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 1808   Jean de Jarnat
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Jean de Jarnat, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Jean de Jarnat might describe his life as follows.

I was born in France and was likely a Huguenot, one of many Protestants who fled for our lives after King Louis XIV repealed the Edict of Nantes in 1685.
I was a resident of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, on 4 August 1704, when Mary and I took our son Elias to be baptized. Because I have a son and grandson named Mumford DeJarnette, it is reasonable that my wife was Mary Mumford, a daughter of Edward Mumford and Mary Watkins, also of Gloucester County. Besides Mumford and Elias, Mary and I were the parents of 6 baptized at the Abingdon Parish church.
Wishing to become a British citizen, I petitioned the Virginia General Assembly at Williamsburg for naturalization in April 1705. The date of my death is unknown.
Since 2 of our daughters married McGehees from King William County, we may have moved there from Gloucester. Yet I cannot say for sure because records of both counties are missing. After my death, Mary and most of the children moved to Southside Virginia, while Joseph settled in Caroline County.
Eighty-two-year-old Mary was living in Prince Edward County with daughter Eleanor when she marked her will with an M 24 April 1765 leaving her furniture to Eleanor’s husband, Jacob McGehee.  She was dead by 19 August 1765.
Her little estate included a feather bed, bedstead, and some furniture, a sidesaddle, a “box iron,” some pewter and earthenware, two books, a “woolling wheel,” and two silver dollars, all worth £12.7.6. 

Huguenot immigrants to Virginia
During 1700 3 ships of Huguenots set sail for Virginia. Passengers from the first two ships, Mary and Ann and Peter and Anthony, settled at Manakin Town, near present-day Manakin in Powhatan County. The third ship, Nassau, transported 191 refugees to New York. Twenty-eight of these passengers came to Manakin Town to be with relatives. Each family was assigned 133 acres and was exempted from taxation for 8 years.
We know much about the passengers on the first two ships, but have no record of those who were on the third ship. Although some presume a Huguenot on the third ship was Jean deJarnat, we have no way to confirm it.

de Jarnat’s naturalization petition
Jean’s naturalization petition appears in the in the following proceedings of 18 April 1705. 

Virginia General Assembly
At a General Assembly Summoned to meet at her Majesty’s Royal College of William & Mary adjoining the City of Williamsburgh the 17th and begun the 19th of March, 1702 in the second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith, etc. and thence by several prorogations continued and held at Her Majesty’s Royal Capital the 18th day of April MDCCV in the IV year of Her Majesty’s Reign
His Excellcy Francis Nicholson Esqr etc., John Lightfoot, Robert Carter, John Custis, Phillip Ludwell, William Bassett, Henry Duke, John Smith, John Lewis Esqur.
A Petition of Joseph Chermeson and
A Petition of Jean deJarnat, and Gabriel Maupin,
Jean de Laune, John James Veillon, and John Guy Rey praying for naturalizacon, were read and referred to ye Consideracon of the House of Burgesses.

Was Catherine Davenport a DeJarnett?
Circumstantial evidence suggests that Catherine, wife of James Davenport, may have been a DeJarnett.
James Davenport also originated in King William County and was a resident of St. James’ Parish, Goochland (now Cumberland) County 15 Sept. 1741 when Daniel Terry deeded him 200 acres on Tear Wallet Run and Little Guinea Creek,  the same creek where a year earlier, on 16 Sept. 1740, Edward McGehee, who married Elizabeth DeJarnett, had purchased 400 acres from James Terry.  Gideon Glenn, husband of James’ only sister, Drusilla Davenport, witnessed the McGehee deed. Since James Terry’s patent for this parcel described it as next to Daniel Terry, it is apparent that McGehee and Davenport were near-neighbors. 
When Daniel DeJarnette made his will in Prince Edward County in 1754, he asked Catherine Davenport to witness it and appointed, James Davenport, an executor.  Although James and Catherine did not sell out in Cumberland County until 1762,  they were residing in Prince Edward County in Aug. 1757 when he served on a jury there. 
James Davenport left a will in Halifax County remembering wife, Catrim, and son Bedford Davenport, among other children (will dated 16 March 1780  and proved 18 May 1780). When James’ granddaughter Betsy Davenport made her will in 1816, she mentioned her uncle Bedford Davenport and her sister Susanna DeJarnett Davenport. 

Descendants of Jean de Jarnat
Information about the children of Jean de Jarnat, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elias DeJarnat (1704-1769),  
George Bagley,   
Elizabeth (—) DeJarnat,  
Ann Rebecca DeJarnett,  Thomas Dobson,  Benjamin Traynam,  
Elisha Palmer,  
Elias DeJarnett,  Thomas Dandy,  
Sarah (—) DeJarnett,  Sarah Hall,  
Israel Pickens,  
Marymiah DeJarnett,  James Hinds,  
John Thomas DeJarnett,  Millicent Hall,   
George Bagley,   Daniel Jones,   David Ellington,   
Reuben DeJarnett,  Nancy Reid,  
John DeJarnett,  William Cross Craddock,   
Christopher DeJarnette,   
Bowler DeJarnett,  Bowler Hall,   Keziah Wootten,   
Rachel Knight,   
John Thomas DeJarnett,  Lucy —,  
Dr. Reuben Hall DeJarnett,  Eliza T. —,  Elizabeth DeJarnett,  
Martha Wooten DeJarnett,  William C. Rudd,  Henry McKinney,  
Judith W. DeJarnett,  Peter Jones,  Joseph W. Todd,  
Stephen DeJarnett,  Judith Borum,   Rowlett Perkinson,  
Elias DeJarnett,  Dicey Waller,  
Elizabeth DeJarnett,  Robert Scott Flippen,   
Nancy DeJarnett,  Stephen Hall,   
Millicent DeJarnett,  Jesse Gregg,  
Dicia DeJarnett,  Capt. Benjamin Allen Watson,   
Samuel Watson,  Martha C. Jeffress,   
Elizabeth DeJarnett Watson,  David Lee,  
Pamela Ann Watson,  Henry Harrison Roberts,  
John Watson,  
Louisiana Watson,  
James Watson,  
Mary DeJarnett,  
Thomas DeJarnat,  Nancy —,  
Mary DeJarnat,  Thomas Palmer,  Ann Rebecca DeJarnett,   
William Davidson,  Daniel Davidson,  Richard Griffin,  
Richard Cardwell,  William Terry,  
David Traynum,  Mary Catherine Quinus (—) Palmer,  
Thomas Palmer,  John Baker,  
Elizabeth (—) Palmer,  
Elias Palmer,  Hannah LeGrand,  John LeGrand,  
Alexander Bomar,  
John Palmer,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  Thomas Fourquorean,  
Hannah LeGrand Palmer,  Henry Palmer,  
Lucy Palmer,  Clark Hubbard,   
Mary Anna Palmer,  Stephen Light,  
Susanna Palmer,  Samuel F. Fuqua,  
Elisha Palmer,  William Murphy,  John Sparrow,   
Nancy LeGrand,  John LeGrand,  William Hodges,  
Mary Palmer,  Isaac Kirk,  Ann M. Clay,   
Elijah Palmer,  Ann Rebecca Dobson,  Thomas Dobson,  
Austin Palmer,  
Archer Palmer,  
Thomas Palmer,  
Elisha Palmer,  
Thomas Palmer,  
Daniel Palmer,  Elizabeth Nance,  William Nance,  Mary Vaughan,  
Byrd Prewitt,  Ephraim Jackson,  Philemon Hurt,  
Jeffrey Palmer,  Susanna LeGrand,  Alexander LeGrand,  Samuel Morton,   
Mary Palmer,  Thomas Cardwell,   
Susanna Palmer,  Stephen Clement,   
John Thomas Palmer,  Mary Jones,  Ann Eastham,  
Susan A. Palmer,  Francis McCullock,  John McCullock,  Elizabeth —,  
Edwin N. Palmer,  Judith S. Johnson,  
Moses Palmer,  Frankey Vaughan,   Mary Eastman,  
Laban Palmer,  Catherine —,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  
Daniel Palmer,  Peter S. Palmer,  
Jeffrey Palmer,  Rebecca Palmer,  Mary Palmer,  
Henry Palmer,  Hannah LeGrand Palmer,   
Mary Palmer,  Obediah Prewitt,  
Frances Palmer,  Alexander Prewitt,  Thomas Prewitt,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  
Joshua Palmer,  
 John DeJarnette (1706-),  
 Mary DeJarnette (1709-),  
 Daniel DeJarnette (1713-1754),  
Martha Ford,  William Watson,   Matthew Cabanis,   Jacob McGehee,   James Oliver,   
Anthony Griffin,  
Christopher Ford,   
Mary DeJarnette,  Richard Perryman,  Thomas Owen,  Thomas Hudson,  Joseph Billups,   Thomas Wilmutt,  Richard Burks,  
Mumford Perryman,  Elizabeth Travis,  William Barrett Travis,  
John Perryman,  
Samuel Perryman,  
Mary Perryman,  
Milton Perryman,  
Elizabeth Ford DeJarnette,  Crenshaw,  
Daniel DeJarnette,  Stephen Neal,   George Davison,  
Myall Gibbs,  John Gibbs,  Wiley Chappell,   Daniel Dejarnatt Sr.,   
Judith Johnson,  James Johnson,  Susannah Payne,  
Rev. James Craig,   
Mumford DeJarnette,  
Mumford DeJarnette,  Anne (—) Dejarnatt,  Micajah Harris,  
Isham Harvey,   
Samuel DeJarnette,  Milly Rice,  
Richard DeJarnette,  Sarah Rowlett,   Isham Harvey,   
Daniel DeJarnette,  
Capt. John DeJarnette,  Jemima Owen,   
Martha DeJarnette,  John Pemberton,  Richard Pemberton,   
Phoebe DeJarnette Pemberton,  David Stainback,  
Simeon Pemberton,  Annaka Iristic,  
Eleanor F. Pemberton,  David Starback,  
Martha Pemberton,  
William Pemberton,  
James DeJarnette Pemberton,  Charlotte J. Stainback,  Laura Ingram,  
Jemima Pemberton,  
Mumford DeJarnette,  
Phoebe DeJarnette,  James Watkins,  
William DeJarnette Watkins,  
Christopher DeJarnette,  Mary (Ford) Dupuy,  John Bartholomew Dupuy,  
Lydia DeJarnette,  James Taylor,  
John Taylor,  
Betsy Taylor,  James Woodall,  
Martha DeJarnette,  
 Joseph DeJarnette I (1716-1791),  
 Eleanor (DeJarnette) McGehee (1720-1775),  
Jacob McGehee,  Thomas McGehee,  Ann Bastrop,  
Joseph Morton Sr.,   
Robert Jones,  
Ann (—) McGehee,  
John McGehee,  
William McGehee,  Forrest,  
Sarah Walker,   
Abraham McGehee,  Judith Penick,   
Martha McGehee,  George Morton,  
James McGehee,  Martha Atkinson,  
Sarah McGehee,  Joseph Truman,   
Mary Truman,  John Redd,  George Redd,  John McCargo,  
Elizabeth Redd,  John Clarke Jr.,  
Martha Redd,  Charles Fisher Nash,   
Mary Ann Redd,  Meriwether Hurt,  
Nancy Redd,  John Madison,  
Susan Truman Redd,  Matthew Mayes Dance,   
Elbert F. Redd,  Catherine Jane Bouldin,   
Joseph T. Redd,  
John W. Redd,  Lackey H. —,  
Henry T. Redd,  
Elizabeth McGehee,  Col. Brackett Owen,   
Eleanor McGehee,  Lt. Jonathon Smith,  Francis Rice,  
Ann McGehee,  
Martha McGehee,  James Atwood,  William Collins,  
Annice McGehee,  Abraham Foster,  
Jacob McGehee,  Anna Weaver,  
Mary McGehee,  Peyton Fuqua,   
John McGehee,  
Elizabeth McGehee,  Larkin Anderson,   David Holt,  Elizabeth Hall,   
Sarah McGehee,  George Cardwell,  
Drusilla McGehee,  Moore Weaver,  
Agnes Mumford McGehee,  Thomas Clarke,   
John Clarke,  
Ann Clarke,  Joseph Ligon,   
Mildred H. Clarke,  Jacob McGehee,   
Sarah Clarke,  Archibald Fuqua,   
Lucy M. Clarke,  Silas Watkins,  
William Clarke,  
Thomas Clarke,  Martha W. Madison,  
Elizabeth Clarke,  Rev. David B. McGehee,  
 Elizabeth (DeJarnette) McGehee (1709-),  
Edward McGehee,  Thomas McGehee,  Ann Bastrop,  
Samuel McGehee,  James Terry,  William Brown,  
John McGehee,  
Mary McGehee,  Hodnett,  
Elizabeth McGehee,  Thomas Wright,  George Wright,  Elizabeth —,  
Mary Wright,  Isaac Stephens,  
Elizabeth Wright,  Glenn,  
Susanna H. Wright,  Carter,  
Sarah Wright,  
Martha Wright,  William Ligon,   
Samuel Wright,  
William Wright,  
Josiah McGehee Wright,  
Mumford McGehee,  Sarah Moore,  John Moore,  
John Moore McGehee,  Nancy Chambers,  
William McGehee,  Elizabeth Clay,  
Joseph McGehee,  Martha Wall,  
Thomas McGehee,  Elizabeth Mildred Jeffreys,  Thomas Jeffreys,  Mildred Mitchell,  
Montford McGehee,  Sally Polk Badger,  
George Edmund Badger,  
Sarah McGehee,  Henry Stanfield,  
Mary McGehee,  Joseph David McFarland,  
Elizabeth McGehee,  Robert Moore,  
Micajah McGehee,  Ann Baytop Scott,  Capt. James Scott,  Frances Collier,  Abraham Venable,  
Daniel McGehee,  Jane Brooke Hodnett,  
Lt. William McGehee,  
Jacob McGehee,  Sarah Collier,  Benjamin Collier,  Sarah Cox,  Jacob McGehee,   
Samuel McGehee,  Olive Muse,  William Muse,  
Anna McGehee,  Nathan Womack,  
 Mumford DeJarnette,  
Daniel DeJarnette,   Mumford DeJarnette,   
William Owen,   Samuel Roberts,  Elizabeth (—) DeJarnette,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William C. Rudd - War of 1812 Elias DeJarnett - War of 1812
Elias Palmer - Revolutionary War Elisha Palmer - Revolutionary War
Daniel Palmer - Revolutionary War Joshua Palmer - Revolutionary War
Mumford Perryman - Revolutionary War Capt. John DeJarnette - Revolutionary War
William McGehee - Revolutionary War Joseph Trueman - French and Indian War
Col. Brackett Owen - Revolutionary War Jonathon Smith - Lord Dunmore's War
Peyton Fuqua - War of 1812 Sgt. Archibald Fuqua - War of 1812
Isaac Stephens - Revolutionary War Thomas McGehee - Revolutionary War
Robert Moore - Revolutionary War Micajah McGehee - Revolutionary War
Lt. William McGehee - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
George Edmund Badger - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Capt. John DeJarnette - North Carolina John Clarke - Virginia
Thomas McGehee - North Carolina Mountford McGehee - North Carolina
George Edmund Badger - North Carolina  

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