and furniture, and one young horse.
To my son Daniel, 400 acres adjoining Peter Johnston, “and others,” to be laid off in regular form, and one Negro boy named Doctor, and one feather bed and furniture, and one young horse.
To my son Josiah, all my land lying on the north side of Buffalo River below Robertson’s Mill Creek, one young Negro boy named Wall, and one feather bed and furniture, and one young horse.
To my son James, all my land lying above Robertson’s Mill Creek, with 20 acres on the south side of the river, to be laid off at the upper end of my land adjoining John Baulding’s land and the river, and one young horse.
To my child that my wife is not big with, the rest of my lands with the plantation whereon I know live, after the death or marriage of my wife, and one Negro boy named Guy, and one feather bed and furniture, and one young horse.
To my wife, my Negro boy named Major, and one feather bed and furniture. Also the rest of the estate, with the plantation whereon I now live, during her widowhood, for the support of my family and schooling my children. At her death or marriage, her legacy except the plantation to be equally divided amongst my eight youngest children and the child my wife is now big with. If any child’s Negro dies before that child comes of age, the value of the Negro to be made up from the estate lent to my wife.
If any of my children dies underage, their share to be divided among the survivors. As my children come of age, they can have as much stock and conveniences as my wife thinks proper.

The will of Jerusha Price was recorded in Powhatan County in 1808. 

Descendants of Pugh Price
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah (Price) Redford,  
Milner Redford,  
Milner Redford,  Demaris Cox,   
John Redford,  Ursula (Woodson) Pledge,  
Elizabeth Redford,  Sharpe,  
 William Price,  
Mary Morton,   
William Price,  Sarah Baldwin,  William Baldwin,  Catherine Gaines,  
Jacob Price,  Mary Wade,   
Nathaniel Price,  Frances Booker,   Mary Venable,  
James Price,  Susannah Gilchrist,  Isham Rice,  
Nancy Price,  Benjamin Jude,  Jordan Harris,   
Mary Elizabeth Jordena Harris,  Thomas H. Flournoy,  
John Francis Harris,  
 Mary Ann (Price) Penick (1732-),  
Jeremiah Penick,   
 Jane (Price) Poland,  
 Pugh Price (1734-),  
 Daniel Price (1737-),  
 Michal (Price) Williams (1738-),  
William Williams,  
John Williams,  
William Williams,  
Pugh Williams,  
Ann Williams,  
Elizabeth Williams,  
Lucy Williams,  
Tabitha Williams,  
Sarah Williams,  
 Phoebe (Price) Bird,  
Williamson Bird,  Robert Bird,  
 John Price (1746-),  
 Tabitha (Price) Cox,  
John Cox,   
John Cox,  
Frederick Cox,  Mary Moseley,   
Pugh Price Cox,  Elizabeth (—) Cox,  
Tarleton Cox,  
Elizabeth Cox,  Jeptha Leet,  
Jane Cox,  James Watkins,  
Polly Price Cox,  John Pleasants,   
Sally Cox,  
Judith Cox,  John T. Duke,  
Tabitha Cox,  
 Elizabeth Price,  
 Charles Price (1756-1790),  
Ann Haskins,   Elizabeth Fowlkes,   
Benjamin Haskins Price,  Lucy Williamson,  Robert Williamson,  Temperance H. (Watkins) Hundley,  
Ann Price,  
John Price,  
Charles Price,  
William Price,  Martha Strange,  
 Frances (Price) Pulliam,  
George Pulliam,   
 Judith (Price) Foster (1758-),  
George Foster,   
Williamson Foster,  Ann Haskins Ligon,   
Elizabeth Foster,  Francis M. Walthall,  
Nancy Foster,  Nathan DePriest,  
Jane Foster,  
Tabitha Foster,  
 Jane Price (1760-),  
 Martha (Price) Bagby,  
James Bagby,  
George Bagby,  Mary Cosby,  Charles Cosby,  
Elizabeth Bagby,  Josiah Cosby,  Polly Bagby,  
Rebecca Bagby,  Bennett M. Bagby,  Ann (Shorts) Stokes Montague,  Peter Montague,  
Daniel Bagby,  Elizabeth (—) Cox,  Pugh Price Cox,   
Polly Bagby,  James V. Haskins,  
James Bagby,  Delphia T. Aston,  John Aston,  
 John Price,  
Frances Branch,   
Daniel Price,  
 Daniel Price (1766-1788),  
 Josiah Price (1768-),  
Sarah Marshall,   
James T. Price,  Ann O. Miller,  Lucretia J. (Fowlkes) Fowlkes,  John J. Fowlkes,   
Josiah Marshall Price,  Harriet W. Price,  Jacob Price,   
 Williamson Price (1770-),  
 James Price (1772-1813),  
Elizabeth —,  
 Pugh Williamson Price (1776-),  
Elizabeth Williamson,  
Sterling Price,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin Haskins Price - War of 1812 Josiah Marshall Price - War of 1812
Pugh Williamson Price - War of 1812 Sterling Price - Mexican War
Sterling Price - Civil War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Sterling Price - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Sterling Price - Missouri  

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5, Fourth Edition. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 2004. Volume Two, pages 828-848. • Covers 4 Price ancestors: John Price, John Price, John Price, and Pugh Price.

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