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 1768   Capt. Seth Ward I (c.1661-c.1707)
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Capt. Seth Ward I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Seth Ward I might describe his life as follows.

I testified at a deposition in August 1691 that I was 30, so I was born about 1661. 
Being a county clerk was the road to wealth. I had to pay 200 pounds of tobacco in October 1681 to record my marriage license.  Since he lost the record, I suppose the county owes me a refund. Anyway, the woman I married was likely Ann Hatcher whose grandfather Henry Lound left one shilling to his granddaughter, Ann Ward.
I received my title as an officer of an Henrico County militia company in January 1700/1 and was our county coroner in 1702.  Of course, like my father, I lived south of the James in what is now Chesterfield County, where the Colony taxed me on 700 acres in 1704. 
In only my 40s, I died about 1706 or 1707 leaving some minor children. I had a will but the clerk lost that, too.
William Blackman must have married my widow. Since he had my sons’ inheritance, the court ordered him to put up a bond to secure it in 1708. 
Ann and I were the parents of four sons: Seth, Richard, Benjamin, and Joseph. A daughter may have married Robert Burton Jr. because Benjamin chose him as guardian and it looks like he had a son named Seth Burton. Another was possibly the wife of William Fuqua who had a daughter Sarah Ward Fuqua and grandson Seth Ward Fuqua.

In Jan. 1692/3 Seth swapped 150-acre tracts with his brother Edward Ward

Sons come of age
In Aug. 1713 Benjamin Ward chose Robert Burton Jr. his guardian and Joseph chose his older brother Seth as guardian.  The Henrico County Court ordered William Blackman to deliver the sons’ property to their guardians and appointed Thomas Branch, Christopher Branch, and Richard Ward to see that this was done.  A few months later, Richard Ward reached lawful age and William Blackman turned over Richard’s portion of his father’s estate to him. 

Road controversy
In 1708 a controversy arose regarding the property that belonged to Seth Ward. Evidently his brother Edward Ward received court approval to lay a road across the land previously belonging to Seth. William Blackman was living there in Dec. 1707 and sued to block the road, alleging that Edward made misrepresentations to the court. The court agreed with Blackman and reversed the order. 
Another controversy occurred in 1712. Seth Ward Jr. sued William Blackman for the right to lay a cart path across lands “in the possession of William Blackman.” Seth prevailed in this suit. 

Descendants of Capt. Seth Ward I
Information about the children of Capt. Seth Ward I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Seth Ward II (c.1690-1734),  
Richard Ward,   Mr. Abell Gower,  Mr. John Knowles,  
Richard Ward,   
Thomas Bassett,  Margaret (—) Hancock,   John Trent,   Gilbert Gee,   John Roberts,  
Martha Worsham,   Capt. John Worsham,   Capt. William Worsham,   Abraham Jones,   
Joseph Tanner,   William Bass,   Edward Osborne,   
Col. Seth Ward III,  Mary Ward,   
Lawrence Brown,  Samuel Jones,   Henry Ward,   
Thomas Branch,   Richard Ward,   
Peter Randolph,  
Capt. Seth Ward IV,  Mary Goode,   
Seth Ward V,  Martha Norvell,  William Norvell,  Martha Butler,  
Seth Ward VI,  Hendricks,  
Mary Ward,  
Benjamin Ward,  Eliza White,  Col. White,  
Martha Ward,  
William Norvell Ward,  
Lucy E. Ward,  Fielding Williams,  
George Edward Ward,  
Nancy Edmonia Ward,  Matthew M. Kerr,  
Mary Goode Ward,  
Samuel Ward,  
Lucy Ward,  Robert Goode,   Henry Randolph,   
Mary Ward,  Ralph Hylton,  
Benjamin Ward,  
Mary (—) Ward,  
Seth Ward,  
Catherine Ward,  
Mary Ward,  William Brodnax,   
Mary Brodnax,   
Richard Gregory,   
Nancy Brodnax,  
Rebecca Brodnax,  George Hay,  
Benjamin Brodnax,  
Samuel Brodnax,  Elizabeth Cocke,  Margaret Brodnax Holmes,   
Gervis Brodnax,  
Anne Brodnax,  
Louisa Brodnax,  
William Brodnax,  
Frances Holmes Brodnax,  John Alexander Robertson,  
Emily Harriet Brodnax,  James Maclin Lundie,   
William Brodnax,  Ann B. Brooking,   
Edward B. Brodnax,  Frances Brooking,   
Richard West Gregory,  
Seth Gregory,  
Martha Ward Gregory,  Gen. John Pegram,  Edward Pegram,  Mary Lyle,  
Peterson Goodwyn,   
Maj. Gen. John Pegram,  
Maria Gregory,  Fendall Gregory,  Roger Gregory,   
Martha Ward,  James Murray,   Jerman Baker,  
Ann Ward,  
Martha Ward,  
Elizabeth Ward,  Bernard Gaines,  William Jordan,  
William Harris,   
 Richard Ward (1692-1762),  
William Blackman,   Frances Worsham,   Mary Johns,  
Christopher Branch,   
Thomas Matthews,  Edward Matthews,  Seth Ward,   Thomas Turpin,   
John Soane,  George Ronald,  William Randolph,   
John Peter Bondurant,  John Burton,   Richard Dennis,   
John Burton,   Thomas Franklin,  
Thomas Osborne,   
John Pleasants,  Thomas Green,  
Joseph Ward,   Perrin Allday,   
John Dawson,  Henry Dawson,  James Mitchell,   
Joseph Ward,   John Johnson,  David Greenhill,  
Benjamin Ward,  Martha (—) Ward,  Henry Ward,   
Nathaniel Bassett,  James Cary Jr.,  Benjamin Harris,  Jeremiah Hatcher,   
Reese Preece,  James Caldwell,  
Elizabeth Gay,  
Joel Walker,   Warren Walker,   
Perrin Allday,   
Tahpenes Ward,  Phillip Webber,   
John Webber,  Eliza Winglesworth,  
Frances Webber,  
Richard Webber,  Mary B. Batts,  
Thomas Colley,   
Elizabeth Webber,  William Ellington,  
Mary Ellington,  
Branch H. Ellington,  
Thomas Ellington,  
John Webber,  
Philip W. Webber,  Susanna M. Puryear,  
Richard W. Webber,  Richard Ligon,   
Ann Webber,  David Morris,  
Sarah Webber,  
Mary B. Webber,  
Susannah Webber,  Robertson,  
Philip Webber,  Mary W. Edwards,  
Benjamin F. Webber,  
Mary Webber,  
Seth Ward Webber,  Sallie White Chapman,  John Chapman Sr.,  
Delilah (—) Morley,  
Essex Webber,  
Simeon Webber,  Sally Jackson,  James Jackson,  Mary —,  Curtis Jackson,  
Nancy Webber,  Asa Jackson,  
Mary Webber,  Benjamin Hobson,  
James I. Webber,  
Simeon Webber,  Sarah E. Watson,  Curtis Jackson,  
Ann Bevill Webber,  Richard Ligon,   
Benjamin Ward,  Martha Branch,  
Mary Duke,  
Daniel Ward,  
Dr. William Ward,  Mary Bowman Stewart,   Mary Robertson,  
James Ward,  
Joshua Ward,  
Mary Obedience Ward,  Kennedy,  
Michael Ward,  
Benjamin Ward,  Celia Stewart,   Nicodemus Ward,  
Richard Ward,  
Catherine Ward,  William Brown,  John Ward,   
 Benjamin Ward (c.1695-1732),  
Henry Farmer,  Ann Anderson,   
Henry Anderson,   Henry Batte,   William Finney,   
Henry Ward,  Prudence Jones,   
Lawrence Brown,  Peter Jefferson,   Timothy Murrill,  Duncan Blew,  Thomas Dobson,  
Richard Blailock,  
John Nash,   Hugh Miller,  Rev. William Proctor,  Col. William Byrd,  Nathaniel Robertson,   
Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
David Greenhill,  Thomas Jones,  
Capt. Benjamin Ward,  
Catherine Crawley,   
Lt. Daniel Jones,   
Col. Banastre Tarleton,  
Benjamin Ward,  Sarah Fitzgerald,   Lt. Daniel Jones,   Littleberry Hardiman Jones,   Thomas Edmunds,   
Elizabeth Crawley Ward,  Benjamin Ward Fitzgerald,   
David Crawley Ward,  
Thomas Freeman Ward,  
Catherine Crawley Ward,  Louis Contesse Bouldin,   Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,   Littleberry Royall,   
Thomas E. Chambliss,  
Benjamin Ward,  
Sarah A. Ward,  
Mary C. Ward,  
Caroline V. Ward,  
Edwin Ward,  
Thomas Ward,  
John Francis Ward,  
William Fitzgerald Ward,  Eliza Armistead Miller,  Rebecca Ellen Lawson,  Elizabeth Susan Doswell,  Martha Epes Jones,   
Robert Fitzgerald Ward,  Louisa Fitzgerald Shore,  Dr. Robert Shore,  Louisa Fitzgerald,   
Sarah Epes Ward,  
Edward Ward,  Adele Stollenware,  
Nancy Ward,  Rev. John Wilson,  
Catherine Ward,  Lt. Francis Fitzgerald,   Rev. John Cameron,   
Catherine Crawley Fitzgerald,  Joseph G. Williams,   
Louisa Fitzgerald,  Dr. Robert Shore,   
Benjamin Ward Fitzgerald,  Elizabeth Crawley Ward,   Elizabeth Ann Jones,   Dr. Joseph A. Jones,  
Robert Fitzgerald,  
Mary Fitzgerald,  
Frances Fitzgerald,  Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,   
Edward George Fitzgerald,  
William Crawley Ward,  William Crawley,   David Crawley,   Sarah Jones,   
Henry Ward,  Luelling Williamson,  
Prudence Ward,  William Munford,   Reuben Thornton,   John Gooch,  
Ludwell Worsham,  
Robert Munford,   William Willson Jr.,   
John Adams,   
Sarah Ward,  Rowland Ward,   
Ann Ward,  Paschal Greenhill,  David Greenhill,  Catherine Claiborne,  Elizabeth Ward,   Lewellyn Jones,   
Thomas Lipscomb,  
John Watkins,  
Benjamin Ward II,  
Elizabeth Anderson,   David Greenhill,  
Edmund Booker,   William Watkins,  Martha —,  John Pride,   Joshua Atkinson,  
Thomas Jones,   Godfrey Jones,   
Thomas Jones,  John Booker,  John Pride,   William Cross Craddock,   Henry Anderson,   
Benjamin Ward III,  Stith Hardaway,   Mary Eggleston,   
Charles Irby,  Chastain Cocke,   
Seth Ward,  
Maria Ward,  John Randolph,   Peyton Randolph,   
 Joseph Eggleston (-1792),  
Judith Segar,  Oliver Segar,  Jane Daniel,  Judith (Cobbs) Bentley,   
Edward Booker,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Maj. Joseph Eggleston,  
Sarah Meade,   Judith Cary Eggleston,  William Eggleston,  Judith Cary,  
Gen. Joseph Eggleston Johnston,  
Jane Segar Eggleston,  Stephen Cocke,   
Anne Eggleston,  Daniel Hardaway,   
Judith Eggleston,  
Elizabeth Eggleston,  John Archer,   
Mary Eggleston,  Rev. John Brunskill,  Benjamin Ward,   
Gen. Everard Meade,   
Anne (Bolling) Murray,   John Murray,   John Bolling,   
Seth Hodijah Baylies Meade,  Jane Rutherford,  Thomas Rutherford,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Mary Susanna Meade,  
Benjamin Lincoln Meade,  Jane Elizabeth Hardaway,   
Charles Gennett Meade,  
Elizabeth Ward,  William Greenhill,  David Greenhill,  Catherine Claiborne,  Ann Ward,   
Thomas Read,   
Elizabeth Ward Greenhill,  
Ann Greenhill,  
William C. Greenhill,  
Catherine C. Greenhill,  
John Ward,  James Mitchell,   Mary Eggleston,  
Joseph Gooch,  Rachel —,  
Dr. William Gay,   
Capt. Rowland Ward,  Rebecca Jones,   
Edward Wilkinson,   Edward Friend,   Peter Thompson,  Richard Forrest,   
Thomas Jones,  Richard Jones,  
Stephen Cocke,   
Martha Ward,  Richard Jones,   
Margaret Ward,  Batte Jones,   
William Osborne,   
Munford Jones,  
Maj. Peter Branch Jones,  Robert Fitzgerald,   
Martha Epes,   
Mary Epes Jones,  Col. Isham G. Lundy,  
Peter Batte Jones,  Anne Armstrong,  Dr. Austin Watkins,   
Elizabeth Branch Jones,  Col. Travis Harris Epes,  Branch Osborne,   
John Freeman Epes,  
Dr. Travis Edwin Epes,  Anna Maria Fitzgerald,  Capt. William Fitzgerald,   Anna Maria Hardaway,   
Branch Jones Epes,  Lula May Doyle,  Capt. William F. Doyle,  Pattie Hargrave,  
Julia Matthews Epes,  
Theodore Almonte Epes,  
Hamlin Harris Epes,  
Frances Elizabeth Epes,  Rev. Richard Sothern Shreve,  
Peter Batte Epes,  Ulalia Scott,  
Martha Wilmouth Epes,  John Segar Hardaway,   
John Matthews Epes,  Laura French,  
Watkins Leigh Epes,  
Mary Jones Epes,  Dr. Daniel Horace Hardaway,   
Rebecca Jones,  Edward Bland,   
Judith Maria Bland,  Henry Cousins Worsham,   
Margaret Emma Bland,  George Harrison,  
Edward Stith Bland,  
Ann Augusta Bland,  Rev. Stephen F. Cocke,  
Martha Branch Bland,  John D. Williams,  
William Richard Bland,  Elizabeth A. Irby,  Matilda Oliver Epes,   
Rebecca Bland,  Thomas R. Cocke,  
Sarah Frances Bland,  Edward C. Robinson,  Rebecca G. Robinson,  
Eliza Virginia Bland,  
Virginia Bland,  Thomas Roper Williams,  
Martha Jones,  Dr. John Bland,  Polly Perkinson,  
Sarah Jones,  William Crallé,  Rev. John Cameron,   
Margaret Jones,  Dr. Francis L. Moseley,  
Ann Ward,  Robert Jones,   
Rebecca Ward Jones,  Rev. David Crawley Jones,   
Mary Ann Jones,  Richard M. Jones,  
Sarah Tanner Jones,  Dr. Daniel Hardaway,   Stith Hardaway,   
Horace F. Hardaway,  Sally Ann Hardaway,   
James Harvie Hardaway,  Sue Epes,  
Isaac Epes Hardaway,  
Richard Eggleston Hardaway,  Sallie Jones,  Richard Wilfred Tuggle,   
Dr. Daniel Horace Hardaway,  Mary Jones Epes,   
Dr. John Segar Hardaway,  Martha Wilmouth Epes,   
Margaret Barrett Hardaway,  Wesley C. Irby,  
Sallie Hardaway,  Patrick Fitzgerald,  
Horace F. Hardaway,  
Anna Maria Hardaway,  Capt. William Fitzgerald,   
Daniel H. Hardaway,  Sallie Anne (—) Hardaway,  
Elizabeth Royall Jones,  Thomas Goode,   Rev. David Crawley Jones,   
Maria Ward Jones,  Capt. Thomas Wiley,  
John Goode Wiley,  Robert Edward Jones,   
Sally Munford Wiley,  Thomas Pollard,  
Alneida Wiley,  
Ann Ward Wiley,  John W. Williams,  
Edward Henry Jones,  Elizabeth Finney Bott,   Edward B. Bott,  Sally Prudence —,  Philip Turner Southall,   
Seth Ward Jones,  Maria A. Hardaway,   Daniel Hardaway Jr.,   Martha (Hardaway) Old,   John Foster,  
Dr. Robert Batte Jones,  Eliza Winfield Harper,  Joseph Wells Harper,  Elizabeth Winfield Scott,  Gen. Winfield Scott,   
Richard Samuel Jones,  Martha W. Pritchett,   Susan E. Scott,  Col. James Scott,  Martha P. Pegram,  
Gen. Winfield Scott,   
Virginia Ann Jones,  
Richard Samuel Jones,  
Indiana Jones,  
Theophilus Lawrence Jones,  
Cornelius Pritchett Jones,  
William Ward Jones,  Prudence Mann,  David Mann,  Mary W. Breedlove,  
George S. Jones,  
Edwin W. Jones,  
John W. Jones,  
Prudence C. Jones,  
Sarah T. Jones,  
Capt. Rowland Ward,  Sarah Ward,   Edward Ward,   Francis Anderson,   
Mary Lamkin,  Peter Lamkin,  
William May Porter,   John Jennings,   
Prudence Ward,  Lewellyn Jones,   
Tyree Glenn Bacon,  
A.C. Barton,  
Rowland Edward Ward Jones,  
Peter Montfort Stokes Jones,  
Catherine Jones,  
Henry Ward,  
Rowland Ward,  Margaret Harris,  
Col. Edward Ward,  Ann Jones,   Catherine Chappell,   
Mary Ward,  Col. Seth Ward,   
 Joseph Ward I (-1743),  
Sarah Stewart,   
 daughter (Ward) Burton,  
Robert Burton,   
Seth Burton,  Benjamin Mosby,  
 Elizabeth (Ward) Fuqua (-1779),  
William Fuqua,  Francis Anderson,   
Samuel Fuqua,  Hannah Bates,   John Ward,   Francis Scott,  
Samuel Fuqua,  Polly Armistead,  
Anne Fuqua,  Paul Carrington,   Thomas Mackey,  
Tabitha Fuqua,  Richard Booker,  
Catherine Fuqua,  Andrew Young,  
Hannah Fuqua,  William Price,  
Joseph Fuqua,  Elizabeth Bedford,   
Moses Fuqua,  
William Fuqua,  Mary (—) Fuqua,  John Ward,   Seth Ward,   
Martin Baker,  
Sarah Fuqua,  Stephen Terry,  
Nathaniel Terry,  
James Terry,  
Rhoda Terry,  John Bondurant,  
Elizabeth Fuqua Terry,  
Anne Terry,  Charles Cooper,  
William Terry,  
John Terry,  
Joseph Fuqua,  Mary Burge,  Drury Burge,  
Elizabeth Fuqua,  James Baker,  
William Fuqua,  
Mary Fuqua,  
John Fuqua,  Susanna Bates,   
John Fuqua,  
Hannah Fuqua,  Thomas Lawson,  
William Fuqua,  
Joseph Fuqua,  Catherine Palmer,  John Palmer,  
Susanna Fuqua,  Josiah Jackson,  
Sarah Ward Fuqua,  Redford Maxey,  Thomas Spraggins,   
Robert Cobbs,  Robert Maxey,  
David Caldwell,  
Josiah Maxey,  
Susanna Maxey,  Simeon Glenn,  Moses Fontaine,  Gerard McCarty,  
Lucretia Maxey,  
Elizabeth Maxey,  Humphrey Brooks,  Giles Thweatt,   
John Maxey,  Lucretia Edee Tucker,  Matthew Rucker,  John Dickerson,  Archer Dickerson,  Elijah Hundley,  John Irvine,  
Catherine P. Maxey,  John Irving Jr.,  
James Maxey,  
Susanna Maxey,  William Woodfin,  
William Maxey,  
James Williams,  
Sarah Maxey,  
Edward Maxey,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin Ward - Revolutionary War Gen. John Pegram - War of 1812
Gen. John Pegram - Civil War Fendall Gregory - War of 1812
Philip Webber - Revolutionary War Seth Ward Webber - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Ward - Revolutionary War William Munford - Revolutionary War
Peyton Randolph - War of 1812 Joseph Eggleston - Revolutionary War
Gen. Everard Meade - Revolutionary War Benjamin Lincoln Meade - War of 1812
William Greenhill - Revolutionary War John Ward - Revolutionary War
Rowland Ward - Revolutionary War Bartholomew Jones - Revolutionary War
Branch Jones Epes - Civil War Daniel Hardaway - War of 1812
Dr. Daniel Horace Hardaway - Civil War John Segar Hardaway - Civil War
Thomas Wiley - War of 1812 Seth Ward Jones - War of 1812
Capt. Rowland Ward - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Gen. John Pegram - U.S. Joseph Eggleston - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Peyton Randolph - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. Seth Ward III - Virginia Gen. John Pegram - Virginia
Louis Countesse Bouldin - Virginia Lt. Francis Fitzgerald - Virginia
Robert Fitzgerald - Virginia Paschal Greenhill - Virginia
David Greenhill - Virginia Joseph Eggleston - Virginia
Gen. Everard Meade - Virginia Col. Isham G. Lundy - Virginia
Col. Travis Harris Epes - Virginia Joseph Wells Harper - Virginia
Col. Edward Ward - Tennessee  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Gen. Everard Meade  

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