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 1770   John Stewart (c.1660-1714)
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John Stewart, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Stewart might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1660, the son of another John Stewart, which name I gave to my only son. In 1704 I paid quit rents, a form of tax, on 902 acres in Henrico County,  and as John Stewart Jr. was granted 850 acres on Ashen Swamp in May 1705.  One of my plantations spanned 500 acres at Lily Valley north of the James near William Ballow whose daughter Michal Ballow I married.
To protect them from a husband’s foolish land dealings, the law gave every wife a residual right to one-third of their property, called a dower right, meaning she had to sign off when a property was sold. When I deeded 250 acres that had belonged to my father to Robert Thompson in 1712, Michal relinquished her dower right. The same day Thompson sold me 450 acres on the south side of the Spring Run. 
In only my 40s, but “sick in body,” I made a will 25 April 1714 giving most of my land to John and dividing my tools, Indian and African slaves, and household items between Michal, John, and our three daughters Sarah, Judith, and Michal. I was dead by 2 August 1714.  As was required by law, three neighbors appraised my personal property for £98.15.6, which, of course, did not count my land. 
Daughter Michal was dead and the other children still minors five years later when Michal made her will leaving a small item of remembrance to each and appointing her brother Charles Ballow executor. She was dead by 7 September 1719. 
Neither John nor Mary married, but Sarah married a Ward and Judith had two husbands, both named Ligon.

John swore that he was 25 years of age in Oct. 1683, 30 in June 1691, and 34 in Oct. 1694. 

John Stewart, “glover” of Henrico County
Another John Stewart distinguished as a “glover,” who was a tithable in Henrico County in 1679,  married 1st between 1685-86 Susannah Burton, the widow of Thomas Burton, and served as guardian to his orphans, including Abraham Burton who married Anne Featherstone
In 1692 John Stewart Jr. purchased a half-acre lot in a town in Henrico County,  and posted his intentions in Dec. 1693 to leave the country “by next convenience, God willing.” 
In 1699 John Stewart, glover, exchanged tracts of land with Michael Turpin who gave up land for a tract in Bristol Parish that Stewart bought from his son-in-law Abraham Burton in 1693,  which Stewart sold to Robert Bolling in 1701. 
At Henrico County court June 1690, “John Steward Glover Constable of Bristoll psh. in this county being commonly out of ye county his employment consisting chiefly in tradeing with ye Indians It is ordered that in his place stead and precin John Steward Junr., of Appomattox be appointed…,” and he served until Oct. 1691. 

John’s will

Will of John Stewart
25 April 1714
In the name of God Amen. I Jno. Stewart of Henrico County being sick in body but in Sound and disposing memory praise be given to God for the same, do make this Last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first and principally I resign my Soul into the Mercifull hands of almighty God my Creator assuredly hoping, through the merits of my blessed Redeemer to obtain remission of all my Sins, and my body I Commit to ye Earth whence it was taken, to be decently buryed by the discretion of my Executrix hereafter named as for the worldly Goods and Estate ye Lord hath Lent me I dispose thereof as followeth.
Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my Son Jno Stewart three parcels of Land Viz 200 at the Ashlin Swamp, 450 more or Less on southside of Branches creek, 500 more or less at Lilly Valley with all Entries & profits to him and his heirs Forever. Likewise a good feather bed and bolster with at least five pounds current money, a new ten Quarter Yarn Set rugg, a pair of new blankets of the Like breadth, a horse of five pound price, and troopers armor, with all my handy craft tools to be put into a Chest, that most of them are now in, and to be nailed up at my decease, and not to be delivered to him till he comes of ye age of one and twenty years, nor none of ye aforesayd goods. I likewise give my Indian boy named Frank.
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Stewart on Indian girl called Joan with her increase after the age of sixteen years or sooner if married. Likewise a peace of land Lying in dispute between Walthall and myself Viz beginning at ye fork of the run where my mother now Liveth and down the sayd run to ye Swamp, thence up a small holly branch to the Line of C.H. Featherstone. So up the said Featherstone line to ye Fork of ye run to her and her heirs for Ever, if it prove mine or theirs due processing at law and new bed and bolster of five pounds price Currt money, an new four qurter rugg and a pair of blankets of the Like breadth, a mare of two years old at ye least, to be well grown of that age with her increase to be delivered at ye age aforesayd.
Item. I give and bequeath to my three youngest Daughters Michal, Mary and Judith Stewart to each of them a bed and bolster of five pounds price wth ten new qutr rug and blankets to each bed and ye Lower part of the land in dispute with Walthall and myself, and to be divided by the desiation men to Each one their part, according to ye true value thereof to them & their heirs for Ever if prove mine or theirs by due processing at Law. Likewise, I give to my three youngest Daughters each a young mare of two yrs old at Least to be well grown at that age. I Likewise give to my daughter Michal Stewart a Negro boy called Dick to be delivered at ye age of sixteen years of Sooner if married. I likewise give and bequeath to my son Jno the Land in dispute above the run being at ye sayd fork and so down the run to ye Swamp and up the swamp to ye head Line and so Along to ye fork in ye run aforesayd according to ye Same Authority, I or he shall by due proceeding to Law to him and his heirs for ever. All rest of my Worldly goods not before mentioned to be valued and appraised by some good, honest persons, who shall appraise ye said goods to the true value thereof and After all my debts are payd I give the third part of all that remaineth to my dear and Loving wife Michal Stewart and the rest to be equally divided amongst my Children and paid to them as they shall come of age to be payd in some staple commoditys to be soon delivered by four honest men when they Come of full age.
To my dear and loving wife Michal I give one Negro Wench called Agy, one Indian wench called Doll and an Indian man called Robin now Living with my Mother but after her decease to return to my wife, and the Indian girl called Joan to continue with my wife till my daughter Sarah Come of age or married. Likewise ye Indian man and two Indian Women and the Negro woman with their increase to continue with my Wife till her Death. I likewise give to my two youngest daughters Mary and Judith of that increase each one a young slave, after my wife’s death what shall be then Left to be divided by four men my son Jno to have his first choice and the rest according to their birthright.
After all my debts and funeral charges are payd by my dear and Loving wife Michal Stewart whom I do make my whole and Sole exec’x of this my Last will and testament revoking all other wills by me made heretofore made. I witness where of I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 25th day of April 1714.
Jno Stewart
Francis Epes Jr.
William Perkins
Charles Ballow.

Michal’s will

Will of Michal Stewart
18 July 1719
… of Henrico Parish. I give £20 to defend title to my land to be hands of my Exor. til children of age. My son to have 2 years schooling & remain with Exor. til 21. To my dau. Sarah Steward my black trunk. To my dau. Mary Steward an ambler necklace, To my dau. Judith Steward my silver tumbler. Son John Steward my purse & his father’s silver buttons therein. Rest of estate divided between all my children. My brother Charles Ballow to be Exor.
Constantine Perkins
John Ellis Sr.
Drusilla Ballow.

Descendants of John Stewart
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Stewart (-1760),  
William Randolph,  John Walthall,   
Leonard Ward,   
 Sarah (Stewart) Ward,  
Joseph Ward,   
 Mary Stewart,  
 Judith (Stewart) Ligon Ligon (-1784),  
Joseph Ligon,   
James Ligon,   
 Michal Stewart (-c.1716),  

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