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 1788   Benjamin Watson (c.1675-1716)
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Benjamin Watson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Benjamin Watson might describe his life as follows.

Likely the youngest son of John and Alice Watson of Henrico County, I spent my brief life on my plantation near Gillie Creek that flows into the James at what is now the Richmond central business district. My wife was Agnes Allen, a sister of William Allen from across the Chickahominy River in New Kent County.
I was quite ill and only about 25 or 30 when I made my will 16 March 1715/6 that Richard Parker, John Watson, and Elizabeth Atkinson watched me execute.  Having plenty of land, I divided it between our son and daughter.
I gave my gun and carbine to son John, and since he was not old enough to fill my clothes, I left them to my brother-in-law, William Allen.
Because Parker was aware our daughter, Judith, had 540 acres coming to her when she reached 16 or married, he knew to get in line ahead of the other suitors and he made her his wife.
“Aggy,” as I called her, married by 5 October 1725 Robert Mosby, who became guardian to our children. 

As described below, Richard Parker was evidently Benjamin’s son-in-law and Elizabeth Atkinson, was Parker’s sister.

Benjamin’s will
Evidently very sick, Benjamin was dead within 3 weeks and the court recorded his will 4 April 1716, which is abstracted below.

Will of Benjamin Watson
16 March 1715/6
To son John Watson, the plantation where Lewis Orange now lives, with 95 acres, at age 18. If no heirs, then to his sister, Judith. Also to John 140 acres on Gilley’s Creek… [other items, livestock and slaves].
To daughter Judith, the plantation I first lived on, adjoining Pig Slash, and the plantation my mother Watson now lives on, with 540 acres belonging to them both, at age 16 or marriage… [other items and livestock].
To my brother John Watson my best horse with bridle and saddle.
To my brother-in-law, William Allen, clothes, a mare…
To son, John, my gun, my carbine…
To wife, Aggy, the plantation I live on for life (and then to son John) with 75 acres on Gilley’s Creek [and all personal estate].
Benjamin Watson

Descendants of Benjamin Watson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Watson (c.1710-c.1800),  
 Judith (Watson) Parker,  
Richard Parker III,  Richard Parker II,  
Joseph Watkins,  
Andrew Crew,  John Owen,   
Richard Jenkins,  Lewis Jenkins,  Ann (Parker) Daniel,  Robert Thompson,  
Richard Parker IV,  
Frances Wooldridge,   
John Parker,  Nancy Wood,  
Richard Parker V,  Lucy Owen,  Polly Ligon,  
Thomas Parker,  
William Parker,  Agatha Henson,  Elizabeth Henson,  
Frances Parker,  Terry Daniel,   
Judith Parker,  Henry Whitlow,   
Elizabeth Parker,  James Hatfield,  
Mary Parker,  
Martha Parker,  Jeremiah Daniel,   
Drusilla Parker,  
Ann Hatcher Parker,  Abner Duncan,  
William Parker,  Drusilla Colquitt,  Anthony Colquitt,  
Obediah Parker,  
William Parker,  
Daniel Parker,  
Mary Ann Easley,  
Elijah Hendricks,  Daniel Easley,   
Elizabeth Parker,  
Benajah Parker,  George Wade,  
Royall Daniel,   Mary (—) Perker,  
Judith Parker,  Hubbard,  
Betty Parker,  Henry Finch,  
Richard Finch,  
Mary Parker,  

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