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 1972   William Raines (-c.1725)
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William Raines, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Raines might describe his life as follows.

I lived in Prince George County where James Salmon of Surry County sold me 176 acres on the north side of Jones Hole Swamp 1 May 1707.  Although I continued to live in Prince George, the governor granted me 400 acres on both sides of Little Creek in Surry County 22 January 1717/8.  Since I could not write my name, I made my mark as WR. 
My sons were Thomas and Richard to whom I gave my Jones Hole Swamp land in 1715,  and William who apparently inherited my Surry County land. Another son was likely Shands. Although nothing confirms she was my daughter, Mary Rain was indicted by a Surry County grand jury in 1733 for having a bastard child. 

William was living in 1722 when his son appeared as Jr. but was likely dead by 14 June 1725 when a deed for land near Little Creek mentioned land next to William Raines, presumably his son no longer styled Jr. 

Descendants of William Raines
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Raines (c.1705-),  
 William Raines,  
John Hardyman,  
Angelica Wynne,   
James Hinton,  
Jean Raines,  
Robert Wynne Raines,  Jane Green,  Peter Green,  Mary (—) Green,  Andrew King,  
William Malone,  Richard Hill,   
Peter Green Raines,  
William Raines,  
Littleton Raines,  
Richard Raines,  Lucy Moore,   
Jefferson Raines,  
Anna Raines,  
Nathaniel Raines,  
Theodosia Raines,  
 Richard Raines,  
Jane (—) Raines,  
Frederick Raines,  Frances Wyche,  James Wyche,  John Travis,  
Nathaniel Raines,  Susanna Green,  Peter Williams,  
Hartwell Raines,  Elizabeth Wyche,   Rebecca Lucas,  
Frances Raines,  William Lucas,  
Ann Raines,  Thomas Goodwyn Mitchell,  
Nathaniel Raines,  Elizabeth Johnson,  Thomas Dunn,  Susanna Jones,  
Susanna Green Raines,  Robert Lane,  
 Shands Raines,  
Mary Lee,  Samuel Lee,  
Shands Raines,  
Ephraim Raines,  Allen Raines,  Elizabeth Leath,  Charles Leath,  Ursula —,  
Charles Raines,  Lucretia —,  Simon Parham,  Martha Rosser,  
Betsy Raines,  William Turner,  
Mary Raines,  John Biggins,  Benjamin Figg,  
Richard Biggins,  
Martha Biggins,  
Frances Biggins,  
Ragland Biggins,  
Susan Biggins,  
Rebecca Raines,  Francis Haddon,  
Frances Raines,  Haddon,  Hudson Tucker,  
Allen Raines,  Elizabeth —,  Francis Boyle,  
Allen Raines,  
Elizabeth Ann Herbert Raines,  
Frederick Raines,  
Archibald Raines,  
Richard Raines,  
Ephraim Raines,  
Sarah Raines,  

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