Ancestral Family Topic 1848

 1848   Charles Clay I (c.1635-1686)
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Charles Clay I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Charles Clay I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1635 according to deposition I made in court.  Wanting to be a doctor, I apprenticed myself in 1657 to Stephen Tickner, “Chyrurgion,” of Surry County, who was to “Employ [me] about the way of Chyrurgery [surgery] or Phissake [medicine], for & duringe the terms of Seaven yeares…” My stepfather, John Wall, witnessed this agreement.
When Gov. Berkeley didn’t respond when Indians terrorized the Colony in 1676, some of us picked Nathaniel Bacon to lead us in a preemptive strike—which we executed very successfully. But then things got out of hand. Bacon attacked Berkeley, burned Jamestown, and held control of the colony briefly until his death a few months later. Berkeley’s retribution was severe. Fortunately, I was convicted only of confiscating and butchering some cattle.
I married Hannah Willson, the daughter of John Willson, and we were the parents of seven children whom we reared near what is now present-day Colonial Heights, Chesterfield County.
Since I failed to make a will, the court granted Hannah administration of my estate on 1 June 1686.  Three citizens valued my personal property, that is not counting land, at 9,392 pounds of tobacco—then our main medium of exchange. 
Hannah, who married second Edward Stanley, handled everything well after my death and saw that my property got to our children fairly. She was the mother also of Hannah Stanley who married Henry Thweatt.
Among my descendants are 6 congressmen, nearly 20 state legislators in Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, and Wyoming, and a governor of the Montana Territory.

Henrico County charged Clay on one tithable in 1679.  He may have made a return trip to England for a Charles Clay was a headright when Henry Bates and James Thweatt, a Clay neighbor, got a patent for land Charles City County in 1682. 

Hannah, the widow
In Henrico County on 1 Oct. 1687, Hannah gave each of her sons a four-year-old cow, “with calf, or calf by her side” when they came of age. John, Thomas, and Henry each were to receive “one well-fixed gun” and Judith got “six new three-pound pewter dishes” when she married or came of age.  Hannah made the final settlement of her late husband’s estate and paid his debts 12 Oct. 1688. 
Hannah married 2nd Edward Stanley before 1 Oct. 1687 when “Hannah the wife of Edward Standley” took up a servant girl of Richard Bland in Henrico County. Hannah died probably before 20 Aug. 1706 when Henrico County ordered Edward Stanley “to bring the remaining orphans of Charles Clay to the next Court to discharge the securities of their estates.” 

Descendants of Charles Clay I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Clay,  
 Elizabeth Clay,  
 John Clay (-1712),  
Thomas Parham,  
Mary (—) Clay,  
John Clay,  Henry Thweatt,   
Charles Clay,  
Elizabeth Clay,  
Judith Clay,  
Thomas Clay,  James Batty,   
 Thomas Clay (-1726),  
Robert Bolling,   William Coleman Sr.,  
Richard Munns,  Robert Munns,  
John Fitzgerald,   
William Poythress,  Frances Poythress,  
Charles Clay,  Robert Munns,  Mary (—) Clay,  Holman Freeman,  William Westbrook,  
William Cousins,  Sampson Meredith,  William Cousins,  
William Grigg Featherstone,   Christopher Haskins,   
James Stanley,  Cary Morgan,  
John Clay,  
Henry Clay,  
Jeremiah Keen,   
Christopher Haskins,   William Grigg Featherstone,   
Phoebe Clay,  
Elizabeth Clay,  Joshua Morgan,  
Cary Morgan,  
Isham Clay,  Amey Vaughan,   
Ann Clay,  Powell,  
Joshua Clay,  
Sarah Clay,  
Delphia Clay,  William Cleaton,  
James Clay,  Edward Broadway,  
John Clay,  John Bentley,  William Near,  
Sarah Tucker,  Robert Tucker,  
James Hinton,  Robert Hinton,  David Greenhill,  William Tucker,  John Cordle,  Ann —,  Daniel Tucker,  David Crawley,   
John Clay,  Sarah Chappell,   Frances Allen,   Samuel Chappell,   
John Clay,  
Thomas Clay,  
Sarah Clay,  Daniel Allen,  John Allen,  
Amey Clay,  William Clemmons,  William Clement,   
Elizabeth Smith,  Peggy Bradshaw,  Martha Johnston,  
Thomas Apling,  
David Clay,   
Maj. John Clemmons,  Nancy Walthall,   
Nancy Clemmons,  John Webb,  
Elizabeth Clemmons,  Joel Tucker,   
Amey Clemmons,  
Dorothy Clemmons,  Robert Gabriel Tucker,  
Sarah Clay,  
Martha Clay,  David Clay,   
Dorothy Clay,  Dancy Adams,   Nancy Farley,   
Phoebe Clay,  Philip Johnson,  
Dorothy Clay,  James Cole,  
Phoebe Clay,  
Hannah Clay,  Matthew Cabanis,   
Samuel Tarry,   Marston Green,   
Ann Cabanis,  Dickinson Lumpkin,  
Charles Cabanis,  Ann Hayes,   
John Cabanis,  
Charles Cabanis,  Lucy Worsham Ingram,  
Mary Cabanis,  Parke Bailey,  
Jane Cabaniss,  Thrower Freeman,  Rev. John Neblett,  Hamlin Freeman,  
Martha Cabaniss,  Edward Freeman,  Rev. John Neblett,  
Asa Cabaniss,  Sarah Bacon,  Francis Bacon,  
William Cabaniss,  Rebecca Russell,   
John Cabaniss,  
Asa B. Cabaniss,  Elizabeth Bruce,   Rebecca S. (—) Cabaniss,  
George Washington Cabaniss,  
Sarah Cabaniss,  
Rebecca Cabaniss,  Traylor,  
William Traylor,  
Nancy Cabaniss,  William Crow,  
Rebecca Ann Crow,  Robert H. Davis,  
Harriet Crow,  
Sally Crow,  
Mary Crow,  
Matthew Cabanis,  Susanna Carter,   
Ann C. Cabanis,  
John Carter Cabanis,  Virginia Susanna Bibb Carter,  Samuel Carter,   
Elizabeth Cunningham Cabanis,  Philip Howerton,  
Charles Henry Cabanis,  Martha J. Perkins,  
William M. Cabanis,  Sarah A. —,  
Judith C. Cabanis,  William H. Lanier,  
Charlotte Cabanis,  John Conner,  Daniel Brown,  
William Cabanis,  
Matthew Cabanis,  
Mary (—) Cabanis,  Rev. Simeon Walton,   
Cassimer Cabanis,  
Courtland Cabanis,  Nancy Craddock,   
Lurania Cabanis,  
Hannah Cabanis,  
Polly Cabanis,  
Rachel Cabanis,  
Mary Cabanis,  Belcher,  
John Cabaniss,  Elizabeth (—) Cabanis,  Elizabeth Longmire,  
Mary Cabaniss,  Tarpley Oldham,   
Elizabeth Cabaniss,  Henry Hayes,  
Nancy Cabaniss,  James Robertson,  
Hannah Cabaniss,  Sanford Graham,  
Susanna Cabaniss,  George Bradley,  
Lucy Cabaniss,  Caldwell,  
John Cabaniss,  
William Cabaniss,  
Charles Cabaniss,  
George Cabaniss,  
Phoebe Cabanis,  Francis Belcher,  James Henderson,  
George Cabanis,  Carter,  Palatea Harrison,  Henry Harrison,  Benjamin Harrison,  
Matthew Cabanis,  Martha Robertson,   
Harrison Cabanis,  Sallie Kirk,  
Elijah Cabanis,  
Henry Harrison Cabanis,  
George Cabanis,  
Elbridge Gerry Cabanis,  Sarah Ann Chapman,  Joseph Chipman,  
Thomas Banks Cabaniss,  
Mary Ann Cabanis,  Larkin Wilson,  
Mary Hanson,  
Palatia Harrison Wilson,  
Henry Bailey Wilson,  
Sandal Organ Wilson,  
George Jefferson Wilson,  
William Jasper Wilson,  
Elbridge Gerry Wilson,  
Lucy Ann Rebecca Wilson,  
Permelia A. Wilson,  
Benjamin Larkin Wilson,  
Elizabeth Edna Wilson,  
Zachariah Wesley Wilson,  
Mary Ann Wilson,  
Susan A. Wilson,  
Christopher Columbus Wilson,  
Sandall Cabanis,  Robert McGough,  
Rebecca Cabanis,  S.W. Langston,  
Palatea Cabanis,  Dempsey Odum,  
Elijah Greer,  
Henry Cabanis,  Jane Williams,  Rev. Jeremiah Walker,  
Billington Williams Sr.,  Catherine —,  
Elijah Cabanis,  Patty Anthony,  
Alice Cabanis,  
Asa Cabanis,  
Anthony Roland Cabanis,  
Abner Cabanis,  
Hannah Cabanis,  John Clarke,  Rev. Charles Anderson,   William Clarke,  
Matthew Clarke,  
Nancy Clarke,  
Elizabeth Cabanis,  
Amey Clay Cabanis,  
 Henry Clay I (c.1672-1760),  
Mary Mitchell,  William Mitchell,  Elizabeth —,  
William Pride,   Francis Eppes,  Henry Ligon,   
John Pride,   
Rev. Eleazer Clay,   
William Mitchell Clay,  
Martha (—) Clay,  William Moseley,   William Ligon,   
Elam Farmer,   
Agnes (—) Clay,  
John Randall Short,  
William Clay,  Eleazer Clay,   Milly (—) Clay,  
Mitchell Clay,  Phoebe Belcher,  Phoebe Cabanis,   
Ligon Blankenship,  
Mitchell Clay,  
Henry J. Clay,  
Charles Clay,  
William Clay,  
David Clay,  
Bartley Clay,  
Ezekiel Clay,  David Clay,  
Rebecca Clay,  Col. George Pearis,  
Patience Clay,  George Chapman,  
Sallie Clay,  Capt. John Peters,  
Obedience Clay,  John French,  
Naomi Clay,  Joseph Hare,  
Mary Clay,  William Stewart,  
Tabitha Clay,  
Judith Clay,  Thomas Farley,  
Obadiah Clay,  Mary Chappell,   Thomas Clay,   Edward Clay,   
Asa Davis,  William Cowan,   
Levi Clay,  Rachel Bruce,   John Billups,   
Mitchell Clay,  
Woodson Clay,  
John Clay,  
Polly W. Clay,  
Eliza Clay,  
Charles Clay,  
Carlos Clay,  
Martha Clay,  
Betsey Clay,  Peter Averett,  
Polly Clay,  Blanks Rutledge,  
Olive Clay,  
Thomas Chappell Clay,  
Hannah Clay,  Gideon Thomas,  Daniel Thomas,  Philip Thomas,  Ann (—) Thomas,  
John Thomas,  John Wayles,  John Radford,  Elizabeth (—) Radford,  
Blassingame Harvey,   
Jesse Clay,  Milly —,  Mirium (—) Clay,  
Henry Clay II,  James Hill,   James Hill,   
Lucy Green,   Thomas Green,   
Dr. Henry Clay III,  Rachel Povall,   
Edward Moseley,   John Smith,  
William Cheany,  John Bedford,   
Elizabeth Clay,  John Bruce,   
John Clay,  Patsy Ingram,  John Ingram,  Thomas Ingram,  
Rebecca Clay,  William Finch,  
Samuel Clay,  Nancy Winn,  
Rachel Clay,  Barkley Martin,  
Sally Clay,  Matthew Martin,  
Tabitha Clay,  Benjamin Bedford,   
Mary Ann Clay,  Thomas Dawson,   
Mattie Clay,  Littleberry Bedford,   
Letitia Clay,  
Henrietta Clay,  George Michael Bedinger,  
Henry Clay,  Peggy Helm,  
Letitia Clay,  Archibald Bedford,   
Col. Charles Clay,  Phoebe Cheatham,   
Samuel Clay,  William Hill,   
Richard Jones,  John Clever,  Marston Clay,   
Martha Wall,  David Wall,  Burgess Wall,  
Thomas Clay,  Susanna Watkins,  Stephen Watkins,  
John Clay,  
Stephen Clay,  
Henry Clay,  
John Clay,  
Marston Clay,  Sarah —,  
Susanna Clay,  
Sally E. Clay,  
Paul Clay,  
Thomas G. Clay,  Margaret —,  
James Clay,  
Margaret Clay,  
Virginia Clay,  
Elizabeth Clay,  
Abia Clay,  
Sarah Skinner,  Samuel Clay,  
Marston Clay,  Elizabeth Williams,  John Williams,  Diana Coleman,  Sarah Williams,  
William Williams,  John Thompson,  
Benjamin Berry,  
James Franklin Clay,  
Diana Coleman Clay,  Lt. Joseph Ligon,   
Rebecca Clay,  John Marshall,  Francis Walthall,  
John Clay,  
Elijah Clay,  
Martha McNeal,  
Lucy Clay,  Richard Jones Jr.,  
Thomas Jones,  Elizabeth Osborne Moseley,   
Charles Jones,  
Frances Jones,  Theodorick Hill,  
Rebecca Jones,  Newman Haynes,  Dr. Joseph Newman Haynes,  Halcott Townes,   
Sarah Jones,  Aaron Haskins,  
Elizabeth Jones,  
Richard West Jones,  
Charles Clay,  Martha Green,   
Thomas Trueman,  Thomas Tiller,  
John Owen,  
Mary Clay,  Stephen Lockett,   Jacob Williamson,  Dr. Walter Bennett,  
Osborne Lockett,  Agnes Branch Scott,   
Frances Wilson Lockett,  Dr. Philip Turner Southall,   Edward Henry Jones,   
Stephen Osborne Southall,  
Dr. Philip Francis Southall,  Eliza Jane Goode,  Col. Robert Goode,  Mary Hatfield,  Col. Robert Goode,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
Dr. Philip Turner Southall,  Sallie Hardaway Meade,  
Stephen Osborne Southall,  Rev. Augustus Tizzard,  
Rev. Stephen Osborne Southall,  Ellen Elizabeth Southall,  Francis Southall,  Pride Wood,  
Robert Goode Southall,  
Mary Southall,  Thomas Rutherford Hardaway,  John Segar Hardaway,   Walter Allen Watson,   
Mary C. Lockett,  Stephen Lockett,  Edmund Wilson Lockett,   
Martha Lockett,  Thomas E. Perkinson,  Elizabeth (—) Perkinson,  
Elizabeth Osborne Lockett,  Paschal Greenhill Leigh Ligon,  John Turner Ligon,   Agnes B. Leigh,  
George Washington Lockett,  Eliza Watkins Vaughan,  
Lucy Townes Lockett,  Samuel W. Vaughan,  
Agnes A. Lockett,  Thomas W. Morton,  
James L. Lockett,  Mary Clark,  Thomas Clark,  
Dr. Benjamin F. Lockett,  
Thomas Francis Lockett,  Sally W. Dixon,  
Edmund Lockett,  
Edmund Wilson Lockett,  Elizabeth (Walthall) Haskins,   
Lucy Jane Lockett,  Col. John Bibb,  
Dr. Henry Wilson Lockett,  Susanna Watkins,   Jane Byrd Page,  
Martha Lockett,  Thomas Anderson Morton,   
Samuel L. Lockett,  Selina Ann Watkins,   
Frances A. Lockett,  William A. Jones,  
Mary C. Lockett,  Napoleon Lockett,  
Selina Ann Lockett,  George W. Robards,  
Henry E. Lockett,  
Thomas J. Lockett,  
Mary Lockett,  Charles Morton,   
Rev. Eleazer Clay,  
John Owen,  Priscilla Belcher,  Major Belcher,  
Jane Apperson,  Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead,   Mary (—) Clay,  Phoebe Newby,  
Phineas Clay,  Frances Williamson Turpin,  
Samuel Clay,  Martha Burfoot,  Thomas Burfoot,  
Matthew Clay,  Ann Turpin,  Henry Turpin,  Nancy E. Ashbrook,  
Lavinia G. Clay,  Robert Akin,  
Jane E. Clay,  Edward Trabue,   John James Trabue,   Olympia Dupuy,  Martha Haskins,   
Dorcas Clay,  Charles Graves,   
Cynthia Clay,  Daniel Sullivan,  
Ann Clay,  John Russell,  
Martha Swepson Clay,  Lawson Burfoot,  
Eleazer Thomas Burfoot,  
Eloisa Matilda Burfoot,  Edward Osborne Friend,   
Elizabeth Frances Burfoot,  Madison Walthall,  
Martha J. Swepson Burfoot,  Benjamin H. Bransford,   
Lawson McKentrie Burfoot,  
Mary Ann Moseley Burfoot,  Thomas M. Burfoot,  Martha Frances Walke,   
Lawson Monsey Burfoot,  Harriet Howlett,  Thomas Howlett,  
Susan Gilbert Burfoot,  
Octavia Julia Burfoot,  
John Burfoot,  
Matilda Clay,  
Rev. Charles Clay,  
Editha Landon Davies,  Henry Landon Davies,  Anne Clayton,  
Junius Axel Clay,  Elizabeth Cobbs,  John L. Cobbs,  
Gen. Odin Green Clay,  Anne Clayton E. Davies,   
Paulus Aurelius Clay,  Mary Louise Watkins,  Edward Osborne Watkins,   Harriet Tabb Trevillian,   
Charles Edward Clay,  
Cyrus Boyle Clay,  
Henry Clay,  James Burton,  
Thomas Clay,  Mary Jane (Dawson) Callahan,  
Nestor Clay,  
Elizabeth Marvell Clay,  Alexander Murray,  
Lucy Clay,  William Thaxton,  
Martha Thaxton,  Vincent deGraffenried,  
Elizabeth Thaxton,  Jeremiah Johnston,  
Lucy Thaxton,  Absalom Overby,  
Charles Thaxton,  Nancy Ward,  
William Thaxton,  Isabella Campbell Murray,  
Yelverton Thaxton,  Dicy Ward,  
Thomas Thaxton,  
Mary Clay Thaxton,  John Hale,  
Matthew Clay,  
John Owen,  
Mary Williams,  Joseph Williams,  Sarah Lanier,  
Sarah Clay,  Thomas L. Smith,  
Matthew Clay,  Frances Ann Saunders,  Jacob K. Swoope,  Jacob Swoope,  
Col. Thomas Carleton Billups,   
Mary Clay,  
Martha Williams Clay,  
Joseph Clay,  
Amanda Ann Clay,  
Gen. Green Clay,  Sally Lewis,  Thomas Lewis,  Elizabeth Payne,  
Edmund Irvine,  Lewis T. Mattingly,  
Elizabeth Lewis Clay,  John Speed Smith,  
Green Clay Smith,  
Sidney Payne Clay,  
Paulina Green Clay,  Col. William Rodes,  
Sally Ann Clay,  Madison Conyers Johnson,  
Brutus Junius Clay,  
Cassius Marcellus Clay,  
Sophia Clay,  
Priscilla Clay,  
Martha Green Clay,  Hopkins Lewis,  
John Clay,  Sarah Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  
Mary Bass,   Francis Moseley,   Henry Walthall,   Henry Bass,   
Rev. John Clay,  Elizabeth Hudson,   
Edward Clay,  
Magdalene Trabue,   John James Trabue,   Olympia Dupuy,  Matthew Robertson,  
Jeremiah Bass,  
Jeremiah Clay,  
Frances Clay,  William Wooldridge,   Thomas Wooldridge,  Mary Bass,   
Mary Trent,  
Jeremiah Wooldridge,  Susanna Farrar,  William Farrar,  
William Wooldridge,  Nancy Rowsee,  William Rowsee,  
Mary Wooldridge,  
Josiah Wooldridge,  
Frances Wooldridge,  
John Wooldridge,  
Nancy Wooldridge,  
Rhoda Wooldridge,  
Amey Clay,  William Green,   
John Talley,  Abraham Green,   Thomas Bell,  
Abraham Green,   Thomas Green,  Henry Clay,   
Henry Clay,   Leonard Cheatham,   
Samuel Cobbs,   Benjamin Williamson,  Samuel Tarry,   
Thomas Green,  Henry Anderson,   
Martha Coleman,  Daniel Coleman,  
Daniel Coleman,  Col. Abraham Green,   
John Green,  
Abraham Green,  Archer Coleman Jr.,  
William Green,  
William Green,  
Obedience Obey Green,   
William Green,   
Filmer Green,  Thomas Whitworth,  
William Arnold Jr.,  Moore Matlock,  Ann (—) Green,  William Stegall,  John Scoggins,  Capt. Joseph Ligon Jr.,   
Anthony Griffin,  
William Green,  Lewis Green,  Elizabeth (—) Green,  Ann Dunnavant,  
William T. Green,  Lucy A.E.J.A. Mann,  Daniel Mann,  Martha O. (Mann) Rowlett,  George Rowlett,   
Ann A. Green,  
Thomas J. Green,  
America Green,  
Francis Marsden Green,  Nancy —,  
Martha H. Green,  Pleasant H. Mann,  Rev. James Chappell,   Peter Burton,  
Mary Green,  Robert W. Mann,  
Filmer Green,  
Martha Green,  William Williamson,  Frances (—) Williamson,  
Amey Green,  John Moseley,  Capt. Edward Moseley,   
Andrew Wade,  Dr. Henry Clay,   
Martha Moseley,  Thomas Bouldin,   
Mary Moseley,  Mackarness Goode,   
Edward Goode,  Joyce Holmes,   
John Rawlins,  
Martha M. Goode,  William Rawlins,  
Elizabeth Ann Goode,  John Rawlins,  
Harriet Edward Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  Mary Rebecca Barksdale,   
Dr. Thomas Claiborne Goode,  Martha Goode Read,   
William Goode,  Mary Tabb,  
George M. Goode,  Sarah G. Keen,  
Lucy Swepson Goode,  Adam Finch,  
Rev. Langston Easley Finch,  Martha Emily Boyd,  Tabitha Walker Boyd,  Lucy Ann Goode,   Richard Boyd Jr.,  George Goode Finch,  
Maria Goode,  John P. Keen,  
Edward Goode,  
Eliza Goode,  Henry Stokes,  
Martha Goode,  Farrar,  
Hillery Goode,  Sarah Bacon,  Langston Bacon,   William Smith,  
Edward Parks Goode,  
Martha Ann Goode,  Marshall L. Harris,  
Hillery Mackarness Langston Goode,  
Richard Bennett Goode,  
Mackarness Goode,  Mary Elizabeth Hayes,  
Sally W. Goode,  John McCue,  
Mary Goode,  James Jones,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Richard R. Jones,  
John Goode,  Mary Jones,  Margaret Miller,  James Miller,  
Amey Moseley,  Joseph Collier,  John Collier Jr.,  
Edward Moseley,  Betty Elliott,  
Henry Clay,   Thomas Bouldin Jr.,   Marston Clay,  
Martha Dyson,  
Hillery Moseley,  Anne Bedford,   Thomas Bouldin Jr.,   
Sarah (Williams) Hutcheson,  Thomas Williams,  Frances —,  Collier Hutcheson,  
Mary C. Moseley,  Richard Russell,  
Thomas Bedford Moseley,  
Hillery Moseley,  Margaret B. Bouldin,   
Martha Moseley,  William F. Daniel,  
Margaret Bedford Moseley,  Jennings Motley Jeffress,   
Green Moseley,  Susan M. Hutcheson,  
Edward Archer Moseley,  
Lettie Moseley,  Royall Lockett Jr.,  
Ann Bedford Moseley,  James Hamlett Bedford,  Mary C. Hamlett,   Thomas Jeffress,   
Arthur Moseley,  Margaret Elliott Friend,   
Elizabeth Moseley,  Richard Bouldin,   
Richard M. Bouldin,  Ann Fennel,  
John Bouldin,  Patsy Brown Lampkin,  
Sally Watkins Bouldin,  Dr. Joseph Alexander,  
Elizabeth Green Bouldin,  James Bouldin,   
Ann E. Bouldin,  Elisha E. Hundley,  Susan W. Richardson,  John D. Richardson,  
Martha Bouldin,  
Amy Bouldin,  
Letitia Bouldin,  James Terrell,  
Margaret Bouldin,  James Massey Bouldin,  
Nancy Clark Bouldin,  
Thomas Bouldin,  
Susanna C. Bouldin,  Philip Alexander,  
Mary Bouldin,  James Adams,  
Rebecca Moseley,  William Johnston,  
Richard Davenport,  
Letitia Moseley,  Edward Herndon,  
Arthur Moseley,  Ann Bibb,   
Elizabeth Moseley,  Travis Brooks,  
Sarah Moseley,  
William Moseley,  Rebecca Johnston,  Rebecca Moseley,   William Johnston,  
Hannah B. (Marshall) Hutcheson,  Benjamin Marshall,  David Hutcheson,  
Nannie A. Smith,  
Susanna Moseley,  
Sally Moseley,  John Patrick,  
William Moseley,  
Tully Moseley,  
John Green,  
John Anderson,  Obadiah Hudson,  Francis Hopkins,  William Ware,  Hugh Cavender,  
William Crowder,  
Mildred (—) Green,  
Letty Green,  Jesse Johnson,  
Jesse Davis Green,  Martha Tanner,   
Rebecca Green,  William Richardson,  
Coleman Green,  Nancy Crymes,  
Nancy Green,  James L. McCraw,  
Rebecca G. Green,  Asa Neighbors,  
Croxson Green,  Sarah Crymes,  
William D. Green,  
Thomas C. Green,  
Jesse D. Green,  Mary Lipscomb,  
Abram P. Green,  
Joseph Green,  Mary Austin,  
Mary Ann Mildred Green,  Finney J. Berry,  
Gressel Green,  
Martha Green,  Peter Everett,  
Amey C. Green,  Richard Hollinger Gaines,  
Mary Ann Green,  Andrew Bailey,  
Mildred D. Green,  John Davis,  
Martha Clay,  William Bass Jr.,  William Bass Sr.,  Mary Faile,  Elizabeth Howlett,   Cicely Branch,   John Faile,  
Mary Walthall,   
Mary Bass,  John Clay,   
Capt. Thomas Wooldridge,   
Jeremiah Bass,   
Thomas Wooldridge,  Polly Owen,  David Owen,  
Archibald Wooldridge,  Sally Ellyson,  Milly (—) Ellyson,  
Robert J. Wilkinson,  
Permelia Belvidera Wooldridge,  John H. Cole,   
Granderson Wooldridge,  
Beverley Wooldridge,  
Henderson Wooldridge,  
Dandridge Wooldridge,  
Rhoda Wooldridge,  Francis Lockett,   
Caroline Wooldridge,  Stephen Porter,  
Frances Wooldridge,  
William Bass,  
Frances Bass,  Henry Walthall,   
Thomas Walthall,  John Walthall,   
Jeremiah Walthall,  
John Walthall,  
Martha Walthall,  
Francis Walthall,  
William Bass,  William Bass,   
John Bass,  Tabitha Hatcher,   
Martha Bass,  
Henry Bass,  
Mary Clay,  Thomas Watkins,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  William Smith,  
Mary Watkins,  William Curd,  Ann Warren,  
Susanna Curd,  
Edward Curd,  
Mary Curd,  
 Charles Clay II (-1765),  
 Judith Clay,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Clay - French and Indian War Cassimer Cabanis - War of 1812
Mitchell Clay - Lord Dunmore's War Capt. John Peters - War of 1812
Thomas Farley - Lord Dunmore's War Abia Clay - Revolutionary War
Marston Clay - Revolutionary War John Clay - Revolutionary War
Elijah Clay - Revolutionary War Samuel L. Lockett - War of 1812
Rev. Eleazer Clay - Revolutionary War Rev. Eleazer Clay - French and Indian War
Phineas Clay - War of 1812 Samuel Clay - War of 1812
Matthew Clay - War of 1812 Lawson Burfoot - War of 1812
Henry Clay - Revolutionary War Thomas Clay - Revolutionary War
Matthew Clay - Revolutionary War Gen. Green Clay - War of 1812
Gen. Green Clay - Revolutionary War John Speed Smith - Indian Wars
John Speed Smith - War of 1812 Green Clay Smith - Mexican War
Green Clay Smith - Civil War Jeremiah Wooldridge - War of 1812
Pleasant H. Mann - War of 1812 Thomas Bouldin - Revolutionary War
Mackarness Goode - War of 1812 Edward Moseley - Revolutionary War
Hillery Moseley - Revolutionary War Capt. Thomas Wooldridge - Revolutionary War
John H. Cole - War of 1812 William Curd - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Banks Cabaniss - U.S. George Michael Bedinger - U.S.
James Franklin Clay - U.S. Robert Goode Southall - U.S.
Matthew Clay - U.S. Jacob Swoope - U.S.
John Speed Smith - U.S. Green Clay Smith - U.S.
Brutus Junius Clay - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Green Clay Smith - Montana Territory  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Banks Cabaniss - Georgia George Michael Bedinger - Kentucky
Samuel Clay - North Carolina Stephen Osborne Southall - Virginia
Robert Goode Southall - Virginia Samuel L. Lockett - Virginia
Charles Clay Jr. - Virginia Gen. Oden Green Clay Sr. - Virginia
Charles Edward Clay - Wyoming Thomas Clay - Kentucky
Nestor Clay - Kentucky Nestor Clay - Texas
Matthew Clay - Virginia Gen. Green Clay - Virginia
Gen. Green Clay - Kentucky John Speed Smith - Kentucky
Green Clay Smith - Kentucky Col. William Rodes - Kentucky
Madison Conyers Johnson - Kentucky Brutus Junius Clay - Kentucky
Cassius Marcellus Clay - Kentucky Hillery Mackarness Langston Goode - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Stephen Osborne Southall  

Names on the map
Clays Corner, Nottoway County, named for family of Charles Clay Clayville, Powhatan County, named for family of Henry Clay
Pearisburg, Giles County, named for Col. George Pearis Clay County, Kentucky, was named for Gen. Green Clay
Curdsville, Buckingham County, named for William Curd  

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