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 1764   Charles Rogers
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Charles Rogers, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Charles Rogers might describe his life as follows.

Thus far, little is known of me. I am said to be the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Rogers.
Jane Lilburne and I, London residents, were the parents of 4 children. Both daughter Jane, who married Isham Randolph, and son Robert were later in Goochland County, Virginia.

Jane Lilburne was a daughter of William Lilburne who was born at Newcastle, Durham, England, about 1636. A barrister, he married Elizabeth Nicholson, a daughter of Christopher Nicholson, 21 Aug. 1662 in St. Nicholas Parish, Newcastle.
William died 17 Jan. 1680/1 in Newcastle-on-Tyne, Durham, and Elizabeth’s will devised all her property to her daughter Eleanor Lilburne (will dated 1715 and proved 1721).
William was the son of George Lilburne (1585) and Eleanor Hicks (- 20 Oct. 1677), a daughter of Richard Hicks, who married 13 April 1629.

Descendants of Charles Rogers
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert Rogers (c.1685-1740),  
 Jane (Rogers) Randolph,  
Isham Randolph,   
John Newland,  George Dudley,  
Capt. Richard Mosby,  
Isham Randolph,  Sarah Hargraves,  Bernard Markham,   
William Randolph,  Elizabeth Little,  John Little,  Fortune —,  
Mary Little Randolph,  
Elizabeth Little Randolph,  William Isham Epes,  
Jane Randolph,  
William Eston Randolph,  
Thomas Eston Randolph,  Jane Cary Randolph,   
Benjamin Randolph,  
James Randolph,  
William Eston Randolph,  
Fortune Randolph,  
Susanna Randolph,  
Henry Jones Randolph,  
Jacob Little Randolph,  
Thomas Isham Randolph,  Jane Cary,   
Thomas Randolph,  Mary Skipwith,  Catherine Lawrence,  
Isham Randolph,  Ann Randolph Coupland,   
Capt. Archibald Cary Randolph,  Lucy Burwell,   
Mary Randolph,  Randolph Harrison,   
Jane Randolph,  Peter Jefferson,   
Mary Randolph,  Charles Warner Lewis,  Charles Lewis,  Mary Howell,  
Howell Lewis,  
Charles Lilburne Lewis,  Lucy Jefferson,   
Isham Lewis,  
Mary Randolph Lewis,  Charles Lewis,  Robert Lewis,  Jane Meriwether,  Charles Wingfield Jr.,  
Jane Lewis,  Charles Hudson,  Elisha Price,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  Col. Bennett Henderson,  
Ann Jefferson Lewis,  Randolph Jefferson,   
Frances Lewis,  John Thomas,  
Mildred Lewis,  Edward Moore,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  John Railey,  Charles Railey,  
Thomas Railey,  Martha Woodson,   
Isham Randolph Railey,  Susanna Woodson,   
John Railey,  
William Railey,  Judith Woodson,   
Jane Railey,  
Charles Railey,  Polly Mayo,   
Elizabeth Railey,  John Bullock,  
Anne Railey,  
James Railey,  Ann Watkins,  Joseph Watkins,  James Blankenship,  
Elizabeth Railey,  John Railey,  
Joseph Railey,  
Mattie Railey,  
Randolph Railey,  Martha W. Pleasants,   
Susanna Railey,  
Annie Railey,  
Martin Railey,  Elizabeth Mayo,   
Dorothea Randolph,  John Woodson,   
Jane Randolph Woodson,  Archibald Pleasants,   
Elizabeth Woodson,  John Cheadle,  
Josiah Woodson,  Elizabeth Woodson,   
Isham Woodson,  
Susanna Woodson,  Isham Randolph Railey,   
Ens. John Woodson,  Mary Anderson,  
Martha Woodson,  Thomas Railey,   
Judith Woodson,  William Railey,   
Sarah Woodson,  Philip Woodson,   
Mary Woodson,  Col. Nathaniel G. Morris,  
Lucy Woodson,  
Ann Woodson,  John Stephen Woodson,   
Anne Randolph,  Daniel Scott,   
John Pleasants,  John Pleasants,  Margaret Jordan,   
James Cocke Pleasants,   
Samuel Pleasants,  
Jane Pleasants,  
Susanna Randolph,  Carter Henry Harrison,   
Nicholas Davies,   
Robert Carter Harrison,  Ann Cabell,   
Anne Harrison,  Thomas H. Drew,  
Thomas Harrison Drew,  
Peyton Drew,  
Henry Drew,  
Peyton Harrison,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  William Bradley,  
Randolph Harrison,  Mary Randolph,   
Carter Henry Harrison,  
 William Rogers,  
 Lewis Rogers,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Archibald Cary Randolph - War of 1812 John Woodson - Revolutionary War
Carter Henry Harrison - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Isham Randolph - Virginia Col. John Woodson - Virginia
Carter Henry Harrison - Virginia Thomas H. Drew - Virginia
Randolph Harrison - Virginia  

Selected sources
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“Lilburne - Randolph - Jefferson.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(5):53-61. • Ancestry of Jane Lilburne who married Charles Rogers.
Randolph, Wassell. William Randolph I of Turkey Island, (Henrico County) Virginia and His Immediate Descendants (1999). • Includes the family of William Randolph and his son Isham Randolph who married Jane Rogers.

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