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 1760   Maj. William Ligon I (c.1650-1689)
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Maj. William Ligon I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Maj. William Ligon I might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Henrico County about 1650 and was married to Mary Tanner by about 1675. 
I have to confess that I was very difficult. After my father died, Mother let me live on part of her land. Yet because I “acted to her prejudice,” as she called it, she tried to evict me. The justices examined Father’s will and concluded that we were joint tenants during her lifetime. If we could not peaceably divide the land, they would. 
Court records also reveal that I was accused of arranging the theft of a cow in 1678 and that I paid fines for “obstinately and violently” resisting arrest, for contempt of court, and for evading taxes by not mentioning I had 2 Indian servants. I had to put up a peace bond after that arrest episode. 
I died in 1689 after helping Mary rear 7 children, and for nearly 20 years, she remained a widow. She acquired land grants in her own name, bought and sold plantations, purchased a ½-acre lot in town, and sued my brother Hugh Ligon over some fine print in our father’s will.
In 1707 Mary married William Farrar who had just lost his wife, Priscilla Baugh. Just to show you how Mary could pick a husband, the record of her second marriage is revealed in a lawsuit Rev. George Robertson brought against Farrar for refusing to pay the 20-shilling fee for the wedding. 

Court records
Several court records do confirm that William Ligon was independent and strong willed. About 1678 he was fined 400 pounds of tobacco and jailed because he did “obstinately & violently, resist & withstand, the Sheriff, & his deputy… to the great breach of his Majestyes peace.”  Bond for his release was posted by his brother Richard Ligon and by his brother-in-law Robert Hancock.
On 18 Nov. 1678 Edward Hatcher told the Henrico County Court that Major Ligon had told him to steal a cow from a Mr. Tibbald and butcher it. Edward could not find the cow but heard later that Thomas Perrin and some others had taken the cow and butchered it, although he did not see it happen. They did not show the consequences of this deposition. 
Henrico County charged Ligon on 3 tithables in 1679. 
On 1 Feb. 1682/3 William Ligon was fined 200 pounds of tobacco for contempt of court by refusing to serve on a jury,  and on 18 Oct. 1685 Thomas Cocke was granted a judgement against William for 616 pounds of tobacco due him. Four days later, on 22 Oct. 1685, they brought William into court for failing to list two Indian servants on the tax rolls. He pretended he was not aware of their ages and argued that he should not be fined.
On 1 April 1679 William Ligon’s mother-in-law conveyed property to her daughter and William that was to be disbursed for an Indian woman named Moll Waters,  and 1 April 1680 William gave his orphaned sister-in-law, Martha Tanner, the use of a mouse-colored mare with a foal. 
Although William posted on the courthouse door, according to law, his intention of going to England 2 April 1683,  we do not know if he made the trip.

Will and probate
Maj. William Ligon prepared the will, shown below.  He was dead by 1 Aug. 1689. 

Will of William Ligon
21 January 1688/9
In the name of God Amen. I Will:m Ligon being in a Sick condition doe make & ordain this my last will & testam:t in manner & form as followeth.
I give & bequeath my Soul to Almighty God who gave it hopeing in his mercy to receive full & free pardon for all my sins. As for my estate I give as followeth.
Imps: I give to my sons Thomas & William the plantation I now dwell on to be equally divided between them & to their heirs for ever.
My part of ye Ashen Swamp that is that lyes about it I Give to my son John & his heirs for ever, I give my land that Joyns M.r Hancock’s line to be equally divided between my son Joseph Ligon and Tho. Farrar, Jun. and to their heirs forever.
My land that lyes on the back of Curles Joyning on ye land wch formerly belonged to Solomon Knibb I give to be equally divided between my daughter Mary & ye Child my wife now goes with to them & their heirs for ever.
My desire is that my wife lives a widow till my Children comes to ye age of twenty one years they are to continue with her but if she marryes then they are to be at their own disposeing at sixteen years of age.
I give to my sons each of them a gun to take their choice of them as they come of age.
All the rest of my estate I give to my dear & loving wife dureing her widowhood; But if she marryes, I give to half of it to be equally divided between my children. My wife to have the other half.
I desire Capt. Fran: Epes, Mr. Rob:t Hancock and John Worsham to see this my last will pformed.

William appointed 3 very prominent members of the Henrico community “to see this my last will performed,” Francis Epes, Robert Hancock, and John Worsham.

Mary, the widow
Mary (Tanner) Ligon lived a widow many years after her husband and her name appeared often in the records of Henrico County.
In 1691 Mary sued her brother-in-law Hugh Ligon. It seems her father-in-law, Thomas Ligon, who left land to all of his sons, added in his will, “… all the land that is above express’d that I have given my sons if in case they dye without heirs to return to ye next survivor [emphasis added].” Because son Matthew Ligon left no heirs when he died in 1691 and because William was dead, Hugh Ligon the next younger son, considered he was the “ye next survivor” and took possession of the land. Yet the laws of primogeniture, by which the eldest son inherited land, mandated possession by the eldest son and his heirs. Consequently, Mary’s eldest son, Thomas Ligon, now owned the land.
When Mary engaged the local attorney Edward Chilton to sue Hugh, he alleged that the Ligon will submitted to the court contained errors and demanded the trial be deferred.  The court eventually agreed with Mary and “accordingly Order’d That the sherr:f of this County doe Putt [Thomas Ligon] ye sd [plaintiff] into t & peaceable possession thereof And that ye sd [defendant] be Ejected therefrom…”  This did not end the controversy. After Mary came back to court complaining that Hugh “doth comitt many trespasses thereon pretending that he Knoweth not the bounds wch he will not suffer to be laid out,” the justices ordered Hugh to pay for half the costs of surveying the disputed boundary. 
The Henrico County court certified in 1691 that “Mrs Mary Ligon (ye younger)” was due 300 acres of land for the importation of 6 individuals, one of whom was William Ligon.  In 1692 Mary bought half-acre Lot 23 in a new town being created in Henrico County.  The deed, which did not identify the name of the town, required her to build a home of at least 20 feet square within 4 months. We presume she lived there. The same year Mary bought 200 acres on Swift Creek in Bristol Parish, Henrico County, which she sold to her mother, then Mary Platt, in 1696. 
In 1694 Mary came into ownership of half her father’s plantation “Baldwins,” and 5 years later obtained a patent for 383 acres on Proctors Creek for the importation of 8 persons,  all of which Mary Ligon, “the younger of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., spinster,” gave to her son William in 1701 in return for William relinquishing his right to his father’s plantation to his brother Thomas Ligon.  Her objective was to head off a dispute between her two sons regarding the division of land left them by their father. Yet when neither Mary nor William occupied the patent, it was regranted to Charles Evans 20 Oct. 1704. 

Descendants of Maj. William Ligon I
Information about the children of Maj. William Ligon I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Ligon (-1705),  
Elizabeth Worsham,   Mary Worsham,   Richard Ligon,   
Thomas Ligon,  
Phoebe Ligon,  Henry Walthall,   
Richard Walthall,   Henry Walthall,   
Daniel Nunnally,  
Thomas Walthall,  Anne —,  Frances (—) Walthall,  
James Hamlett,  Obedience —,  
William Willson,   Humphrey Dunnavant,  
Thomas Wyatt,  Ann —,  
Mary Walthall Bass,   
Thomas Walthall,  Elizabeth Featherstone,   
Henry Featherstone,   
Jesse Cogbill,   
Henry Walthall,  
Clarissa Walthall,  William Worsham,  
Marley Walthall,  Margaret Jones Batte,   Miranda Jackson,   
Elizabeth Chamberlaine Walthall,  Henry Britton,  
Frances Graves Walthall,  Frances Graves,   John Chalkley,  
Sarah C. Walthall,  George Taylor Toney,  
Marla C. Walthall,  
Caroline Walthall,  Obadiah Wade,  
Cynthia Walthall,  David Price,  
Amy Walthall,  
John Walthall,  Richard Booker,   Grace Booker,   
Edward Cary Walthall,  
Lucy Walthall,  Robert Walthall,   
William Bass,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  Richard Walthall,   
Richard Walthall,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  
Ann Walthall,  Thomas Walthall,   John Robertson,   
Thomas Burfoot,  Peter Robertson,  
Rev. Walthall Robertson,  Frances Cox,  Anne Cary,   
Frances Cox Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  Henry Turpin,   Maj. Josiah D. Bromwell,  
Peter Robertson,  
Ann Robertson,  Jeremiah Turpin,   
Martha Robertson,  
John Robertson,  Catherine Traylor,   Matilda Vaughan,  
Richard Henry Robertson,  Thomas Burfoot,  Philadelphia Stone,  
William Robertson,  Parmelia Moseley,  Joseph Moseley,   
Mabel Walthall,  Rowlett,  
Richard Walthall,  
Sarah Baugh,   
Thomas Walthall,   
William Walthall,  
Henry Walthall,  
Phoebe Walthall,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  
Anne Walthall,  William Cousins,   John Williams,  Robert Cousins,   Robert Bolling,  Francis Epes,  
Henry Cousins,  
William Henry Cousins,  Martha Robinson,  
John Cousins,  John Robertson,   
Elizabeth Cousins,  Joshua Pritchett,   
Mary Cousins,  David Browder,   
Richard Browder,  Elizabeth Anderson,   
William Cousins Browder,  
Robert Browder,  
Ann Walthall Browder,  
Almeda Browder,  
Jane Browder,  
Martha Cousins,  Edward Chambers,  
Eliza Chambers,  Robert Scott,  
Ann Walthall Chambers,  George Craig,   
Mary Tarry Craig,  
Martha Cousins Craig,  
Edward Chambers Craig,  Ann Parke Jones,  Montford Jones,  Mary Ann Street,  
James Craig,  Lucy Prior,  
Ann Walthall Craig,  John Orgain Jr.,  
Capt. George Craig Orgain,  
Edward B. Orgain,  
Thomas Adams Orgain,  
Lucy Marshall Orgain,  Dr. John Randolph May,  
James Robert Orgain,  
Mary Jackson Orgain,  Mason Cabell Morris,  
Henrietta Orgain,  
Theodore Orgain,  Mary Collier Bridgeforth,  
Sen. Henry H. Chambers,  
Edward R. Chambers,  Lucy Goode Tucker,   
Martha Cousins Chambers,  Capt. Charles Betts,  
Rebecca Cousins,  Ludson Worsham Jr.,  
Edward Worsham,  Obedience Smith Williamson,  Maria G. (Steger) Pride,   
Mary E. Worsham,  Thomas P. Bland,  
Obedience Ann Worsham,  Rev. Richard Edward Griffin Adams,  
Ann Walthall Worsham,  Charles Williamson,  
Mary Jordan Worsham,  
William Worsham,  Lucretia Branch,  Benjamin Branch,   
George Marshall Worsham,  Martha Ann Wynn,  William Wynn,  
Rebecca Green Worsham,  Henry Robinson,   
Henry Cousins Worsham,  Judith Maria Bland,   
Harriet Ludson Worsham,  
Henry Walthall,  
William Clark,  Peter Moon,  
Phoebe Walthall,  Charles Featherstone,   
William Walthall,  
J. Bartley Baugh,  Francis Osborne,  
Elizabeth Bevill,  Seth Perkinson,   
Henry Walthall,  Henry Wray,  Elizabeth Eanes,  Henry Eanes,  
William Walthall,  Nancy Walthall,   
John Walthall,  
Peter Walthall,  Irma Vaughan,  Jane (—) Howell,  
Bartley Walthall,  Ann Perkinson,   Rev. Robert Walthall,   
Frances A. Walthall,  Marley Walthall,  
Peter G. Walthall,  
Catherine Walthall,  Benjamin Johnson,  
Elizabeth C. Walthall,  John Poland,  Robert McCune,  
Benjamin F. Poland,  
Mary S.A. Poland,  Thomas Lockett Warriner,  William Warriner,  Kerenhappuch Dunnavant,  
Ashley Cooper McCune,  
Charles Miegs McCune,  
George M. Walthall,  Rebecca W. Royall,  
Sarah E. Walthall,  
Mary J. Walthall,  
John A. Walthall,  
Ann E. Walthall,  
Frances S. Walthall,  
Martha B. Walthall,  
Joseph M. Walthall,  
Peter F. Walthall,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  John Marshall,   
Nancy Walthall,  John Clemmons,   
Clarissa Walthall,  Lewis Leath,  
Mary Ligon,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  James Anderson,   Henry Walthall,   
James Nance,  
Edward Robertson,   George Martin,  
Edmund Borum,   James Bartley,  Alexander Bartley,  
James Anderson III,  John Ellett,  
Gabriel Fowlkes,   William Watson,   
James Bagley,   Edward Robertson,   
Elizabeth (—) Anderson,  John Robertson,   
Worsham Anderson,  
Misaniah Knight,   
Martha Anderson,  William Fowlkes,   
Polly Anderson,  Thomas Clayton,  
John W. Anderson,  
Worsham Anderson,  
Nancy Anderson,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  
Prudence Anderson,  
Nancy Anderson,  John Langhorne Tabb,   Joseph Hillsman,   
Robert Anderson,  
Pleasant Anderson,  
Sally Anderson,  
Claiborne Anderson,  Stokes Anderson,   
Paschal Anderson,  
Molly Anderson,  
Henry Anderson,  Lucy (—) Anderson,  
James Anderson,  
Henry Anderson,  
Paulin Anderson,  
Theodosia Anderson,  John Ward,   
Ann Anderson,  Bradshaw,  
Patience Anderson,  
Rawlings Anderson,  
Garland Anderson,  
Nancy Anderson,  
Darling Anderson,  
Rev. Charles Anderson,  Lucy Stokes,  Young Stokes,  Elizabeth —,  
Richard Broaddus,  
Matthew Anderson,  Martha Dyson,  Martha (—) Dyson,  Polly Bagley,   
Susanna Anderson,  John Walton,   Nancy Fishback,  
Larkin Anderson,  Mary Carter,   Judith T. Foster,  Richard Foster,  
Larkin Anderson,   Elizabeth McGehee,  Elizabeth Hines,  William Hines,  Jacob McGehee,   
Stokes Anderson,  Polly —,  Elizabeth Jennings,  Anderson Jennings,  Sarah —,  William Jennings,  Dickerson Jennings,   Christian Hiles,  
James Anderson,  Sarah Bagley,   Jesse Turner,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Obediah Ragsdale,   
Frances Anderson,  
Cecilia Anderson,  William Field,  Mary Rogers,  
Charles Anderson,  Catherine —,  
Lucy Anderson,  Enoch Rose Jr.,  
Rebecca Anderson,  Charles Lyon,  Charles A. Lyon,  Elizabeth Tabb,  
Mason Anderson,  Charles Bagby,  
John Anderson,  Samuel Sherwin,   Elizabeth (—) Anderson,  
George Robertson,  Martha (—) Anderson,  
Reynard Anderson,  Mary Ford,  Uriah Lipscomb,  
John F. Anderson,  
Martha L. Anderson,  Julius King,  
Mary F. Anderson,  
Maj. Hezekiah R. Anderson,  Martha Robertson,   
Elizabeth Christian Anderson,  Minor Winn Smith,  
Mary Anderson,  Josiah Thompson,  
Sarah Anderson,  Walker,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Stephen Farmer,  
Benjamin Farmer,  Abraham Martin,  
Mary Anderson,  George Martin,  John Norris,   Dickerson Jennings,   
John Gray,  Ann Sherwin,  
George Martin,  Ann —,  Griffin Lewis Lamkin,  
Mason Anderson,  Peter Knight,   Woodson Knight,   Rice Scott,   
Anderson Knight,  
Nancy Knight,  Coleman Knight,  
Mary Knight,  James Barnes,  
 James Anderson of Amelia County,  
Mary Jordan,   
 James Anderson (-c.1711) of Prince George County,  
Matthew Anderson,  James Thweatt,  
James Anderson,  Elizabeth Ligon,   
Frances Anderson,  James Grigg,   
William Hardy,  
Elizabeth Grigg,  David Christopher,   
James Grigg,  Mary White,  John White,  Abraham Wills,  
Samuel White,  
William Price,  Robert Rakestraw,  
Martha Grigg,  James Hayes,   
Catherine White Grigg,  Joseph Oliver,  John Oliver,  
Mary Grigg,  Christopher Curtis,  
Peter Grigg,  Peter Jones Sr.,   
Josiah Grigg,  Mary (—) Grigg,  Branch Jones,   
James Grigg,  Mary Redford,  Andrew Redford,  Mary Jones,   
Martha Grigg,  Bagwell,  
Agnes J. Grigg,  
Edward J. Grigg,  
James H. Grigg,  
Peter J. Grigg,  Martha Jones,  Catherine Greenhill Epes,  Richard Epes,   Martha Greenhill Williams,   
William Grigg,  
Josiah Grigg,  Elizabeth White,  John White,  
Peter Grigg,  
Jesse Grigg,  Martha Walton,  
Susannah Grigg,  
Priscilla Grigg,  
Mary Grigg,  
William Grigg,  
Peter Grigg,  
Mary Grigg,  
Elizabeth Grigg,  
Martha Grigg,  
Susanna Grigg,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  George Bagley,  Edward Bagley,  Peter Bagley,  
Hannah Bagley,  
Edward Robertson,   
Thomas Chandler,  Elias DeJarnat,   Robert Cousins,  John Gray,  Thomas Jones,   
Charles Irby,  Henry Robertson,   
George Martin,   William Covington,  Samuel Sherwin,   
Mary Bagley,  Matthew Cox,  Richard Ligon,   
George Bagley,  Judith Knight,   
Peter Jones,   George Foster,   
Sarah Bagley,  James Anderson,   Rev. Charles Anderson,   Henry Anderson,   
James Bagley,  Rachel Crenshaw,  James Crenshaw,  
Anderson Bagley,  
Woodson Bagley,  
Polly Bagley,  Matthew Anderson,   
John Bagley,  Nathan Fowlkes,   Larkin Anderson,   
George Bagley,  
Elizabeth Bagley,  
William Bagley,  
Woodson Bagley,  
Anderson Bagley,  
Martha W. Bagley,  
James Bagley,  Dicey Brewer,  Edmund Brewer,  Ann —,  
William Hardy,  Mary —,  Thomas Hardy,  Covington Hardy,  William Watson,   Patty Chappell,  John Chappell,  
Reuler Richardson,   William Watson,   Isham Clay,   
Charles Knight,   George Walton,   John Fowlkes,   
Jennings Fowlkes,   John Fowlkes,  
Edward Robertson,   James Anderson,   Charles Anderson,   
William Watson,   Dickerson Jennings,   Edmund Borum,   
Elizabeth Bagley,  George Cabiness Robertson,   
Nancy Bagley,  Nathan Fowlkes,   
Mary Bagley,  Jacob Seay,   
Rosamond Bagley,  
Anderson Bagley,  Molly Chappell,   
Elizabeth Bagley,  David Craddock,   
Frances Bagley,  Dickerson Jennings,   
William Anderson,  Robert Bolling,   
Elizabeth Anderson,  Matthew Ligon,   
 William Ligon II (c.1682-1764),  
 John Ligon,  
Samuel Ligon,  Agnes (—) Ligon,  
Bathsheba (—) Harwood,  
Martha Harwood,  John Spears,  Robert Allen,  Rebecca Harwood,  Bathsheba Harwood,  
Thomas Harwood,  
Samuel Ligon,  Mary —,  Robert Robinson,  
Willis Ligon,  Nancy Gaddy,  David Gaddy,  William Ligon,  Margaret White,  
Sarah Ligon,  Richard Ligon,  
Elisha Ligon,  
Rev. Sherwood Ligon,  Tabitha —,  
Agnes Ligon,  
Bathsheba Ligon,  Silvey,  
John Ligon,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  William Powell,  
Elizabeth Powell,  James Gray,  
William Powell,  Polly Graves,  Mary Riddle,  
John Sampson Powell,  
Sarah Powell,  
Henry Powell,  
Ann Powell,  David Nowlin,   
Mary Powell,  Absalom Ellis,  
Andrew Castlin,  
Andrew Castlin,  Ann —,  Mrs. Lucy (—) Lennox,  
John Castlin,  
Sarah Castlin,  Edward Cooke,  
John Ligon Cooke,  Elizabeth O. Darrons,  John Darrons,  
 Joseph Ligon,  
 Mary (Ligon) Anderson Rowlett,  
William Anderson,  Peter Rowlett,   
 Peter Rowlett I (c.1640-1702),  
Capt. Thomas Rowlett,  
Peter Rowlett II,  Thomas Cocke,   
Mary Ligon,   
William Rowlett,  Frances Worsham,   
Martha Rowlett,  
Joseph Rowlett,  
Frances Worsham,  William Worsham,  Rosamond Webster,  
Benjamin Ratliff,  John Haskins,  Edmund Browder,   Benjamin Dyson,  William Dyson,  Francis Perkinson,   
John Rowlett,  
Martha Covington,   
Frances Rowlett,  Michael Wells Jr.,  
Nancy Rowlett,  
Lucy Rowlett,  
Sarah Rowlett,  John Scammell,  
Elizabeth Pride Rowlett,  Baker Wells,  
Martha Rowlett,  Daniel Dodson,  
Mary Rowlett,  
John Rowlett,  
Joseph Rowlett,  
Rebecca Rowlett,  
Ann Rowlett,  
William Rowlett,  John Perkinson,   
Elizabeth Gill,   
Mary R. Dance,  
John Rowlett,  
Peter Rowlett,  Rowlett Gill,   Florinda Hill,   
Joseph Rowlett,  Rowlett Gill,   
William Rowlett,  Rowlett Gill,   James Howlett,  Mary Gill,  Daniel Gill,  
Ann Rowlett,  William Clarke,  Martha Rowlett,   
Elizabeth Rowlett,  John Williams,  
James Rowlett,  
Alfred Rowlett,  
Thomas Rowlett,  
Mary Rowlett,  Thomas Covington,  
Frances Rowlett,  Edward Eanes,  
Frances Rowlett Eanes,  William Gill,  Joseph Gill,  
Martha Rowlett,  Lt. William Clarke,  
Martha Clarke,  
William Rowlett,  
Andrew Johnston Jr.,  
Sarah (Neal) Archer,   George Archer,   Martha Archer,   William Wills Green,   
Capt. Thomas Rowlett,  
William Rowlett,  
Mary Rowlett,  William Rowlett,   
Martha Rowlett,  Cousins,  
Sarah Rowlett,  
Thomas Rowlett,  Elizabeth Thompson,  Robert Thompson Sr.,  William Rowlett,   
John Gibbs,  
Mary Rowlett,  George Traylor,   Frederick Traylor,   
Thomas Traylor,  
Humphrey Traylor,  Stephen Dyson,  
Elizabeth Traylor,  Frederick Traylor,   Stephen Dyson,  
Mary Rowlett Traylor,  William Deaton,  Levi Deaton,  
Ann Traylor,  John Overby,  
Rebecca Overby,  Armistead Daves,   
Ann Rowlett,  Cousins,  George Cousins,   
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Thomas Gill,  
Frances Gill,  
Daniel Gill,  
John Gill,  
Thomas Gill,  Susanna Gill,  William Gill,  
William Rowlett,  Mary Rowlett,   
Daniel Hutt,  William Farrar,   
Rebecca (Edwards) Short,  
Sarah Rowlett,  Thomas Coleman,  Cluverious Coleman,  
Thompson Rowlett,  Mary Dodson,  
Mary A. Rowlett,  Thomas W. Hill,  
William Rowlett,  
Peter Rowlett,  
Hannah Rowlett,  
John Rowlett,  
Archer Rowlett,  Louisa M. Eanes,  Edward Eanes,  
Martha Rowlett,  William Rowlett,  
James Rowlett,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  
Sarah Jane Rowlett,  
John Rowlett,  Phoebe Willson,   
Peter Rowlett,  
 Lucretia Ligon (c.1689-),  
 Phoebe Ligon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Marley Walthall - War of 1812 Obadiah Wade - Revolutionary War
John Walthall - Revolutionary War Edward Cary Walthall - Civil War
John Robertson - Revolutionary War Henry Cousins - Revolutionary War
William Henry Cousins - War of 1812 George Craig - War of 1812
Edward Chambers Craig - Civil War George Craig Orgain - Civil War
Edward B. Orgain - Civil War Thomas Adams Orgain - Civil War
James Robert Orgain - Civil War Edward R. Chambers - War of 1812
Charles Betts - War of 1812 Edward Worsham - War of 1812
Henry Walthall - Revolutionary War James H. Grigg - War of 1812
Peter J. Grigg - War of 1812 George Bagley - Revolutionary War
Baker Wells - War of 1812 William Gill - War of 1812
Daniel Gill - War of 1812 John Gill - War of 1812
Thomas Gill - War of 1812 William Rowlett - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Edward Cary Walthall - U.S. Henry H. Chambers - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
George Craig - Virginia John Orgain Jr. - Virginia
Henry H. Chambers - Alabama Henry Cousins Worsham - Virginia
William Clarke - Virginia  

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