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 1776   Capt. William Walker I (-1723)
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Capt. William Walker I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. William Walker I might describe his life as follows.

As my father-in-law, Francis Warren, explained, we were both “headrights” for Charles Edmonds in 1658. 
Because the records of New Kent went up in smoke, I cannot say much about my life. Yet the 1704 tax register has 3 entries for me. I had 650 acres in New Kent County and as Capt. Walker held another 400 acres.  Henrico County, just across the Chickahominy, charged me on 550 acres where Joan Brooks lived.  This latter tract included 400 acres held in trust for my son Sylvanus who inherited it from Francis Warren.
By my first wife, the daughter of Francis Warren, I was likely the father of three sons: Francis, William, and Sylvanus Walker. I married second Elizabeth and we were the parents of perhaps as many as 8 children whom we reared in Henrico County.
I was dead by 5 August 1723 when Elizabeth Walker presented my now-lost will in Henrico County. 
Elizabeth made her will 16 January 1726/7 enumerating her 8 children,  and was dead by 3 June 1728 when the court ordered the will recorded.

Joanna Brooks testified in April 1694 that she was 40.  We do not know her connection to William Walker.

Elizabeth’s will
The following is an abstract of the will of Elizabeth Walker.

Will of Elizabeth Walker
16 January 1726/7
To daughter Elizabeth Allen, feather bed, etc.
To daughter Mary Mosie, 1 Guinea.
To daughter Sarah Allen, feather bed, etc.
To daughter Hannah Ragland, Negro
To daughter Tabitha Morris, Negro
To daughter Celia Stokes, feather bed, etc.
To son Henry Walker, items.
To son Joel Walker, all rest of the estate and he to be executor.
Henry Stokes
John Watson
Mary Watson

William Walker of New Kent County
Another William Walker with wife, Elizabeth, was in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County. This one married Elizabeth Clopton 19 Jan. 1713/4,  and they were the parents of 3 children before William died 12 Sept. 1718:  Ann Walker (26 Sept. 1714  - 26 Sept. 1714 ), Elizabeth Walker (28 Aug. 1715 ), and William Walker Jr. (15 Dec. 1716  - 23 Sept. 1717 ).
Elizabeth married 2nd Alexander Moss.

Descendants of Capt. William Walker I
Information about the children of Capt. William Walker I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Francis Walker (-1768),  
William Trent,  Henry Baker,  
Abraham Chappell,   Nathaniel Lacy,  Joseph Smith,  Childers Smith,  Littlebury Smith,  Sarah Chappell,   Warren Walker,   
Patience Elam,   William Fleming,  
 William Walker II (c.1690-1752),  
 Sylvanus Walker (-1786),  
John Tandy,  Ann Tandy,  Agnes Tandy,  
Tandy Walker,  William Woodson,  Judith (—) Walker,  Edmund Epes,  
John Phipps,  Thomas Briggs,  Henry Blagrave,  
James Burton,   
Cornelius Cargill,  
Sylvanus Walker,  Sarah Blagrave,  Charles Allen,  James Burton,   
Henry Blagrave,  
Tandy Walker,  
William Walker,  
Joel Walker,  Robert Dixon,  
Lankford Walker,  Thomas Dupree,  Gustavus Hendrick,  
Ann Walker,  
Elizabeth Walker,  
Robert Walker,  
Sylvanus Walker,  
Martha Wade,  Robert Wade,  Susanna (—) Hightower,  William Hightower,  Henry Blagrave,  
Benjamin Walker,  Joseph Minor,  Letitia Minor,  Henry Blagrave,  
Ann Walker,  John Smithson,  Francis Smithson,  
Elizabeth Walker,  Robert Ingram,  Margaret (—) Ingram,  
Thomas Rudd,  
Samuel Ingram,  John Ingram,  Martha Vaughan,  
Sylvanus Ingram,  Sally Gill,  Hamblin Ingram,  
Polly W. Ingram,  Sterling Cabiness,  
Hamblin Ingram,  
Paulina Walker,  John Smith,  Benedict Alverson,  
Samuel Cobbs,   Samuel Jordan,  Edward Jordan,  
Robert Smith,  Ann Smith,  
Mary Smith,  Pennington,  
Ichabod Smith,  Lucy Pennington,  
John Poins Smith,  Susanna —,  Alexander Roberts,   
Robert Wade Smith,  
Thomas Smith,  
William Walker,  
Molly Walker,  George Andrews,  Robert Ingram,  
Anne Andrews,  Isaac Arnold,  
Martha W. Andrews,  Philip Burnett,  
Elizabeth Andrews,  Nevill Gee,  Nevill Gee,  
Susanna Andrews,  William Hightower,  
Peggy Andrews,  
Cecily Williams Andrews,  John Smith,  
George Washington Andrews,  
Aurelius Walker,  Nancy Turner,   
Matthew Turner Walker,  Sally Stone,   George Rogers,  
Mary Walker,  William Hamlett Smith,  
William Walker,  Susan Hester Penick,  
Henry Walker,  Frances Hutcheson,  Elizabeth (Wells) Walker,  James Walker,  Mary Anne Hutcheson,  Ambrose Hutcheson,  
Sylvanus Walker,  Elizabeth Hutcheson,  
John Turner Walker,  
Harriet Walker,  Jeremiah Wells,  
Nancy Walker,  John Proctor,  
Edwin Walker,  
Tandy Walker,  
Robert Wade Walker,  
George Hightower Walker,  Phoebe Cheatham,   
 Henry Walker,  
William Phillips,  Francis Warren,   
 Joel Walker,  
Sarah Moseley,   
 Elizabeth (Walker) Allen,  
Robert Allen,  
Henry Turner,  Edward Finch,  Christopher Baker,  
Sarah (—) Allen,  
Joseph Allen,  John Mosby,  
Sarah Hunt,  Ralph Hunt,  Dinah Anderson,  
Memucan Hunt Allen,  
Benjamin Allen,  
Robert Allen,  
Charles Allen,  
Anne Allen,  
Jean Allen,  
Susanna Allen,  
Benjamin Allen,  
Drury Allen,  
William Bragg,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,   Tyree Glenn,  Isaac Bringentine,  
Judith Allen,  
Anne Allen,  
Jacoby Allen,  
Margaret Allen,  
Robert Allen,  
Christopher Butler,  Joseph Pulliam,   Benjamin Jones,  Lyddall Bacon,   
John Hayes,  John Norris,   
Elizabeth (—) Allen,  Hannah Edwards,  
Young Allen,  
Josiah Allen,  
Robert Allen,  
Susanna Allen,  William Hudson,  
Elizabeth Allen,  John Hudson,  
Sarah Allen,  Joel Moody,  
Drury Allen,  
Agnes Allen,  Williams,  
Agnes Allen,  John Pulliam,   
William Pulliam,  
John Pulliam,  Sarah (—) Pulliam,  
Gideon Pulliam,  Frances —,  
James Pulliam,  Agnes Matlock,  
Elijah Garth,  Richard Morris,  
Lucy Pulliam,  
John Pulliam,  Sally Perkins,  
Drury Pulliam,  
Mary Pulliam,  Thomas Desparate,  
Elizabeth Desparate,  
Elizabeth Pulliam,  
Agatha Pulliam,  Anthony Perkins,  
Elizabeth Perkins,  
Mary Anthony Perkins,  
Lucy Pulliam,  William Lowry,  
Zachariah Pulliam,  Sarah Black,  
Absalom Pulliam,  Jennings Pulliam,  
Nancy (—) Pulliam,  
Ann Pulliam,  Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Price Pulliam,  Walter Chisholm,  
Frances Mitchell Pulliam,  David Armstrong,  
Mary V. Pulliam,  
George W. Pulliam,  
Stephen J. Pulliam,  
Zachariah O. Pulliam,  
William W. Pulliam,  
James Pulliam,  Elizabeth Stone,   
Drury Pulliam,  
Keziah Pulliam,  James C. Burnett,  William Pulliam,  
Ann Pulliam,  John Richardson,  
Peachey Pulliam,  John Norton,  Benjamin Pulliam,  
Benjamin Pulliam,  Elizabeth Norton,  John Norton,  
Robert Pulliam,  Elizabeth Clopton,  
Agnes Pulliam,  Robert Mosby Sr.,  
Elizabeth Pulliam,  
Sarah Pulliam,  
Joseph Pulliam,  
Robert Allen,   John Williams,  Sarah (—) Pulliam,  
Aaron Williams,  Philip Major,  
James Pulliam,  
John Pulliam,  Thomas Wisdom,  William Borum,  Sarah (—) Pulliam,  Thomas Watkins,  
Joseph Pulliam,  Agnes Brandon,  Eleanor (—) Brandon,  
Drusilla Pulliam,  Sylvanus Stokes,  
Jane Allen Pulliam,  Thomas Brandon Jr.,  
Agnes Allen Pulliam,  John Foster,  
Susanna Pulliam,  James Holloway,  
Molly Pulliam,  
Nancy Pulliam,  
George Pulliam,  
Sarah Pulliam,  
William Pulliam,  
Betsy Pulliam,  
William Allen,  
Richard Allen,  
Mary Allen,  Lyddall Bacon,  John Bacon,  Capt. Edmund Bacon,  Susannah Parke,  
John Baugh,   
Elizabeth Bacon,  William Gordon,  
Lucy Bacon,  Charles Allen,  
Langston Bacon,  
Anne Bacon,  Robert Dixon,  
Susannah Bacon,  
Sarah Bacon,  John Glenn,  
Lyddall Bacon,  
Mary Bacon,  
Col. Edmund Parke Bacon,  Martha Pettypool,  
Richard C. Bacon,  Mary E. Jordan,  
Gillie Marion Bacon,  Elizabeth M. Rhodes,  Mary Ann (Street) Jones,  Edward Montfort Jones,   
Pvt. William Munford Bacon,  
Lyddall Bacon,  Lucy A. Herring,  
Mary A.G. Bacon,  Isaac Oliver,   
Sally Glenn Bacon,  Peter Jones,   
Edmund Parke Bacon,  Frances E. Winn,  
Susanna R. Bacon,  Peter R. Bland,  
Narcissa Bacon,  William H. Taylor,  
Montfort S. Bacon,  
Young H. Bacon,  
Richard Bacon,  
Drury Allen Bacon,  Polly Stokes,  Nancy (—) Bacon,  Elizabeth (Jones) Jones,  Edward Jones,   
Thomas Winn Bacon,  
 Mary (Walker) Maxey,  
Thomas Maxey,  
 Sarah (Walker) Allen,  
 Hannah (Walker) Ragland,  
 Tabitha (Walker) Morris,  
William Morris,  
Ann (—) Morris,  
Sylvanus Morris,  Catherine Brodie,  Rev. William Brodie,  Catherine —,  
William Morris,  Elizabeth Dabney,  
Sylvanus Morris,  
William Morris,  Ann Watson,  James Watson,  Elizabeth Shelton,  
John Morris,  
Charles Morris,  
Richard Morris,  
Ann Morris,  William Fontaine,  
Catherine Morris,  
Susanna Morris,  
John Morris,  
Richard Morris,  Overton,  
Tabitha Morris,  
Susanna Morris,  
Judith Morris,  
 Cecilia (Walker) Stokes,  
Sylvanus Stokes,  
Jones Stokes,  
Hartwell Stokes,  
Marcus Stokes,  Thomas Stokes Jr.,  
Sylvanus Stokes,  Temperance Clarke,  George Clarke,  
Thomas Merritt,  
Susanna Stokes,  John Claiborne,   
Thomas Stokes,  
William Stokes,  
Molly Hamlin Stokes,  
Helen Walker Stokes,  
Dorothy Stokes,  
Drury Stokes,  
Micajah Stokes,  
Phoebe Stokes,  John Bell,  Hannah (—) Bell,  
Josiah Freeman,  Henry Freeman,  
Sylvanus Bell,  John Knight,  Mary Johnson,   
Balaam Freeman,   
Nancy Bell,  John Trezvant,  
Sylvanus Bell,  
Henry Bell,  
John Bell,  Elizabeth Loftin,  William Loftin,  
James Bell,  Martha Graves,  
Elizabeth Bell,  Thomas Hartley,  
Rebecca Bell,  James Powell,  
Fielding Bell,  Mary Graves,  
Phoebe Bell,  Capt. James Davis Edwards,  
John Bell,  
Cecilia Freeman,  Hartwell Barham,  
Prudence Freeman,  Dunn,  
Henry Freeman,  
Molly Freeman,  
Balaam Freeman,  Polly Graves,  Mary Jones,  
Elizabeth Freeman,  
Susannah Stokes,  Burwell Green,  
James Green,  
Benjamin Green,  
Drury Green,  
Elizabeth Stokes,  John Knight,  John Knight,  Elizabeth Epes,  
Charles Webb,  
Sarah (—) Knight,  
Lydia Knight,  
Walker Knight,  
Lucretia Knight,  Joseph Pippin,  
Lewis Knight,  
Francis Epps Knight,  
Rhoda Knight,  
Sylvanus Knight,  
Elizabeth Knight,  
Charles Knight,  
John Knight,  
Lucy Stokes,  Robert Owen,  
Agnes Stokes,  Hamlin Stokes Freeman,  Arthur Freeman,  Agnes Stokes,  Josiah Freeman,  
John Nash,  Sylvanus Stokes,   Duncan Rose,  
Arthur Freeman,  
Lydia Stokes,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Sylvanus Walker - Revolutionary War Tandy Walker - Revolutionary War
William Walker - Revolutionary War Lankford Walker - Revolutionary War
Robert Wade Walker - Revolutionary War Josiah Allen - Revolutionary War
Zachariah Pulliam - Revolutionary War John Pulliam - Revolutionary War
William Gordon - Revolutionary War Richard C. Bacon - War of 1812
Gillie Marion Bacon - War of 1812 Pvt. William Munford Bacon - Civil War
Richard Bacon - Revolutionary War Burwell Green - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Sylvanus Walker - Virginia James Davis Edwards - Virginia

Selected sources
Miller, Norma Carter and George Lane Miller. Some Allens of Colonial Virginia. Bellevue, WA: Miller & Miller (1989). • Family of Robert Allen and Elizabeth Walker.
Woodson, Isobel Baylor. “The Morris Family.” The Virginia Genealogist. 11:51-60, 108-115. • The family of William Morris who married Tabitha Walker.

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