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 1780   Robert Burton (c.1660-c.1724)
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Robert Burton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert Burton might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1660, a son of John Burton of “Longfield.” From 1686 to 1700 I acquired 1,900 acres north of the James around Cornelius Creek east of present-day Richmond. After disposing of 550 acres, I still had 1,350 acres upon which I was taxed in 1704.
I shunned public office, preferring to concentrate on running my plantations. Mr. Francis Burton Harrison who wrote a book about the Burtons, said I “was, perhaps, the most successful Burton of [my] generation.” Not bad for someone who couldn’t read or write and could only scribble RB when my signature was required.
My wife was Mary, apparently Mary Knowles, the sister of Capt. John Knowles who also had a plantation on Cornelius Creek. Once a grand jury presented her for using profanity—then subject to a fine.
One son was definitely John Burton of Amelia County, and the others were likely Robert, Nowell, Hutchins, and Benjamin Burton, all of Goochland County. The names of our daughters have been lost.
I was alive in 1723, but likely died soon afterwards. I am probably in the 24-square-foot family cemetery at “Longfield” that my son kept when he sold that plantation in September 1728. 

The life of Robert Burton
In Aug. 1688 Robert Burton acknowledged that 6 years remained on the servitude of his Indian boy Harry, who had been in his employment since at least Oct. 1686 when “Harry a boy belonging to Mr. Robert Burton and Katie and Sarah, wenches belonging to Mr. William Glover” were captured and returned to their masters. 
His father omitted Robert when he gave part of “Longfield” to sons William and Benjamin in 1684.  Robert had land because when John Jameston got his 89-acre patent in 1690, his land lay next to “Robt. Burtens line.” 
A 1687 patent for Thomas Cocke for land in Varina Parish mentioned Mr. Robert Burton and Roundabout Branch.  “Mr.” was then a title of a respected gentleman.
Robert apparently avoided public office. Although appointed constable in 1686, “upon his own petition [he was] discharged from his constable’s place.”  He dodged even the lowly assignment of road surveyor. Thomas Risby “who being very ancient is discharged,” and Robert Burton was appointed in his place.  Although the court twice charged Burton for failing to keep the roads cleared, he did return his warrants as surveyor 2 April 1688 and 1 Feb. 1692/3. 
John Ironmonger was living “at Robert Burton’s at Longfield” 2 Oct. 1693 when he asserted that, “I, by God’s assistance, and bound home for England… and am now ready to satisfy all persons.” 

His plantations
Robert, who accumulated large tracts of land in Henrico County, was evidently underway as early as 1686 when he was due 300 acres for the importation of 6 individuals.  He got 1,300 acres on Cornelius Creek in 1699 and added 300 acres on the same creek in 1701.  The latter patent depicts him as Robert Burton Sr. Thomas Cocke Jr. sold Burton 300 acres in 1687.  In 1700 Burton disposed of 3 tracts of land: 150 acres of the large patent to William Hobson, 300 acres of the large patent to Richard Cox, and 100 acres to Nicholas Perkins, with Mary relinquishing her dower right each time. 
The above transactions netted Robert 1,350 acres—exactly the number upon which he paid quit rents in 1704. 
When Robert Burton sold 150 acres to William Cox Sr. for 20 shillings in 1711, Mary relinquished her dower right.  For having imported Alexander Hatton, Burton got a patent to 17 acres next to “Longfield” in 1717. 

Descendants of Robert Burton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert Burton (-1748),  
Priscilla Farrar,   William Hopkins,  
Robert Burton,  Christian —,  Judith Laforce,  
Samuel Paul,  
Charles Burton,  
Mary Holland,  George Holland,  
Jane Armstrong,  John Armstrong,  Stephen Norton,  
George Burton,  
Elizabeth Burton,  
Edmund Burton,  
Lydia Burton,  
Edmund Burton,  
Robert Burton,  
Charles Burton,  
Theodorick Burton,  
Dolly Burton,  James Bradley Jr.,  
Ann Burton,  Robert Payne Jr.,  Josias Payne,  
Dolly Payne,  James Madison,  
Robert Burton,  Edmund Burton,  
Charles Payne,  Robert Burton,  Leannah Fearn,  Thomas Fearn,  Samuel Patton,  
Robert Josias Payne,  Elizabeth Lee Fearn,  
John Payne,  Lucy Fearn,  
Elizabeth Payne,  Richard Saunders,  
Kiturah Payne,  Wynne Dixon,  
Ann Payne,  Robert Harrison,  
Agnes Payne,  Robert Harris,  Marmaduke Williams,  
Mary Woodson Payne,  
Susanna Payne,  
Judith Burton,  Spilsbe Coleman,  Elizabeth Burton,   
Sarah Burton,  Peter Smith,  
Priscilla Burton,  Robert Paul,  
Jane Burton,  William Binion,  
Lucy Burton,  
Betsy Burton,  
Molly Burton,  
Capt. William Burton,  
Rebecca Cobbs,  John Cobbs,  Susanna —,  
Michael Thomas,  
Jesse Burton,  Anne Maria Hudson,  John Hudson,  
Alexander Burton,  Elizabeth Leftwich,  
William Burton,  Elizabeth Mills,  
Robert Burton,  Elizabeth Powell,  Elijah Powell,  
Jesse Burton,  Elizabeth Norvell,  
John Hudson Burton,  Margaret Macon,   
Martha Burton,  William Irvine,  
Ann Burton,  Joel Yancey,  Elizabeth Macon,   
Sarah Hudson Burton,  Samuel Jordan Harrison,  Francis Burton Harrison,  
Robert Burton,  
John Cobbs Burton,  
William Burton,  Frances Penn,  
Philip Farrar Burton,  Ann Jones,  
Mary Burton,  Henry,  Benjamin Rice,  
Susanna Burton,  John Thompson,   
Rebecca Burton,  George Thompson,   
Noel Burton,  Lucy Barrett,  James Barrett,  Sarah Womack,  William Womack,  
Sarah (—) Barrett,  
Robert Burton,  Mary Harrison,  
Priscilla Burton,  
Elizabeth Burton,  Spilsbe Coleman,  Judith Burton,   John Herndon Graves,  
James Burton,  Sarah Gunn,   
William Barrett Burton,  
Ann Burton,  John Binion,  
Anne Burton,  
Obedience Burton,  
Judith Burton,  George Payne,  George Payne,  Mary Woodson,  
George William Payne,  Joseph Morton Payne,  
Joseph Payne,  
Elizabeth Payne,  Samuel Woodson,  
Robert Hughes Woodson,  
George Woodson,  
Tucker Woodson,  
Samuel Woodson,  
Sally Woodson,  Warner Lewis,  
Pleasants Woodson,  
Judith Woodson,  
Richard Payne,  
Robert Burton Payne,  Mary Sydenham Morton,  
Lucy Morton Payne,  
Richard Beckwith Payne,  
Robert Burton Payne,  
Molly Jordan Payne,  
Margaret Sydenham Payne,  Richard Sclater,  
Elizabeth Brockenbrough Payne,  
Joseph Payne,  
Ann Payne,  
George Payne,  Betty McCarty Morton,  Joseph Morton,  
Mary Barnes Payne,  
Lucy Hubbard Payne,  
Matthew Montjoy Payne,  
Anne Payne,  Sackville King,  
Jesse Payne,  Frances Morton,  
John K. Read,  
George Morton Payne,  
Eliza D. (—) Payne,  
Richard Baylor Payne,  
Jesse Burton Payne,  
Mary Payne,  John Shelton,   
Priscilla Burton,  
Elizabeth Burton,  
Robert Sanders,  
 Nowell Burton (c.1690-1766),  
Judith Allen,   Edward Hughes,  
Thomas Randolph,  John Sutton Farrar,   David Davis,  Joseph Parsons,  
Thomas Pleasants,  
Robert Bernard,  
Capt. John Burton,  Agnes Merryman,  
John Burton,  George M. Wright,  
Allen Burton,  Mary Burton,   
John Burton,  
Benjamin Burton,  
Nancy Burton,  
Betsy Burton,  
Susanna Burton,  
Jesse Burton,  Zepporah —,  
Josiah Burton,  
Robert Burton,  Lucy —,  
James Williams,  
Milly (—) Chamberlaine,  
Archibald Burton,  
Robert Burton,  
Elisha Burton,  Elizabeth Chamberlaine,  John Chamberlaine,  
Nancy Burton,  John Adams,   
Sarah Burton,  Benjamin Parsons,  
Susanna Burton,  John Hutchinson,  
William Burton,  
Mina Burton,  Edward Rolfe,  
John Burton,  
Allen Burton,  Rebecca Hamblin,  
Noel Burton,  
Benjamin Burton,  Monica Humphries,   William Wills Green,   
Noel Burton,  
Allen Burton,  
Hutchins Burton,  Tabitha Minge,  Robert Minge,  
Nathaniel Bassett,  
Henry Delony,   
Sherwood Bugg,  
Col. John Burton,  
Mary Gordon,  
Hutchins Gordon Burton,  Sarah Jones,   
Janey Minge Burton,  
Mary Ann Burton,  
Martha Burton,  
Tabitha Burton,  
Lt. Hutchins Burton,  
Noel Hunt Burton,  
Col. Robert Burton,  
Robert Christopher,   Allen Freeman,  
Agatha Williams,  John Williams,  
John Williams Burton,  
Hutchins Burton,  
Francis Nash Williams Burton,  Lavinia B. Murfree,  Coes Hardy Murfree,  Sally —,  
Robert Hutchins Burton,  Polly Fullenwider,  
Agnes Burton,  
Alfred Moore Burton,  Elizabeth Fullenwider,  John Fullenwider,  Elizabeth —,  
James Minge Burton,  Prudence Robards,  James Robards,  Mary —,  Martha Johnson,  James Johnson,  Jane —,  Catherine Love,  Edward Love,  Lucy —,  Martha Gilbert,  
Augustus Burton,  
Horace A. Burton,  Margaret Williams,  William Williams,  Elizabeth —,  
Frances H. Burton,  
Elizabeth W. Burton,  
John Williams Burton,  Susan P. Lyne,  Henry Lyne,  Lucy —,  
James Minge Burton,  Elizabeth Ridley,  
Martha Burton,  John Baskerville,  George Baskerville,  
Mary Burton,  Benjamin Farrell,  Hubbard Farrell,  
John White,  
Brian Farrell,  Elizabeth —,  Dorothy Drew,  Thomas Drew,  
William Shands,  
Henry Delony,   Field Jefferson,  John Speed,  
William Farrell,  
Sarah Collier,   
Ann (Lucas) Dortch,  Noah Dortch,   
Judith Burton,  Young,  
 Hutchins Burton (c.1697-1763),  
Susanna Allen,   
Valentine Ball,  
Samuel Burton,  
Hutchins Burton,  Judith Allen,   
John Pinson,  
Magdalene Burton,  
Charles Burton,  Bryant Coker,   
Benjamin Hatcher,   Matthew Marable,  
Thomas Berry,  Abraham Crowder,  Mark Moore,  Thomas Watts,  
Mary Hunt,  William Hunt,  Mary —,  
Thomas Wilborne,  James Harrison,  Richard Hansard,  
Salley Burton,  John Weir,  
Mary Burton,  
Nancy Burton,  
Allen Burton,  
Hutchins Burton,  
William Allen Burton,  Mary Walthall,   Dorothy Cary,  
David Burton,  William Anglea,  Angeline Burton,  Daniel L. Price,  
William Allen Burton,  Nancy —,  
William Allen Burton,  Polly Gaulding,  
Susanna Burton,  Pleasant Merryman,  
Walthall Burton,  Sarah Price,   
Mary Burton,  Allen Burton,   
Susanna Burton,  
Charles Burton,  
Robert Burton,  
David Burton,  Mary (Wiltshire) Gromarrin,  Gilley Gromarrin,  
Wiltshire Gromarrin,  Susanna Gromarrin,  Mary Gromarrin,  Charles Lewis,  Coldwell Pettypool,  
David Burton,  Coldwell Pettypool,  
Elizabeth Pettypool,  
Lucy Robinson,   
Noel Burton,  
Ann Burton,  
Richard Burton,  
Julius Burton,  Rebecca Clayton,  
Ann Burton,  Anthony Matthews,  
Elizabeth Matthews,  Anselm Garthright,  
Susanna Matthews,  
Susanna Burton,  William Price,   
Sarah Price,  Walthall Burton,   
Susanna Price,  Drury Adkins,  
Elizabeth Price,  Joseph Perkins,  Stephen Perkins,  
John Price,  Mary Johnson,  
William Price,  Susanna Cocke,   Elizabeth Littlepage Hudson,   
Cuthbert Price,  Nancy Thompson,   George Washington Thompson,   
Daniel Price,  Lucy Coleman,  
Robert Price,  Sally Church,  
Maraday Price,  Mary McDaniel,  John May,  
Molly Price,  William McDaniel,  
Nancy Price,  Sylvanus Stokes,  
Martha Price,  Joel McDaniel,  
Major Price,  Sarah Walker,  Susan Lawson,  
Joyce Price,  William Soyars,  
Hannah Price,  
 Benjamin Burton (-1758),  
Sarah (—) Cox,  William Cox,   
Elizabeth Ware,  Susanna (—) Ware,  
Michael Turpin,  John Pleasants,  
Benjamin Burton,  Mary (Trent) Cox,   
Ann —,  Robert Burton,  
James Lyle,  
Rachel Burton,  
Rachel Burton,  
Magdalene Burton,  John Allday,  
Benjamin Allday,  
Jesse Burton,  Mary —,  
Jacob Burton,  Mary —,  Graves Harding,  John Redford,  
John Burton,  
Edward Burton,  
Richard Burton,  
James Burton,  
 John Burton (-1776),  
Catherine Cocke,   Sarah Chappell,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Burton - French and Indian War John Burton - Revolutionary War
Hutchins Burton - Revolutionary War Noel Hunt Burton - Revolutionary War
Robert Burton - Revolutionary War William Allen Burton - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Marmaduke Williams - U.S. Francis Burton Harrison - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Marmaduke Williams - Alabama Marmaduke Williams - North Carolina
Jesse Burton - Virginia George Morton Payne - Virginia
Robert Burton - Virginia  

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